In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 163

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 163: Tragedy


Outside the barrier, the face of Ximen Zhou and other were filled with worry seeing the state inside the barrier. Seeing that giant susanoo of Ren Tianyou, all three of them were extremely surprised, and they also discovered the dangerous plight of several people. Naturally they also clearly discovered the lack of fourth elder and seventh elder in the battle, so their heart couldn’t help but suddenly thumped, and immediately sensed that the current situation was not good. They also immediately thought about the situation that was most likely to occur now, but they were unwilling to let the things they imagined to occur.

“Wuyuan, Little Kuang, move back. I will destroy this barrier, we must not delay any longer, or else they won’t be able to hold on any longer.” Seeing the situation below them, Ximen Zhou anxiously said to Ximen Wuyuan and Ximen Kuang. He really wanted to destroy this barrier without wasting any time, as he had also seen that Ren Tianyou was now rushing towards backyards where the junior member of Ximen clan were located.

“Yes.” Although Ximen Kuang who had his head filled with white hair was called Little Kuang, Ximen Kuang did not dare to have any displeased sentiments. Because if you count their actual age, Ximen Zhou was more than 1,000 years older than Ximen Kuang, so no need to mention calling him Little Kuang, even calling him Little little little Kuang wouldn’t have any issue. Ximen Kuang was just lucky enough to break into the boundary of God domain, and step into the realm of Low God.

As another protector god of Ximen clan, Ximen Wuyuan’s earth system magic had already stepped into the realm of Mid God, but compared to that explosive strength of High God Ximen Zhou’s battle qi, his strength was much weaker.

Seeing that both of them had retreated, slowly a dazzling golden light appeared on the surface of Ximen Zhou’s body. Boundless golden saint dragon battle qi slowly appeared around his body from the divinity crystal within his body. From distant, he looked just like the second sun in the sky.

“Roar!” A true dragon roar came out from his mouth, and the attention of all the people who were watching the battle inside the Soaring dragon mountain villa was drawn by this buzzing sound.

Along with the continuous sharp and quick rise of Saint dragon battle qi, a golden colored dragon scales began to appear from his abdomen and spread all over his body. Two thick dragon horns gradually rose from his head, and a thick dragon tail slowly came out from his body at the location of his buttocks. Ximen Zhou, whole person already changed into a dragon people.

Activating the saint dragon blood lineage within his body, and after completing saint dragon heavenly cross, the eyes of Ximen Batian looked at the huge barrier below him. His body suddenly changed into huge golden colored meteor and directly streaked down towards the barrier underneath him.

“Break!” Along with his loud yell, the right fist of Ximen Zhou directly landed above the barrier. “Hong!” A thunderous explosion sound rang out, the barrier set up by Ren Tianyou issued an ear deafening explosion sound, and the platform of four holy beasts also shook violently. But after shaking for a bit, the barrier didn’t disappeared, rather it withstood the strong attack of Ximen Zhou. After that under the amazed gaze of Ximen Zhou, a huge black colored flame from the surface of barrier engulfed his fists and spread to his whole body.

Kekkaimon Gofujutsu——Hachimon Heijo (Barrier Defense Seal Jutsu——Eight Gate Lock-Up), originally was a kind of high-level barrier, which summons the statue of four holy beasts. This barrier was formed by the combining the power of four holy beasts, so it was not that easy to destroy it, much less a single fist. And whoever touches this barrier, are burned by a flame to death. This was also another reason why Ren Tianyou had specially chosen this barrier technique from multiple other barrier techniques from his system when he decided to attack Ximen clan.

“Humph!” Feeling that his body was continuously burning by this flame, Ximen Zhou coldly snorted, then targeting these flame, his body released invisible shockwave which directly dispersed the flames on his body. “It looks like this barrier is not that simple.”


Inside the barrier, after sensing the reinforcement of Ximen clan had arrived, Ren Tianyou directly rushed towards the backyard where those junior member of Ximen clan were gathered, with the intention to swiftly end the life of these people. Seeing that Ren Tianyou had arrived, White Tiger and others also jumped down from the roof, and landed behind Ren Tianyou.

