In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 190

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 190: Endless spring scenery

Endless spring scenery

After his head slowly entered, furnish and decorates inside the room reflected in the eyes of Ren Tianyou. In the middle of this nearly 200 square meter room, there were many exquisite wooden furniture such as wooden table, wooden chair, wooden cupboard…………and so on. Above the table, flower vases which had bright colored flowers stuck in were placed everywhere it could be seen. And this whole room was filled with fresh fragrance of flowers. At one side of one wall, materials stand was set upright just as a screen, and several women clothing were hang over it. And what made blood flow out from the nose of Ren Tianyou was, a piece of pink colored underwear hanged over at that stand, whose pink color clearly reflected in the eyes of Ren Tianyou. And not far away from this stand, he saw one huge wooden bed, and a lithe and graceful figure became visible from that translucent gauze curtain. That matchless beautiful mature body of Elf Queen was transmitted into the eye balls of Ren Tianyou, and explosively entered his brain. And from the middle of that continuously fluttering gauze curtain, Ren Tianyou would indistinctly see a tiny bit of snowy white.

“Erase, calm, calm ah.” Ren Tianyou instantly withdrew his head from the wall, then leaning against the wall, unceasingly panted, and his right hand was unceasingly pinching his own arm to forcibly calm himself down. “I had never thought that one day I would actually enter into the bedroom of woman stealthily, and peep her sleeping appearance. On the Earth, I have never done such wretched matter ah, my innocence ah.

“But……” Thinking up to this, a smile appeared on the face of Ren Tianyou, “Although this is a little wretched, nevertheless it still feels very simulating.”

Calming down his mind, he slowly recalled furnish and decorates inside the bedroom he had seen just a moment ago, “According to the circumstance inside, it seems this room ought to be the room of Elf Queen. So this time I was not taking the wrong path.”

“According to the narration of Xing Lu, the entrance to the chamber of Spring of Life should be at below the wall of her bedside.” Ren Tianyou looked over to the left hand side wall, and noiselessly arrived there. After that he estimated the location, and placing his ear on the wall not far away in the left side wall of the door, he thought, “This place ought to be the location of the bed where Elf Queen is sleeping, and the entrance of the chamber ought to be around here.”

Thinking this, Ren Tianyou directly used kamui of right eye, and his head slowly entered inside this wall. Along with the going deeper of his head, in the darkness of inside the wall, a light slowly appeared. And when the vision of Ren Tianyou was restored clearly, an alluring snowy white appeared in front of him.

By coincidence the head of Ren Tianyou and half of his body appeared at the middle of that huge bed where Elf Queen was lying via the white gauze curtain outside. And that beautiful body of Elf Queen which was filled with temptation reflected in his eyes.

Elf Queen had taken off all of her outer garments, so her matchless beautiful body was wearing only pink colored underwear, plus one small shorts which covered her three importation place. But this faintly discernible sensation truly gave Ren Tianyou even greater simulation. On the top of that pink colored underwear, sharp-eyed Ren Tianyou could clearly see one deep gully. His head was less than 10 centimeter away from the forehead of Elf Queen.

This greatly stimulated the mind of Ren Tianyou. Before on the Earth, Ren Tianyou was one hundred percent virgin, no need to mention about rolling together with girls on the bed, he didn’t even had his first kiss.

This was not because Ren Tianyou’s look was not handsome, or to say he was defective in ‘that’ aspect, but mainly because this kid was absolute fan of Naruto before. It didn’t matter when, but he liked to stay inside his rented room watching Naruto, and researching its plot, then unceasingly practicing hand seals to cast off boredom. So how could those girls accept his such super staying in at the house disposition?

Before he had broken off with few girlfriends, and there was only one reason for this. That reason was Naruto manga and anime series. Previously those girlfriends would make a call to Ren Tianyou, wanting him to take them on a date. But the reply of Ren Tianyou would instantly cause the other party to fall down.

“Sorry, I have to watch Naruto.”

Because of this simple sentence, before arriving to this world he was not even able to have his first kiss. After hearing that short sentence of Ren Tianyou, all of those girlfriends would leave him similarly.

And after arriving to this world, first he stayed inside the magical beasts’ forest for more than two years just like a barbarian, then entered Supreme Light Academy, next he went to take revenge against Ximen clan, got his beloved woman with great difficulty, and now running around to revive elder sister Yue’er, so where is the time to get intimate with Little Yu.

And now he suddenly saw such simulating scene, so how could he not feel his heat seething a little more with excitement? And Ren Tianyou also clearly sensed that his lower part had arose in reaction outside the wall.

Just at that time, Elf Queen who was soundly sleeping lightly let out an enticing moan sound from her nose, and her right jade hand slowly rubbed her bosom all of a sudden, it seems like something had caused her itch a bit. And this move thoroughly blew Ren Tianyou, he could no longer control his heavy breathing.

The face of Ren Tianyou was red through and through, and blast of hot air blew out from his nose, which directly reached the underneath face of Elf Queen.

“Not good!” Ren Tianyou didn’t think much, and yelled inside his heart, then his body straightly fell down. The half body of Ren Tianyou immediately pass through the body of Elf Queen and the bed underneath her, and fell to the ground below.

“Who?” Just after that, Elf Queen suddenly opened her eyes. And along with her eyes shining, she immediately jumped out from the bed, and landed on the floor.

And seeing the appearance of pure white jade legs at bedside, Ren Tianyou who was lying on the floor under the bed couldn’t help but admire this beautiful * scenery. Then he immediately slide out from the wall and returned outside.

Inside the room, Elf Queen cautiously looked all around, she even thoroughly looked under the bed, but didn’t find anything, so she doubtfully thought, “What is going on, just a moment ago, I felt someone blow on my face, can it be that it was just my misconception.”

At this time, she looked over to the direction of door, thought for a moment, then pulled over her outerwear from the stand, and wore it. After that she opened the door, and walked outside.

And Ren Tianyou who was outside the room was carefully listening to the sounds of movement inside the room, when he heard the sound of the door, without the slightest hesitation, he immediately pass through the wall and entered inside the room.

And simultaneously after Ren Tianyou entered inside the room, Elf Queen walked outside from opened door.

After Ren Tianyou entered inside the room, he didn’t dared to delay, immediately looked over to the direction of the floorboard which was most inside the bed of Elf Queen. After that he used his kamui, and passing through this floorboard, he entered the secret chamber.

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  1. Today is Valentine Day, unfortunately the MC did not do with the Queen what couples usually do after a romantic dinner, on bed.

  2. What superb writing talent. Spends half a chapter talking about how much a virgin the main character is. Way to go author-san.

  3. What a boring cliche chapter, I remember a guy was triggered that the author mentioned RTY’s sexy abs in a fight, I am triggered there are full filler chapters of absolute bullshit full of low-key sexual exploitation. Yea well not gonna be a hypocrite, I do enjoy these to a certain degree but it DOES take away from the story. I am a straight female if it isn’t clear enough, I hope the author can change this idiotic mc’s sexual drive into intelligence because he definitely needs some.

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