In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 198

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 198: Choose


And after giving the temptation of immortality, system threw out another tremendous bomb that nearly caused Ren Tianyou to lose his consciousness.

“The second effect is, it lets you have Sage body similar to the sage body of 1st hokage Senju Hashirama, and also let you possess the power of mokuton (wood style).” The voice of system slowly transmitted to the brain of Ren Tianyou, but this indifferent voice made Ren Tianyou to instantly jump as if his buttocks was on fire.

“What? What did you say system?” Ren Tianyou doubtfully exclaimed loudly. His face was filled with shocked expression, as if he didn’t dared to believe what he had heard, “Lets me possess Sage body, plus mokuton (wood style) of Senju Hasirama, is this for real?”

It is not that Ren Tianyou didn’t dare to believe, it was just the reputation of the words ‘Sage body’ and ‘Mokuton’ were too big, don’t you think so. Those people who had seen Naruto ought to know this Sage body and mokuton however were abilities of Senju Hasirama who had sorted out those turbulent days of ninja world with Madara. And it required 6000W system points to exchange these in system, but now with this small wooden twig, he could obtain both of them, so Ren Tianyou still didn’t dare to believe what he had heard. [T.L: 6000W=6000*10000]

“You are greatly underestimating this Forever Green in your hand. You should know that it however is worldly treasure which is formed by condensed life law of this universe. So how can it be so simple?” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s surprised retort, system snorted coldly with disdain, and looked down upon the narrow and shallow knowledge of Ren Tianyou.

Hearing those apparent disdain words of system, not only the thick-skin face of Ren Tianyou became very red, he coughed few times and leisurely said, “System, do you think I am omniscient like you ah, give me explanation about it so I can know about it.”

“Fine, in that case I can serve as your universal knowledge bank.” System had no other choice but to explain in the brain of Ren Tianyou, “After you absorb this Forever Green inside your body, all the life-force it has accumulated after passing through countless years will enter your body and turn into your own, this is why you can basically live forever and never grow old.”

“But how could this large amount of life-force merely give you such simple long lifespan. This huge life-force will slowly transform your body into real body of life, and your whole body will contain terrifying amount of life-force. As long as you don’t receive critical injury, all the injuries will be healed very quickly under the effect of this life-force, just like Sage body of 1st hokage, but your physique will ultimately surpass the physique of 1st hokage, becoming the strongest Sage body.”

“And this powerful life-force will also give you an ability to use mokuton, and you can also cultivate those secret arts of mokuton in the system, but……”

“But what?” Hearing system stopped at this point, Ren Tianyou who was excitedly listening couldn’t help but immediately ask.

“But because this life-force is too powerful, with your current strength, you can basically bring out to play merely 10,000th of the strength inside, so even if you absorb the energy inside it, this energy will be stored inside your body for the time being, and you should try hard to slowly refine it, slowly changing it into your true power.”

Having heard this, Ren Tianyou felt as if a bucket of cold water was poured on his heart, calming him down at once, he stutteringly said, “In….in other words, it is basically impossible to have ability of Sage body and mokuton for the time being.”

“Yes, after you finish absorbing, your lifespan will immediately increase to infinite, you do not need to worry about it. But as for Sage body and mokuton, you can merely bring out to play extremely little bit of power nothing more for the time being. And after you absorb it, you need to depend on your own effort to develop this power, I am powerless to help you. In other words, you are powerless to use system points to develop this power, because this power is not part of me.”

And after you finish absorbing, before you have thoroughly convert this power into your own, you cannot exchange mokuton, because the energy of Forever Green will repel the power of Senju Hasirama, resulting in the failure of your exchange. As for using it for yourself or letting me absorb, you choose yourself.” Finished speaking, system no longer utter a sound letting Ren Tianyou have his choice.

This could be said to be the choice concerning the life of Ren Tianyou. Was giving up this extremely rare chance to obtain 100 million system points to instantly strengthen his strength, or absorbing this thing and slowly refining it had greater potential.

Ren Tianyou continuously struggled inside his heart, because he was uncertain whether he could find the method to thoroughly develop this power, moreover he also couldn’t exchange mokuton before he thoroughly change this power. If by any chance, he failed, then he will lose one powerful means.

In the end, Ren Tianyou still couldn’t discard the temptation of living forever and never grow old. And he decided, if one year of time was not enough, then he would use 10 years, if 10 years is not enough, then he would use 100 years, in any case he will have long life, so why fear the time will not be enough?

Gritting his teeth, Ren Tianyou resolutely said, “System, I choose to use it on myself. When all is said and done it is extremely difficult for me to give up living for a long time.”

Yes, long lifespan for the experts of this world might not be dream, but for him, it was too distant, otherwise Ren Tianyou would not have asked so many Spring of Life from Elf Queen. And now there was an extremely good chance before his eyes, so how could he reject this chance, there was no way he would miss this opportunity.

“Fine, host, gather your chakra in your hand, this Forever Green will slowly fuse with your arm and enter inside your body.” Hearing the decision of Ren Tianyou, system silently sighed, then gloomily said.

“System, I know this Forever Green is of great help to you too, but currently I am powerless to reject this temptation, so I can only say I’m sorry.” Hearing the voice of system, Ren Tianyou also knew this Forever Green was of great help for system because he sensed that system had strong desire to get it, but now he had robbed this thing, this…..

“But you can rest assured, one day, I will definitely undo all the seals of system, and fulfill your this wish.” Ren Tianyou said firmly towards the system inside his body.

But from the beginning to end, the system remained silent, so he sighed. Then he gather chakra in his right hand, slowly covering the Forever Green in his hand.

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    1. Well it is made of the same material as the Tree of Life so it will really be hard to cut it/ break it.

    2. if you think about it infinite is still a limited number because it has a value so it can be halved but it would not be infinite, 1/2 of everything is not everything. 1/2 of everything and all to come might be infinite but hey im probably just pulling shit out of my ass

  1. Smh, I would have bribed the system for more system points. What is the use for not dying of old age if you can get fucking killed?!?! He needs power to go back to his home, not to live for millions of years sucking pussy, he would get so bored and wish that he could die tbh.

  2. I wonder if he could have asked the system about other means of gaining a long life for one who practices chakra. I’m sure there are methods and with the exchange he would have a plethora of options i’d wager. Plus System seems like a nice girl.

  3. He forget about the other people he care about that would die sooner or later.
    I would give to the systems

  4. He crazy. What use unlimited life if he can get killed?
    And didnt system already said, forever green can unsealed all of system function?
    Basically he can get a lot power from there. If other mc, sure they would exchange with system rather using themselves, because it is a fake immortality. Thats why system sighed.
    He did not even ask system, whether there was another way to get immortal. Or true sage power can get immortal or not, or other things.
    Did he not hear system said as knowlegde bank?

  5. And one more thing. 100M ,, he can still exhange for true powerful mokuton from system. The mokuton he got from forever green is weaker than mokuton system. And he wasting a lot of chance to get stronger because of greedy. Fking idiot.

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