In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 165

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 165: Abilities of 2 eyes

Abilities of two eyes

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, suddenly an invisible space fluctuation appeared at the side of Ximen Zhou. Then his fist which was originally going to hit Ren Tianyou, stopped and could no longer move forward as if it hit invisible barrier.

The rioting chakra inside his body also slowly calmed down. After passing through this chakra rioting, his chakra level had unexpectedly increased, but the increase was not very high. After all it was not that easy to increase his strength after he entered the shadow level.

Ren Tianyou slowly stood up while carrying the corpse of Ximen Yue’er. After that completely ignoring Ximen Zhou, he directly passed by him, and arrived at the location where White Tiger and Void was sent flying by Ximen Zhou.

“White Tiger, Void, are you all right?” Ren Tianyou scanned through the piles of rubbles, then yelled towards it.

After Ren Tianyou had yelled, White Tiger and Void who were buried under the rubbles suddenly shook. After that along with ‘hong’, ‘hong’ sound, two figures jumped out from the piles of rubbles, and landed at the side of Ren Tianyou.

“Chough chough. Zero, I’m alright. But the fist of this old man truly is heavy.” White Tiger wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and weakly answered. The gap between their strength was truly too big, as he a peak Deity ranked expert was actually sent flying with a single punch and had lost consciousness for a second there. Fortunately Ximen Zhou only wanted to beat them to pulp, then capture them alive, otherwise it was hard to say whether they could survive the single punch of him. Although Void didn’t speak anything, nevertheless from the blood continuously flowing out from the corner of his mouth and his pale face, clearly shows that he was also not lightly injured.

“It’s better for you two to enter my kamui dimension. After I finish dealing here, I will let you out.” Ren Tianyou looked at the pale face of White Tiger and Void, then said.

“But Zero, here……….” White Tiger looked at Ximen Zhou and others and anxiously started to speak.

“Rest assured, they are still not strong enough to kill me. Don’t forget my space abilities.” Ren Tianyou interrupted White Tiger, then handed the corpse of Ximen Yue’er to Void, and continued, “When you all arrived to my kamui dimension, help me look after corpse of my elder sister Yue’er.”

Taking the corpse of Ximen Yue’er, Void stared at Ren Tianyou, nodded his head and said, “Rest assured, I know what I should do.”

After handing over, the eyes of Ren Tianyou changed into the Mangekyo of Obito. After that along with the spiral shaped space ripple, Void, White Tiger and the corpse of Ximen Yue’er were directly sucked into the kamui dimension of Ren Tianyou. After this, he slowly turned around, his eyes also again changed into that newly awakened his own Magnekyo Sharingan, then firmly stared at the four people of Ximen clan in front of him.


At the moment when Ren Tianyou had opened his eyes, Ximen Zhou merely felt that something had suddenly change in the surrounding space. After that when his fist reached just about five centimeters away from the body of Ren Tianyou, he suddenly felt that his fist had hit an invisible barrier, and no matter how much he tried he was not able to advance forward his fist. Not only that, but after he withdrew his fist, tried to walked behind, but similarly bumped into an invisible barrier, stopping his path. It seems he was enclosed inside this less than 3 meters space prison, no matter which direction walked, he had no way out. And sensing something peculiar, Ximen Wuyuan slowly walked over, but what was unexpected thing for Ximen Zhou and other was, the body of Ximen Wuyuan unexpectedly passed through the body of Ximen Zhou without any resistance.

And after about 10 seconds, Ximen Zhou once again sensed invisible space fluctuation just like that of before, and as if there was never a barrier around him, the barrier around him disappeared without a single trace.

“This…..what is going on here?” After he was freed, continuously recalling that strange state, Ximen Zhou was confused inside his heart, and didn’t understand what had just happened.


Feeling the abilities of his newly awakened eyes, furthermore continuously flowing in information on those abilities of his eyes, Ren Tianyou slowly opened his mouth, “It seems the abilities of my eyes are pretty good.”

Thanks to the extremely deep regret he felt due to killing his elder sister Yue’er with his own hand, furthermore the disappearance of that portion of love from his heart, these sentiment of Ren Tianyou slowly reflected in his eyes, which finally cause Mangekyo Sharingan with his own pattern which only belongs to Ren Tianyou himself to appear in his eyes.

