In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 164

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 164: New eyes

New eyes

“No, elder sister Yue’er!” Seeing that the Sword of Totsuka had unexpectedly directly stabbed through the body of his highly esteemed elder sister Yue’er whom he loved extremely dearly, Ren Tianyou immediately rushed over to her side along with the roar filled with remorse. And because of the violent fluctuation in the state of mind of Ren Tianyou, his five shadow clones also changed into several white smokes and disappeared. The Sword of Totsuka that was stabbing through the body of Ximen Yue’er also disappeared, and the body of Ximen Yue’er slowly fell towards the ground from the sky.

At this time, a figure suddenly appeared beneath her, and caught her body. That figure nevertheless was Ren Tianyou who had very quickly rushed over.

Holding the body of Ximen Yue’er in his hand, Ren Tianyou half-squatted on the ground. Seeing that large cut open wound on her abdomen, furthermore continuously flowing out blood from that wound, the tears of extreme remorse continuously flowed out from his eyes. He placed his right hand on that wound from where blood was continuously flowing out, and a blue colored light shined on the palm of his right hand. Ren Tianyou exerted all of his effort to use medical ninjutsu to heal her. “Elder sister Yue’er, why are you so stupid, why did you come over here?”

“Cough cough!” Ximen Yue’er coughed several times, and spat out a mouthful of blood. “Silly little brother, when all is said and done, he is still my father.”

“No, elder sister Yue’er, he is not fit to be the father, he is also not worth for you to do this. I beg you, I beg you, please don’t die. I don’t want revenge, I don’t need revenge for this hatred, I just want you to live.” Feeling the body of Ximen Yue’er was gradually becoming cold, furthermore regardless of how much he exerted himself, the blood was still continuously flowing out from the wound of her abdomen, Ren Tianyou hoarsely roared.

“Silly little brother, regardless of his mistakes, when all is said and done, he is our father. Elder sister also knew that you were bearing hardship in your childhood, but elder sister hates herself for being busy with cultivating, and failed to take care of you at that time. This was elder sister’s mistake, so elder sister preferred to use her own blood to wash off the hatred in your heart.” Looking straight at the face of Ren Tianyou, Ximen Yue’er extended her hand and touched the face of Ren Tianyou. Then continued in a soft and gentle voice, “Silly little brother, you have already killed enough people, you should not go down the wrong path like this anymore. Stop your revenge, and like that you will truly obtain real happiness.”

“Elder sister Yue’er, I promise you, I promise you anything, I will forget about this revenge, I just want you to survive, I just want you to live, nothing more.” Feeling the body of Ximen Yue’er was becoming even colder, Ren Tianyou panicked and continuously spoke to her.

“As long as you live…..happily……elder sister…..die……no regret!” Feeling her life force was gradually running out, Ximen Yue’er stammeringly said. The world she was seeing with her eyes slowly blurred, the strength inside her body also slowly left her, after that accompanied by her slowly closing eyes, her hand fell down from the face of Ren Tianyou.

“Elder sister Yue’er!” Seeing Ximen Yue’er had already closed her eyes, and there was no sign of breathing from her, Ren Tianyou looked towards the sky and loudly roared which was filled with deep regret. He began to remember how Ximen Yue’er had taken care of him during his childhood, how she didn’t attend to cultivation sometime because of him, how she carefully rubbed medicine on his wounds he suffered, and how she had protected him from being bullied when she saw it, one after another. At the heart of Ximen Tianlong, Ximen Yue’er was not only his elder sister, but was also the figure of mother herself.

Along with the flow of tears of deep remorse from the eyes of Ren Tianyou, the chakra inside his body suddenly began to stir violently. Powerful chakra scattered everywhere within the body, unceasingly destroying the internal organs of Ren Tianyou. And along with the riot of chakra, this powerful chakra slowly overflowed from inside his body, which changed into a light blue colored light beam and completely surrounded the body of Ren Tianyou. At this time, a purple colored energy suddenly come out from inside Ren Tianyou’s sea of consciousness, seeped into the internal organs of Ren Tianyou, and continuously repair his damaged internal organs, which were being unceasingly destroyed by the riot of chakra.

