In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 157

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 157: Brilliant Fireworks

Brilliant Fireworks

After taking a deep breath, Ren Tianyou began spitting out a barrage of transparent air bullets towards the approaching Ximen Batian and others.

Ximen Batian sneered in the face of Ren Tianyou’s attack, “Is that really your plan?” he said, stepping in front of the younger members of the clan protectively. After that Ximan Batian released the gold colored saint dragon battle Qi from his body, changing it into a massive Dragon God Shield. A multitude of pinging sounds were the only results of Ren Tianyou’s attack as the bullets bounced off the shield.

“Old Six, you stay here and be careful of any sneak attacks by the three people next to the walls. Old Four, Five and Seven, let’s take advantage of this opportunity and force him out from this courtyard, it is very likely that the youngsters will be injured if we continue to fight here,” ordered Ximen Batian after successfully blocking the attack of Ren Tianyou.

“Okay!” The four elders replied in unison. Then Old Six with the strength of mid god rank, fell back and stood before the younger Ximen clan members for their protection. The remaining three immediately releasing their Saint Dragon Battle Qi, and three golden beams of light snaked out from their blades as they cried, “War Dragon Style, Sky Dragon’s Attack!”

With the voices of the three elders, came the massive roars of three dragons, reverberating throughout the whole courtyard. After that three golden energy dragons filled with terrifying Saint Dragon Battle Qi shot toward Ren Tianyou leaving a blaze of golden energy in their wake, under their commands.

With a great boom of sound, the three energy dragons swallowed Ren Tianyou under the shocked gazes of all present. After the visible explosion, a terrible shockwave of energy spread in all directions. The force of the attack was so strong that even after it swallowed Ren Tianyou, it passing through him, and leaving a ravine on the floor of the courtyard behind him, it slammed into the entrance, which after having been weakened by Ren Tianyou’s last fire attack, this once exquisite entrance, already heavily damaged, collapsed altogether.

Still standing next to one of the walls, Vermilion Bird saw the destructive attacks towards Ren Tianyou, without thought she began to release a golden flame. She yelled out “Zero!” anxiety in her voice as she prepared to enter the fight.

At that moment, White Tiger, who was sitting in a relaxed cross-legged position said, “No need to worry, Vermilion Bird, this kind of weak level attack is not enough to give Zero a slight injury, so just sit back, calm down and watch.” Meanwhile Void, his face unchanging, but for the flicker of his eyes as he watched the battle.

Hearing the words of White Tiger, Vermilion Bird recalled that it had been Ren Tianyou who had rescued her from that extremely dangerous contest with the demon, this thought calmed her down immediately. After that slowly withdrawing her phoenix flames, and began watching the battlefield, ready to halt any junior member of the Ximen clan from fleeing.


The entrance door was completely destroyed by the three elders’ joint attack, nothing remained but a billowing cloud of smoke. Suddenly Ren Tianyou burst free from the cloud, Sword of Kusanagi in hand, a crackle of lightning accompanying him as he landed lightly on the ground behind.

Ren Tianyou laughed with disdain, “Hah, I didn’t even need to use my kamui to dodge that weak attack. Did you really believe that you forced me out of the courtyard? I just don’t want elder sister Yu`er to get injured due to this battle!”

From the courtyard, Ximen Batian tapered the energy needed to maintain the golden Dragon God Shield, allowing the energy of the shield to slowly shift into particles which dissipated into the air. Watching the fading shield, he spoke to the elders, “He is already forced to retreat, let’s move!” his body changing into a gold colored radiance which rushed directly towards Ren Tianyou, the three elders followed suit.

Seeing Ximen Batian and the elders rushing towards him, Ren Tianyou’s eyes flashed with a pallid light, the powerful lightning around his body slowly dissipating. Sheathing Sword of Kusanagi, he began rapidly making hand signs, completing the needed hand signs as Ximen Batian and the elders rushed out from the courtyard.

“Katon—Gokakyu no Jutsu! (Fire Style—Grand Fireball Technique!)”

Taking a deep breath, Ren Tianyou placed his right hand near his mouth, spitting out a massive fireball that shot towards Ximen Batian and the others, a wave of brilliant heat travelling behind it.

Seeing the massive fireball streaking towards them, the eyes of Ximen Batian flashed with a wan light, swinging his vast sword which was covered with his powerful Battle Qi into the oncoming fireball from Ren Tianyou.

The slash of Ximen Batian was filled with Saint Dragon Battle Qi, blocked the fireball, the two colliding together. Creating a deep crackling sound. Even with the defense of his Saint Dragon Battle Qi, the heat of the flame astonished Ximen Batian, as his face was actually burning from the heat.

All of the members of the Uchiha clan were experts in the use of fire, and although the body of Ren Tianyou belonged to Ximen Tianlong the one who his clan called a good for nothing, when the Naruto system had invaded Ren Tianyou’s soul placing him in this new body, it had changed his bloodline to that of the Uchiha. This was also why Ren Tianyou had been able to activate and use the Sharingan without much trouble.

As Ximen Batian blocked the attack of Ren Tianyou, the three elders who had been closely following rose into the sky, changing into three golden lights which began flying towards Ren Tianyou.

