In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 191

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 191: Unexpected


Opening the door of her room, Elf Queen who had worn only extremely thin gauze clothing walked out, and ceaselessly swept everywhere in the hall with her two sharp eyes, looking for any suspicious goods or things. Her nature blood lineage bestowed her powerful perception ability and with her strength of peak True God realm, she was able to cover this whole palace with her mental perception. She continuously searched, but even after long time, she didn’t find anything.

“Don’t tell me that it was really my misconception after sleeping?” After her search was fruitless, Elf Queen was confused inside her heart, because she didn’t believe that there was someone was capable enough to conceal themselves from her mental perception. Her nature blood lineage in itself possessed powerful perception and pre-discern ability. With regarding to danger sensation, her perception was 5 to 6 times more sensitive than ordinary person, plus with her strength, even if God King came, they would not be able to be undetected under her perception.

After searching once again, and determining that there was not any suspicious sign, Elf Queen returned to her bedroom and locked up the door of her room. After that lying on the bed, tried to sleep again, but because of the matter of just a moment ago, the mentality of Elf Queen was still on the state of alert, so she was not able to enter deep sleep.

And on the other side of Elf Queen’s bedroom wall, Ren Tianyou didn’t even dare to breathe heavily, just huddled tightly. Just now, the powerful perception of Elf Queen had swept even this place, but fortunately he himself as a ninja had pretty good concealing ability, plus with the help of Jade Maiden, he was able to hide himself from the search of this perception ability of Elf Queen.

“Fuuu, fortunately Jade Maiden gave me this blood lineage seed before leaving.” Sensing that powerful perception had disappeared, Ren Tianyou released a long sigh of relief. After that wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, he looked at that one small bead which was now releasing gentle white radiance on his hand.

When Ren Tainyou had just entered the secret chamber, the perception of Elf Queen had already arrived, and he basically didn’t have any time to use kamui to absorb and hide inside the kamui space.

But fortunately before embarking to the Elven forest, Jade Maiden had used her secret skill to condense her blood lineage ability into a small blood lineage seed. With this seed, Ren Tianyou could use the blood lineage ability of Jade Maiden, but only for three times. And after condensing this seed, the vitality of Jade Maiden was greatly damaged. Now for the short time, she basically didn’t has the ability to condense second seed.

And just now, Ren Tianyou had used that exceptional concealing ability which was the blood lineage ability of Jade Maiden from this seed, and was successfully able to conceal himself from the perception search of Elf Queen.

The blood lineage of Jade Maiden could be said to be purely assisting nature ability. Firstly no need to talk about reversing time and projecting all the incident that happened in that place from one hour before to now in front of everyone’s eyes, even this perfectly concealing ability would give rise to everyone’s admiration, jealousy and hate. And what’s more, this ability could be used not only for herself, but she could also bestow this ability to everyone by her side.

After the radiance of this blood lineage seed weakened, Ren Tianyou stood up, and looked over towards underneath dark passage.

Slowly walking down for almost two minutes, a secret chamber appeared before the eyes of Ren Tianyou. This was not that big space, was decorated with countless flowers and plants, and fresh fragrance filled this entire room, which made this tightly closed secret chamber not that stuffy.

Next to the four walls of this chamber, there were four long wooden table. Above these tables, there were many treasures which were emitting resplendent light, which includes magic cores, magic crystals including divinity crystal, plus emitting powerful magic fluctuation magic wand……………innumerable treasures were piled up here. This sight almost dazzled Ren Tianyou.

But Ren Tianyou didn’t pay much attention to these, rather his gaze was locked on to those small bottles with light green colored liquid inside it above the table.

“Spring of Life?” Seeing these bottles, Ren Tianyou exclaimed with pleasant surprise, very quickly rushed in front of this table, and firmly stared at these small bottles. Finally seeing the items required for the resurrection of Elder sister Yue’er before his eyes, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but became extremely excited.

And there was more than 40 bottles of Spring of Life, this was more than enough for Ren Tianyou to squander. He could no longer control his excited heart, and he stretched his trembling hand towards the table in front of him.

But the unexpected thing for Ren Tianyou was, just when he was about to pick up the bottle of Spring of Life, a powerful magic fluctuated spread all around, and the walls all around suddenly flashed with violent red lights, which was accompanied by ear-piercing sound that suddenly reverberate through the entire hall.

“F**k, why is here such advance automatic alarm system?” Looking around, Ren Tianyou cursed. At the same time, he heard the gear movement sound from all around.

“Not good!” Ren Tianyou had a bad premonition inside his heart, as he immediately knew what was happening, “There is a mechanism!” After that without looking all around, he immediately stretched his hand and swept off all the bottles of Spring of Life, and placed all of them inside his space ring.

And at that time, many thickly dotted holes appeared on the walls all around him, and from the passage of this secret chamber, sounds of hastily running footsteps came.

“Kamui!” Ren Tianyou roared as he immediately began his right eye’s kamui, then a spiral shaped space ripple appeared in front of him, and surrounded his body.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry ah.” Ren Tianyou was impatiently roaring inside his heart. The mechanism of walls and the sounds of footsteps in the passage, clearly told him the danger of this place. But the kamui’s speed of absorbing other people or himself was very slow, as it required 3 seconds.

Now passing of this three seconds had changed into life and death time. Just at that time, he heard continuous ‘swish’, ‘swish’, ‘swish’……..sounds. Countless sharp arrows were shot towards him.

“Humph!” Ren Tianyou snorted coldly. Then along with the disappearance of space ripple, he also disappeared from that secret chamber, leaving behind those continuously shooting sharp arrows from all the walls.

And just when Ren Tianyou disappeared, along with the burst of wind gust, Elf Queen arrived there from the passage, and was able to slightly see the disappearance of Ren Tianyou with his space ripple, leaving behind only few drops of bloodstain as well as not a single bottle of Spring of Life.

“Bastard! Even if you flee to the ends of the earth, I will kill you.” Seeing there was not even a single bottle of Spring of Life left, the complexion of Elf Queen immediately became extremely unsightly. She had tried her best to rush over at this secret chamber as fast as possible immediately after she had heard the alarm, but she had never thought that, she was still a step slow.

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  1. who wants to bet that the elves use the bloodstains to track him back to the phoenix clan’s place, then matriarch is like i knew i shouldn’t have trusted you! and then RTY will be like leave it to me! i’m a virgin and the elf queen is hella hawt, but i’ll fend them all off! and after taking 20 chapters to build up the fight by killing off elders, we get 20 more chapters to describe 3 actions per chapter, he wins, and they finally can revive the girl…and somehow gain the queen’s daughter as a slave under sharingan genjutsu.

    someone pay me to write this guy’s storyboards for him please 😛

    (who am i kidding, i’m still going to read it all anyways lol. thanks as always~)

      1. naa, they are almost all dead other than one strong guy, they won’t pick a fight with him again so soon after eating that loss

    1. Bruh xD

      If you said that you read the raws already and this is the summary of the next 40 chapters… I would actually believe you LOL

  2. the mc is causingthe humanity dowfall kek.
    the eelfs are down to a few years of life at most,the ximen clan of dragonkin is decimated the dragon clan is currently weakeaned, hahahaha
    the mc is fucking over the world

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