In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 26

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 26: Entering inside Supreme light Academy

Ren Tianyou, Luo Tianxing and others started to eat breakfast at the third floor of the restaurant. Although the ruckus of the Chidori Stream had already died down and no one knew that the one who had created this ruckus was him, still he wanted to quickly finish eating and quickly depart from this place as soon as possible!

Ren Tianyou was completely satisfied with these sumptuous meal. Once they finished eating, Luo Tianxing and others quickly left the restaurant and rushed towards the imperial capital of Supreme Feilu Empire, Kalisi.

After travelling for three days, they finally arrived at the imperial capital, Kalisi city. This city was incomparably huge city. As far as his eyes could see, he only saw city walls and couldn’t see the other end of the walls. In front of them there were three huge city gate. Among them, middle one was the biggest, but currently that biggest gate was completely closed. This city gate only opens at the time of welcoming emissary of the country or at similar level important events.

“Finally! Tianyou, you don’t know, this is our clan’s imperial capital, Kalisi city.” Long You who was riding on the gale horse sigh with feelings and mentioned.

“Hehe, this city is worthy to be called imperial capital. Sure enough, it’s flourishing.” Seeing this flourishing Kalisi city, Ren Tianyou mentioned with admiration.

“Haha, let’s enter the city without wasting any time!” Li Feng urged everyone and started to head towards the entrance of the city.

Ren Tianyou and all others get down from their horses and started to walk towards the city. “Oh, that’s right, Tianyou, you can come with me to my clan. It is important for us to visit our clan first.” Li Feng said to Ren Tianyou.

“Haha, don’t want to. I want to go to the Supreme Light Academy first! Honestly speaking, I have never been to academy before this, so I am little bit curious about this academy!” Ren Tianyou laughed and refused the good intention of Li Feng.

“That is also ok! After we finished visiting our clan, we will look for you inside the academy.” Nodding his head, Lan Yan mentioned.

“Ok, I will first go to academy. These four gale horse, Long You I think you should return them to its rightful owner!” Ren Tianyou after finished speaking, he laugh heartily and prepared to leave.

“Hey, Tianyou, you are going towards the wrong direction. You are heading towards east, Supreme Light Academy is at west side!” At this time, Luo Tianxing spoke with his loud voice. Hearing this Ren Tianyou immediately stopped and he staggered and almost fell down on the ground.

“Your sister, don’t speak loudly ah.” Ren Tianyou turned his head and roared towards Luo Tianxing with grief and indignation.

“Haha………..” Suddenly Lan Yan and others burst out with laughter, after hearing Ren Tianyou.

After separating with others, Ren Tianyou found Supreme Light Academy at noon. Finally seeing this academy, immediately he was shocked in his heart, f**k, is this still in the middle of city!

At the entrance of this academy, there were two tall and upright statues. These were the creator of Supreme Light Academy. One of them was dean named, Divine King Xing Huo and other was vice-dean named, Sword God Yan Liluo!

Ren Tianyou arrived at the entrance of academy, but the guards suddenly stopped him and asked, “Halt, who are you?”

“That, I came here to register and enter this academy!”

“Enrollment time is already over. Currently there is only one other method to enter the academy, that is to use force, however is your strength enough to force your way inside the academy………….tsktsk, still not leaving already!” After hearing the purpose of Ren Tianyou, he looked at Ren Tianyou for a while and determined the strength level of Ren Tianyou was only Intermediate Fighter level, so clicking his tongue he told him to leave.

Previously Lan Yan had said some things to Ren Tianyou, the enrollment time of the academy was already over, so if he wish to enter, then his only way was to battle with someone! Correct, battle with someone from the academy, if that person gave up or he defeated that person, then he could enter Supreme Light Academy.

“Haha, I want to enroll this academy!” Ren Tianyou smiled towards that guard.

“Oh.” That guard carefully looked towards Ren Tianyou and measured him, “Fine, you come with me!” After speaking, that guard started to enter the academy through the right hand side gate.

Inside the gate there was a huge training area, and there was also a huge statue. At this huge training ground two middle-aged people were talking with each other. That guard advance towards them and spoke few sentences, after that the gaze of those two people suddenly concentrate on the body Ren Tianyou! After finishing listening the guard, those two middle-aged man slowly walked towards Ren Tianyou.

“I heard you want to take the exam!” The robust muscle man among the two, asked Ren Tianyou.

