In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 169

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 169: Nibi Matatabi

Nibi Matatabi

After the white smoke dissipated, an earth yellow colored giant raccoon dog whose whole several tens of meters high body was covered with purple colored mysterious runes, and similarly big demon cat whose whole body was covered with blue colored flame with two tails appeared at that location.

This was the last trump card of Ren Tianyou, Ichibi Shukaku and Nibi Matatabi.

Ren Tianyou jumped down from the sky and landed on the head of Shukaku. Then looking at the surprise face of two individuals of Ximen clan and furthermore the stupefied face of dragon clan, Ren Tianyou slowly fold his arm in front of his chest, then spoke to Shukaku and Matatabi, “Shukaku, Matatabi, I leave this minor trouble to you two.”

“Ha ha, little boy Tianyou, when did you become this polite?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Sukaku replied while laughing.

“Yes, in Naruto world, I have only very rarely seen you Uchiha clan forced into a tight corner like this. So it seems the opponents this time are not that ordinary.” Seeing the exhausted face of Ren Tianyou, Matatabi was a bit surprised as it said. Afterwards it looked at more than 20 dragons furthermore those several experts of god’s domain realm floating in the sky and continued, “But this time I just so happens to be wanting to try out the strength of this world’s experts.”

Hearing Matatabi, Ren Tianyou slightly smiled, and sighed, “Truly deserved to call them tailed beasts, each and every one of them are so fond of battles.”


Nibi Matatabi, was hurriedly exchanged by Ren Tianyou while he was en route to Ximen clan after coming out from Tower of Babel. The trip inside Tower of Babel, Ren Tianyou had completed the mission and had earned 20,000 system points, and furthermore he had earned 10,000 system point by completing the mission in God Weeping region. This amount of system points was already enough to open the seal of nibi, and exchange it.

In tail beasts exchange system of exchange store inside his body, Ren Tianyou was extremely confused. Because one tailed beast required 15,000 system points, two tailed beasts required 30,000 system points, and three tailed beast required 60,000 system points. Normally although there was disparity between the strength of tailed beasts, nevertheless the strength of one tailed beast compared to two tailed and three tailed beasts was not that different.

But now he understood, that the system was not demanding more system points according to the strength of tailed beasts, rather demanding according to unlock. Every time he unlocked one tailed beasts, he needed double the amount of system points to unlock next tailed beast and so on.

Ren Tianyou had exchanged Matatabi with Shukaku present beside him, so seeing Shukaku and the different surrounding environment, Matatabi was also extremely confused. But fortunately the temper of Matatabi was not violent like that of Shukaku. And unlike Shukaku, it didn’t directly attack Ren Tianyou, after it was just exchanged.

And Ren Tianyou also directly opened Sharingan. Seeing Ren Tianyou had the bloodline of Uchiha clan, and furthermore hearing the explanation about this world from Ren Tianyou, plus Ren Tianyou implored its help and with Shukaku’s mediate, Nibi Matatabi also temporarily agreed to help Ren Tianyou. And signed the summoning contract with Ren Tianyou.

Ren Tianyou also thought to use that 30,000 system points to exchange three pairs of Mangekyo Sharingan, which would have definitely increased his own strength. For example, Sasuke’s doujutsu—Enton—-Kagutsuchi (Inferno Style: Flame Control), Shisui’s Kotoamatsukami (Distinguished Heavenly Gods) which was the most powerful illusion and so on. But Ren Tianyou recalled the warning of system which stated that he should first slowly adapt to the increased eye power, and at that time his eye power was just about to break through, so he could exchange only a pair of Mangekyo Sharingan. But he himself couldn’t dare to guarantee that he was able to sustain another two or three pairs of Mangekyo Sharingan exchanged at once. As for exchanging Sasuke’s Mangekyo Sharingan to promote it to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, currently he couldn’t do so, after all how could mere 20,000 system points be enough to upgrade Mangekyo Sharingan to eternity. And if exchanged only one pair, then it would be far less helpful than the help nibi could provide. So he decided to exchange Nibi.

Nibi Matatabi, known as scorching demon cat, possessed the ability to control flame. And it itself is engulfed by wraith, and manipulates deceased wraith to serve as its battle ability. In Naruto world, Yugito of Kumogakure (Hidden cloud) who was the jinchuuriki of Nibi encountered immortal duo of Akatsuki, Kakuzu and Hidan. Hidan used his peculiar ability i.e. immortal body and his strange curse ability, to defeat Yugito. After that catching her alive, he brought her to the base of Akatsuki and sealed nibi into Gedo Mazo (Gedo Statue).

And now, Nibi Matatabi was summoned by Ren Tianyou again, to accompany him in his exotic expedition on the road of getting strongest in this different world.


“What type of magical beasts are these two?” Seeing the huge body of Shukaku and Matatabi, and that frightening aura leaking out from their body, Holy dragon Xilaisite muttered it itself. Ordinarily it’s not like they had never heard about the magical beasts with formidable strength, but they had never seen this type of magical beasts.

