In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 194

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 194: Crescent moon well.

Crescent moon well.

At the most center location of Elf Source, there was a small forest which occupied the area of nearly 500 meters in diameter. This whole forest was filled with trees with lush leaves, but there was not a single sound of birds’ chirping inside this forest, and this forest was just as a beautiful earthly paradise.

And at the center of this forest, more than ten experts of Elf clan whose strength were at least of Saint ranked were firmly guarding this place with bow on their shoulder. Their sharp gaze was ceaselessly scanning all around. Although they never consider that there was someone that was able to break through the nature barrier of Elf Source and enter this place, nevertheless the thing behind them was too important for their Elf clan, and could be said to be their Elf clan’s source of life, so they were basically unable to tolerate even a slightest bit of mishap. As a result, none of them dared to relax even a bit.

This thing behind them was entrance of the well. Looking down from this entrance of the well, one could see the specks of starlight inside the well, this increased the mysteriousness of the rippling water inside the well. And the strangest thing was, there actually was one crescent moon of curved wheel inside the well, just like moon of well.

And at this time, the sound of footsteps suddenly came over from the forest in front, it seems someone was in the process of coming over here.

“Who?” Hearing the footsteps, these elven guards instantly became vigilant, and with their eyes completely fixed towards the forest in front of them, every one of them prepared their bows and prop up the sharp arrows, then firmly locked on the front.

“It’s me!” A beautiful female voice came out in front of them from inside the forest, followed by a beautiful elf with light green colored long hair wearing purple colored dress came out from the forest.

“Your Highness the Princess!” Seeing their Elf clan’s princess Xing Lu, these guards simultaneously relaxed. After that all of them quickly put down their bows and arrows, placed their right hand on their chest, and slightly bowing, they said towards Xing Lu, “We pay respect to Your Highness the Princess, just now we didn’t know it was Your Highness the Princess, so we offended Your Highness the Princess to some extent, please forgive us.”

“It’s okay, your duty is to guard my clan’s Tree of Life, so you are not in fault.” Xing Lu shook her head, then opening her beautiful lips, she slowly said.

“Many thanks for understanding Your Highness the Princess!” Hearing Xing Lu, these more than 10 guards respectfully said. After that they stood straight, and one among them who was leader of these people asked confusedly, “Don’t know for what matter Your Highness the Princess has come here this late at night?”

“This afternoon I was held hostage by the enemy, finally forcing mother to hand over 10 bottles of Spring of Life. Because of this, I am feeling extremely uncomfortable in my heart, and am unable to sleep, so I thought to pray mother tree here, hoping the power of mother tree can calm down my mind.” Xing Lu slowly said. When she spoke about herself being held hostage by the enemy, her beautiful face revealed resent and grieved expression.

“So it is like that.” Hearing Xing Lu, as well as seeing resent and unreconciled expression on her face, they immediately understand clearly in their heart. They clearly knew about the matter of surprise attack in Elf Source of Ren Tianyou this afternoon, and they also naturally knew that Xing Lu was held hostage, so the doubts in their heart were cleared. After that that guard leader encouragingly said to Xing Lu, “Your Highness the Princess, don’t blame yourself, that was not your fault, merely that peculiar thief was too cunning and despicable, actually holding more than 10 of our fellow citizens, plus Your Highness the Princess as a hostage to threaten Her Majesty the Queen.”

“Thank you. Now I want to enter Domain of Life and pray mother tree. Please let me through.” Xing Lu slightly bowed, and with a look of gratitude she replied to guard leader.

“Your Highness the Princess is too courteous.” Seeing slightly bowed dainty body of Xing Lu, these guards felt extremely flattered and hastily replied, then every one of them opened a way and let Xing Lu pass through.

Seeing everyone had got out from the way, Xing Lu took small quick steps slowly moving towards Crescent moon well. After arriving at the edge of this well, she look at those specks of starlight and also that crescent moon of curved wheel inside the well, then her sexy lips slowly opened, and a mysterious incantation came out from her mouth. After that light green colored magical power mist appeared from her body, which floated around her body.

Along with the incantation of Xing Lu, well water inside the Crescent moon well began to slowly roll over and over, and the specks of starlight began to rise from inside towards that wheel crescent moon inside the water. And after that, that curved wheel crescent moon was filled with this power of starlight, and the incomplete crescent moon slowly began to change into full moon form.

And seeing Xing Lu’s magic spell and incantation, as well as the changes in the well, the last bit of doubt in the heart of these guards completely disappeared. Honestly speaking, as a princess of Elf Clan, coming here this late at night by herself, and saying that she wanted to go to Tree of Life, how could this not provoke suspension of these guards? In their heart, they had also suspected that the princess in front of them might be enemy who had impersonate her and came here to destroy Tree of Life.

