In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 184

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 184: Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery

Under the genjutsu control of Ren Tianyou’s Sharingan, this male elf led Ren Tianyou inside the Elven forest, all the way to the center of this forest.

While on the way, Ren Tianyou didn’t encounter any other elves’ obstruction. From the mouth of this male elf, Ren Tianyou became aware that those elves he had captured were in fact one of the roaming guards in the forest dispatched by Elf clan. Usually they were responsible to stop the people who were trespassing into the Elven forest, so as not to let outsider intrude the center of the forest.

And under the control of Ren Tianyou, this elf avoided other roaming guards throughout the way, in order to avoid conflict. Ren Tianyou was not willing to waste his time dealing with these people, so he directly avoided them as he proceed to the center of the forest.

After about two hours, Ren Tianyou finally arrived at the location of Elf clan——Elf source.

Ren Tianyou and that male elf stood on the branch of one of the huge tree. In front of Ren Tianyou, there was a huge barrier.

The huge light green colored huge barrier in front of Ren Tianyou surrounded the area of more than 1000 meters in circumference. The light screen of this barrier was full of life aura, which gave people a kind of elated happy feeling. And inside this barrier, sturdy trees were lined up everywhere, plants with strange flowers and grasses spread all over the ground, making this place look just like a world of fairy tales.

Looking at the circumstance as well as moving around elves inside the barrier, Ren Tianyou slightly smiled, then he turned around and looked at that elf with blank eyes at his side. After that along with an appearance of spiral shaped space ripple, this male elf was also sucked inside his kamui dimension.

After that looking at the barrier in front of him, another spiral shaped space ripple appeared, and he disappeared from that location.

The elves resides here at this Elf source. Just as in the past, they complete the matters of everyday in accordance with ordinary habits and customs. This place was just like a separate small-sized country. Merely when they occasionally pass through the house above the tallest tree of Elf source, all the elves would display worshipping expression in their eyes. That was the place of the Elf clan’s Elf Queen. Under the guidance of Elf Queen, they passed through recuperation of thousands of years, and the Elf clan finally reverted back to their original strength, even to the extent that they had already exceed their own strength at eliminating demon clan time’s golden age.

But at this time, a disaccord voice reverberated through this Elf Source, which was heard by every elves in this place.

“Zero of Akatsuki organization ask to meet Elf Queen, hope Elf Queen will meet me once.”

Hearing this, an inconceivable expression appeared on the face of all the elves. Each and every one looked towards the direction of the origin of this voice, and they saw not far away in the sky, a young man wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on them was standing. And the whole body of this young man was releasing chilly aura. This person was naturally Ren Tianyou.

When they saw this youth, the eyes of all of the elves flashed with inconceivable expression. They were not surprised by the momentum of Ren Tianyou, rather all of them were simultaneously thinking how did this guy noiselessly pass through the nature barrier and entered the Elf source?

One should know that, this nature barrier was set up by Elf Queen herself using her peak True-God realm strength along with the clan treasure—–Manito staff. For several thousands of years, no one knows how many people with bad intention towards Elf clan were stopped by this barrier, but now someone actually brazenly passed through the barrier and entered Elf source without alerting anyone. Could it be that the strength of this person is higher than their Elf Queen?

“Who is this impudent?” Just at this time, a cold snorting voice came through the palace on the tallest tree, then five green colored streaked out from this place and stopped in the sky, not far away in front of Ren Tianyou.

After this green light dissipated, extremely beautiful woman whose body was emitting mature charm appeared in the sky. She was wearing a gorgeous noble clothing, as well as wearing crown in her head, and was also holding a green colored staff in her hand. And seeing the appearance of this beautiful woman, the eyes of all the elves released craze worship expression. This person was Elf Queen of Elf clan. And at her side, two male and two female elves were standing. Although their bodies were also releasing aura, but compared to Elf Queen, theirs were weaker, but also not that weaker.

Ren Tianyou who was standing in the sky in front them didn’t have any aura in his body, he looked just like a commonplace ordinary person. But someone who was capable enough to conceal himself from the perception of all the elves including them, and noiselessly pass through the nature barrier, couldn’t be a commonplace ordinary person. And also the most evil thing about this person was his eyes. They could clearly sense a hint of evil aura from his eyes. They discovered that if they stare those eyes for too long, they felt as of their whole mind would be sunk inside it. This shook the heart of Elf Queen herself.

