In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 181

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 181: Set off

Set off

After finished listening to Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou firmly clenched his hands to fists, and resolutely thought, “No matter who, and no matter what difficulties lies ahead, they will never be able to stop my steps to I revive Elder sister Yue’er.” When his Sword of Totsuka pierced Elder sister Yue’er’s abdomen, at that time Ren Tianyou felt as if his heart scattered. Because of the memory of Ximen Tianlong, inherited emotions of Ximen Tianlong, and long ago fused with Ren Tianyou’s soul, soul of Ximen Tianlong, one could say Ren Tianyou was Ximen Tianlong. But could not say Ximen Tianlong was Ren Tianyou, because the soul of Ximen Tianlong had already assimilated by Ren TIanyou.

“Okay, I finished what I have to say. After you got those things I mentioned, come here again.” Looking at Ren Tianyou’s that firm expression, Feng Yunmeng smiled and said slowly.

“Thanks a lot for the advice, Villa Mistress Feng.” Ren Tianyou bowed to Feng Yunmeng and thanked sincerely. Then he handed over that Mid-Heaven grade battle skill, and that demon clan’s divinity crystal to Feng Yunmeng. “Since Villa Mistress already told me the secrets of resurrection, these two things belongs to Villa Mistress Feng.”

“Oh, you are giving me these two things right now, could it be that you are not afraid that I am deceiving you, or not helping you after getting these things.” Seeing Ren Tianyou was handing over those two things, Feng Yunmeng couldn’t help but strangely asked. She had never believed that Ren Tianyou would actually give her those things this easily.

“He he, I believe in Villa Mistress, your character. And the Villa Mistress of dignified Flame Phoenix Villa cannot go so far to covert I, this nobody’s things.” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou said with a smile on his face. “And you are also the mother of Vermilion Bird. If I cannot even trust you, then how can I still call myself her boss?”

“Vermilion Bird?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng doubtfully asked, as she didn’t know that her daughter had already joined Ren Tianyou’s Akatsuki organization.

“Vermilion Bird is your daughter, Feng Wu. She is also member of our Akatsuki organization. And every member of Akatsuki organization have their own code name, and the code name for Feng Wu is Vermilion Bird, represent those who possess flame of extermination of flame bathing Phoenix.” Ren Tianyou explained slowly.

“Did you joined this Akatsuki organization?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng turned around to Vermilion Bird and asked.

“Yes!” Vermilion Bird answered without the slightest hesitation, then she continued, “Because they are extremely good people, and being with them, I feel very happy, very joyful. I extremely like this feeling, so I decided to join this organization.”

“Well, you are grown up now, so you can decide things you want to do, and since you already joined this organization with your own decision, I will also not stop you.” Hearing Vermilion Bird, Feng Yunmeng quivered inside her heart, and she said after sighing.

“Boy, since it is like this, I will first receive your things. Now the most important things is to gather those two distinct things I have said without losing any time.” And turning towards Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng took battle skill and divinity crystal from Ren Tianyou, and said.

“Okay! I have another matter to inconvenience Villa Mistress.” Ren Tianyou cupped his hand, then pointed towards White Tiger and others he asked, “Is it possible for my companions to stay here for the time being, I felt moving alone would be more convenient.”

“Them?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng looked towards White Tiger and other and frowned, and wanted to reject, but caught the sight of Vermilion Bird’s pleading expression, then sighing inside her heart, she said, “Never mind, I will let them stay here for the time being.”

“Thanks a lot, Villa Mistress. Please let me say some words of farewell with my companions.” Ren Tianyou happily said to Feng Yunmeng. And she also tactfully took the maids of hall and retreated, leaving behind only the members of Akatsuki.

“Zero, are you really intending to move by yourself?” After seeing her mother had left, Vermilion Bird walked over and said to Ren Tianyou.

“No, I am not moving alone, rather I and Void will move separately.” Ren Tianyou looked at the companion at his side and slowly opened his mouth, “I want Void who is the member of Death clan obtain this Revenant stone. As for Spring of Life of Elf clan, I will obtain it myself.”

“I have Revenant stone now with me.” After hearing Ren Tianyou, Void directly said this one unexpected sentence.

“What? You already have Revenant stone with you.” Hearing Void, everyone on the scene were extremely shocked. And the complexion of Ren Tianyou and Little Yu had pleasantly surprised expression, they had never expected this Revenant stone was actually being carried around by Void. Didn’t Feng Yunmeng just said that Revenant stone was Death clan most valuable treasure? Even if the status of Void in Death clan was very high, it should be impossible to carry it around everywhere like this.

Hearing the query of everyone, Void slowly explained, “Even though this Revenant stone is most valuable treasure bestowed to our clan by His Excellency the Death God, but this Revenant stone don’t have that much of a use to us. Although it possess the effect that was said by the mother of Vermilion Bird, but for us Death clan, that however is useless. But because this Revenant stone is bestowed to us by His Excellency the Death god himself, we treated it as our most valuable treasure.”

