In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 185

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 185: Despicable Ren Tianyou

Despicable Ren Tianyou

“Yes, I also know that asking 10 bottles of Spring of Life at once is a little daylight robbery.” Ren Tianyou slowly opened his mouth. From the beginning, he already knew that this would happen, but he really had no other choice. When he entered Elven forest, he had already noted this, and had prepared a plan. So he was not afraid of Elf Queen disagreeing to it, but he want to use that method only as a last resort or to never use that method. Because if he use that method, then that would be equivalent to thoroughly offending the Elf clan. So he wanted to persuade them first, “However this Spring of Life is extremely important for my friend’s life. So even if I have to pay extremely big price, I will obtain it.”

“And I also know that there is no free meal in this world, in order to get something, one must pay a corresponding price, so Your Majesty the Queen, as long as I can accomplish it, I’ll help Your Majesty to accomplish anything, whether that is obtaining gold coins, magic cores, divinity crystals, or even battle skills. I will help Your Highness to get them.” Ren Tianyou firmly stared at Elf Queen standing in front of him and said sincerely.

“Thank you for Your Highness’s good intentions, but it’s too bad, I cannot give Your Highness these 10 bottles of Spring of Life.” Elf Queen shook her head slowly, and rejected the request of Ren Tianyou. The importance of Spring of Life towards Elf clan was very significant, so how could she suddenly give out 10 bottles to outsiders?

“Your Majesty the Queen, don’t be this hasty to reject, could it be that you will no longer reconsider my conditions?” Hearing the immediate rejection, the complexion of Ren Tianyou slowly sunk, then firmly staring at Elf Queen, he said.

“No need to reconsider, furthermore we will also not fuss about the matter of Your Excellency trespassing to our Elf Source, so I hope Your Highness would leave as soon as possible.” Elf Queen didn’t hesitate to again reject Ren Tianyou immediately, furthermore she asked him to leave as soon as possible.

“HAHA HAHAHA…….” Hearing Elf Queen, Ren Tianyou raised his head and madly laughed. Then staring at Elf Queen, he coldly said, “Leave? Humph, I have not attain my objective, so how can I leave.”

“Is Your Excellency looking for a fight? Humph, do you think you can confront our whole Elf clan by yourself?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Elf Queen suddenly released her horrifying aura, which firmly locked on to Ren Tianyou. And those four elders of Elf clan also firmly locked on to him with their powerful aura, as if he misspoke one word, they would immediately initiate attacking.

“No need to talk about your whole Elf clan, I am not even able to defeat you alone.” Hearing Elf Queen, and sensing her horrifying aura, Ren Tianyou cursed inside his heart. This was the gap of strength. Although his Sharingan had many top-notch doujutsu, but he didn’t dare to be certain that he could burn the body of these people with his Ameterasu, as they would definitely be able to dodge it easily. His left eye’s kamui might be the only biggest killing weapon. And although Tsukuyomi was powerful, but these experts of God domain’s spirit power was too powerful, so Ren Tianyou was uncertain whether they could see through his Tsukuyomi. If they did, then his eyes would definitely receive a powerful backlash. So unless he advanced to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, strengthening his eye power enough to control kyuubi, he feared to carelessly use doujutsu on them.

Although Amatarasu was powerful, but its burning speed was very slow, so the enemies could easily dodge relying on their speed. If first time it didn’t land on enemy, then next one would be very unlikely to hit. As for left eye’s kamui, the injury in the eye he would suffer from using this doujutsu was too big, so as long as it was out of absolute necessity, he would not use it rashly.

As for Susanoo, although the attack was powerful and defense was matchless, but half body Susanoo didn’t have the heaven defying ability. It’s not like it was not broken through in Naruto world, and Ren Tianyou clearly remembered that, at Tower of Babel, how that mysterious finger had poked Susanoo flying.

But in spite of this, Ren Tianyou had already made a preparation for this. He helplessly looked at Elf Queen plus those 4 experts by her side standing opposite to him, then he descended and stood on the branch of one of the huge tree. After that looking at Elf Queen at the sky, he yelled, “Your Majesty the Queen, take a look at this, then make your decision.”

After that the magatama of right eye quickly rotated, and a spiral shaped space ripple slowly appeared from Ren TIanyou’s right eye. Seeing the appearance of this space ripple, Elf Queen and those elders simultaneously exclaimed, “Space magician!” They had never expected that the person before their eyes actually had rare space system power.

Along with the appearance of this space ripple, the figure of two people suddenly appeared before their eyes from inside this space ripple, and kneeled at the side of Ren Tianyou.

“Bastard!” Seeing these two people, the complexion of Elf Queen instantly became ashen. And the eyes of the elders behind her instantly filled with anger, as they cursed. All the people of Elf clan underneath were also angrily staring at Ren Tianyou, and gnashing their teeth as if they wanted to eat Ren Tianyou.

