In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 161

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 161: Five Susanoo

Five Susanoo

Under the excited gaze of Ximen Batian and Old Five, and under the grief and indignation gaze filled with regret of White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Void, Old Six holding his huge sword rapidly advanced towards Ren Tianyou from behind changing into a golden light. Ren Tianyou turned around his head, and calmly looked at the rapidly approaching Old Six who was holding his huge sword. After that a huge amount of eye power sprang out from both of his blood-red colored Mangekyo Sharingan.


Along with the emission of huge amount of eye power from the eyes of Ren Tianyou, a cold and menacing red-purple colored energy quickly spread out from the surface of Ren Tianyou’s body. And under the control of two eyes of Ren Tianyou, this energy swiftly changed into incomparably huge red-purple colored skeleton. And under the support of the eye power of Ren Tianyou, this huge red-purple colored skeleton rapidly rose, changing into more than 300 meters giant demon god. The whole body of this giant demon god divulged a heart palpitation power, and its whole body was burning with red-purple colored flame, and overall it looked like a demon god capable of destroying the heaven and exterminate the earth.

“Ding!” Along with the sound similar to metal colliding sound, the huge sword held by Old Six which was filled with golden colored Saint Dragon Battle Qi, directly stabbed the exterior energy membrane of Susanoo. And due to the extremely powerful defense of Susanoo, even though Old Six had exerted his full strength in this attack, this huge sword was not even able to stab through a tiny bit.

“Is this the giant described by Yue’er that was used to kill Eldest Brother and Second brother?” Seeing the sudden appearance of huge demon god, the eyes of Old Six widened, and he immediately recalled the Yue’er’s description about the condition of fight where Number One and Old Second were killed.

“Coming to court the death.”  Seeing that elder of Ximen clan, Ren Tainyou sneered with disdain, didn’t look back, just moved his right hand. Along with the movement of his hand, the Susanoo around his body, under his control also brandished its right hand towards his back. As if an adult was slapping a child to death, the huge hand of Susanoo slapped towards Old Six.

But was is this easy to knock down Old Six who was a mid Deity ranked expert? When Old Six sensed a huge movement, he quickly snapped out from his reminisce, then tightly clutched his huge sword, his body directly changed into eye dazzling golden colored radiance and disappeared from there. The big right hand of Susanoo slapped the empty air, and sweeping away its hand arrived at the nearby wall, directly destroying it. Vermilion Bird at the other end of the wall nearly fell down.

“You all go to the roof of the backyard. Don’t get caught up in the attack of my Susanoo, I will find you after settling this.” Ren Tianyou looked at White Tiger and other two near the walls and slowly opened his mouth.

“Okay!” Seeing the huge Susanoo around the body of Ren Tianyou, furthermore that ice-cold energy which made their heart palpitate, they hastily answered, because they also knew that, they won’t be able to help Ren Tianyou in this current situation.


“Swish!” The sixth elder holding the huge sword fell on the ground at the side of Ximen Batian and Old Five, and was gasping for breath. Just a moment ago, he luckily slip away quickly, otherwise it was very likely for him to unable to get away from the slap of that giant demon god. If he had not prepared to flee in advance, then he absolutely could not have escaped.

“Is this the giant demon god that Yue’er was speaking about?” Seeing the lofty Susanoo around the body of Ren Tianyou, Ximen Batian and others eyes flashed with deep powerlessness.

“Let’s try and see if we can break through his secret skill with our big moves?” Old Five had a determined look on his face, seeing fourth brother and Old Seven fall before his own eyes, how could he just give up and accept the fate, no matter how much big price he had to pay, he would exhaust all of his power to kill Ren Tianyou to avenge them.

“Okay.” Ximen Batian and Old Six replied. Afterwards Ximen Batian turned around his head yelled towards Ximen Feng and others, “Feng’er, Yue’er, you guys quickly evacuate to backyard, otherwise all of you will be swept in this battle.”

