In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 19

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edited by: fluffymigs and souna rock


In a Different World With Naruto System, Chapter 19: Space Transmission

A series of deafening explosions were heard, and the huge shock waves cracked the rocks in the surroundings.

Ren Tianyou was standing behind the Rashomon, and with an imposing look, he was staring at the girl who was wielding that huge black light beam. Actually, he was not worried at all for whether these three Rashomon could withstand her attack or not, as he already knew that in Naruto world, Orochimaru had used this jutsu to withstand the powerful attack of Naruto who was in tail beast mode. Although Naruto had only released four tails, but the power of the Kyuubi should not to be underestimated. So he had full confidence in these three Rashomon.

He saw that the huge black light beam had hit the first Rashomon gate, after a brief resistance the first gate broke and the black light beam headed towards the second gate. With its power greatly reduced, the black light beam hit the second gate and could only create a small crack before it disappeared.


With the black sword in her hand, that young lady was gasping for air and her face was full of indescribable fear towards the strange gates which had obstructed her attack. To her surprise, her ‘Dark annihilation sSash’ had merely destroyed the first gate and before it could break the second gate its energy was already consumed, what the hell is this? Furthermore she had never seen a skill surrounded by that kind of deathly aura.

“Phew!” Seeing that the attack of that young girl was stopped, he vanished and reappeared on top of the Rashomon gate, and stared at the female.

“I honestly don’t wish to ruin a flower like you, as long as you tell me why you were monitoring me outside my place, I’ll let you go.” He said after staring at that girl for a while. Simultaneously he was also pondering in his heart who his enemy could be, except for duel with the son of the Tian clan, he hadn’t made any other enemies. But the Tian clan was situated fairly far away, at the imperial capital, so even if the master of the Tian clan knew that his son had an accident, it would be impossible for the people who were assigned, to arrive here this soon.’

“Humph. If you want to know, then defeat me first. The winner is not determined yet.” Hearing the question of Ren Tianyou, she responded with scorn.

“Since that’s the case, I have to find the answer myself. Although I hate to fight with women, I hate trouble even more. So I would like to evade it by cutting off the trouble at its origin. I’m terribly sorry, your actions gave me a hunch that if I let you escape here alive, I will be plagued by quite a lot of trouble. So I have no alternative but to eliminate you.” Knowing that the girl didn’t have any intention to comply with him, he had no choice but to unleash his killer moves, and if possible capture her and using his illusions to acquire the information he required.

“Fire Style—Majestic Destroyer Flame! (Katon—Goka Mekkyaku!)”

Ren Tianyou quickly formed hand seals, after that he took a deep breath, then facing the female, he spit out wide ranged flames. This fire encompassed a broad range of more than 100 meters in front of him.

Fire Style—Majestic Destroyer Flame, formerly this was the wide range fire style jutsu which was first utilized by Madara against the ninjas of the allied forces, and to resist this jutsu, more than 20 water element ninja had to use the water screen jutsu.

“This is…!?” The face of that girl was filled with terror, watching the vast flames advancing in her direction. She realized that this was not the time to be in a stupor, and she had to immediately figure out how to resist this fire magic.

The girl landed, both of her hands firmly gripping her sword, stabbing it into the ground, she started to chant. Along with the chant, a tremendous amount of dark fog gathered around her.

“Dark Guardian.” Along with the roar of that female, the tremendous black fog formed into the shape of a 30 meter tall protective screen in front of her, which blocked the attack of Ren Tianyou.

Just when she released a sigh of relief, a bright gleam had reached her. Inside her heart she was awed and shocked. Without thinking, she dodged to the side. After that she stood up and saw that there was an odd hidden weapon stuck into the ground where she was just standing.

“Close call…” The girl released a long sigh of relief inside of her heart and simultaneously cursed Ren Tianyou, for suddenly using that hidden weapon.

“He he, you fell into my trap!” Seeing that the female had dodged his sneak attack, Ren Tianyou sneered. He pointed at the ground where the female was standing with his right hand and clutched his hand. After that an endless amount of sand sprung out of the ground and gradually spread around her body.

“Sand Coffin!” Ren Tianyou finally trapped her, he snapped his fingers, jumped from the Rashomon and walked towards her. The female had not noticed that behind the Rashomon, another Ren Tianyou turned into smoke and disappeared.

After he saw that she had landed on the ground, taking the advantage of the time when she was confronting his flame jutsu, he had formed a shadow clone and hid it behind the Rashomon, and let that shadow clone summon sand around her.

He didn’t summon the sand directly where she was standing, to not raise her suspicion. And when she had just repelled his fire attack, he used a kunai for a surprise attack. Sure enough, she didn’t have the sword as she had stuck it into the ground to repel his flame attack and could not block it, so she dodged by moving right into his trap.

“This……….” Looking at the sudden appearance of the vast amount of sand wrapping her body, she was utterly baffled as she had never thought that Ren Tianyou could even control sand. Seeing that he was nearing her, she gritted her teeth, and used her final plan. Above the ring of her right hand a black light flashed, and a scroll appeared in her right hand.

“I’ll be back!!!” She said with a cold voice, following that she immediately crushed the scroll. An invisible fluctuation of space became visible and a short moment later she vanished. The sand which was enveloping her lost its target and showered down.

“Not good.” Seeing the action of hers, he cried out in alarm and directly charged forwards but he was too late as she had already vanished.

“F**k, unexpectedly it was space transmission scroll.” Ren Tianyou cursed.


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  1. what if there was a novel with a name of In a different world with the dragon ball z system lol? would be interesting

    1. That novel would be very interesting but it would need God like characters to compete with the MC, since any ninja from Naruto would lose to Goku (not dissing Naruto after all i love it, just stating facts) and I’m here just guessing but the dragon ball z system would have insane KIlling techniques and powering up techniques

      1. Wrong, Son Goku, even in SSJ5 form, is no match against Naruto’s most powerful technique, as illustrated below.

  2. thx 4d ch

    I’ll be back!!!

    it would be funny if MC heard System voice “Mysterious Girl route unlock!”

  3. i seriously hope he gets Senju D.N.A upgrade before eternal it should decrease the speed of his blindness to a dead crawl and when he finally gets the EMS it will evolve straight into a Rinnegan

      1. Madara was fully capable of using his original Chakra Natures plus Hashiramas Wood Nature after fusing with his dna/cells which means the MC would get wood Plus retain his original natures

  4. why he doesn’t buy item from naruto the movie 1 at least it can make him fly, skill from naruto the movie 3 hand of petrification?(it’s not shipudden)

    1. i don’t recall any flying device in the snow one unless your talking about the armour?(did it fly i thought they only glided)or the flying machines the bombers in the second shipuuden movie wore?. He has Sai’s Drawings to help him fly(never new he was an artist)

  5. It’s not Great Inferno that’s incorrect translation. According to the wikia and crunchy roll subs it’s Great Fire Annihilation, if you can’t translate a famous jutsu correctly I don’t know what to say about the rest…

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