In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 166

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 166: Futsu no Mitama

Futsu no Mitama

Ren Tianyou expressionlessly walked towards the direction of Ximen Zhou and others. As the distance between them gradually reduced, even more powerful eye power gushed out from the newly awaken Mangekyo Sharingan of Ren Tianyou. After that a purple colored lighting radiances appeared on the surface of his body.

This special purple colored lighting radiance glowed brighter and brighter, and gradually surrounded the whole body of Ren Tianyou, then took the form of purple colored skeleton around him. Along with the unceasingly gushing out eye power, this skeleton gradually increase in size greatly, expanded, and changed into a giant demon god of more than 40 meter in height.

“Assemble!” Ren Tianyou lightly muttered, along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the whole body of this lofty skeleton was suddenly covered by a layer of thick purple grey colored energy thread, gradually changing into a huge suit of armor for the huge skeleton around Ren Tianyou. After that a huge helmet also appeared at the head of this huge skeleton, and at the eyes location of this huge helmet, two dazzling purple colored light lit up. It looked just like an unstoppable demon god from distant.

At the right hand of this huge demon god, purple grey colored energy fog gradually rose and lengthen out to 10 meter or so. Along with this continuous gathering, condensing, and solidifying of this energy fog, gradually a thin narrow long sword which was about 10 meters in length appeared in the right hand of Ren Tianyou’s susanoo. And soul shaking purple gray colored lightning sparks were flickering on the sword blade of this strange long sword.

And as for why was this long sword strange? Naturally because the blade of this sword was too long and too thin. Compared to any other swords, the length of this sword was many times longer, and its blade was also many times thinner.

Seeing the appearance of Susanoo around himself, Ren Tianyou spread his arms, closed his eyes and carefully experienced the powerful energy aura of the susanoo around his body, furthermore also studied the information regarding his susanoo which suddenly appeared in his brain automatically. Afterwards he slowly opened his eyes, and thought, “Is this my own Susanoo? In that case, I should test its strength first.”

Thinking this, Ren Tianyou looked at Ximen Batian who was standing behind Ximen Zhou and others, and slowly thought again, “Using this power, it is perfect way to end my revenge for now!” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou began his move. Along with his move, the susanoo around his body slowly raised its right hand, and its right hand held that unusual long sword with purple grey colored lightning sparks glimmering around it.


“Is this the hidden trump card of this fellow?” Looking at the suddenly appeared giant demon god around Ren Tianyou, the complexion of Ximen Zhou became solemn. Although he had already seen susanoo from outside the barrier, but because of the obstruction of barrier, at that time he was not able to clearly sense the powerful pressure of Susanoo. But now standing face-to-face against it, Ximen Zhou finally clearly sensed the powerful pressure emitted from susanoo. Even he himself felt a sense of danger coming from this susanoo.

Just at that time, the susanoo in front of them suddenly swung its right hand, and a huge sword light blade from that glimmering long sword advanced towards Ximen Batian at their side.

“Not good!” Ximen Zhou though inside his heart, then directly changed into a golden light and instantly leap over a distance of 5 or 6 meters, directly appearing in front of sword blade light. Looking at the quickly arriving sword blade, Ximen Zhou extended his hands which were covered with dragon scales. And a dazzling gold colored light appeared in front of him, which formed into an energy shield, with tiny gold dragon swimming on its top.

“Hong!” Under the gaze of everyone, this huge sword blade directly chopped this gold colored light shield. Along with the contact with each other, a loud explosion sound rang out in this place, and under the disbelief expression of Ximen Zhou, his body directly changed into golden light, and was unexpectedly sent flying without being able to do anything against this sword blade. After that along with the explosion sound, he collided with several walls and houses behind him, directly passing through them, and finally stopped after colliding with a mountain 100 meters away. The numerous rocks above the mountain shook, and dropped, burying Ximen Zhou inside a rock pile.

After Ximen Zhou was sent flying, Ren Tianyou controlled his susanoo to raise that long sword directly towards the sky, and powerful purple colored lighting flew towards the sky from this long sword.

After the purple colored lightning speak flew to the sky, suddenly an ear deafening thunder sound reverberated through the sky, and deep black colored clouds quickly gathered. After that purple colored huge lightning fire snake unceasingly swam through this black clouds, flashing a powerful destruction aura.

The wuxing pattern of Ren Tianyou’s right eye was unceasingly rotating, and he was clearly able to see the space cross-sections which was not visible to the eyes of ordinary person in the space around him with his right eye. Ren Tianyou accompanied by Susanoo stepped on the space cross-section and jumped up from one space cross-sections to another, unceasingly moving upward in the sky, but on the eye of others, Ren Tianyou looked as if stepping in the air and jumping up.

Arriving just below the black clouds, the susanoo extended its right hand and raised its long swords towards the sky, but it didn’t entered the dark clouds. After that the lightning fire snakes swimming in the black clouds suddenly stopped moving, and the thunder sound also immediately disappeared. And staring below, his two eyes flashed with cold light, “Futsu no Takemikazuchi (布都建雷)—-thunderous earth!”

Along with Ren Tianyou’s voice, dazzling purple colored radiances flickered in the black clouds, and fist sized little lightning ball fell down from the black clouds towards Soaring Dragon Villa. An extremely loud sound which shook the soul of everyone present there reverberated through this place, and also the ears of all the people watching this battle lost the sense of hearing for a brief moment. Simultaneously a powerful shockwave also spread in all direction, which shook all the mountain of the surrounding causing the huge rocks to fall down.