Seeing that Ren Tianyou had suddenly arrived in front of them, and particularly seeing that blood-red colored Mangekyo Sharingan from with strong undisguised killing intent was leaking out, Ximen Feng and others felt cold sweat on their back due to extreme fear and continuously retreated.

“You……..what do you want to do?” Seeing Ren Tianyou was slowly stepping forwards towards them, Ximen Feng stammeringly asked. His eyes were flashing with strong alarm and panic, and was continuously retreating back. He had clearly seen the scene of Ren Tianyou killing his fourth and seventh uncle with his own eyes, and especially that susanoo of Ren Tianyou completely frightened him. Simultaneously inside his heart he was secretly regretting, not regretting about the things he had done to Ximen Tianlong, rather regretting that the murderer dispatched by him unexpectedly failed to kill Ximen Tianlong, resulting him to suffer such a big disaster.

“My dear elder brother.” Hearing Ximen Feng, Ren Tianyou smiled, but this smile looked like the smile of devil to Ximen Feng, “Moreover you people, every debts you owe me I remember it all in my heart. For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, now it’s time to calculate the accounts, and start collecting all the debts you all owe me.”

Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals, then under the panic-stricken gaze of everyone, spat out a huge blazing fire ball from his mouth towards them.

“Katon—-Gokakyu no Jutsu! (Fire Style—-Grand Fireball Technique!)”

“Ah”, “ah”, “ah”………….. After the fireball of Ren Tianyou landed, loud blood-curdling scream came from inside. In the middle of flame, one could clearly see many people continuously screaming and rolling on the ground. And Ren Tianyou just ignored everything he saw, without a slightest change in his expression, he only continued to supply his chakra from his mouth to maintain this fire ball, because this was just him settling the accounts. Behind Ren Tianyou, seeing this extremely tragic scene before her, Vermilion Bird couldn’t bear and turned her head to the side. White Tiger and Void glanced each other, just shook his head, and sighed but didn’t say anything. Because they knew that all the experiences Ren Tianyou had suffered continuously in his childhood were the knots in his heart which was commonly known as demon heart among cultivators, if this knot was not untied, hereafter sooner or later in the cultivation, Ren Tianyou will definitely have an accident. And also after hearing the experience of Ren Tianyou, they also didn’t have any favorable impression on these people, so they allowed Ren Tianyou to vent well.

As the screaming voices gradually stopped, Ren Tianyou also slowly stopped fireball. And when the flame disappeared, several charred corpses became visible, and smell of burned meat drifted from those corpses. Behind these corpses, Ximen Feng was sitting on the ground while shivering, and a liquid was flowing out from his crotch area wetting the floor underneath him. Ren Tianyou had intentionally avoided Ximen Feng from attacking. With all the debts of Ximen Feng, Ren Tianyou would definitely not let him off this easily.

“You……you demon.” Seeing Ren Tianyou coming towards him, and also seeing the charred corpses at his side, Ximen Feng unexpectedly cried, and hysterically roared at Ren Tianyou. Due to the series of action of Ren Tianyou, the heart of Ximen Feng was already almost fallen apart, and this was also the intention of Ren Tianyou.

“Demon, humph, compared to benevolent god, I am willing to be cruel demon.” Hearing Ximen Feng, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted in disdain, then the Sharingan of his right eye started to rotate rapidly, and eye power gushed out from his right eye, “Illusion—-Sharingan!”

Staring at the eyes of Ren Tianyou, Ximen Feng suddenly became stiff, his two eyes also became blank. One could clearly see that he was already trapped inside the illusion world of Ren Tianyou’s Sharingan.

After that Ren Tianyou walked next to him, placed his right hand on his body, and released a huge amount of eye power from his right eye. Suddenly a huge spiral shaped space ripple appeared, and suck in Ximen Batian inside his kamui dimension.