The doujutsu awakened in his right eye was the ability that had something to do with space, that was the doujutsu he had used just a moment ago——Other side. The principle of using this ability of his right eye was just like camera, his right eye would capture the figure of anything, and with that thing as a center a space with three meters radius is cut off from this space, and for a short time, this 3 meter radius space including that thing inside would stay in a cross-sectional state, thereby absolutely trapping the enemy for a short time.

That is to say, at that time Ximen Zhou and three meter space around him was in fact already cut off from the original space by the ability of Ren Tianyou’s eyes. It means at that time, Ximen Zhou was not in the original space, rather moved to cross-sectional space by the ability of Ren Tianyou’s eyes. So Ximen Wuyan directly passed through the body of Ximen Zhou, naturally because the body of Ximen Zhou was already not in the same space as XImen Wuyan. This doujutsu consumed relatively small amount of eye power to maintain it for ten seconds or less, but if he expend comparatively larger amount of eye power, then he could maintain this ability for as long as he wishes up to the maximum limit of ten minutes. And this skill could also be used on own self too.

As a matter of fact, the principle of this ability and kamui of Obito’s right eye was similar, nevertheless this ability had more benefits than Obito’s right eye. That’s right the ability of his right eye can also affect the body of others, completely stopping them for a short time, and sending them away from reality world. In this brief moment when the enemy was trapped, he could do other matters, for example, attack another enemy, or just flee. And this ability could be used on himself too, causing the same kind of effect as kamui.

And this ability could be launched instantly without any delay. Even if the enemy is already right before his eyes, he could instantly use this ability to stop this enemy, making this close proximity as if far away at the end of the world, with no means to touch, this is the origin of the name of this doujutsu——Other side.

But this ability also had a little downside, i.e. once you use this doujutsu, you can use this doujutsu again only after the cool down time of twenty seconds. So in this twenty seconds cool down time period, this doujutsu couldn’t be use no matter what.

And his right eye could clearly see through every dimensional cross-section around him, and Ren Tianyou could step on these cross-section he see with his right eye, making it possible for him to walk in the air. Because he is just stepping on the dimensional cross-section, walking in the sky is just like walking on the ground for Ren Tianyou.

And the ability of Ren Tianyou’s left eye was unexpectedly related to time. In Naruto world, with the exception of Madara who had doujutsu related to time, there was no another person who had the ability related to time.

The ability of Ren Tianyou’s left eye was called Solidify forever. This ability could stop, forward or rewind the movement of people and things for a short duration. This ability could be used on oneself or on others, completely depends upon the intention of Ren Tianyou. But this doujutsu also had 5 second cool down time. Although currently he could only stop, forward and rewind time by very short time, but increasing the eye power of his left eye could increase this duration. Nevertheless the ability to control the time truly was excessively heaven defying ability. Ren Tianyou guessed that he would be able to maintain this doujutsu for only about five or less seconds even if he exert all of the chakra inside his body. But contrary to expectation, maintaining it for one second, didn’t consume big amount.


After sensing his ability, Ren Tianyou stared at Ximen Batian who was hiding behind Ximen Zhou and others, eyes flashed with dense killing intent. Regarding this person, no matter how, Ren Tianyou would not let him go. Thinking this, Ren Tianyou slowly walked towards Ximen Zhou and others. While walking, a large amount of eye power slowly gushed out from his both eyes, and slowly unusual purple lighting spark appeared around body, which slowly formed a huge skeleton.

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  1. ” After all it was not that easy to increase his strength after he entered the shadow level.”
    shadow = kage…

    see i told you he still deny that he is at the kage level…

    other side? isn’t alternate dimension?

    oh… he’s combining jutsu..? sussano with lightning style jutsu…

    rewind time? time jutsu? is it similar to limbo of madara? where his second self is cut off by reality and only exist in other dimension… its what i understand…

    1. “rewind time? time jutsu? is it similar to limbo of madara? where his
      second self is cut off by reality and only exist in other dimension…
      its what i understand…”

      I believe Tianyou version is like a more flexible but shorter in duration of Madara’s Limbo. Madara’s can only put his second self, while Tanyou’s can put others and himself on other dimension(s).
      Second ability Tanyou got is ability to control time, like you control music player ( play, rewind and fast forward music, or in this case, time).