“Yes.” Ren Tianyou firmly answered.

“Hehe, you with the insignificant strength of Intermediate Fighter level came here to take the exam, interesting, you should already know the rules, right.” Little thin and weak looking middle-aged man spoke with the smile.

“I know!”

“What is your name?”

“Ren Tianyou!”

“I am called Wang Li, and he is Li Yun. No need to talk any more nonsense, lets directly begin the exam.” That robust man spoke and he walked towards training ground.

“Well, boy, give me all you’ve got!” Seeing that Ren Tianyou was standing firmly, that robust man spoke.

“Since it is like that, I will be impolite!” Ren Tianyou replied with a broad smile. The eyes flashed with a dim light, then he exerted force from his right leg and directly rushed forward. Only the afterimage was left in the place where he was standing before, and he quickly appeared at the right side of Wang Li, and kicked.

Leaf Whirlwind!

“Peng.” The extremely fast kick of Ren Tianyou didn’t give Wang Li the chance to dodge. The kick caused Wang Li to lose his balance. Then Ren Tianyou land his both hands on the ground and kicked the face of Wang Li with a powerful strength.

Leaf Strong Whirlwind!

Because of the force of the kick, Wang Li flew in the air and was slowly fell on the ground.

“What?” Li Yun and the guard who was looking at the battle from the sideline were completely surprised, they looked at each other with wide eyes which didn’t hide any surprise they were feeling. They also never expected that, Wang Li who was at the level of Great Swords Master would be sent flying in the air with the kick of a little fellow who was only at the level of Intermediate Fighter.

“Cough cough……..” At this moment Wan Li coughed several time and slowly stood up from the ground. The attacks of Ren Tianyou had only caused him minor injuries, that all. Considering that Wang Li was at the pinnacle of Great Swords Master, this was nothing for him, nevertheless his face couldn’t conceal any of the surprise he was feeling.

Ren Tianyou was standing straight, his left hand was behind his back and right hand was stretching straight towards Wang Li’s direction. Seeing that Wang Li had stand up, he slightly smiled and said, “Don’t look down on me just because you thought that I am Intermediate Fighter level. Do you really think that my strength is only Intermediate Fighter level? If this was life and death battle, then you could have died just a moment ago from my hand.”

“Haha, I have never thought that I, Wang Li after leaving clan for 30 years, a youngster would teach me a lesson. You are absolutely correct. I have offended you by looking down on you, however now I will use my full power to fight against you, prepare yourself!” After standing up, Wang Li looked towards the sky and laughed heartily. After that all around his body, suddenly earth element appeared, these earth element had suddenly gushed out from Wang Li’s body.

“Earth blood lineage, appear!” Along with the loud roar of Wang Li, suddenly his body was covered with thick and heavy earth element, just like a battle armor. An invisible shockwave spread out with Wang Li as the center, this was the power of blood lineage of Wang Li.

Shortly afterwards, again the yellow earth colored battle qi sprang out from Wang Li, and in his right hand appeared a huge two handed sword!

“This is my strongest state, boy, are you ready?” Wang Li roared towards Ren Tianyou.

“I’m already ready long ago!” Ren Tianyou said with a slight smile. After that his two eyes suddenly changed into blood red color. And 3 tomoe quickly spun within those each eyes.

An outstanding battle was about to begin………………………

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  1. I think our mc will fight using similar category, fist vs fist, magic vs magic or..
    will it be like sasuke/lee vs gaara? speed vs high defense

    1. Lightning Style Counters earth but he only has Chidori so far and that would alert Luo Luo to who she needs to castrate ‘;..;’

      1. Are you referring to sasuke vs deidara, when he countered his earth bom jutsu? Or lightning did counter earth style?
        Nah, luo luo would never do tht to her future lover. LoL

        1. while yes it is the same thing but i was picturing Kakashi Piercing Kakuzu’s (Earth Style)Iron Skin with his Lightning Blade

    1. Well I doubt there’d be a time where he couldn’t use it, so I don’t think it matters. The naruto system isn’t related at all to the world there since it uses chakra as a basis.

      1. yup. chakra is just a diferent type of ki i think.
        it not that it cant be detected it that ppl dint detecting it.
        like most of the time you dont really care about the air around you right
        also if he dont use it he might lose it. if you dont practice alot you tend to fail when you try to do something

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Another uselessly show off battle.. he’s going to regret that..

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