In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 155

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 155: Known by many

Known by many

Ren Tianyou and others dispersed and rushed towards the crowd of guards. Although the strength of all of these guards were Great Sword Master at minimum, furthermore there were more than 10 Saint ranked experts within them, they didn’t even put these guards in their eyes. Perhaps this kind of strength was extremely formidable in the eyes of ordinary people, but how could these four people of Akatsuki organization be ordinary person?

First of all, no need to talk about Ren Tianyou, White Tiger and Void, both of them were elite juniors from ancient 100 clans, had access to the most perfect inheritance, and had already reached Deity rank in strength. Because of the special characteristics of his blood lineage, White Tiger had already reached High-Sword Deity in strength. And although the strength of Void was only at Mid-Sword Deity, nevertheless combining it with his special blood lineage—-Heart death, he was able to surpass his level, and battle against the Peak-Deity ranked experts.

Although the strength of Vermilion Bird was only at peak-Saint rank, nevertheless her Phoenix God blood lineage was extremely formidable blood lineage, with which she could use flame of flame phoenix. The heat of this flame of flame phoenix was clear to everyone, it’s said to be able to burn the heaven and exterminate the earth. And it’s said that the possessor of this blood lineage could also bath in rebirth fire, and after bathing in rebirth fire their strength would increase further, but each person with Phoenix God blood lineage could bath in rebirth fire only once throughout their whole life, and they must have comprehend the power of Phoenix God blood lineage to certain extent to be able to use this ability.

Just like a wolf that had entered the flock of sheep, they directly started to kill these guards. Honestly speaking there was no resentment between these guards and Ren Tianyou, and the revenge target of Ren Tianyou was also only the members of Ximen clan. But currently he didn’t take this into consideration, now all the people who stood in his way were his enemies. Regardless of who they were, this time he didn’t mind to ruthlessly kill all of them.

“Chi!” the sword of kusanagi in the right hand of Ren Tianyou directly stabbed through the body of a guard who wanted to sneak attack Ren Tianyou from behind, ending his life. At the same time, 5-6 guards who were holding a long swords rushed towards Ren Tianyou from the front.

“Humph!” Seeing these incoming guards, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, loosen his right hand, then the guard behind him fell down. After that he quickly made a series of hand seals, then his right hand emitted a powerful lightning. And an ear-piercing sound of birds chirping rang out.

Ren Tianyou slightly bowed, drooped his right hand, and the powerful lightning of Chidori shattered the hard floor of Soaring Dragon Villa. After that his eyes firmly locked on to the incoming guards who were about to arrive in front of him.

“Swish!” The body of Ren Tianyou blurred and disappeared from his original location, leaving behind only his after image. Then Ren Tianyou instantly arrived in front of the foremost guard, and under the unable to believe expression of this guard, the chidori in the right hand of Ren Tianyou directly stabbed his body, making a huge hole in his abdomen.

“Eh!?” This guard was surprised and he wanted to open his mouth and groan in pain, but due to the continuous flow of lightning of chidori to his body, his body was completely paralyzed. After that he sensed that he was slowly losing all of his strength, and finally slowly closed his eyes forever.

“First one!” Ren Tianyou gloomily said, then he took out his right hand which was covered with chidori from the corpse of already dead guard, then he continued to rush in front of him. Because he was drooping his right hand, the chidori in his right hand continued to cut open a long ravine on the floor, and very quickly he made a contact with second guard. Seeing the fate of the first guard, this guard had already taken a precaution against the move of Ren Tianyou. When Ren Tianyou almost arrived in front of him, the long sword in his right hand emitted a yellow colored radiance and then he chopped it towards the head of Ren Tianyou.

Seeing the slash of this long sword, the Sharingan of Ren Tianyou already saw through the path of this attack, and just before this sword could arrive in front of his head, he suddenly bent his body, successfully dodging this attack, after that his right hand that was filled with chidori directly stabbed the body of this guard, ending his life.

“Two!” Ren Tianyou coldly said, and continued to advance towards the remaining targets. And on the other sides, White Tiger and others were also carrying out a massacre.

White Tiger holding the rapier among the three double edged swords in his back, was continuously attacking all the people around him with a ruthless smile on his face. And his body was slowly releasing misty sword qi, which gave out a fierce aura, as if these sword qi was about to pierce through the void around him. Now looking at the guards around him with an excited expression on his face while holding his rapier, he opened his mouth, and said with voice filled with killing intent, “Nine sword secret art—-1st form——flowing light form!”