These two people were naturally the people of Elf clan’s patrolling squad who were captured by Ren Tianyou in Elven forest. Altogether 19 elves, all were captured by Ren Tianyou. And after capturing them, he had used rope to tie them up, send them to his kamui dimension, and simultaneously used genjutsu to hypnotize them.

Ren Tianyou had purposefully done so in order to deal with the kind of situation in front of his eyes. Before coming here, Ren Tianyou clearly knew that it would be very difficult to obtain Spring of Life, but he had also no other choice, so he thought to take one step and look around before taking another. But who would have thought that, not long after he entered the forest, he would meet the attack of elves. And after he dealt all these elves, he instantly thought a very good plan.

That was to take these elves to be the hostages, if requesting for Spring of Life didn’t work, then he would use these elves to threaten them. And he believed that at that time, they would definitely give-in obediently. Although this method was relatively shameless and despicable, but in order to revive his elder sister Yue’er, Ren Tianyou would do even more despicable things if need.

“What does this mean Your Highness?” Although she was surprised to know that Ren Tianyou was space magician, but seeing the sudden appearance of the two elves, she became even angrier in her heart. She had never thought that this person had actually kidnapped elves, this moment she really wanted to use her nature magic to tear this guy before her eyes into shreds.

“What does this mean? Heh heh!” Hearing the voice of Elf Queen, Ren Tianyou sneered, then took out Kusanagi sword from his waist, and placed the sword blade on the neck of one elf. Then said to Elf Queen, “Your Majesty the Queen, you suppose your move is faster or my sword is faster? Now Your Majesty the Queen ought to reconsider my request, right?

“You despicable villain, if you have the ability then release my people, then we will fight to death, if you win, I’ll give you Spring of Life.” Seeing the shameless move of Ren Tianyou, plus seeing that he placed the sharp sword on the neck of that elf, Elf Queen instantly became angry, and cursed Ren Tianyou.

“Hehe, I’m not a fool, and I have such a good weight in my hand, so why do I have to fight you to death, do you really think I’m an idiot ah.” Hearing Elf Queen, Ren Tianyou curled his lips, and snorted coldly with disdain. Then said to Elf Queen, “As for despicable, this small me will not deny it. As long as I get Spring of Life to revive my elder sister Yue’er, I will do any despicable and ruthless things, even if I have to sacrifice your entire Elf clan.”

“You…….” Hearing Ren Tianyou, the complexion of Elf Queen instantly became ashen, the flames of fury in her eyes seems to want to burn Ren Tianyou, and her extremely beautiful tender body was unceasingly trembling with extreme infuriation. And after hearing Ren Tianyou, those underneath elves used a kind of wanting to eat people expression in their eyes to firmly stare at Ren Tianyou. If their eyes also had abilities like that of Ren Tianyou’s Sharingan with the ability to kill, then Ren Tianyou would have already died several hundred times already.

“Well, Your Majesty the Queen, you’d better carefully consider what I said, my patient has limits. And I can honestly tell you, including these two elves, there are altogether nineteen elves in my hand. And I will kill one every five minutes, until you agree.” After saying this, Ren Tianyou completely ignored the gaze of Elf Queen and other elves, then comfortably standing at that place, he began counting the time.

“What should we do, Your Majesty the Queen, this bastard however have nineteen people in his hand ah.” Looking at the two elves who were motionlessly kneeling on the branch, one male elder at the side of Elf Queen asked worriedly.

“But we also cannot give him Spring of Life this easily. After passing through the eliminating demon war of that time, the vitality of our Elf clan was greatly injured. But luckily we had Tree of Life and Spring of Life, but after the consumption of many years, the Spring of Life is almost exhausted, and not much of it remains. So if we give him, then our Elf clan………” Female elder also worriedly said.

Elf Queen frowned, but just at this time, from the corner of her eyes, she saw a figure was stealthily advancing towards Ren Tianyou from behind, then shocked expression suddenly appeared in her face.

A beautiful female elf with head full of light green hair who had bow in her waist was slowly advancing towards Ren Tianyou from the house on the tree behind him. She was holding a dagger which was glimmering with pallid light in her hand.

Very soon this female elf arrived behind Ren Tianyou, then she immediately stabbed that dagger towards Ren Tianyou’s back of the head. But just at this time, Elf Queen saw a smiling expression on the eyes of Ren Tianyou, then immediately feeling something was wrong, she yelled, “Xing Lu, quickly run!”

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  1. Why i feel this plot is to forced by author? I mean the phoenix mother even doesn’t need 5 bottles of that water but tian you demand 10 the the point do that despicable thing and still claim it’s for revive yu er? It’s unlogical for me

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