“Yes, Father.” Ximen Feng hastily answered, and quickly evacuate to the backyard, at the same time other member of Ximen clan also quickly followed after him. Only the eyes of Ximen Yue’er flashed, and when no one was paying attention to her, she slowly disappeared from the courtyard.

Seeing the people of Ximen clan wanted to leave this place, White Tiger and others took out their weapons and prepared to engage in a battle, because Ren Tianyou had previously said that no one was to leave from this courtyard.

“White Tiger, let them go, only keeping an eye on them is enough.” At that time, the voice of Ren Tianyou drifted over and interrupt their action, “After I finish off these people, it will be their turn.”

“Okay.” Hearing the voice of Ren Tianyou, White Tiger and other replied, then slowly put down their weapons, and also slowly retract their battle qi, allowing Ximen Feng and others to leave this place.

Turning his head, Ren Tianyou fold his arms in front of his chest, and the purple colored flame on the surface of susanoo burnt even more violently. “Now how do you want to die?”

“Bastard, don’t look down upon others.” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s arrogant tone of speaking, Old Six who had a bad temper couldn’t help but roared first. Then the golden colored Saint Dragon Battle Qi quickly flowed to his huge sword, and a formidable power condensed above his huge sword. Ximen Batian and Old Five also gathered formidable strength in their right hand and attacked.

“Soaring dragon heaven cleaving sword!”

““Dragon’s fist!””

Ximen Batian and others loudly roared, then from the right hand of Ximen Batian and Old Five, a huge golden colored spiraling energy wave came out, which changed into huge gold colored energy ball and directly shot towards Ren Tianyou’s Susanoo.

Dragon’s fist was the unique skill that could be used only in the form of Saint dragon heavenly cross. Just like the name, this skill was able to send a fist of dragon flying towards the opponent. The power behind this fist was very formidable, it is stated that this fist could even break through the hard dragon scales of actual dragons.

And the golden huge sword in the hand of Old Six directly extend rapidly, and changed into 7 or 8 meters long golden huge sword. After that with a splitting the heaven and earth apart momentum, that sword shot towards Ren Tianyou.

Seeing three attacks filled with terrifying aura advancing towards him, Ren Tianyou just stand there folding his arms in front of his chest, while unceasingly pouring out huge amount of eye power without a slightest fluctuation in his expression.

When these three attacks nearly landed on the Susanoo, the pattern in the eyes of Ren Tianyou suddenly rotated rapidly, suddenly the purple colored flame on the surface of Susanoo violently burnt, then the huge left arm with Yata mirror arrived in from of him, to defend against these attack. Along with ‘honglong’ sound, these three attacks were actually reflected and were sent flying outside the barrier which was surrounding Soaring dragon mountain villa, leaving behind only a small ripple on the barrier.

“What?” Seeing the finishing blow of all of them were actually reflected and were sent flying, Ximen Batian and other two were thoroughly dumbfounded.

“Is this the extent of your power? And here I especially used Susanoo, truly too disappointing.” Still folding his arm, Ren Tianyou said with disappointed tone.

“Hateful bastard!” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s mocking tone, Ximen Batian and other two suddenly felt their face burning, then looked at each other, and all of them suddenly released a small gold colored energy ball, gathered them together, then under their control, these three energy ball flew towards the sky.

After flying towards the sky, with a ‘hong’ sound, these three gold colored energy balls exploded. After that three huge black hole appeared in the sky, then Ximen Batian and others roared simultaneously, “““Come, my battle partner.”””

After all of three of them roared, under the surprise gaze of Ren Tianyou, three loud dragon roar rang out from inside that black hole. Afterwards along with huge three dragon heads, red, yellow and cyan colored huge dragons bored out from those three huge black holes, and landed on the side of Ximen Batian and others.

“What happened here for all three of you to simultaneously summon us?” That fiery red flame dragon asked to Old Five.