When this shaking stopped, and everyone’s sense of hearing returned, all of them hastily looked towards the direction of Soaring Dragon Villa.

They saw that the whole villa was surrounded by the clouds of dust from the explosion and couldn’t see the circumstances inside it at all. And Ren Tianyou who was standing in the sky, looked at the long sword in the right hand of Susanoo and thought, “I didn’t expect this Futsu no Mitama (布都御魂) is many times more effective than I have imagined.”

Correct, with the exception of this single long sword, the susanoo of Ren Tianyou didn’t have any other arms, unlike the susanoo of Itachi which had 3 weapons, and susanoo of Sasuke which also had 3 weapons (bow, arrow and sword). But even like this, Ren Tianyou didn’t felt that his susanoo was any less powerful than theirs.

This long sword of Ren Tianyou’s susanoo was a renowned sword called Futsu no Mitama sword (布都御魂之剑), was a well-known god killing sword of Japanese myth, and was Takemikazuchi no kami’s sword.

In the era of Japanese myth, there was 3 spiritual swords, namely Sword of Totsuka, Tiancongyun sword (天从云剑) and Buliu sword (布流剑).

Here Sword of Totsuka was Ame-no-Habakiri (Snake-Slayer of Takamagahara), which was used by god Susanoo to slay 8-headed 8 tailed big snake. Tiancongyun sword (天从云剑) was also well known sword by many people. As for final Buliu sword (布流剑), it was extremely strange, and no outsiders knew anything specific about the origin of this sword.

As a matter of fact, this Buliu sword (布流剑) was Futsu no Mitama sword (布都御魂之剑), which was Takemikazuchi no kami’s sword. According to legend, it had the ability to control myriads of thunder, and ability to seal the human soul.

Just a moment ago, Ren Tianyou had used Futsu no Takemikazuchi (布都建雷)—-thunderous earth, which was the power of Futsu no Mitama.

After the clouds of dusts dissipated, the pupils of everyone could help but shrunk, as they saw a deep crater of more than 10 meters in radius at that place. At the bottom of the crater, there was a huge semi-circular earthen wall. That wall slowly cracked and disappeared, revealing Ximen Wuyuan, Ximen Kuang and Ximen Batian.

“Humph! Still not dead? In that case, I will give you even big move.” Seeing Ximen Batian was unscathed under the protection of Ximen Wuyuan, Ren Tianyou’s eyes suddenly flashed with powerful killing intent. After that coldly snorting, he began to prepare next big move.

But just then, a dazzling golden light suddenly burst out from the mountain 100 meters away, which instantly appeared in front of Ren Tianyou, and directly attacked Ren Tianyou’s susanoo. And Ren Tianyou was forced to unceasingly retreat by this attack. After retreating several tens of meters, Ren Tianyou finally stabilized his body, lift up his head and looked in front. Then saw the figure of Ximen Zhou in half-dragon person form after the golden light slowly dissipated.

At this time, Ren Tianyou sensed a powerful aura behind him, and saw Ximen Wuyuan whose body was glimmering with earth yellow colored radiance had appeared behind him. Now Ximen Wuyan and Ximen Zhou had approximately surrounded Ren Tianyou.

Big fight was on the verge of breaking out……

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  1. Takemikazuchi (or Takemikazuchi no kami) is Thunder God. I’ve no idea about the futsu part, though. Sorry.

    Futsu no mitama is his sword.

          1. mitama . 御魂 . it refers to the spirit of kami(god) or the soul of a dead person.

            Here (Futsu no mitama) is refering to the soul of a divine blade that appears in Japanese Mythology. It was once used by god Takemikazuchi (that is why its called Takemikazuchi no kami’s sword) to keep peace over the Middle Country of Japanese Mythology. Seeking a strong master with whom to rule the land once more. So it now have new master (Ren tianyou…. LoL to rule the lands again).Takemikazuchi is worshiped today as a deity in the Kashima Shrine, he was the kami of war and thunder

            in the myth of the “God of Fire” (the slaying of the God of Fire). In this myth, the Izanagi and Izanami created the land and gave birth to various other kami. However, when giving birth to the kami of fire, Izanami burned to death. Angry at the death of his wife, Izanagi used the (Totsuka-no-Tsurugi) one of the above mentioned 3 swords to kill the new-born kami, which resulted in the creation of eight other kami, one of which was Takemikazuchi, (tsurugi . 剣 . means a type of Japanese sword, akin to the jian Chinese sword, used in the West to refer to a specific type of Japanese straight, double-edged sword used in antiquity).

            1. Wonderful explanations! Thank you so much.

              I knew the killing of fire God part, and the story afterwards (underworld, birth of amaterasu, tsukuyomi and susanoo).

              Thanks again!

    1. I remembered futsu no mitama was mentioned in a novel called magika no kenshin to shoukan maou… Its a sword God it that novel… I dropped that novel due to too ecchi so don’t remembered much

    2. Dont bother googling, i dont think the author even know about his own facts about the swords.
      Btw futsu’ apparently Onomatopoeia for the sound of a sword cleaving the air, whichs why it doesnt make sense if you google the meaning, just like ‘cloth flow’ (buliu) sword.

  2. rrr im sure all those events took more than 10 minutes…so where is the promised reinforcement from the dragons?

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