“I also don’t know.” Flame dragon Adilasi shook its head to express that he had also not seen this type of magical beasts, afterwards it asked Ximen Zhou and Ximen Wuyan, “Old barbarian and Wuyan, have you ever seen these type of magical beasts in human world?”

“Speaking frankly, we have also not seen.” Ximen Zhou carefully looked at the figure of Shukaku and Matatabi, then rummage through his memory, but was not able to find any information on these type of magical beasts, “However looking at the appearance of these two magical beasts, it seems they will be very difficult to deal with.”

“Humph, any type of magical beasts they are, under the aura of us dragon clan who is King of myriad beasts, both of them will definitely lie prone on the ground.” Ice dragon Keluoyi coldly snorted, after that it suddenly released its frosty colored cold mist which surrounded its whole body, then all of a sudden its height increased to about 20 meters, its whole body covered with frosty colored dragon scale, and its whole body emitted ice-cold aura of dragon. After that its pair of two ice-cold dragon eyes firmly locked on to Shukaku and Matatabi.

“Roar”, “roar”, “roar”………Seeing Ice dragon Keluoyi had changed into its dragon body, the remaining four issued dragon roar one after another, and also changed back to their dragon body. Because to them, although they could change into human form, but only in the dragon form, they could bring out to play their formidable fighting capacity.

Seeing all 5 of the dragons had changed into their original dragon form, Ximen Zhou and Ximen Wuyan look at the face of each other, then they again ignited their boundless power, and firmly locked on to Ren Tianyou who was above the head of Shukaku.


Seeing the action of two people of Ximen clan and those huge dragons, and also sensing that his chakra reserve was nearly empty inside his body, Ren Tianyou said to Shukaku, “Shukaku, lend me a little bit of your chakra, after battling several battles in succession, now my chakra is running extremely low.”

“Ha ha, no problem, Tianyou.” Replied Shukaku with a loud laughter. Afterwards, huge amount of chakra wrapped around Ren Tianyou which began to enter his body. Ren Tianyou immediately sensed that the almost dried up chakra reserve inside his body, slowly began to recover, and his own strength also began to slowly recover.

“Is this the chakra of tailed beasts? Truly tremendous.” Seeing this tremendous amount of chakra, Ren Tianyou though inside his heart.

Although Ichibi Shukaku was one of the weakest tailed beasts among all of the tailed beasts, and chakra was also not unlimited like that of Kyuubi (nine tailed), but compared to the chakra capacity of present Ren Tianyou, its was more powerful by don’t know how many tens of times. At the beginning Ren Tianyou had also considered to become jinchuuriki, but now he had already given up on this idea.

It’s not that he couldn’t do so, depending on his current strength and with the assistance of Sharingan, Ren Tianyou could absolutely seal tailed beasts inside his own body without any trouble. But Ren Tianyou didn’t do so, because if he wanted to resurrect ten tailed beast in the future, then he would need to extract the tailed beasts sealed inside his body, and if he were to do so, wouldn’t he just die? It is the common knowledge, that once tailed beast is extracted from the jinchuuriki, then that jinchuuriki would absolutely die. So unless he didn’t find a way to solve this, Ren Tianyou didn’t dare to seal a tailed beasts inside his body.

“Let’s go.” Holy dragon Xilaisite roared, then took the lead to fly towards Shukaku and Matatabi. And behind it, the remaining 4 High God dragons followed closely, and behind them those more than 20 Deity ranked dragons firmly followed.

“Let’s move out too, we cannot let this guy flee.” Ximen Zhou said to Ximen Wuyan who was standing on the shoulder of Earth mountain god.

“Okay!” Replied Ximen Wuyan, then commanded the Earth mountain god to closely follow and advance towards Ren Tianyou.

“Ok, recovering complete.” Ren Tianyou opened his eyes, and his shiny eyes flashed. After that looking at the incoming dragon clan, Ren Tianyou clenched his fists, which issued cracking sound, then he said to Shukaku, “Shukaku, Matatabi, Let’s go!’



Shukaku and Matatabi answered. Matatabi took the lead to take the action. It stamped its four claw on the ground, suddenly issued a thunderous roar, and that huge body of Matatabi changed into blue colored flame, jumping towards the sky.

Orginally the jumping ability of cats were already extremely strong, and Matatabi being a demon cat, its jumping ability was even stronger. In a blink of an eye, Matatabi overstepped those huge dragons. Finally reaching above their heads, Matatabi spread its mouth, and a powerful flame began to quickly gather in its mouth.

“Byoen Hoka! (Flaming Cat Roar!)”

Along with the voice of Matatabi, Matatabi spat out a fireball of about 3 meter radius from its mouth. This huge flame ball suddenly began to split apart in the sky, changed into numerous miniature flame and rained down towards the dragons underneath.

“Humph!” Seeing this attack, Holy dragon Xilaisite coldly snorted, and started to quickly chant incantation, “Draconic magic—–Divine blessing!”