“Adelieya, we are in critical juncture of a fight, so we had no other choice but to seek your help.” Old Five answered that flame dragon by his side. His face revealed a half-crying half-smiling expression, how could he have ever thought that this great rejoicing day for Ximen caln would unexpectedly turned into this state.

“What is going on?” Cyan colored wind dragon also asked Old Six. After that carefully looking all around him, especially seeing the barrier, and furthermore seeing that huge Susanoo form of Ren Tianyou, this huge dragon couldn’t help but quickly retreated.

“It’s like this Bulaici….” Old Six opened his mouth and briefly explained everything that happened here.

After hearing the brief explanation of Old Six, that earth yellow colored earth dragon turned around and stared at Ren Tianyou, then opened its dragon mouth, “So this fellow is the murderer of Adelaide.”

“Yes Buluke!” Ximen Batian walked over to the side of this earth dragon, and said.

“Good, last time this fellow ran away from God weeping region, let’s see where he will run away this time. You guys stall him, I will return to Dragon Island and inform His Majesty the Dragon Emperor. At most after 10 minutes, the main forces of our dragon clan will arrive here. At that time, I will torture his soul under the dragon flame.” The huge dragon Buluke firmly stared at Ren Tianyou, even he himself felt an extreme danger from Susanoo around Ren Tianyou, so he decided to return to the Dragon Island to call for reinforcements.

“Okay, Buluke, come back soon, we will stall this fellow.” Adelieya agreed to Buluke, and Bulaici at the side also nodded his head in agreement.

“Okay, I will come back very soon.” Finished speaking, the body of Buluke directly changed into earth yellow radiances and disappeared, returning to the Dragon Island to call in reinforcements.

“Are the members of Dragon clan are also participating? Truly troublesome.” Seeing the appearance of three huge dragons, in addition seeing the disappearance of one dragon, the eyes of Ren Tianyou lit up, shook his head, “But that’s ok, like this the situation will be even more turmoil.”

At this time, under the curious gaze of Ximen Batian and others, the Susanoo around the body of Ren Tianyou slowly disappeared, revealing the body of Ren Tianyou.

“What’s going on? Did he exhausted his energy?” Seeing the disappearance of Susanoo, Ximen Batian said with a surprise, and his face revealed the excited expression.

“It’s not that simple, just look at him, is that the appearance of someone who has exhausted his strength?” Old Five shook his head. In a single glance at the complexion of Ren Tianyou, he knew that he was not exhausted.

“It looks like you guys like group brawl very much.” Ren Tianyou looked at Ximen Batian and others, furthermore two huge dragons by their side, then pointing at them, he counted, “1, 2……..5, five Deity ranked experts, very good, five against one, that isn’t fair.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou made a hand sign, “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Jutsu!)”

Along with a series of ‘peng’, ‘peng’, ‘peng’…………..sounds, suddenly several white smokes appeared around Ren Tianyou, then five exactly same Ren Tianyou appeared around him.

“Clones?” Seeing five clones had appeared at the side of Ren Tianyou, the eye of Ximen Batian flashed with surprise, but seeing the next moves of Ren Tianyous thoroughly terrified three human and two dragons.

Suddenly a red-purple colored energy appeared around the body of all 5 clones of Ren Tianyou, slowly condensing into Susanoo, which released a horrifying aura.

Ren Tianyou just stood behind folding his hand in front of his chest, then said with a smile, “This is called fair.”

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  1. *Applause*
    Good job author…it only took you half of the book but you finally got me excited for 2 chapters in a row. And I’m actually anticipating the next.

  2. hahayz author Dan had no originality d*mn making use of how madara dealt with the 5 kage’s sure their not even as strong as those freakshows should had summoned shukaku instead to make the battle easy~

  3. HAHAHAHA “This is called fair” lmao! Man they couldn’t even deal with one of him, let alone 5! Though he should be more worried about that dragon that left…

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. He had enough cakra to use this move? Well, I guess his cakra is way larger than Madera with senju cell, then.

