In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 182

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 182: Elven Forest

Elven Forest

Within the border of Dark Empire, there was an incomparable vast forest. There was many types of fresh green flora inside this forest, and there was many big trees with dense leaves on its branched in this forest.

The area of this forest was comparable to the area of Magical beasts’ forest, occupying majority of the area of Dark Empire. But inside the forest, with the exception of sweet-sounding chirping of birds, there was not any roaring sound of magical beasts, and appeared particularly tranquil.

This forest name was Elven forest, was the dwelling place of one of the ancient 100 clan, Elf clan. This was also the reason this forest was called so.

Elf clan was one of the clan of ancient 100 clans. They were favorite of nature, and also companion of nature. The members of elf clan all had extremely long life, even the ordinary elves who did not cultivate were able to live up to 700 years, so one might as well say that they were typical long lived clan.

Basically the members of elf clan were the embodiment of noble, elegant, intelligent and beautiful. They integrate themselves with nature, and also possessed extremely high vigilance. Basically everyone in their clan were expert in using nature magic, could communicate with plants and gather the information, and also control plants and put good use to their nature magic.

In the forest, among same ranked experts, the Elf clan was well-deserved king. All the plants inside the forest were the helper of elves. Once enter into the forest, you would be surrounded by myriad of trees, and vines, making it impossible to flee. So the members of Elf clan were very fond of living inside the forest.

And the vision of members of elf clan also far surpass the vision of ordinary people. Even in the dark environment, their vision was basically triple the vision of the ordinary people, so they were also natural-born archer, and could easily reach peak of archery.

But the physical body of elf clan was extremely weak, twice as much weaker than that of ordinary people. Because of this, Elf clan never had any warrior within their clan.

During the invasion of demon clan, the nature magic and that extremely extraordinary archery of Elf clan caused extremely heavy damage to demon clan. But after going through this large scale war, Elf clan also received heavy losses, and depending the most valuable treasure of their clan ‘Tree of Life and Spring of Life’, they were recuperating for a long time, and slowly recovering.


And just outside this Elven forest, along with the appearance of spiral shaped space ripple, a person wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on them and also wearing a bamboo hat on the head appeared in that place.

“M-hm, finally found the right direction.” Seeing the vast forest in front of him, this person lifted his head and revealed his young face, but oddly his eyes were blood red in color.

This person naturally was Ren Tianyou, after leaving from Flame Phoenix Villa, throughout the way, he asked about the location of Elf clan. Because he didn’t know the space coordinate of Elven forest, he went wrong direction many times, but he was finally able to reach the right place.

And after he heard about the information of Elf clan, Ren Tianyou was greatly shocked, because he found out that the nature magic of Elf clan and mokuton (Wood style) of Naruto world were similar, could control myriad of plants for their help, wasn’t this defiance of natural order. At that time, Ren Tianyou wanted to retreated for a bit. Now he would be going against the nature magic which was similar to mokuton, if he didn’t handle this properly, then he would get himself in difficult position.

However after carefully understanding, he also slowly calmed down, because this nature magic was basically not comparable to mokuton.

Their ability to control plants were powerful, but this move was useable only in the forest, and if they need to produce forest on vast land, then even if they are beaten to death, they would be unable to do so. But with mokuton of Senju Hashirama, no need to talk about land, even in the midst of desert, producing a forest was very easy matter to do.

But even so, it was easy matter for Elf clan to summoning few trees on the empty land.

Although their nature magic was far too weaker than mokuton, but within forest, he also don’t dare to look down upon these elves. They could easily controls all the plants within the forest, so if he underestimate them, then perhaps he might never come out from the forest.

Ren Tianyou stepped forward and entered Elven forest. Within this Elven forest, it would be for the best to not use kamui, because he don’t know the coordinate of Elf clan. If by chance, he rashly burst in the middle of the experts of the clan, then wouldn’t that be a tragedy. He had come here to borrow Spring of Life, and if venture like that, then he would very probably be misunderstood. And the matter of borrowing Spring of Life would also fall apart.

And if the people of Elf clan refused to borrow it, then using kamui to secretly sneak in and steal the Spring of Life also wouldn’t be late.

Inside the forest, Ren Tianyou only heard the chirping of birds, he basically didn’t find any trace of magical beasts throughout the way. Ren Tianyou knew that this was because the people of Elf clan had completely drove out all the magical beasts.

Even after walking for a long time, Ren Tianyou was still not able to find any trace of Elf clan. Just at this time, the stomach of Ren Tianyou called out, so he helplessly took out one black colored pill from his space ring, threw it inside his mouth, and swallowed.

This was food pill, which Ren Tianyou had especially exchanged. Now he basically shouldn’t lit a fire, and there was also not any suitable prey here, so he was forced to allay his hunger with food pill.

After eating food pill, the empty stomach of Ren Tianyou slowly became full, and the hungry feeling also slowly disappeared.

Ren Tianyou continuously jumped from one tree to another, searching the trace of Elf clan. Just at that time, the vine from one tree suddenly grew longer quickly, then advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

Facing a sudden attack, Ren Tianyou was not a bit anxious, his right foot heavily stepped on the branch and changing his direction, he jumped over to another tree. The legs of Ren Tianyou firmly stuck to the tree trunk as if his legs have huge suction force, making him not fall down.

Firmly standing, the eyes of Ren Tianyou continuously scanned all around, and he also prepared himself for any sneak attack. Just at that time, he heard few movement sound, then he saw three arrows were quickly advancing towards his direction.

“There you are.” Ren Tianyou looked towards the direction from where these three arrows were shot, and clearly saw a figure flashed among the thick bush. The eyes of Ren Tianyou shined seeing this, then instead of retreating, he advanced towards that figure welcoming those three arrows.

In the sky, Ren Tianyou threw three kunai with his right hand, and these three kunai flew towards those three arrows. Then with ‘ding’, ‘ding’, ‘ding’ sounds, these three arrows fell down to the ground. Under the formidable power of his Sharingan, he could easily see through the trajectory of those arrows, so it was quite easy for him to hit them.

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