After White Tiger spit out these words, the white colored sword qi around his body suddenly lit up and rose, covered his whole body, then his body immediately changed into white colored sword light and disappeared from that location.

Immediately after White Tiger disappeared, the guards around that place suddenly gave out a blood-curdling scream. After ‘ah’, ‘ah’, ‘ah’…………..a series of miserable scream, every guards around them covered their neck, fell down on the ground, and continued to churn. And one could clearly see that the blood was continuously seeping out from the gap between their fingers of the hand which had covered their neck. Obviously this was caused by White Tiger, in such a short time, he had directly cut the throat of all the guards around him in an extremely high speed.

In the middle of these fallen guards, along with the white colored sword light, White Tiger who was holding rapier which was still dripping with blood appeared. Then looking at the miserable condition around him, a ruthless smile appeared in his face, after that he stepped forward. The strength of all those guards who were rolling and struggling on the ground slowly disappeared, then stopped their struggle and turned into a cold corpse.


On the other side, Void who was holding karma transmigration firmly stared at the magnificent lineup of three Saint ranked guard leader furthermore seven Great Swords Master in front of him.

Although the other’s strength was very high, nevertheless as a member of Death clan, Void was not afraid of them. One could clearly see this from the continuously quivering with excitement karma transmigration in his hand. Suddenly, karma transmigration automatically flew out from his hand and rose in the air in front of him, then the grey colored undead battle qi around his body and Void himself directly changed into a grey colored light and flowed into the blade of karma transmigration. After absorbing them, the karma transmigration sent out a violent sound, and a huge grey colored energy surrounded the karma transmigration’s blade, then the length of the blade increased by several meter, and changed into a big sword. And this sword now release an extremely fierce sword qi, and was filled with fierce aura which seemed unstoppable.

“Dance of Undead, 1st dance—–Undead slash open the sky!”

Then this sword just like slashing through the void, directly appeared above the head of these 10 guards, and advanced imposingly towards them.

At that time, three figure flew from below towards this incoming slash. Then the three metal colliding sound rang out, those three Saint ranked guards had released their powerful battle qi and had used their weapons to block this slash. But the shoulder of these three were unceasingly trembling, it seems it was not that easy to block this block this attack, despite their best effort.

“Hong!” These three Saint ranked guards were pressed down to the ground by the attack of Void, then ‘kacha kacha’ several cracking sound rank out. And a several huge cracks appeared in the floor of this place, which spread in all direction.

At that time, several sound of movement was heard, those remaining 7 guards had taken this chance and was advancing towards Void while releasing their powerful battle qi.

But when they had just arrived where the three Saint ranked guard leader fallen, suddenly huge grey colored energy ring appeared above the huge sword. And the energies in the air continuously advanced towards this ring, then these rings lit with grey colored radiance.

Seeing this ring, and especially that gradually rising radiance, the guards felt chill inside their heart. And before they could make any move, they were completely suppressed and couldn’t move at all, and could only look helplessly. After that this ring erupted with a loud sound.

“Death Shockwave!”

“Hong!” Along with a loud explosion sound, this huge ring burst and the death wave spread in all direction in a high speed. The floor was completely crushed into pieces and changed into power. And the three Saint ranked guard leader were the first to be affected, this terrifying attack wave immediately engulfed them, and even the seven guards behind them were not able to flee from this shock wave. This attack engulfed everything at that place.

Along with a loud explosion sound, a huge dusts and smoke rose up, which engulfed everything within the radius of five meters. After that, several guards who were lacking hands or legs shot out from this huge dusts and smoke, fell on the ground, and lied on the ground motionlessly. They were clearly dead.

After the smokes and dusts dissipated, the circumstance inside could be seen. A deep crater which was about one meter in radius had appeared in that place, and at the bottom of this crater, the figure of Void who was wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it gradually became visible. And in the sky above him, karma transmigration lightly chirped, slowly revert back to its original size, and flew back to his hand.

Next to him, there lied the scattered corpse of several guards. Under that sudden terrifying attack of Void, even those three Saint ranked guard were not able to escape from their death. Void looked towards the sky, and changed into a grey colored light and disappeared from there.