Currently the mind of Ren Tianyou was filled with deep remorse, deeply regretting why he attacked Ximen clan, deeply regretting why he became so conceited and arrogant that he didn’t take the hold of elder sister Yue’er before anything else, deeply regretting why he killed elder sister Yue’er……………and so on types of deep regret continuously increase within Ren Tianyou. His Sharingan eyes were rotating unceasingly, and the patterns were also unceasingly changing. One moment it was the pattern of Uchiha Itachi’s Sharingan, another time, it was the pattern of Uchiha Obito. His eyes continued to rotate faster and faster, and continuously changed towards the new pattern.


Ximen Batian who was knocked far-off on the ground, shook his head, and slowly stood up. When he saw the bloody body of Ximen Yue’er on the arms of Ren Tianyou, his complexion suddenly had a huge change, then he roared with a voice filled with sorrow, “Yue’er!”

Then he immediately became crazy, then looking at Ren Tianyou with his eyes filled with deep hatred, he roared, “You unfilial son, I’m going to kill you.” Finished speaking, he directly rushed towards Ren Tianyou.

“Swish”, “swish”, suddenly two movement sound rang out. Then gray and white colored light beams suddenly appeared in front of Ximen Batian. After that Ximen Batian was directly hit and sent flying. After this light dissipated, White Tiger and Void appeared at that place. And Ximen Batian fell on the ground far-off from that location.

“White Tiger, the current circumstance is anything but reassuring, we should take Zero and get out from here as soon as possible.” Looking at the barrier which was already on the verge of collapse, furthermore seeing already unconscious Ren Tianyou, Void solemnly said.

“I will look at this old man, you go over and help Zero. As for a way to leave from this place, let’s talk about it later.” White Tiger firmly stared at Ximen Batian and without turning his head he said.

“Okay!” Void agreed. After that he moved to the side of Ren Tianyou, extend his hand to support Ren Tianyou. But what Void had never expected was, just when his hand touched the body of Ren Tianyou, a powerful repulsive force suddenly came out from the body of Ren Tianyou, and Void who didn’t had his guard up was directly sent flying.

“Swish!” Void controlled his body in mid-air, then summersault several times in the air, and landed on the ground, but was still forced to take several steps back, before he was able to stabilize his body.

“What happened?” Seeing this peculiar scene before his eyes, White Tiger walked over to Void and confusedly asked.

“I also don’t know, when I just touched Zero with my hand, at that moment, a powerful repulsive force suddenly came from him, which directly sent me flying.” Void shook his head, and expressed that he also didn’t know.

Just at this time, suddenly a loud breaking sound came from above. Along with this sound, the barrier set up by Ren Tianyou finally broke into pieces under the continuous attack of Ximen Zhou. And the four holy beast platform of the barrier which was located at four direction of Soaring Dragon Villa also slowly sunk into the ground and disappeared.

At this time, along with ‘swish’, ‘swish’, ‘swish’ sound, three golden colored radiances suddenly appeared at the side of Ximen Batian. After this golden lights dissipated, the figures of Ximen Zhou and other two became visible.

“Batian, are you alright?” Ximen Kuang walked over to Ximen Batian and asked.

“Father, I’m fine, but Old Four and others, Feng’er, Yue’er and other younger generation, all were killed by that fellow.” Ximen Batian shook his head, and said sorrowfully.

“Ai!” Ximen Kuang heaved a sigh. They had already seen all the situation inside the barrier, at that time even if they wanted to help, they were completely blocked by the barrier. So they could only try to break the barrier as soon as possible.

After this battle, one may say that the vitality of Ximen clan was greatly damaged. Several Deity ranked experts were basically dead or wounded. Now with the exception of Ximen Batian, only two or three Deity ranked experts remained. As for younger generation, many had died in this battle. They won’t be able recover this damage and reach the current level of power even after 100 years.

