In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 21

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 21: Quicksand shower

“Truly a violent aura.” After thoroughly observing the burst of power of Luo Tianxing, Ren Tianyou who was standing behind thought inside his heart. After releasing the power of his blood lineage, Luo Tianxing had already thoroughly changed into a violent war god, and was completely filled with the aura of destruction, as if any defense before him would be broken into pieces. This power of blood lineage of Luo clan and the cultivating technique of Battle Qi entirely abandon all the defense and completely maximize all the attack power of the user.

At the same time, suddenly Ren Tianyou sensed several special aura around him, Ren Tianyou turned his head and saw that one after another the body of Long You, Lan Yan and Luo Mengwu also emitted a powerful Battle Qi.

“Heavenly Fire Feather blood lineage, activate!”

“Gentle Gale Dance blood lineage, activate!”

“Azure Cold Ice blood lineage, activate!”

The Battle Qi around Long You was fiery red in color, and gave a kind of burning sensation. ‘It looks like, this boy Long You’s blood lineage had something to do with fire, and it is definitely not an ordinary blood lineage either.’

The Battle Qi around Lan Yan was green in color, along with the appearance of this Battle Qi, Lan Yan gave a kind of lively and agile sensation. This was the rhythm of the wind.

And the Battle Qi around Luo Mengwu was not a violent Battle Qi like her brother, rather a kind of azure color and gave an ice cold aura. This blood lineage was one of the two major power of blood linage of Luo clan, Azure Cold Ice blood lineage. This Azure Cold Ice blood lineage was a kind of blood lineage that was only inherited by the female member of Luo clan. This power of blood lineage was also extremely formidable. If this blood lineage was cultivated to the highest level, then user could instantly freeze anything within her sight and kill the opponents instantly.

The blood lineage of Long You and others were among the first rate blood lineage, but Azure Cold Ice blood lineage was a little bit lower compared to them.

“Younger sister, you defend in front of magicians. Do not let those damn beasts to breakthrough. I will also stop them in the front.” Seeing Luo Tianxing in the front, Lan Yan and others also immediately released their power, but didn’t act rashly rather they started to protect Lan Xinmeng and other magicians.



“No problem.”

Behind them Lan Xinmeng and other also finished preparing. Lan Xinmeng was a wind system Magic Master, and Long Luoluo was fire system Great Magic Scholar. Li Feng who was Illusion Master also finished getting ready, but currently Li Feng still lacked large scale illusion, as a result his role was very limited in this battle.

Luo Tianxing who was holding a huge sword, alone blocked most of the wolves at the front. Occasionally few wolf slipped through him, but those were taken care by Long You. At that time the magic preparation of Long Luoluo was completed.

“Wild Sea of Flames.” Long Luoluo shouted with her tender voice, and with the staff in her right hand she pointed towards the middle of the wolves. Suddenly in the midst of the wolves a boundless large flame started to burn.

Howl.” From the midst of the flame, a tragic howl of the wolves were heard, and hearing these tragic howl, Long Luoluo couldn’t help but retreated few steps and was also a bit absent-minded.

“Luoluo, concentrate. Now is not the time to take pity upon these beasts. If you don’t kill them, we’ll all die.” At that time, suddenly the voice of Ren Tianyou rang in the ears of Long Luoluo. Absent-minded Long Luoluo immediately woke up, turned her head and saw Ren Tianyou was looking at them with an encouragement expression in his face.

“I know what to do, big brother Tianyou.” Long Luoluo spoke with determination. After that she concentrate to maintain her magic.

“Eight Thousands Wind.” At this time, Lan Xinmeng had also finished preparing her magic and along with her command, a huge powerful wind blew at the sea of flame of Long Luoluo. Suddenly the wind assisted the flame, under the assist of Lan Xinmeng wind magic the range of sea of flame increased and became even wilder.

Time passed, under the attack and defense of Luo Tianxing and the others, next to them there were already countless corpse of the wolves, but the number of the wolves didn’t seem to reduce at all. After such a long period of time, they had already severely consumed their Battle Qi and magic power, so they could no longer persist.

