In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 193

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 193: Spring of Life

Spring of Life

Along with the opening of bottle cap, a kind of lively, excited and pure aura which was filled with life-force rushed at the face of Ren Tianyou from inside that bottle, making his wounded body to tremble subconsciously. Then all of his fatigue cleared away completely, making him full of vitality anew.

“Really a treasure, just the aura alone somewhat improved my injury, and my body is full of vitality.” Smelling that fresh aura, as well as sensing the changes in his body, Ren Tianyou exclaimed with pleasant surprise, and excited expression appeared on his face.

Spring of Life, this is the liquid of life that flows down from the Tree of Life which is one of the first batch of life form that had come into being from Divine Wind Continent itself. Each drop contains the essence of Tree of Life, which is full of powerful life-energy.

According to legend, Spring of Life possess ability to revive dead person. Although this legend was a little bit exaggerated, nevertheless it nevertheless absolutely have a bit of truth too. No matter how heavy your injury was, as long as you are completely not dead, even if only a single breath was left, as long as you take this Spring of Life, its life-force could immediately bring you back from the brink of death, making you healthy and active anew.

And the Spring of Life could also immediately increase the lifespan of any living beings by 500 years, and could make you possess body with young vigor forever, so one may as well say this item is extremely heaven defying. But a number of experts didn’t care about the ability of increasing the lifespan, because once anyone enters the boundary of God’s domain, they would immediately have the lifespan of at least 10,000 years. And along with the increase of the strength, their lifespan would also continuously increase.

But the capability of Spring of Life was not limited to that. After taking in Spring of Life, that powerful life-force would continuously cleanse the body, one would have the probability of revising their aptitude, and also let one to possess simple control over plants.

Looking at this bottle of Spring of Life, Ren Tianyou’s heart was filled with excitement. As he sees it, the ability to increase his lifespan was most important ability for him. Although his chakra and ninjutsu was powerful, but they were powerless to increase his lifespan. In the Naruto world, even the creator of ninja Sage of Six Path was unable to escape from the shackles of his limited lifespan. Along with the end of his lifespan, he died.

So the ability to increase his lifespan of this Spring of Life was very important for him, after all until now, he still had never discover any other method to increase his lifespan. So at the moment, this Spring of Life was the best method to increase his lifespan.

Ren Tianyou forcedly calmed himself down, and cleared all the chaotic thinking from his mind. After that he glanced at the Spring of Life in his hand, then without slightest bit of hesitation, he drank all the Spring of Life which was inside the bottle in his hand.

Flowing down his throat, Spring of Life slowly entered his stomach. After Spring of Life entered his mouth, he felt a flavor which was full of simple but elegant delicate fragrance filled his whole body following his throat. A powerful life-force seeped into all the internal organs of his body and infiltrated into each and every muscles and cells.

Ren Tianyou felt as his body was emitting lively sounds. Every muscles and every cells were full of powerful life aura, this powerful life-force was in the process of cleansing his body from inside, and was also remolding his body.

After about an hour or so, that sensation of floating slowly disappeared from his body. In this one hour, Ren Tianyou clearly sensed the changes in his body.

First, he sensed that his body was full of powerful life-force. Along with his blood, this power was slowly flowing all over his body, and all the internal injuries which were caused because of cultivating taijutsu before were also slowly disappearing. But the most important matter was, because of powerful life-force inside his body, even if he receive any injuries, the healing speed was several times faster than before.

Furthermore, after taking Spring of Life, he clearly sensed that his perceptivity was also very stronger than before. And the foreboding ability of danger and prediction were also a lot stronger than before. These were the steps of evolution towards the Sage mode.

In the Sage mode, the user’s perception is linked with the nature power of surroundings, nature element becomes the friend of user, and the perception of dangers and human auras in the surroundings become a lot stronger.

And although the perception of Ren Tianyou who have taken Spring of Life and the perception of Sage mode had very large gap, but compared to ordinary state, it was much stronger. And elves of Elf clan, their nature blood lineage endows them with powerful nature perception ability. And for Ren Tianyou, it looks as if each and every one of them were in perfect Sage mode all the time. Along with the increase of their strength, and development of their blood lineage, their nature blood lineage’s Sage mode might be more powerful than the Sage mode from the Naruto world.

