In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 196

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 196: Kekkai—-Tengai Hojin (Probe Barrier)

Kekkai—-Tengai Hojin (Probe Barrier)

Covering his swollen fist, Ren Tianyou unceasingly jumped wildly in the sky while wailing mournfully. He slowly stopped only after jumping around for a long time. The recovering speed of his body was many time faster than ordinary people after he took Spring of Life, and adding his medical ninjutsu on that, the red and swollen right fist of Ren Tianyou slowly disappeared.

After his fist was cured, the eyes of Ren Tianyou were filled with disbelief expression. He himself very clearly knew how heavy his all-out fist attack was after he obtained Naruto system. He had always taken the training of taijutsu seriously, even to the extent that previously he had placed the training of taijutsu above training ninjutsu. This was not because he had inexplicable love towards taijutsu. For ninjutsu as long as one was skilled in hand seals, and skilled in chakra nature change and form change, one could slowly master it. But for taijutsu, one must continuously make great effort in continuous training of one’s body, making one’s body stronger to bring out the true might of taijutsu.

It’s essential to know in the original work, after Guy had however opened 8th gate, and assumed Hachimon Tonko no Jin (Eight Inner Gates Formation), his taijutsu reached pinnacle, and his speed was so fast that even the space itself distorted, and even after Madara who had changed into Sage of Six Path after becoming the host of ten tailed beast using his Rinnegan, was not able to capture his movements.

After opening 8th gate, one could use the taijutsu move—- Sekizo (Evening Elephant). Basically even Madara was powerless to withstand this attack, and was forced to use Gudodama (Truthseeker Orb) to strenuously support himself. And after Madara was greatly injured by this Sekizo (Evening Elephant), Guy who had opened 8th gate burst forth with his last life-force, and betting his life’s final trace of glory and life, he used his ultimate move—- Yagai (Night Guy), which directly blew off half the body of Madara, injuring him very heavily, nearly killing him. This shows the might of taijutsu in its pinnacle.

As a result, Ren Tianyou had never lax when training in taijutsu. Kohona’s (Hidden Leaf)’s The 8 Inner gate, raikage’s nintaijutsu, and even Tsunade’s strangely powerful fists, Ren Tianyou had dipped into all of them.

But Tsunade’s strangely powerful fists make use of precise chakra control ability to gather the chakra in any position of the body. And when she released her kick or punch on the ground after gathering chakra in legs or fists, along with the violent explosion, the ground would be torn apart. This taijutsu was super powerful.

But Ren Tianyou was powerless to even learn all medical ninjutsu, so how could he grasp such precise chakra control to use this strangely powerful fists. As a result powerless Ren Tianyou studied strangely powerful fists just a little bit, which increased only the weight of his fists nothing more.

But even after so many prerequisite and so many training, when Ren Tianyou punched the trunk of this Tree of Life, no need to mention about damaging it even a bit, his fist instead was injured. It’s not that the taijutsu of Ren Tianyou was not excellent, rather the defense of this Tree of Life was too strong. When all is said and done, this was a trunk of a tree which had lived for unknown amount of years. Moreover this tree had the ability to produce Spring of Life this kind of treasure every year.

Ren Tianyou opened his Sharingan, and the appearance inside his eyes changed into three spiraling curves shape, then continuously scanned this trunk of Tree of Life.

“This…..this is?” The sight he saw with his eyes shocked Ren Tianyou.

Under the powerful eye power of the Sharingan of Ren Tianyou, he saw countless dark green colored thick fog tightly surrounding the trunk of Tree of Life. This was extremely concentrated energy, which was far stronger compared to Ren Tianyou. If this energy of Tree of Life was compared to ocean, then the chakra inside the body of Ren Tianyou was basically merely a water drop of ocean. The gap was too huge just like as different as sky and earth.

“In the end what type of existence is this Tree of Life? Why is its power so strong? Even the energy outside the trunk is this powerful, then how much more powerful is it inside?” Ren Tianyou curiously thought. Now he really wanted know the secrets of this tree.

“Ai, it’s too bad I don’t have Byakugan, if I had Byakugan, then I could have clearly examine the circumstance inside.” Ren Tianyou helplessly sighed. Now he was extremely yearning for Byakugan’s that 360 degree omni-directional perspective ability. And if he had Byakugan, he could clearly examine the circumstance inside this tree.