“It seems, we’re going to die here today.” Seeing the number of wolves still hadn’t reduced, Lan Yan said with a calm face, as if that had nothing to do with him.

Ha ha, dying together with my good friends, I, Luo Tianxing don’t have any regret.” Still defending at the front, Luo Tianxing who was already covered with blood spoke with a tired face, after hearing Lan Yan.


“That’s right.”


Seeing these friends who were directly confronting life and death battle without abandoning any one, a warm feeling appeared inside the heart of Ren Tianyou. And he thought that for having such friends, he no longer had any regret in life.

“This is my final attack. Beasts, look at uncle’s finishing blow! Heavenly star Second kill———–Divine Chariot Rush.” Luo Tianxing roared loudly, waving his huge sword he jumped in the air, and just like the yellow meteor he landed in the middle of the groups of wolves and hit the ground with his huge sword. Then with Luo Tianxing as the center, the yellow colored shockwave spread all around him. This shock wave swept all the wolves around him and those wolves that were swept by this shockwave bleed from its 7 apertures and fell on the ground never to rise again.

Howl.” “Howl.” Taking advantage of the gap at moment when Luo Tianxing had just finished releasing his big attack, countless wolves threw themselves towards Luo Tianxing.

“Big Brother.”



Seeing this scene, suddenly Lan Yan and others cried out in alarm, their eyes were filled with desire to help, but their current level of power was not enough catch up to Luo Tianxing in time.

When Luo Tianxing was already prepared to die, suddenly the sands floated in front of him and blocked all the attacks of wolves. Shortly afterwards these sands immediately surrounded the whole body of Luo Tianxing, and in a full speed retreated towards Lan Yan and dropped at the side of Ren Tianyou.

“This is?” Luo Tianxing and others looked at the sands on the ground and again looked at Ren Tianyou. For a while they tried to think what had happened, but no answer came.

“Well, you all take a break. Now leave everything else to me.” Ren Tianyou looked at Luo Tianxing and others who were staring blankly and said with a smile. All of them had passed this trail successfully. Now it is time to end this.

“Tianyou, you…………” Lan Yan still wanted to say something but Ren Tianyou interrupted him.

“Well, no need to say anything. Before I take care of these wolf cub, first I’ll send you to a safe location.” After talking he quickly formed a series of hand seals.

“Earth Style—Mobile Core! (Doton—Chidokaku!)” Ren Tianyou dropped his right hand on the ground, suddenly the ground began to shake violently, and Long Luoluo and others’ feet became a bit unstable. Along with the violent shaking of the ground, the ground 30 meter around with Ren Tianyou as a center started to raise. After raising about 10 meter, it stopped.

“This…….” Seeing that the ground had raised, Lan Yan and others were completely stunned and didn’t know what to say.

“You all stay here, I’ll be right back.” He jumped down after speaking. He had used this Earth element jutsu to raise the ground because after fighting these wolves for a long time, they had consumed serious amount of their Battle Qi and magic power. Although Ren Tianyou had full confidence to defeat all these wolves pack, still he feared that due to little carelessness, he won’t be able to protect them. So to thoroughly make sure that they would be safe he had raised the whole ground.

Ren Tianyou steadily landed on the ground. Seeing the frenzied rush of the wolves, his two eyes gradually changed into Sharingan and a cold light also flashed in those eyes.

Then he started to quickly form the series of hand seals. His speed of forming hand seals was so fast that others could only see shadows not he signs made.

“Ninja art—Sand Tsunami!”

Along with the dramatic surge of chakra, and unexpectedly on the ground in front of Ren Tianyou appeared a spring. However water was not flowing in that spring but sands. Endless sand turned into monstrous sand waves and all the wolves that were charging towards him were tossed away.




Along with the terrified howl of the wolves, the leader wolf didn’t even get the chance to act and was completely submerged in sands wave.

Monstrous waves, surging sands. A range of several miles radius was instantly submerged with endless sand and the surrounding landscape was also completely changed.