“In the end who is this guy? Actually capable of entering the elven forest freely. And the most bizarre thing is his eyes.” Looking at Ren Tianyou standing in the sky in front of them, the eyes of Elf Queen were filled with shocked expression. “The only clan that possess eye blood lineage that I am aware of are only 3 eyed god clan and Evil eye clan. But 3 eyed clan possess 3 eyes, so it is impossible for him to be from 3 eyed clan. As for Evil eye clan, although their eyes are also filled with evil and have illusion powers, so all of them are heavenly-gifted illusionist master, but although their eye are also red in color, inside their eyeballs, they basically don’t have this kind of bizarre tadpole shaped things. In the end what the hell are those eyes?”

Still the willpower of Elf Queen was extremely outstanding, she simply suppressed the fear in her heart, then looking straight at Ren Tianyou, she said in a flat tone, “I don’t know who Your Excellency is? But you are trespassing into our Elf source.”

“This one is leader of Akatsuki organization, Zero.” Seeing Elf Queen plus those four powerful experts standing in front of him, terrifying waves have appeared in the heart of Ren Tianyou, as he thought, “Good gracious, never thought that this elf clan is this powerful. There was actually this many experts inside the clan. First no need to talk about Elf Queen as I couldn’t even see through her power level, even those 4 experts at her side are as strong as Ximen Zhou of Ximen clan. It seems I myself entered the wolf den, I need to be very careful ah.”

“As for the matter of trespassing into Elf source, please forgive me Elf Queen. Because I thought that if I was outside the barrier, you will not meet me, and at that time your people would definitely chase me away, so I was forced to secretly enter inside the barrier to ask to meet Your Highness the Queen.” Ren Tianyou cupped his hand, then looking at the queen in front of him, he continued, “There is one matter where I want the help of Your Highness the Queen.”

“I don’t know Your Highness’s so-called matter?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Elf Queen didn’t lay down the guard in her heart. Because Ren Tianyou was capable of freely entering and exiting this nature barrier, from the beginning she had raised guard inside her heart.

“Myself want to obtain ten bottles of Spring of life.” Ren Tianyou said to Elf Queen while cupping his hand. As a matter of fact, to restore the life-force in the corpse of Ximen Yue’er, four bottles was sufficient. But the mother of Vermilion Bird used one of the three promise of Ren Tianyou, which was to get her two bottles of spring of life. So with no other choice, he was forced to comply. After that Ren Tianyou simply harden his heart, and directly intend to ask ten bottles. He decided to use one bottle on himself, after all although his ninjutsu was able to increase his strength, but was nevertheless powerless to increase his lifespan, and this was not a small regret. And when he heard that one small bottle of this Spring of Life was able to add 500 years of lifespan, and let him perpetually remain young, at that moment, even Ren Tianyou wanted to get them. As for remaining three bottles, he intend to use it on White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Jade Maiden, as this Spring of Life not only increase the lifespan of human, but could also change aptitude, increase strength, and let their body be full of life-force. Last time he didn’t have suitable divinity crystal for them, so using this Spring of Life would compensate it.

“What? 10 bottles of Spring of Life? Your Excellency is joking, right?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, the complexion of the Elf Queen instantly sunk, and her face became extremely unsightly.

“You human who don’t know what good for you, actually dare to intrude our Elven Source, then behave atrociously. I see you are courting death.” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s daylight robbery, the complexion of the elders of Elf clan behind Elf Queen also instantly collapsed, then firmly locking their aura on Ren Tianyou they rubbed their fists and palms as if they were eager to fight Ren Tianyou.

But just at that time, a white tender jade arm blocked them in the front. The Elf Queen had noticed that the elders behind were about to make a move, so she temporarily stopped them, because on one hand she didn’t know the depth of Ren Tianyou’s strength, and Ren Tianyou was able to pass through the barrier and entered Elf Source without alerting anyone which alert her and didn’t dare to look down upon him. And on the other hand, if they were to battle here, as an expert of God realm, single move would cause great destruction in the surrounding environment. So if they made a single move, then many of her people would definitely be heavily injured, or at worst die.

Taking a deep breathe, Elf Queen looked at Ren Tianyou without any expression on her face and opened her mouth, “Your Excellency should know that the Spring of Life is very precious for our clan, and in one year, only a bottle of it is produced. And even in our Elf clan, demand exceed its supply. Now Your Excellency wants 10 bottles in one breath, which is equivalent to the output of 10 years. Your Excellency isn’t this a little daylight robbery? I am sorry to say but we are unable to give you Spring of Life.”

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