In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 189b

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 189: Inner palace

Inner palace

Ren Tianyou swiftly walked all the way, towards the most inner parts of the inner palace, because on the basis of general setup and deploy, generally speaking all the master of the house mostly selects the most central location to reside.

Throughout the way Ren Tianyou met one after another teams of guards, who were patrolling inside the corridors. Ren Tianyou used his fast speed as well as his endless streams of ninjutsu, and was able to narrowly avoid those guards’ line of vision. Now finally reaching in front of this huge place door.

Ren Tianyou hid at the turning of the corridor in front of this palace door, and looking at the four guards in front of this door, he mumbled, “If I am not mistaken, this place ought to be the residence of Elf Queen.”

Throughout the way, Ren Tianyou had carefully looked thoroughly at all the rooms he had passed, but was unable to discover any anomaly room. On the contrary, those decoration as well as guards standing in front of this entrance, portraits that this was the residence of Elf Queen.

“These 4 guards however are troublesome, now I need to find a way to avoid the line of sight of these guards.” Seeing those 4 guards who were firmly guarding in front to the door, Ren Tianyou had a headache as he mumbled. He also thought to use kamui and directly enter inside this door, but he didn’t knows the circumstance inside. He didn’t know whether Elf Queen was asleep or not, and if he enters now and was directly caught red-handed, then it wouldn’t be a laughable matter.

Frowning his eyebrows, he inwardly thought about the countermeasures on how to enter this place without alerting any of these 4 guards. Just at that time, an idea flashed inside his brain. Patting his head, he excitedly thought inside his heart, “I’ve got it, let’s handle it this way.” After that Ren Tianyou began to quickly make a series of hand seals, and the chakra inside his body also fluctuated according to seals, and began to quickly circulate.

“Genjutsu—- Meisaigakure no Jutsu!” (Chameleon Jutsu!)”

After Ren Tianyou used this jutsu, his body flashed with colorful streamer, and the color of his body slowly changed, gradually changing into the same color as the woods that were used to manufacture the walls behind him. After that it looked as if he had disappeared from that location.

Originally Ren Tianyou had thought to use Iwagakure no Jutsu (Hidden in Stones Jutsu), but who would have thought that the walls here however were made using woods, so with no other choice, he was forced to use genjutsu. In any case, the effect of this Meisaigakure no Jutsu (Chameleon Jutsu) was same, merely this was genjutsu that’s all.

After that Ren Tianyou openly came out from that corner, and confidently stood in front of those 4 guards. But it seems they didn’t seem to notice anything regarding Ren Tianyou, just continued to guard in front of the palace door as before. Under his genjutsu, even the powerful perception of Elf clan was of no avail.

But even after that Ren Tianyou didn’t continued forward. Because when all was said and done this Meisaigakure no Jutsu (Chameleon Jutsu) was genjutsu, so if he gets too close, it is very likely for them to see through it, resulting himself to be discovered. And also he had used this jutsu in preparation to use his next move.

Ren Tianyou made a series of hand seals in high speed, in just this fashion, Ren Tianyou openly used ninjutsu in front of these 4 guards. After he competed making hands seals, he yelled inside his heart, “Genjutsu—- Kokohi no Jutsu! (False Place Technique!)”

Along with the completion of this jutsu, an obscured chakra fluctuation quickly spread in all direction from the body of Ren Tianyou. And those 4 elves guards merely felt their brain abruptly muddled for an instant, but there was not any change in the corridor.

And after using this genjutsu, smile slowly appeared on the face of Ren Tianyou, then maintaining a hand seal, he said, “Kai!”

After that the body of Ren Tianyou slowly revert back to normal color, and the effect of Meisaigakure no Jutsu (Chameleon Jutsu) slowly disappeared completely. Now Ren Tianyou was completely visible in front of those 4 elves guards, but those guards were completely oblivious to his appearance as if they didn’t see him.

As a matter of fact, they really didn’t see Ren Tianyou because of this Kokohi no Jutsu (False Place Technique) he had used just a moment ago. The principle of genjutsu Kokohi no Jutsu (False Place Technique) was to revise the terrain which was seeing by enemy into another environment. Ren Tianyou used this genjutsu to change the environment these 4 elves are seeing into another same corridor which lacked himself nothing more.

Seeing his genjutsu was successful, without wasting any time, just in this fashion, he blatantly walked forward, and passed these 4 motionless elves guards. And after arriving in front of this huge door, his right eye quickly rotated, then as if his body is transparent, he penetrated through this metal door without any resistance. And after Ren Tianyou left, those 4 elves guards were also released from his genjutsu, restoring their true vision. In just this fashion, Ren Tianyou quietly passed through these 4 guards and entered the main hall.

In the main hall, Ren Tianyou used kamui, and hiding his body in the big door, he firmly scanned the circumstance inside this hall with his eyes. He saw there was not a soul in sight inside this big hall, merely there were several magic lamp burning above the candlestick, brightly illuminating this hall.

After observing this hall for a while, Ren Tianyou determined there was no people inside, so he came out from inside the door and entered the hall.

“Ai, if only this kamui of right eye didn’t have the time limit of 5 minutes, how wonderful would it be.” Ren Tianyou sighed inside his heart. Every time, he could continuously use kamui of right eye for only 5 minutes, after that, it loses its efficacy. If not for this restriction, he would have directly walked within the walls without any worry and obstruction.

“But even so, this kamui of right eye is already heaven defying. In the Naruto world, even 5 kages were powerless to catch Obito who had use this move. With the exception of 4th hokage and Konan, I have not seen anyone else able to injure him.” Ren Tianyou sighed with feeling. After that he shook his head and discarded these thoughts. Now the most important thing was how to successfully steal this Spring of Life.

Finally entering inside the main hall, Ren Tianyou slowly recalled the information he had gotten from the mouth of Xing Lu and carefully scanned all around him. After that his eyes firmly locked on to the door manufactured with red colored wood, then he thought inside his heart, “This ought to be the bedroom of Elf Queen. Xing Lu said that the bedroom of her mother was at right hand side from the entrance door. And this door manufactured with the red wood of magnificent heaven tree is comparatively a little bit bigger than other doors.”

“So without mistake this ought to be her bedroom.” Ren Tianyou thought inside his heart, then very quickly and noiselessly he arrived in front of this door. After that he didn’t stopped before this door, rather he turned and stopped at the wall next to this door. After that using the kamui of right eye, his head slowly passed through this thick wall. After his head entered inside the wall, he carefully watched the circumstance inside.

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  1. And my hope is crushed when this novel back it to turtle pace again, i mean to spend almost two paragraphs just to describe a room and more than two chapters just to explain process of him arrive to the queen room?

  2. Yeah it’s slow as hell. Though technically the last two releases was one chapter divided into two.

  3. Why is this another copy of the previous chapter and why is this chapter different from the one on “Lightnovelpub”?

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