Along with the voice of Holy dragon, soft light system element gathered in the sky and a huge golden colored light screen appeared above all the dragons. Those flames only hit this light screen, causing it to ripple and give out a series of ‘peng’, ‘peng’, ‘peng’…….loud sounds. But under the attacks of these flames, this light screen color unceasingly became pale. And at the location where those flame hit, there appeared a deep crater in the light screen, as if this light screen would be broken at the next moment.

At this time, an earth yellow colored magical power adhered to this light screen. And a layer of deep earth system magical power protective layer appeared on the surface of light screen, firmly blocking the flame attack of Matatabi.

Carefully looking, the huge dragon body of Earth dragon Andogni was releasing dense earth yellow colored magical power. The face was Andongni had used the most suitable defending magic of earth system.

“Futon—–Renkudan! (Wind Style—–Air Bullet!)” Just at this time, Shukaku who was beneath them, suddenly spat out 6 or 7 huge air bullets from its huge mouth, towards the dragons in the sky.

“Humph!” Ice dragon Keluoyi coldly snorted, opened its mouth, and shot out its ice-cold dragon breathe underneath it. And along with the freezing sound, the air bullets of Shukaku were unexpectedly thoroughly frozen by this dragon breath and shot down towards Shukaku. At this time, a huge sand soared and rose in front of Shukaku which completely blocked all of these several ice cubes. And these huge ice cubes fell on the ground, scattering into many small ice cubes.

At this time, suddenly a horrible shriek sounded from the sky. Looking carefully, Matatabi had already appeared in the middle of the behind crowd of dragons, and swinging its huge cat claw, Matatabi had directly hit a huge dragon, causing it to fall from the sky accompanied with large amount of blood.

Along with a loud ‘hong’ sound, this huge dragon fell on the ground, causing a large amount of dusts to rise up. And at the time when this dragon wanted to struggle to stand up, Matatabi directly landed next to it from the sky, and its huge cat claw directly push down head.

This dragon continued to struggle and wanted to get up, but under that heavy cat claw of Matatabi, it nevertheless couldn’t move a bit.

At this time, a powerful blue colored flame spread to this cat claw from the body of Matatabi, and finally spreading to this huge dragon’s body. Immediately after that, this huge dragon gave out a horrible shriek, as this huge dragon was burned with that powerful blue flame of Matatabi. While being burned alive, this huge dragon struggled even more violently, but merely after about 5 seconds, it slowly began to stop its struggle and its body became motionless. And surprisingly, there was not a single trace of burn on the body of this huge dragon.

Seeing this huge dragon had stopped struggling, Matatabi opened its mouth and inhaled. Suddenly a soul of huge dragon which couldn’t be seen by the naked eye of human appeared from the dead body of this huge dragon, and was drawn inside Matatabi’s mouth.

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    1. Probably, which is sad because it really doesn’t need a full chapter. “The chakra equivalent of a nuclear bomb” pretty much sums up what the Tailed Beast Ball is.

    1. now your showing impatience… hahaha….

      i wonder what his ‘friend’ tailed beast will feel when the time comes to revive the 10 tails.

      1. Well I guess I’m vexed by how much this one turned just like the original Manga series lol

        He should just use some barrier to lock them up, use two tailed bomb at point blank range and finish them all

          1. That works too, after letting all those other clansmen leave, seal the building tightly, get his big sister and lovers and henchmen into kamui dimension, summon those two bijuu, then fire two bijuu dama at point blank range. Boom, next arc please! XD

            1. yes next arc… i hate novels who use a lot of words…
              and i hate it more, the way it is wasted…
              i’m not that good at understanding fight scenes…
              like most of us readers are…
              but still i can get the idea…
              i am an amature reader after all…

              i really commend the effort by the translator…
              more love
              we l-l-love you sensei…

              1. kinda agree novelists who speak too much without having anything to say at all . overexplanations makes me think like the write expects his target audience to be made up of retards.

      1. there isn’t really a next arc. His revenge on his family has been his driving force this entire time. There was a slight hint at a second “goal” which was to get stronger than the demon god, but this was only ambiguously mentioned. It seems really far fetched that this will continue after this arc, The pace of the series is all burnt out. Look at him, he’s already as strong as a kage, he’s unlocked the 2nd level sharingan, he’s even made his own sharingan. So far he’s stopped unlocking actual jutsu from the system shop and is currently only unlocking tailed beasts. His strength has only risen by a small amount since he killed the very first dragon, and this was only due to the blood crystals he was absorbing in that smelting trial of his, and even that had a negligible effect because it only affected his taijutsu. The flow of gaining strength is really out of pace with the story. It’s chapter 169 and he’s already close to the strength of a 400 episode naruto character. That’s the problem with parallel universe stories, it’s impossible to balance the power levels between them.

        1. the leveling system of chinese novels is absurd… if this continue, more powerful villain will appear making the current villain a fodder. well in naruto a strong enemy can be overcome by teamwork, and number… as stated by danzo and what we seen in anime… but in xianxia, as long as you are above your adversary, no matter what technique he has, its of no use…

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    Its just that his opponent was the cockroach Naruto. lol

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