And in Kekkei Genkai exchange page of his system, there was Byakugan available to exchange, but Ren Tianyou felt the amount of system points required to exchange it was too high in ratio to its abilities, so he had not exchanged it.

Sitting cross-legged in the sky, Ren Tianyou was thinking long and hard on what to do, and what ninjutsu was there which had similar result. Suddenly a ninjutsu flashed in his mind, then hitting his own head, he cursed, “Why am I so stupid, forgetting this ninjutsu.”

Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou directly stood up in the sky, then walked over to Tree of Life. After that he firmly stood on the trunk of Tree of Life, and began to quickly make a series of hand seals, then the chakra inside his body began to quickly stir, and flowed towards his legs near the trunk.

Kekkai—-Tengai Hojin! (Probe Barrier!)

Ren Tianyou suddenly released powerful chakra light from his legs which pierced through the trunk of Tree of Life, and very quickly spread all around. Ren Tianyou kept on maintain last hand seal, and under his urge, the chakra inside his body quickly diffused in all direction.

This countless light blue chakra rays slowly assembled together, forming a light blue spherical barrier, which covered the few kilometer circumference of the trunk of Tree of Life.

“Is this the limit?” Feeling the barrier which was spreading very quickly slowly stopping, Ren Tianyou muttered. He was clear about his current strength, so he knew that this barrier could spread only to this level.

After that Ren Tianyou loosen his hands, placed his right hand on the light blue barrier’s membrane which was in front of him. After that the chakra inside his body slowly flowed out from his right hand to the barrier, and he slowly closed his eyes. Now his perception along with the chakra of right hand covered entire space inside the barrier.

Kekkai—-Tengai Hojin (Probe Barrier) was different from the Kekkaimon Gofujutsu–Hachimon Heijo (Barrier Defence Seal Jutsu–Eight Gate Lock-Up) this kind of defensive barrier, he had used before attacking Ximen clan. This was auxiliary type’s probing barrier. Therefore the principle of this technique was to cast one spherical probing barrier. The user could completely control the size of this barrier, and the user could also release his perception to enter the space inside the barrier, and clearly transmit all the circumstance inside the space of barrier directly to the brain of user.

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  1. Unless the Byakugan cost 1000 times more than the Sharingan (or something like that), I’d say the excuse of the cost to ability ratio being too high is invalid. Even then, I’d still think it’d be worth it. omni-directional sight, extreme scouting and observation ability, etc. I think we all know the advantages of the Byakugan. Sure, the ability to be able to see the chakra pathway system on the opponent’s body might be just about useless in this world, where no one uses ninjutsu, but that’s just one part that can’t be used compared to… just how many that can be used. Aside from simple scouting and information gathering, just the huge increase in his dynamic vision could be considered quite useful. XP

    Sorry for ranting with superficial knowledge that everyone knows, I had to vent…

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. I know what your feeling. From what I read so far, every time he exchange points for kekkei genkai, the system remake his body, granting abilities from the kekkei genkai, so by exchanging for Byakugan, he should be granted better and finer cakra control by system since that ability came with Byakugan. CMIIW.

    2. i think we should wait for author’s explanation. it happen to mokuton too. it turn out to be mokuton at hashirama level.

  2. i’ve always wondered why a uchiha couldn’t transplant one of their eyes to be a byakugan, and vice versa (hyuuga transplanting a sharingan)

  3. basically byakugan and sharingan both are same level. Kishimoto elaborate the ability of sharingan but he kept Byakugan for the next series. In terms of pure ninjutsu, it is said byakugan is even more powerful than sharingan. Just like sharingan’s final form Rinnegan, Byakugan also has full form, Tenseigan. which not even kagura could attain.

    1. byakugan is the original here.
      rinnegan = shinju + byakugan
      tenseigan = shinju + byakugan

      sharingan is only a downgrade version of rinnegan.

  4. He complains alot about being unable to get chakra control, but if you look closely he’s just bitching a lot. Considering the amount of control you need for a lot of things, I expect he could with much effort, just like anyone else, gain the ability to perform high level iryojutsu, and with that learn Tsunade’s super punch skill along with it to the max. Maximizes chakra control would push his power to another peak.

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