In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 188

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 188: Sun Wukong steals pills of longevity

Sun Wukong steals pills of longevity

At the dark corner of Xing Lu’s room, where no one would pay attention, a pair of scarlet colored eyes abruptly appeared. In the darkness, Ren Tainyou’s pair of eyes firmly stared at Xing Lu who had just entered the room, and his eyes revealed complicated expression.

After discovering the Spring of Life which he had gotten was fake, Ren Tianyou immediately used kamui and stealthily entered Elf source. With this practical doujutsu kamui, plus with all the ninjutsu he had learned from Naruto system which could be rated as encyclopedia of ninjutsu, he had directly entered the room of Xing Lu without arousing any attention of those patrolling elves all along the road.

Why did Ren Tianyou directly go to the room of Xing Lu? That was naturally because Ren Tianyou thought that he would be able to get the location of Spring of Life from her mouth, otherwise if he blindly look for Spring of Life, not only would he not obtain it, perhaps he might arouse the attention of the experts of Elf clan too.

And as for those who knew the location of Spring of Life, Ren Tianyou believed that with the exception of Elf Queen, most likely only those 4 elders and Elf Queen’s daughter Xing Lu would know about it. And unless he had a pit in his brain, he would absolutely choose Xing Lu among them.

First, as a daughter of Elf Queen, Xing Lu was closest person to Elf Queen, so she would definitely know more than those elders. After all regardless of who, people have selfish heart, so certain extremely secret matters, with the exception of their closest person, they would not let other people know casually. Just like how much money do you have in your house, with the exception of your wife, parents and children, do you tell other people about this causally?

Second, and the most important point. Ren Tianyou didn’t dare to go to the room of those 4 elders, yes, he didn’t dare to go. Although the strength of Ren Tianyou was very high now, already stepped into initial kage level, but currently he could truly fight and kill single High God only with great difficulty. Just like last time at Ximen clan, he used the full power of his susanoo once, and after using it, he exhausted almost all of his chakra. And without chakra, Ren Tianyou was just a waste, and if he encounter enemy or people with evil plan towards him at that time, he won’t have any means to resist. And if he encountered True God realm expert, then he could only run away. However fortunately he had 2 tailed beasts.

But Ren Tianyou however didn’t want to use Susanoo or summoning jutsu here. If someone tells Ren Tianyou that one of the ancient 100 clans’ Elf clan only have one True God and four High God realm experts, then even if he got beaten to death, he won’t believe it. And he was also not sure whether he could conceal himself from High God, not to mention controlling and getting information from them using his Sharingan.

Although Sharingan was powerful, but also depend upon whom it was used against. If Ren Tianyou had Madara like strength, then using ordinary 3 magatama Sharingan, he would be able to completely control these High Gods, but current Ren Tianyou even if he used Mangekyo Sharingan, he would not be able to properly control them. This was the gap of strength, just like it is impossible for kid holding a magic weapon to defeat expert holding kunai. This was the same kind of principle.

Ren Tianyou saw Xing Lu had already closed the door of her room. Then his body immediately flashed, and quietly appeared behind her.

And after closing the door of her room, Xing Lu turned her body intending to go to bathroom to take a bath, but just after turning, she discovered a person was standing in front of her. From the dress, it seems like this person was the same person who had intrude Elf Source and injured her today, so just when she wanted to open her mouth and scream, that person’s scarlet eyes suddenly rotated rapidly, and she felt her eye lids increasingly getting heavier, slowly unable to open it, and her consciousness increasingly blurred, and finally didn’t know anything at all.

Ren Tianyou looked at Xing Lu who was already trapped inside his illusion, and he couldn’t help but smile, as he asked, “Tell me the location of Spring of Life.”

“The majority of Spring of Life is located inside the secret room under the floor of my mother bedroom’s bed, and she also have some Spring of Life inside her space ring.” With dull eyes, Xing Lu answered everything she knew without any hesitation.

“As expected, the location of Spring of Life is too good.” Hearing the answer of Xing Lu, the complexion of Ren Tianyou immediately become bitter. He had already guessed that the location of Spring of Life wouldn’t be ordinary, but didn’t expect it would be located inside the bedroom of Elf Queen. This instantly cause Ren Tianyou to feel great pressure. Stealing a thing from inside the bedroom of True God realm expert, oh…………seems to be very challenging.

“Then where is the place that produce Spring of Life?” Ren Tianyou thought for a while, and asked Xing Lu.

“Spring of Life is produced in Tree of Life. Each year it produces merely a bottle. Only at the end of every year, it is produced, so now there isn’t any Spring of Life.” Xing Lu continued to explain everything she knew systematically and in full details.

“What is this Tree of Life?” Ren Tianyou asked curiously. What kind of thing was actually able to produce such mystical spring water that is actually capable to increase lifespan of people, as well as making them young forever?

“Tree of Life is all of us elves’ mother. Precisely because of this Tree of Life, we elves obtain life. Tree of Life gave birth to us elves.”

“And Tree of Life is full of powerful life-force. If we heavily injured elves return to the side of mother tree, all our injuries would immediately healed by Tree of Life, even the broken legs or severed hands will be recovered anew.” Xing Lu dully told everything she knew to Ren Tianyou.

“F**k, isn’t this so awesome.” Hearing Xing Lu, Ren Tianyou instantly burst out with swear words, and his two eyes suddenly emitted green lights, Ren Tianyou was jealous of this terrifying healing ability. In the Naruto world, with the exception of First Hokage Senju Hasirama’s sage body, no one else was able to achieve this. Even the Uzumaki clan who had tenacious life-force just like cockroach were also not capable. In this moment, the attention of Ren Tianyou was attracted to Tree of Life.

“Since it is like that, first I will obtain Spring of Life, and after that I will go to Tree of Life to see it.” Ren Tianyou thought slowly, then he looked at Xing Lu who was standing in front of her, used his right eyes’ kamui, and directly sucked her inside the kamui dimension.

“Hehe, this time just like Sun Wukong stealing Xi Wangmu’s Peaches of immortality, Laozi’s pills of longevity, I will definitely steal all the stock up Spring of Life of your Elf clan. This will be the consequence for deceiving me with fake water.” Ren Tianyou laughed mischievously. And with a sinister smile on his face, Ren Tianyou continued, “Ah pei, I, you father is taking, correct, am taking, not stealing. I’m such a clean and honest person, how can I steal things?” Finished speaking, the figure of Ren Tianyou disappeared along with the spiral shaped space ripple from inside the room of Xing Lu.

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  1. Hahaha thank u for the chapter

    I think he is referring to the monky king stealing the Elixir of life like in the movie of ( Forbidden Kingdom) starring Jackie Chan and Jet Lei or something like that I do not know the whole mythology

    1. I assume it is a reference to Sun Wukong the Monkey King, who stole (amongst other things) Laozi’s pills of longevity when he found out he was being tricked again.

    1. i understand the monkey got powers because why not
      he got fooled and that is that
      he stole peaches for eatin
      what i dont get is how do a fucking monkey got surnamed.

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