After completing this task, Ren Tianyou walked over to Vermilion Bird and said, “Vermilion Bird, you also enter my kamui dimension. Now we are going to quickly finish everything here, and with your Saint raked strength, it will only be dangerous for you here. So you also enter my kamui dimension and help Jade Maiden to look after Little Yu.”

“Okay.” Vermilion Bird nodded her head. Afterwards Ren Tianyou again used kamui to suck in Vermilion Bird into his kamui dimension. Shortly afterwards he said to White Tiger and Void, “Let’s go to the final battle, it’s time to end all of this.” Finished speaking, he led White Tiger and Void towards the location where his five shadow clones were fighting against Ximen Batian and others.


After feeling the shaking of the barrier, Ximen Batian and other who were in the process of battling the five shadow clones of Ren Tianyou, looked up and saw the figure of Ximen Zhou and other two, then their face immediately revealed excited expression, “Everyone hold on for a bit more, ancestors are already here.”

“Yes!” Two dragon and two humans also replied excitedly. But just at that time, loud horrible screaming sound suddenly came from the backyard, making the heart of Ximen Batian and others to thump. Then they instantly thought about Ximen Feng and other younger generations, and looked up, as expected the figure of Ren Tianyou had disappeared from the roof above.

But such small distraction in this critical juncture of a battle was very bad decision. The shadow clone fighting against Old Six took the advantage of this slight chance. He immediately waved the huge right hand of Susanoo which was holding Sword of Totsuka, and the huge sword light streak across the body of Old Six. After that the body of Old Six who was flying in the sky immediately became stiff, and along with the bold rain, the body of Old Six directly separated into two half.

““Old Six!”” Seeing the tragic death of Old Six, the eyes of Ximen Batian and others immediately changed into red color, and roared sorrowfully. But at that time, the sword light of Sword Totsuka entered the head of Adelieya, changing it into a corpse too.

After two shadow clones had finished off the enemies before their eyes, they came over to remaining two humans and one dragon. And seeing the present situation from outside the barrier, Ximen Zhou became even more anxious, and started to exert his full strength to destroy this barrier, but it was unlikely for him to be able to destroy the barrier set up by Ren Tianyou within short period of time.

Along with the final two sword light, Old Five and final dragon were also directly killed by the Sword of Totsuka of Ren Tianyou. Now only Ximen Batian was left.

Now seeing five Susanoo around him, Ximen Batian helplessly closed his eyes. The eyes of one of the shadow clones flashed with pallid light, and said, “Goodbye, my dear father.” Then he swung his Sword of Totsuka towards Ximen Batian to stab him to death. But just at this time, a figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere, knocked Ximen Batian out of the swords way, and stood in front of the path of this sword.

Along with ‘puchi’ sound, the sword stabbed through the body of this figure. Before the stunned gaze of five shadow clones, Ren Tianyou who had just arrived at this place suddenly paused his step and stared blankly. He just stared blankly with unable to believe what he was seeing with his own eyes expression on his face. After a long time, Ren Tianyou opened his mouth and let out a loud grief and indignation filled roar, this voice was also filled with regret, “Elder sister Yue’er!”

In front of him, it was not Ximen Batian who was stabbed through by Sword of Totsuka, but was the suddenly appeared Ximen Yue’er. The sword light of Sword of Totsuka had stabbed through her abdomen, and Ximen Batian however was fallen on the ground a little far away, due to her bump.

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    1. Rentianyou clones didnt expect her to sacrifice her life to protect her own father. Just to be sure, that attack is strong enough to stab both of them but stoped halfway, which mean he did detected her but couldnt stop at critical moment.

    2. Meh i know right last time they talk about how cultivator or strong people have intuition but mehhh just a small little brat yet they cant even notice her i say bullshet

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    TL;DR: author forced the event.

  3. this is stupid i wanted to know how the author managed to Finished this in 390 something chapters now i know lol this just made this ln entertainment plummet big time…so much i want to complain about but i wont even bother to type it.
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  5. For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, now it’s time to calculate the accounts, and start collecting all the debts you all owe me.”

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