In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 192

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 192: Iryo Ninjutsu (Medical Ninjutsu)

Iryo Ninjutsu (Medical Ninjutsu)

With the alarm inside the secret chamber ringing, Elf Source was immediately thrown into confusion. Innumerable guards ran towards the place of Elf Queen. And the 4 light very quickly flew in the sky towards the palace.

In secret chamber, Elf Queen looked at still continuously shooting arrows with the unsightly complexion. She reached out to a piece of stone on the wall and knocked it twice, suddenly this stone opened with a ‘peng’ sound, and one round wooden button appeared inside.

Stretching her jade hand, she place her hand above this button, and turn it few times in right direction. Suddenly along with the sound of gear movement, those arrows which were in the process of shooting slowly stopped, and the holes on the walls also slowly closed.

Entering into the secret chamber, and stepping on those sharp arrows glimmering with pallid light on the ground, she arrived next to the table where bottles of Spring of Life were placed. All of the originally more than 40 bottles of Spring of Life were swept clean. But fortunately other treasures on the however were still there, otherwise, even she herself don’t know what terrifying thing she would had do.

“That bastard, my body was definitely………….” Thinking this her face immediately become hot, and her complexion also immediately become very red, didn’t know whether this was because she was angry or shy because Ren Tianyou had seen her body, “Sooner or later, I will definitely dig out your eye balls.”

Elf Queen returned back to her bedroom, got dressed up and walked out of the door. In the hall, 4 elders were already waiting for her in this place.

“Your Majesty the Queen, what exactly happened? Why did the alarm of secret chamber suddenly rang?” Seeing Elf Queen had come out, and her complexion was also extremely unsightly, a female elder among 4 elders stood up and asked Elf Queen with a slight bow.

“Someone sneaked into the secret chamber, and stole all the Spring of Life.” Elf Queen slowly said, and her tone was filled with resentment.

“What?” Hearing Elf Queen, all 4 elders simultaneously exclaimed, and their face was filled with confusion. Who had so much ability, sneaking into Elf Source by avoiding everyone’s ears and eyes, entering into palace without arousing any suspicion of patrolling guards, and finally in front of the eyes of Elf Queen herself, noiselessly entering the secret chamber which was inside her bedroom, then successfully taking away the Spring of Life.

And if this was not the case for this fellow not knowing the mechanism in the secret room, and carelessly touching the mechanism inside the secret chamber, then everyone wouldn’t have even know that the Spring of Life were already stolen.

In the end who did this? This same question simultaneously appeared inside their head.

And one male elf elder thought of something, but was unsure, so to confirm, he asked Elf Queen, “Your Majesty the Queen, could it be……..”

“That’s right. It was that person.” As if she knew what that elder wanted to ask, Elf Queen nodded her head and continued, “That same mysterious person who had stealthily entered Elf Source this afternoon.”

“Him!” Hearing Elf Queen, in the brain of all 4 elders simultaneously appeared the figure of youngster with grave and stern complexion who was wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it, as well as his scarlet eyes which were filled with evil aura, in addition his secretive space magic.

“Immediately give order to dispatch nature armed force to investigate whole continent and find out the whereabouts of this person. After finding out, kill on the spot!” Elf Queen looked at those 4 elders and ordered with voice filled with killing intent, which decreased the temperature of this big hall.

“Yes!” Hearing Elf Queen’s command which was filled with killing intent, these 4 elders simultaneously bowed and answered. And at the same time, they were cursing Ren Tianyou inside their heart, “Damned thief, actually dared to sneak into our Elf Source and steal our things. Just let me capture you, and you’ll see how I’ll properly concoct you.”

Inside their brain, innumerable cruel torture method instantly appeared such as cutting fingers, roasting, freezing…………and so on series of cruel torture methods. Who said the Elf clan were kind-hearted and peace loving race, they merely hid their brutal side excellently that’s all.


And when Elf clan were discussing how to deal with Ren Tianyou, inside his kamui space, Ren Tianyou was sitting on the floating platform in tough straits. His right hand was covering his left shoulder, and blood was tickling down from this shoulder. Next to him, there was one arrow which was stained with blood.

In the secret chamber, at the final moment when he was about to leave with his kamui, one arrow directly hit his shoulder. Because when he was absorbing himself with kamui of right eye, his body should be materialized, so at that time he was basically powerless to block. And at that time, he also couldn’t stop his kamui, because Elf Queen was already hurrying over. And at that time, if he confront the experts of Elf clan, even if he had exceedingly high abilities, he would be unable to escape even if he was given wings.

But fortunately his luck was good, this arrow didn’t hit his vital part, merely penetrated his shoulder that’s all. He could easily recover this small wound very quickly.

Slowly light chakra radiance appeared above his right hand, covering the wound on his left shoulder. Under the medical ninjutsu of Ren Tianyou, the wound slowly stopped bleeding, no longer losing his blood.

The medical ninjutsu of Ren Tianyou was half-baked, no need to mention Tsunade who is the expert of medical ninjutsu and her disciple Sakura, his medical ninjutsu couldn’t compare to even the medical ninjutsu of Kabuto. It was not that there were no records of medical ninjutsu inside Naruto system, instead there was record of all the ninjutsu, forbidden jutsu, secret jutsu of Naruto world inside the system, so there naturally was no lack of medical ninjutsu.

All the medical ninjutsu from low level to advance level, all of them including many illustrious medical ninjutsu were available inside Naruto system, but Ren Tianyou however was very unlikely to learn them.

Because grasping high-ranking medical ninjutsu required very precise chakra control ability, and Ren Tianyou was more talented towards battling, but with regarding to medical ninjutsu however was utterly ignorant. After 3 years of time, he had actually learned medical ninjutsu for healing, stop bleeding, and mystical palm jutsu. Except these, he had not learned any other medical ninjutsu.

With regarding to this, Ren Tianyou was also bit self-deprecating. He had repetitively thought that he might be suitable for ending the life of others, but he was not suited for healing the wounded and rescuing the dying.

After simply healing his wound, Ren Tianyou couldn’t hold back any more and he took out bottle of Spring of Life from his space ring, and slowly opened the bottle cap.

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  1. Seriously?! Did the author just use Kabuto as comparison? Did the author forgot that Kabuto medical ninjutsu is really high? Maybe not at Tsunade (or Sakura ) level, but it’s high enough that Orochimaru use him as assistant.

    1. not to mention kabuto re-alters his chakra nodes when granny disable him during the sanin fight.

      that just how skilled kabuto is…

      1. Yeah, I’m no fan of Kabuto, but respect for his medical skill is due. It’s more fitting if the author compare with someone like, Inno, since she only learn basic medical ninjutsu.

  2. Didnit the MC used the “Strange Strange of Tsunade”? That too need a very good chacra control. That was the reason that Sakura could learn it.

    To is lees than the MC don’t have the talent and more like he is like killing skills more. The guys is trigger happy as any Xianxia MC xD

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