“Altogether there are five Revenant stones, and when I came out from the clan, I just happened to brought one with me, because this Revenant stone also possess the ability to store the energy, and the seniors of my clan have sealed their energy inside it. So at the critical moment, I can use it to save my life.”

“So it was like that.” Ren Tianyou and other nodded their head, and suddenly understood inside their heart that although this was Revenant stone was bestowed by Death God himself, but it was not any big uses to anyone. Only the people like Ren Tianyou who wanted to revive someone, would need this Revenant stone.

“In this case, it saves a lot of time.” Ren Tianyou excitedly said. After that he took out two crystals from his space ring. One of them was emitting Earth element aura, while other was emitting death aura.

“These are divinity crystals. This one is death system’s High-God Death Dragon’s divinity crystal. This one is that old guy of Ximen clan’s Mid God ranked divinity crystal. I had only three divinity crystals, one I gave to mother of Vermilion Bird, so I have only these two left to give you.”

“Void you take this death system divinity crystal. Your undead battle qi and the attribute of this divinity crystal completely compliance with each other, so I believe this will absolutely greatly help you to increase your strength.” Ren Tianyou handed over that death system divinity crystal to Void. Then looking at the remaining Earth system divinity crystal, Ren Tianyou looked towards Little Yu and said, “Little Yu, this divinity crystal is for you. You are the only earth attributed person among us, so only you have the ability to completely utilize it. And you are the weakest among all of us, so in the time I am not here, do not use pills to cultivate, just cultivate properly. And if you have any issues in cultivating, you can just go and ask White Tiger and others.”

“Okay, idiot!” Little Yu, stretched her jade hand, and took the divinity crystal from Ren Tianyou as she make firm determination inside her heart, “I must strive hard to cultivate. Finally after great difficulty, I am able to get together with idiot, so I must not become his burden.”

“I only have this few divinity crystal now, if I obtain more divinity crystals in the future, then I will give them to you all.” After Ren Tianyou finished distributing, he looked towards Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Jade Maiden, and said.

“Hehe, okay Zero, in any case the ability of my blood lineage is not low, so I believe that I will be breaking through the barrier of God domain and enter into God realm very soon.” White Tiger waved his hand, then said to Ren Tianyou. Vermilion Bird and Jade Maiden also similarly said so.

As a matter of fact although Ren Tianyou could exchange these divinity crystals for system points, i.e. one Low god divinity crystal gave 30,000 system points, Mid God divinity crystal gave 50,000 system points and High-God divinity crystal gave 80,000 system points. But After considering, he still decided to give these divinity crystal to everyone. Because if only his strength increase, and the gap in strength compared to the companions became very large then what was the point of creating his Akatsuki organization, might as well be best to act alone. His aim was to create Akatsuki with matchless members, so that everyone could be able to fender himself anywhere with lofty strength.

Just like Naruto world’s Akatsuki organization. Deidara and Sasori, these two directly entered Sand ninja village, and captured host of ichibi kazekage Gaara alive. Kakuzu and Hidan massacred the people of five big ninja villages throughout their journey, and finally captured the host of nibi Yugito alive, and also killed Sarutobi Asuma. Uchita Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame intruded Hidden stone village, and captured the host of yonbi who had Yoton (Lava style), Roshi alive. Pein alone ventured into Leaf village, and used one move Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push) to destroy the whole Leaf village. And if Naruto the host of kyuubi didn’t appear, plus Pein didn’t used Gedo — Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth), then Pein wouldn’t have died there. As for Obito, he controlled kyuubi and raided Leaf village, although Fourth hokage stopped him, still Fourth Hokage and Khusina both died.

And the aim of Ren Tianyou was also to make his Akatsuki organization unmatched giant organization like that, that brought fear with just the name Akatsuki alone, instead of showing off their ability.

“Okay, let’s end our chat here. I should leave now.” Ren Tianyou looked at everyone, and bidding farewell, he prepared to leave.

“Zero, you must always be careful, Elf clan is not simple and they also don’t welcome outsider.” Jade Maiden warned Ren Tianyou. As a member of Illusory shrine, she understood Elf clan more than other people, and also clearly knew the terror of those seemingly harmless beautiful women and handsome men.

“Idiot, you must come back, I will wait for you here.” Little Yu walked over, although embarrassed, she hugged Ren Tianyou and said.

“Rest assured, did you forget my strength? It is not that easy to kill me, I will absolutely come back safely with Spring of Life, then revive Yue’er elder sister.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou’s eyes turned into Mangekyo Sharingan, and along with spiral shaped space ripple, the figure of Ren Tianyou disappeared in front of everyone.

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  1. Author blew her death way out of proportion and now her revival is the journey itself, also our MC got ripped off with those 3 requests to the valley since he will surely become even more OP

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