“This…….” On the top of the earth stage, seeing this gorgeous scene, Luo Tianxing and the others were completely dumbfounded. Seeing the youth who had used this magic, their brain had short-circuited for a short period of time.

Along with the ceasing of sands waves, Ren Tianyou half squatted and suddenly inserted both his hands into the sands and started to release chakra at frightening speed. After that along with the invisible fluctuation the sands started to roll around.

“Giant Sand Burial! (Sabaku Taiso!)” All the grounds around him shook violently.

Ren Tianyou slowly stood up, looked at his masterpiece, and nodded his head with satisfaction. After that he quickly formed a series of hand and the earth platform started to descend.

Ren Tianyou was thinking that he will receive the heroic reception, and first rate beauty Long Luoluo and other two beautiful ladies will come flying towards him and give him a kiss. But Long Luoluo and other two beautiful ladies didn’t came towards him, instead Luo Tianxing rushed towards him with terrifying looks.

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  1. freeze anything with his sight and kill the opponents
    freeze anything with her sight and kill the opponents

      1. i could be wrong but i just noticed it may be
        freeze anything within her sight and kill the opponents.
        and even that sounds strange to me this reads better
        freeze anything killing the opponents within her sight.

    1. exact translation was blood lineage, not bloodline limit.
      Also to be exact I want to write ‘kekkei genkai’ but……..

  2. woulda been more cool if he used amaterasu and burnt all the wolves 😀

    Thx for the chapter! Keep up the good work 🙂

      1. Yeah he doesn’t have Sasuke’s eyes (specifically he needs Sasuke’s right Mangekyo); only Itachi’s. So he can summon Amaterasu but he can’t control it, meaning that he can only use it if he wants to destroy absolutely everything in a given area.

        I’m wondering if the author will ever explain how the hell he has Sand techniques without having Shukaku though, I think he might have thought that Sand techniques weren’t unique to Shukaku and are just standard ninjitsu. Would be in line with some of the other errors the author has made thus far.

        1. Sand techniques are a derivative of earth techniques. Anyone that has earth alignment chakra can learn them. Gaara’s dad, the previous kage of the sand village could use sand techniques and plenty other people from the sand village could as well. Gaara just has better control or is more in tune with the sand. No need for Shukaku in particular.

          1. I was under the impression that sand was a bloodline limit that came from prior Shukaku Jinchuuriki, but the wiki says that sand is indeed a standard technique. It’s just that Gaara is so much better at it than everyone else due to Shukaku that he takes all the spotlight. Apparently Gaara’s father and the third Kazekage studied Shukaku and created their own versions of sand techniques; specifically Iron Sand for the third Kazekage and Gold Sand for Gaara’s father.

            So yeah, sand techniques do indeed originate from Shukaku, it’s just that it is apparently possible to study him and replicate those techniques. I guess it’s fine that he has sand techniques then, though it is a little wierd seeing him use Gaara’s ninjitsu without having Shukaku. Probably much less efficient chakra-wise.

        2. According to naruto wiki, “itachi had the ability to extinguish Amaterasu, but he never displayed the sort of shape transformation that Sasuke later would.” *copied from naruto wiki* Also he can control amaterasu.

          1. Really? I don’t recall him ever extinguishing Amaterasu in the manga or the anime, then again he doesn’t use it very often except in the final battle with Sasuke so it might just be something that is never really shown.

        3. no sand control is not unique to Gaara. but even Gaara is incapable of spawning sand out his ass like our MC just did

          1. According to the Wiki Gaara’s advantage is that he can turn dirt into sand, though it consumes way more chakra than if he uses his special sand in his gourd.

            1. yes Gaara can turn earth into sand but that took the entire Kimmi fight not the mere instant it took Tian You

              1. Our MC also had full time until his friends were fighting with wolves to produce sand from ass *cough* *cough* grind rocks from underground.

          2. I think our Mc had ‘grind the rocks and minerals from underground into a large sea of sand’ like garra to produce sands. But our mc doesn’t carry around the sands too, so its a mystery how he created sands.

  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    While everyone is busy fighting, he’s fooling around… he’s definitely needs a beating..

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