In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 172

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 172: Final Attack

Final Attack

Along with the death of Ximen Wuyan, his magic Earth mountain god also ceased to move. After that light earth yellow colored magical power came out from this huge mountain, and this Earth mountain god began to give out quivering sound. After that along with loud explosion sound, it scattered into innumerable rocks, and these rocks began to rain down to the ground. As for Ren Tianyou, he immediately changed into a blur and disappeared from that location. And the corpse of Ximen Wuyan was thoroughly buried by those rocks.

“Wuyan!” Seeing Ximen Wuyan was buried by the rocks, Ximen Zhou cried out sorrowfully. He had never thought that Ren Tianyou was actually able to kill Ximen Wuyan in a split second like this. After yelling, he instantly prepared to rush towards Ren Tianyou to avenge Ximen Wuyan, but the sand of Shukaku blocked his way.

Standing in the air, Ren Tianyou looked at the earth yellow colored divinity crystal in his hand, then immediately placed it inside his space ring. After that looking at the already broken right arm, he slowly muttered to himself, “Still not finished?”

Currently at Ren Tianyou’s right hand, originally already broken bone, was being quickly healed under a mysterious power. Under this healing power, originally broken and deformed right arm slowly completely restored itself.

Feeling he could now make moves with his right hand, Ren Tianyou moved his right arm few times. Sensing that there was not any issue, he thought, “M-hm, as expected this Shikotsumyaku’s power really is miraculous. Good good, from now on I don’t need to fear the issues of broken bones.”

Just after the bone of Ren Tianyou’s right arm was broken, he was being continuously chased all over by those dragons, so be basically didn’t had time to stop and use Shikotsumyaku to repair his right arm. As a result he had to fight and simultaneously use Shikotsumyaku to slowly repair his right arm’s bone.

After that he lifted his head, and looking at those dragons in the air, Ren Tianyou revealed a ruthless smile on his face. After that stamping right foot downwards, he change into a blur and flew rapidly towards dragons. While flying towards them, he quickly made a series of hand seals too, and quickly build-up chakra inside his body.

“Katon—- Zukokku! (Fire Style—-Searing Migraine!)”

After he finished preparing this ninjutsu, he took a deep breath, then opened his mouth, spatting out huge flame from inside his mouth which quickly speared all around. This blazing flame surrounded the whole crowd of dragons. But these dragons were also not to be trifled with, each and every one displayed their remarkable ability, and resisted this flame’s burning. But at that time, just after he released the fire style ninjutstu, without stopping Ren Tianyou had continued to make a series of another hand seals, and very quickly he finished making hand seals.

“Futon—- Atsugai! (Wind Style—-Pressure Damage!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, suddenly a super powerful hurricane with Ren Tianyou as a center quickly spread in all direction. And under the effect of this hurricane, the burning potency of the flame was greatly amplified, causing the flame all around to burn even more intensely. After that the dragons inside the flame, immediately began to give a horrible shriek. Each and every dragon were engulfed by powerful flame and were also blew flying by this hurricane.

After releasing this ninjutsu, he didn’t even pay attention to these dragons. Along with appearance of lightning around his body, he disappeared from that place, flying towards the battlefield of Shukaku and Matatabi.

Ren Tianyou immediately appeared above the Death dragon Buliqite, made a series of hand seals with both of his hand.

“Katon—- Sen’en Goka! (Fire Style—- Great Fanned Fire!)”

Ren Tianyou opened his mouth, and immediately 3 huge flame balls of burning red-hot flame just like meteors streaking across the sky, these 3 flame made a huge arc in the sky advancing towards death dragon Buliqite.

“Humph! Death swallow!” Seeing these three incoming flame balls, Death dragon Buliqite immediately snorted coldly. Then after quickly chanting the incantation, a large amount of death fog emerged out from its body. One could sense death aura from this dense fog. This dense fog immediately rose, and surrounded the flame balls of Ren Tianyou. Immediately after that, along with a loud corrosion sound, these fire balls were actually slowly corroded by this dense fog. This shows that the corroding ability of this fog was very powerful.

After corroding the fire balls, this fog continued to rise even higher, intending to surround and swallow Ren Tianyou too. But after seeing the corroding ability of this fog, Ren Tianyou didn’t dared to take any chance. He immediately changed into a blur and disappeared and reappeared on the head of Nibi Matatabi.

“Boy, how are you, is everything alright?” Seeing that Ren Tianyou had returned, Shukaku asked Ren Tianyou with worried tone.

“Hehe, rest assured, my luck is great, so everything is alright.” Sensing worry in the tone of Shukaku, a warmth appeared inside Ren Tianyou’s heart. After that patting his chest, he indicated everything was alright. After that looking at those 6 most powerful experts flying in the sky in front of him, Ren Tianyou frowned, because he suddenly felt a bad premonition. He didn’t know why he was feeling this, but Ren Tianyou was continuously feeling as if extremely huge danger was approaching him. Although this was only his feeling, nevertheless he knew that if he drag on for too long, he would definitely provoke the attention of some people who held wicked intention. As a result, he decided quickly end this battle, and no longer drag on here for too long.

“Matatabi, are you able to use bijudama?” Ren Tianyou asked Matatabi. Now he had decided to kill these people in front of him as quickly as possible, then kill Ximen Batian, and quickly withdraw from this place without wasting any time. And Ren Tianyou was also extremely clear that no matter if he succeed his revenge now or not, from now onwards he would become fugitive in this Divine wind continent. And whether it is Ximen clan, Dragon clan or even Wang clan, all of them would definitely not let him or his Akatsuki organization off.

“Bijudama?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Matatabi doubtfully asked, “Tianyou, don’t tell me that you are thinking…………….?”

“Yes!” Ren Tianyou clearly knew what Matatabi was thinking, so he opened his mouth to confirm her. Then he continued, “We have delayed for too long here, this will definitely provoke the attention of some big experts. And if they also join this battle, it will be extremely hard for us to leave this place.”

“Well, since it is like that, I will immediately use bijudama.” Matatabi said to Ren Tinyou while nodding its head. As for bijudama, this was inborn ability of tailed beasts, so how could Matatabi as a two tailed beast not able to use this.

“Tianyou, then what about me, want me to also give them my bijudama?” Shukaku opened its mouth.

“No, our task is to stop these guys, and create chance for Matatabi to use bijudama. I don’t want these guys to unexpectedly ruin this magnificent scene.” If Shukaku and Matatabi both prepared to use bijudama simultaneously, then it was basically impossible to complete it. These guys in front of them were not fool, so how could they not interfere and let both of them release bijudama. And Ren Tianyou alone was basically powerless to stop all of these guys at once.

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