On the other side, a powerful golden colored flame had appeared on the surface of the tender body of Vermilion bird. The temperature of this flame was so hot that it seems even the air around her were being evaporated by this flame. This was Phoenix God blood lineage’s the ability to use Phoenix flame, which could burn nearly all evil energy in this world.

Looking at more than 10 guards around her, a beautiful smile appeared on the fiery red lips of Vermilion Bird, then with a thought, the fire phoenix sword flashed with flame and automatically flew out from the sheath and landed on her hand.

After the fire phoenix sword landed on her hand, the terrifying golden flame on her body flowed towards the blade of that sword, after that the blade of fire phoenix sword was thoroughly filled with the golden flame light beam. Then looking at the guards in front of her with her two big beautiful eyes, she opened her mouth and yelled in her lovely voice.

“Phoenix soar the heaven!”

After that along with the loud cry of Phoenix, a huge fire phoenix rose from the blade of the fire phoenix sword, flapped its two huge flame wings, raised its huge head and flew in the sky.

After this huge fire phoenix rose, the body of Vermilion Bird changed into gold colored flame light, and flew in the sky. Then staring at those guards below with a ruthless smile on her beautiful face, she gave order to the fire phoenix to attack.

After hearing the command of Vermilion Bird, the enormous eyes of fire phoenix stared at the guards below on the ground, spread its wings, and directly changing into huge fire, it directly scooped towards the guards below.

“Hong!” Along with loud explosion sound, a huge gold colored flame engulfed the area within the radius of 7 or 8 meters. And an extremely high heat was also spread in all direction from this flame.

After that Feng Wu slowly walked out from the middle of this golden flame, and the fire phoenix sword she was holding with her right hand changed into fire radiance and disappeared.


After Ren Tianyou had finished off several guards in front of him, he saw that more than 30 guards were blocking the only path which lead to the interior of the villa, then he thought to himself, “I should not waste any more time in this place, I reckon very soon those old experts of Ximen clan inside the city will also get the news of attack here. And if we still hadn’t completed our task before those experts arrive here, it would be troublesome.”

Thinking this, the eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed, and quickly made a series of hand seals. Finished making hand seals, Ren Tianyou yelled.

“Katon——Goukakyuu no Jutsu! (Fire Style——Grand Fireball Technique!)”

After making hand seals was completed, he placed his right hand which was curled in front of his mouth, took a deep breath and spat out a huge fire ball from his mouth towards those guards standing in front of him.

Seeing a huge fire ball was advancing towards them, they released a powerful battle qi radiances from their body, and swung their swords, which send out huge energy slash flying towards the incoming fire ball. After that along with a huge explosion sound, this huge fire ball continuously became smaller and disappeared.

But before these guards had time to become happy, a loud dragon roar rang out, and they suddenly saw a huge fiery dragon was advancing towards them, when they had just finished dealing with huge fireball.

As a matter of fact, after Ren Tianyou had used Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Grand Fireball Technique), he had continued to make hand seals of Katon——Goryuka no Jutsu (Fire Style—-Dragon Flame Jutsu), and taking the advantage of the gap when the guards were attacking, he had fired this ninjutsu.

Along with a loud explosion sound, the screaming voice of those guards rang out. Under to the attack Goryuka no Jutsu (Dragon Flame Jutsu) of Ren Tianyou, many guards were sent flying, some had their body roasted by this terrifying flame, and some were directly blown to pieces. Even after this, this attack continued to advance forward, and hit the entrance gate. And along with the loud explosion sound, the luxurious entrance door of the Ximen clan shook violently as if it would collapse at any moment.

After seeing that all the guards were taken care of, Ren Tianyou walked towards the front, passed through the smoke caused by the explosion at the entrance door, and entered the courtyard of Soaring Dragon Villa. Then looked at the groups of people of Ximen clan who were standing at the hall.

Just at that time, several movement sound came from behind Ren Tianyou, then three radiance appeared at his side, and from inside this radiance, the figure of White Tiger and other appeared.

Due to the wind created by their appearance at his side, the black robe with red clouds imprinted on it worn by Ren Tianyou fluttered. After that looking at Ximen Batian and others of Ximen clan, he slowly said, “I came, next, it’s time to calculate the all the accounts.”



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