    Uh, that dragon army is worrisome. Thank you for the chapter.

      1. But, he isn’t a jinchuriki, right? Were contracted / summoned beast can supply cakra to contract / summoner holder? I don’t remember.

    1. We can only assume he got enough chakra for it. But the real problem is power for each clones. It should be alot weaker than his previous susanoo.
      +even he got enough chakra for it, doesnt mean he got enough stamina +chakra to maintain the jutsu. This is the reason why naruto kagebunshin is awesome

      1. That what I though too, he didn’t get senju bloodline from the system, so his stamina shouldn’t that high. Also, wouldn’t using 5 susanoo degrade his eye sights faster? After he cancel his bushin, their damages should be returned to him, right?

        1. I dont have any idea how big is kage lvl chakra amount. Author didnt fully explain it. Even in narutoverse, iirc only kage level skill/battle/jutsu are mentioned.Since he reached kage level, we can just assume its big enough.

          He do received mental fatique from his clones depends on how much chakra he used.

          1. Oh, only mental fatigue? Good thing, then, I can’t imagine all eyes damage he got after using 5 susanoo for extended periods.

          2. he (tianyu) still deny that he’s at the hokages level… guess he’s wrong…

            hes got bone structure of kaguyas bloodline, so i think its logical or plot hole?

            1. He reached kage level, the question is how big is kage level chakra? Author should use game element indicator (gauge meter or digits)to measure just like how he did to ms blind side effect. He’ll go blind if it reached 100 iirc.

              1. well the problem in all xianxia novels is imbalance… when an enemy appears, he claims that he is the strongest in that area yet he is a cannon fodder if compares in other territories… yet that one again is a cannon fodder compare to a single man known as OP…

                simply put it at this… if you have 20000 energy lvl and your enemy is 19950 energy (lvl 8 can’t even scratch lvl 9? peak stage? early stage?)… he wont win… and our hero is the abnormal one… if you know what i mean…

                if that ximen clan patriarch appears… he’ll definitely blow/shock everyone…
                old 1 and old 2 is known as strong in that continent or one of the strong… but the patriarch appears they are cannon fodder… really… and then there will be the next arc… just imagine if another strong appears… that patriarch is weak as cockroach… if your fan of it, scratch this… else, we can be friends… hahaha

  5. i though Madara managed to summon 5 sussano because he has Hashirama cells… he used wood clone (i think) cuz its solid body… am i wrong?
    well its GG guys…

      1. I don’t think it was stated that his 2 acquired kekkei genkai comparable to senju, AFAIK one improve his bone structure (Shikotsumyaku) and one is shakuton, which I do not believe improve his physicist (or stated by the author). Senju bloodline grant humongous stamina and cakra, I believe.

        Maybe, plot armor?

        1. that bone bone bloodline… is kaguyas bloodline… its suppose to be OP… it somehow logical that he can summon 5 sussano…

          having that bloodline, tianyu still think he’s far from hokages level… i think hes far surpasses them all already… having that bone structure, 8 gates, yata mirror tutsuka sword, tsukoyomi, kamui, raijin, and many other main jutsu’s in naruto… hes at least below madara’s full power when revive… or i think?

          1. i heard ( i read) that orochimaru’s sage art is OP… that’s why he need perfect body… if tianyu manages to have that, given he has bone structure, i can only imagine…

            or it should be enough to manage the set back of 8 gates? hard body + regeneration + 8 gated = goodbye madara in sec.

              1. ikr…

                it strengthens users body capability, stamina, def and dmg… it stated in gaara, lee vs kimimaru…

                i agree… its broken…

                see when itachi, naruto, bee vs nagato fight…
                naruto attack (fight) itachi using chakra cloak, and itachi fends it effortlessly…
                where narutos normal attack in that form can turn boulders into dust…
                is it prove that prime itachi can handle naruto(pain arc) easily?… well nagato is OP too given that he easily handles bee and naruto in forms…

          2. That’s why I stated my reply that way, it’s that he just strong enough now, and have enough cakra (and stamina, I guess) to sustain 5 susanoo.