Moreover, Ren Tianyou sensed the change in his chakra too, although the chakra capacity had not increased, nevertheless after passing through the cleansing of this powerful life-force, the impurities were slowly removed from his chakra, making it even more pure, and increasing the quality of the chakra.

Now the consumption of chakra in using ninjutsu was decreased by ¼ compared to before, this also imply that Ren Tianyou could sustain the battle ¼ times longer than before. And this was for permanent too.

Standing up, Ren Tianyou stretched his body, suddenly successive clear sounds of crackling just like fried beans sound, came through his bones.

After that sensing the changes within his body, and also sensing his even clearer world of heart with his perception, he only said, “Great! Double great!”

After that turning around his head, he looked at Xing Lu who was still under the genjutsu of Sharingan on the floating platform at his side, then he muttered, “Oh, it seems this female elf is still too young. So it’s too pity to kill her, m-hm, first let her lead me to the location of Tree of Life, then I will let her go.”

Moving in front of Xing Lu, Ren Tianyou directly asked, “Where is Tree of Life located?”

“In different dimension of Elf Source.” Xing Lu who had dull eyes slowly answered.

“Different dimension!” Hearing Xing Lu, Ren Tianyou was surprised. After that he asked, “Where is the entrance of this different dimension?”

“In the most middle Crescent moon well of Elf Source.”

“Can you enter that place?”

“I can!”

“Good!” Ren Tianyou sighed out in relief, fortunately Xing Lu could enter this different dimension, if he wanted to enter without knowing the entering method, then it was impossible for him to enter that place.

“Then let’s go together.” Finished speaking, spiral shaped space ripple appeared from his right eye that surrounded himself and Xing Lu, then disappeared from this dim dimension.

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  1. If he wants a longer lifespan he can:
    1. Go full puppet.
    2. Steal hearts.
    3. Become a Jashin follower.
    4. Transfer his soul to other bodies.
    5. Become the jinchuriki of the Ten-tails.

    1. Wait, did jinchuriki of ten tails had longer lifespan? Was it canon?
      Full puppets is hard, even sasori couldn’t do it. No 3 is nice option, though it didn’t came with body regeneration. Or at least Hidan couldn’t regenerate his missing body. So, it left no 2 and no 4 (go Orochimaru)

        1. The Osutsuki Clan are also functionally immortal, but yeah I’m fairly certain that the ten-tails jinchuuriki is also immortal. At the very least the ten-tails jinchuuriki has functionally unlimited lifeforce and thus would likely be able to come up with some method to achieve near immortality.

          That said, as far as I can remember almost all the extended lifespan tricks in the Naruto universe rely on stealing life from others (hearts, Jashin religion requires constant slaughter and sacrifice to maintain, body stealing) and the God Tree also gets its power from consuming the life-force of the world it inhabits. So RTY is probably wise to look for alternate means to sustain his life.

            1. Sage was half human, not a full Osutsuki. It’s also unclear why he died; if it was age then it was because he didn’t want to seek any of the potential methods of immortality, possibly because they all have major downsides. The Osutsuki immortality is also tied to consuming the Chakra fruits of God Trees, which require the death of entire planets to create. The only reason Kaguya is still alive is because she fused with the God Tree into the Ten Tails, and presumably the God Tree can survive until the planet dies.

            2. basically, with the power of Creation of All Things Technique, he should be able to create jutsu to increase his lifespan without getting old. thats how i see it

      1. uzumaki clan were known have longer lifespan due to their lifeforce.
        ten tails contain huge lifeforce, but being jinchuriki of 10tails doesnt stop the body form aging.
        i believe he meant immortal lifespan , not longer lifespan

    2. 1. sasori? hes not full puppet. he actualy still young, even his grandmother can fight with her current age.
      2. kakuzu?
      3. hidan? author never mention his age. not sure if he can live as long as kakuzu.
      4. orochimaru?
      5. tell that to that old dead hagoromo lol

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Why do he want to go to the tree of life? He has what he wants and more! Is he gonna rob them of the tree? He’s really gotten ruthless

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