“First I will beat them to half-dead, then catch them. After I catch them, I will put them through concocting medicine process.” Ximen Zhou coldly stared at White Tiger, Void, and furthermore unceasingly roaring Ren Tianyou whose body was completely surrounded by rioting chakra. After saying this, he directly advanced towards Ren Tianyou and other two. [concocting medicine process: parching, roasting, baking, steaming, soaking, simmering….and so on]

Seeing Ximen Zhou advancing towards them, White Tiger and Void looked at each other, both of their face revealed worse than crying smile, then holding his sword tightly, White Tiger changed into white colored light and disappeared from that place. As for Void, he fused with karma transmigration, directly changed into four or four meter long sword and chopped towards Ximen Zhou.

“Peng”, “peng” two similar to metal colliding sound rang out. Ximen Zhou who had already dragon change, had used his dragon claws to block their attack. His right hand had gripped the blade of Void’s sword, and regardless of how much he exerted himself, he couldn’t even move an inch. And his left hand had directly caught the sword of White Tiger, so he also couldn’t move a bit.

Suddenly the eyes of Ximen Zhou flashed with pallid light, then a powerful energy flowed out from his left hand which was catching the sword of White Tiger, then a huge repulsive force spread from the sword and arrived at the hand of White Tiger. Immediately after that White Tiger suddenly felt numb in his hands, so he loosen his grip on his sword. At that time, the left hand of Ximen Zhuo directly punched the abdomen of White Tiger which directly sent him flying, collided with the house behind him, and the house he collided directly collapsed, burying White Tiger.

After that Ximen Zhou exerted some power in his right hand which was holding the sword blade, which directly broke that sword blade, forcing Void to appear again. After that Ximen Zhou directly kicked Void sending him flying too, he also broke the wall he collided with, and was buried. Now it was unknown whether Void and White Tiger were alive or dead.

After the obstruction were gone, Ximen Zhou slowly walked towards Ren Tianyou. Arriving next to him, seeing the corpse of Ximen Yue’er lying on his embrace, a pallid light flashed in his eyes, then he threw punched towards Ren Tianyou.

When the punch of Ximen Zhou almost touched Ren Tianyou, Ren Tianyou stopped roaring madly, slowly closed his eyes, then once again opened his eyes. At this moment, Wuxing (5 element) pattern blood-red colored pupil appeared in Ren Tianyou’s eyes, and a powerful eye power wantonly gushed out from his eyes.

“Other side!”

Along with a voice of Ren Tianyou, suddenly the space around him invisibly fluctuated. And the fist of Ximen Zhou stopped five centimeter away from Ren Tianyou. After that no matter how much he exerted himself, Ximen Zhou was powerless to move his fist forward even a bit. Seeing this, Ximen Zhou was greatly taken aback.


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  1. So his own personal eyes has awakened ehh~ heh~ *scofes* maybe his eyes is a combo of itachi & obito that is illusion and space-time dojutsu

  2. So… He awakened HIS own mangekyou saringan the traditional way, isn’t he? Or guy. As powerful as mangekyou saingan is, I wish he obtained it by buying from the system.

    I’ve no idea about Chinese characters and such, so I can’t imagine his new eyes.

    Buy edo-tensei scroll, boy, and have your elder sister back.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  3. Thanks to this chapter, my internal compass has swung towards “drop this shit.” He’s feeling remorse after all that crap?!

    …..Riiiiiight. {rolls eyes}

    1. LOL now he might suck his clan members hard to give meaning to that cliche wish of the girl that threw herself to save his enemy.

  4. great shit, i do kill the father too.
    in the end his mother died starved to death, i follow the principles of morality of dealing with pleople like they deal with you.
    if you people are willing to kill then you kill.
    if they are willing to cheat then you cheat too.
    if they are an asshole father who considers me not his son.
    great now hes not my father die stranger!

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