      1. I think its more like kamui. Madara’s shadow in linbo(invisible world) can still be hit, which means it also within the same dimension as real world

        1. I guess you’re right, I forgot that Limbo still can be hit.
          So it’s more like different version of Kamui, then, I remember part of body (or bodies) placed on the short range Kamui is still visible. Obito Kamui got two version right?! The short range (cast by right eye) and long range (cast by left eye).

    2. ” After all it was not that easy to increase his strength after he entered the shadow/kage level.”
      its not easy to increase his strength ‘to the next level’. I believe thats what he meant.

      1. welle he said ‘AFTER he entered the shadow level’… so he still not at the kage level…? is what i think…

    1. Well, he can only do it for 5 sec… Wouldn’t that be too fast? XD
      Better use Tsukuyomi…. 3 days of 1000 pains XD

  2. So he can basically fly now using dimensional cross-sections? That’s helpful. It will make it much less convenient to fight saint level enemies that fly now.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thanks a bunch! Damn, he got 2 abilities….

    So basically, each mangekyou had Susanoo as shared ability and one or more special ability (abilities), right? Obito, Madara, Sasuke and Itachi all had Susanoo; but only Sasuke and Itachi had Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. Obito got Kamui, and Madara got Limbo as their special ability.

    I don’t remember whether Obito or Madara had Tsukuyomi, or were they?

    1. All Sharingan get the forbidden jutsu Izanagi and Izanami. All Mangekyou Sharingan get Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi (even Obito and Madara, otherwise their plan to reflect Tsukuyomi off the moon, the ‘Infinite Tsukuyomi’, would have been pointless) and Susanoo (but they can only use Susanoo if they have a matching pair of Sharingan), as well as Yasaka Magatama (which can only be used while already using Susanoo).
      Then all Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinne Sharingan get a special ability; Sasuke got a stronger version of Amaterasu called Kagutsuchi and then a space-time version of Kawarimi called Amenotejikarara. Itachi got a stronger version of Tsukuyomi that had a 72 hours to 1 second time distortion between the illusion world and the real world (that never got a different name…). Obito got the space-time ninjutsu Kamui, Madara got the space-time ninjutsu Limbo, and Shisui got the genjutsu Kotoamatsukami.

      1. Were all Mangekyou Sharingan able to use Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi canon? Because I never saw anyone except Sasuke and Itachi use them. Even if Sasuke Amaterasu is rather different compared to Itachi’s, although in other hand, Itachi Tsukuyomi IS differ to Sasuke’s.

        Izanami and Izanagi more like, general kinjutsu (as in everyone with Mangekyou able to learn them) while ability like Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Kamui, Kotoamatsukami,etc is more like special ability?

        I though Yasaka Magatama is Itachi only? His Susanoo is special, since he had all those three weapons (mirror, jewel, sword). I never saw Sasuke use those weapons (his Susanoo weapon is arrow, right?

        Wasn’t Amenotejikarara is Sasuke’s Rinnegan or Rinne-Sharingan special ability?

      1. I think they are pretty much same as tsukuyomi creator could create a illusion world and it doesn’t have to be the world where target is tied to cross because user of tsukuyomi is creator of that illusion world. Infinite tsukuyomi just covers a large (very super duper saiyan large) no. of targets.

        1. Infinite tsukuyomi create illusion based on the target’s own memory/desire/fantasy and turn it into a dream world. Itachi genjutsu doesnt work that way.

  4. didn’t he use susanoo in the last fight alot he should he near blind yet he’s using it he hast to be at lest 70% blind after this right

    1. You mean after he use that five Susanoo? It could be, the author didn’t say how long the fight last, so we can’t calculate the total blindness.

  5. Finally his inability to fight in the air has been fixed. His eyes are really cool as well, also his sussano wonder what abilities it has

  6. It’s good that he can still fight them without taking the yu girl’s words seriously, would be lame if he gave up on revenge all of a sudden and put the other cheek

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