Although the chance of this happening was very small, nevertheless these guards didn’t dare to relax their guard. Just a moment ago, letting Xing Lu pass by them was also a kind of test. Because if you want to enter the different dimension ‘Domain of Life’ where Tree of Life was located, one must actually use a special incantation, and secret magic of Elf clan to open the passage to Domain of Life. And only Elf Queen, Princess and the clan elders were qualified to know this incantation, all others were completely unaware.

And if Xing Lu was powerless to open the passage to Domain of Life, then that proves she was fake. After that they would immediately attack to kill her without any questioning. But now in front them, Xing Lu was directly chanting the incantation, and fully using the secret magic to open the passage. This completely dispelled the final doubt in their heart, and they knew that that the person before their eyes truly was their Her Majesty the Princess.

Along with quick chanting of incantation, green colored nature dense mist gathered even more densely around her body, and that originally incomplete crescent moon inside the well also slowly became complete, almost forming a full moon.

The moment when this crescent moon become complete, huge pillar of moonlight shot out from that full moon inside the well. This perfectly straight huge pillar of moonlight as if a pillar of moonlight joining heaven and earth joined to the nature barrier in the sky. And at the side of Crescent moon well, a pure white moonlight was emitted on all sides from this light beam, which was filled with cool, refreshing, and warm power. And this pillar of moonlight was the passage to enter Domain of Life.

“Now I am entering Domain of Life.” Xing Lu turned around her body, then looking at those more than 10 guards, she said with warm smile on her face.

“Okay, respectfully sending off Your Majesty the Princess.” These guards simultaneously bowed slightly, then respectfully bid farewell to their princess in front of them.

Hearing them, Xing Lu turned around, directly walked and entered this pillar of moonlight. Suddenly mysterious power wrapped around her entire body, making her float in the sky. After that along with the noiseless chant of incantation by Xing Lu, this pillar of moonlight slowly disappeared, and Xing Lu who was surrounded by this moonlight also gradually disappeared.

“Continue to guard.” Seeing Xing Lu had disappeared, that leader guard stood straight, then said to his companions around him. Immediately these guards stood all around again, cautiously looking all around. And that leader guard took out a small magic communication device, then transmitted the circumstance of this place.


Inside the palace, Elf Queen and 4 elders were in the process of discussion about the matter of tonight’s Spring of Life getting stolen, suddenly they saw huge pillar of moonlight raise at distance place outside which illuminated entire Elf Source.

“Who has entered Domain of Life?” Seeing the familiar pillar of moonlight, Elf Queen who was sitting on the throne suddenly stood up, then staring at that pillar of moonlight at the distant place, she solemnly said. In this sensitive period of time, when the Spring of Life was stolen, seeing this, she couldn’t help but thought many possibility.

Just at that time, the space ring of one elf elder suddenly shined. Then this elder took out small magic communication device from the space ring. Seeing slight magic fluctuation on this communication device, this elf elder closed his eyes and sunk his consciousness inside it. After 10 or so seconds, this elder opened his eyes again, then seeing all others were curiously watching him, this elder immediately said, “Your Majesty the Queen, the guards of Crescent moon well sent a message, it said that Her majesty the Princess has opened the passage and entered Domain of Life.”

“Xing Lu?” Hearing this elder, Elf Queen was a little surprise as she exclaimed. Then with confusion in her eyes she said, “Why did she entered Domain of Life this late at night?”

“According to the message of guards, because of the matter of this afternoon….” This elder restated the message of the guards from beginning to end, then continued, “And because of that Her Majesty the Princess entered Domain of Life to pray mother tree.”

“This stupid child.” Hearing this elder, Elf Queen shook her head and sighed. After that said towards the elders around, “Forget about it, let her go, we will continue the discussion about the matter of just a moment ago.”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Queen!” All elders replied in unison.

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  1. Welp. Take a wild guess on what’s happenin’ next.

    And thank you for the chapter and keep up the good work ^_^

  2. Thank you for the chapter. Just found “pray” written as “prey” (which had completely different meaning). Or is it deliberate?

  3. found this
    1 )”…so I thought to prey mother tree here,” should be >> “ I thought to *pray to* mother tree here,”
    2) “..Now I want to enter Domain of Life and prey mother tree..” prey >> *pray to*

  4. technically the elven tree is the same as naruto world kaguya world tree, fucking kek hes going to power up soo fucking much if he takes the fruit

  5. arose the suspicion of the guards.what is meant by suspension of the guards and i dont understand y not even a single reader noticed this

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