In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 180

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In a different World With the Naruto System,Chapter 180: Steps of resurrection


Steps of resurrection

“Spring of Life and Revenant stone? What are these things? Could it be that these things are needed for resurrection?” Ren Tianyou doubtfully asked. Ren Tianyou didn’t notice the change in Void’s expression when the Revenant stone was mentioned.

“Did you think reviving people was an easy thing to do?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng grumpily gave a supercilious look, then slowly explained to Ren Tianyou and the others, “Reviving people is completely going against the law of heaven and earth. First the soul of the person must be recalled from death domain, then the life-force must be restored into an already deceased mortal body, restoring this dead mortal body to its original living state. Finally after that, using a type of special power to return the soul back into the human body and let them merge, successfully reviving that person.”

“But wanting to fulfill these conditions is easier said than done, even the first step is just as hard as ascending the heavens.” Speaking up to here Feng Yunmeng sighed, then continued, “Death domain is a special plane, where the souls of the deceased gather. This is not only for our Divine Wind continent, but the same for other planes too. So anything that possesses flesh is basically unable to survive in this death domain. The environment of that place is suitable for the existence of the soul only.”

“First, recalling the soul from this Death domain is easier said than done. First we basically don’t have enough strength to break through and enter the Death domain. Secondly, even if we use special means to enter Death domain, not to mention that the surrounding of that plane is basically unsuitable for us to exist in, just finding a particular soul of a person in that vast Death domain is simply like trying to find a needle in a haystack.”

Having heard up to here, the complexion of Ren Tianyou slowly sank, he had never thought that the resurrection of a person was this difficult. Feng Yunmeng was absolutely right, he was powerless to accomplish even the first step with his current strength.

And he thought, “I don’t know how many years it would take for me to be able to awaken my Rinnegan, so could it be that I really have to learn Edo Tensei (Reanimation Jutsu), then resurrect elder sister Yue’er, but if I resurrect her like this, she would basically turn into neither dead nor alive zombie. This move should be used on enemies, not on my own close ones.”

But the next explanation of Feng Yunmeng ignited the hope of Ren Tianyou once more.

“However although this matter can’t be accomplished by ordinary means, but there is one thing that can help us to accomplish it. That thing I mentioned before the Revenant stone.” Seeing the dejected expression of Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng didn’t torment him, and said the method directly. As expected, after hearing Feng Yunmeng, the eyes of Ren Tianyou immediately lit up again.

“The Revenant stone is the most valuable treasure passed down within the Death clan of the Divine Wind continent. Legends say that, because of their special blood lineage ‘Heart Death’, the Death clan possesses an innate ability to communicate with Death domain. And in the past years, Revenant Stone was bestowed to the Death clan by the Master of Death Domain—–the Death God himself, and were simultaneously bestowed a special spell——Revive magic spell!”

“The people of Death clan can use the blood of the deceased and drop it on the Revenant stone, then use their special Undead battle Qi and chant the Revive magic spell. Only after that the barrier of Death Domain would directly open, and the owner of that drop of blood’s soul would be summoned back into this world.”

“But only those guys of Death clan have the ability to use this Revenant stone, so even if you were somehow able to acquire the Revenant stone, you also need to find a member of Death clan who would be willing to cooperate.” When she spoke up to here, Feng Yunmeng suddenly found that Ren Tianyou’s complexion was very brilliant, as it seemed shocked, happy, doubtful…and so on.

“Hello, boy! What’s going on with you? Did you hear what I said?” Seeing the foolish look of Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng immediately gathered Qi and yelled loudly into the ears of Ren Tianyou.

“Hong!” Ren Tianyou felt as if his ears exploded, and his ears turned deaf for a moment, then rubbing his ears, Ren Tianyou snapped from his daze, then without telling her about Void, he urged her to continue, “Ah, I’m fine, Villa Mistress Feng, please continue.”

“The second step of resurrection is restoring the life-force of the deceased’s mortal body. Since after the death of a person, the body gives rise to a type of special death-force. This death–force slowly swallows the remaining life-force of the deceased’s mortal body. Even if you use a special method to take care of the mortal body, it’s useless, because this is the law of Heaven and Earth, so there are no other ways.” After taking a quick look at Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng didn’t bother with him, rather continued.

“And once this death-force completely swallows the remaining life-force, the deceased is basically impossible to resurrect, because the instant the deceased is revived, then their soul would be immediately devoured by that death-force, leaving nothing behind. After that there will be no method to revive that deceased person ever again.”

“And to expel that death-force, the second thing I mentioned earlier is needed—- Spring of Life’s spring water.”

“Spring of Life, is the most valuable treasure of one of the ancient one hundred clans, Elven clan’s. It has the ability to completely heal injuries very quickly. Even if you are injured very heavily, if you drink from this Spring of Life, then all the injuries will be healed rapidly.”

“Spring of Life possesses an extremely strong life-force. After drinking it, it still could increase the life span of people. Legend says that, a small bottle of Spring of Life could make people maintain a youthful appearance for more than five hundred years. But every year the Spring of Life gives birth to spring water, which is enough to fill only a small medicine bottle. This shows the preciousness of the Spring of Life.”

“Those elves hold this Spring of Life more dearly than even their own lives, so wanting to obtain this Spring of Life as an outsider is very, very difficult. Legends say that until now, only very few people were able to get the Spring of Life.”

“Those people of the elven clan are one of the most ancient one hundred clans, their strength is also very high. They possess High-Saint ranked Nature blood lineage, innately possess the ability to control plants, ability to communicate with plants, and furthermore could use special nature magic.”

“After you gather these things, I will help you in the final step of resurrection by igniting Fire of life and reviving them, however that is on the premise that you can get these things first.”

“And I will not help you in getting any of these things. So your primary task is to collect the things I mentioned.” Looking at Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng said.

“Rest assured senior, I will absolutely gather all of those things and place them before you.” Ren Tianyou said with a determined face.

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