Seeing the three elders that were flying towards him, Ren Tianyou immediately stopped the Gokakyu no Jutsu (Grand Fireball Technique), placing both of his hands inside of his ninja tool backpack and drawing out 3 kunai into each hand, he threw them towards the incoming elders, then he started to make a series of hand signs immediately after the kunai were in the air.

Seeing the kunai that were flying towards them, the three elders smirked. “Does he really think these puny weapons are any obstruction to us?”

As the three Deity ranked experts finished this snide remark, Ren Tianyou had already finished making a series of hand signs.

Now, while both of his hands maintained the Tiger sign, he opened his mouth, speaking gently “Ninpo—Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Ninja Art—Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu).

Moments after Ren Tianyou uttered these words, the 6 kunai multiplied, continuing their flight towards the now shocked elders who, while not understanding how the advancing kunai had suddenly multiplied, still knew that even these several tens of kunai were not capable of penetrating the defense of their Deity ranked battle Qi.

Calmly, the elders swung their great swords which glimmered from the light surrounding their bodies, hearing only the sound of multiple metallic collisions as they easily blocked the kunai.

As the kunai were reflected away, the elders noticed that attached to the very end of these weapons were transparent steel wires, the other end of these short steel wires containing paper with an unknown rune.

In front of them, Ren Tianyou, having completed the hand seals for the Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu, smirked at them with scorn, placing the palms of both hands together spitting a single word, “EXPLODE!”

With a series of deafening explosions ringing out, the papers with the rune upon them suddenly ignited under the shocked gaze of the elders, the explosions engulfing them. Ren Tianyou slowly released his hands, looking to the sky, where the explosions continued to reverberate, a smile appearing on his face, “What brilliant fireworks!”

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  1. Wow, I just skipped 3 chapters and nothing’s changed.
    This author really likes to explain each and every dialogue, some of them spoken by insignificant characters and lengthen the chapters.

  2. Could have used rasenshuriken
    Could have summoned a tail beast
    Could have used his Sharingan
    Could have used susanoo

    But why would the author let him make a smart choice to end the fight quickly, knowing rienforcments are coming… Instead letting him drag it on for a more complicated situation.
    Atleast we all know for the next 20ish chapters it will be nonstop fighting.

    1. Novel logic, or so they say.
      It would be fine if Ren Tianyou planned to lure the old folk from their coffins, but he is not, so that was a novel logic.

    2. he doesnt have an unlimited supply of chakra so he cant use super op jutsu on the weak guys when he knows the really strong ones are coming

      1. That’s the point because he clearly said he doesn’t wish to fight them, so saving up strength and prolonging this is just dumb.

    3. He cant show his big moves yet. In the real fight you likely want to keep your trump cards in hand, aren’t you. So he is.

  3. Thank You Translator-san and Editor-san for the magnificent chapter~

    a smile appearing on his face, “What brilliant fireworks!”
    ~I lol-ed so hard

  4. Thank you for the chapter!

    The editing is good, the words flowing nicely. No error that I can see, but don’t take my word for it, my grammar’s terrible!

    I can’t help but thinking “KATSU!!!” at those explode command LOL

  5. i wanna see him use his illusion jutsu more… and pls learn fly magic… don’t be limited in using your cheat… right? yes he has OP cheat, but magic in that world should be fun to research (in his extra time)… he doesn’t practice any cultivation right? what if, he failed to accomplish a single mission and it happens to seal a part of his power, the sharingan, alone will compromise his battle capabilities… so learning magic is very much helpful during those time if not convenient to use… what ya think?

    p.s. flying magic, 4rth tsusikage and nagato has it, in the level of kage… if you consider jinchuriki obito and madara, then we expect him to learn flying type jutsu… but we will expect it to be long chapter… and the very logical jutsu he will learn at this pace is the jutsu of tsusikage… so learning flying type magic is a must… i think… or did he already learn it? sorry guys i skip chapters…

        1. I think the tsuchikage can fly cuz he is using an allegiating jutsu…and he will naturally fly if he unlocks rinnegan

          1. well yeah… but for how long?… what i want to say is that, he should learn magic in that world like flying… in his fight agaisnt ximen clan no 1 and 2… they pointed out that he cant fly even though his power and techique is on god level shit… and they fought an aerial battle… no1 freezes the ground which make anything frozen… thats why tianyu is very wary and careful…

            what you think?

    1. guys, as far as i remmbr his gnjutsu is very potent… in a second it can make his ‘weak’ enemy to fall into daze… and strike… no more flashy jutsu… no talk, no shit, no if and no but… just die, and end the situation already. ah… i pretty much love how itachi handles his mission, smooth and swift… pretty much OP. dont you think? sorry guys, itachi fan here… ok you say don’t compare the original to ****… but you should expect that we(fans) will expect what we expect as expected… ahaha… and guys, i’ve grown attached to this novel… everyday i check for updates… i kinda feel sorry for myself. but hey, i wann finish it. ah, i don’t usually right comments, when i read, but you can expect again how kinda ‘disappointed’, sort of but not totally disapointed i am…
      and you dont want to dissapoint an UCHIHA, or i will blind myself to trap you in tsukoyomi for as long as i go blind, ill overuse my eternal mangekyo sharingan…

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