            I still don’t think shikotsumyaku grant stamina, just bone manipulation (density, growth, reshape, etc). Strengthening the bone isn’t equal to have humongous stamina and cakra, afteral, it’s only the “frame” so to speak.

      2. that bone bone bloodline… is kaguyas bloodline… its suppose to be OP… it somehow logical that he can summon 5 sussano…

  6. Hope that some author like er gen make something like this story.. because the story of this author wrote makes me guess that he/she was just a high school student, just the speeches of the characters and where the story goes that it takes a decade for a single battle to finish.. d*mn the concept was good but its what and how the characters and story plays which some of it was clearly a forceful line just for it to make it to the qouta..ahem

    1. to be honest, I hope he doesn’t summon the tailed beasts till he has all of them. Can you imagine dropping all nine of them on top of someone??? Like for real. I feel like when he summons them he’ll be fighting the demon lord or some shit. totally bad ass. also, I’m waiting for the author to put in some original stuff, it’s already been hinted by the naruto system that he can actually make his own jutsu, he just hasn’t done it yet. what will it look like? that is the question.

      1. summoning all beast would probably happen when his on the sage of the six path level. well right now i hope he will control a dragon using his sharingan like what madara did to the ninetails.

  7. The last part of the chapter really made me excited I thought I have to drop this novel.But I changed my mind.All I want is to see the MC using genjutsu like itachi did in the badass way.

  8. Im reading an elementary essay its fucking redundant.

    Along with the emission of huge amount of eye power from the eyes of Ren Tianyou, a cold and menacing red-purple colored energy quickly spread out from the surface of Ren Tianyou’s body. And under the control of two eyes of Ren Tianyou, this energy swiftly changed into incomparably huge red-purple colored skeleton. And under the support of the eye power of Ren Tianyou, this huge red-purple colored skeleton rapidly rose, changing into more than 30 meters giant demon god. The whole body of this giant demon god divulged a heart palpitation power, and its whole body was burning with red-purple colored flame, and overall it looked like a demon god capable of destroying the heaven and exterminate the earth.

    Yes its a fucking red purle Susanoo you dam bitch.

    1. all xianxia novels pretty much exaggerates everything… like a palm attack that can literally destroys a mountain… an attack that can destroy the heaven and split the earth as the author implies…

      and you will know that in the end that everything in that world is the epitome of imbalance…

      the protagonist pisses an asshole, getting mock at first, and return the favor the next moment… witch ultimately pisses a high ranking dao practitioner, get threaten, make a comeback stronger than before, defeat the enemy, then another even higher dao practitioner, repeat the process… so yeah, i hate it already…

      with lots and lots of explanations on how OP his current enemy, when there’s someone much stronger by another league, and another by another… its ok if you just follow what the author is implying about how the world works and ignore the ‘ifs’…

      another thing is how the author explains everything (like you said), its exaggerated and redundant… sentence after sentence that it gives a headache of too much data that the author forcibly inscribed in your brain…
      (i dont really understand 60% of what the author says… about technique, strength, the worlds logic, prestige… tbh sometimes im a poor reader) when you can just skip a little and it wont affect your reading…

      because all in all, its like DBZ… world of dao, to simplify it, if you have 20000 energy and your enemy has 19950 energy… he cant win… its just that the main character is abnormal…

      the first time i read chinese novel, it picked my interest, and i finished my first novel then the second and third, drop 4,5,6 halfway reading… you get the idea…

      as of now i am only reading this novel coz im naruto fanboy… and otherworldly evil monarch coz its worth reading…

  9. Just a suggestion. Some of you may want too donate for some extra chapters. I’ve read the next several, and yeah…it gets….crazy Fucking intense.

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