In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 150

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 150: Futon——Rasenshuriken (Wind Style—-Rasen Shuriken)

Futon——Rasenshuriken (Wind Style—-Rasen Shuriken)

There was not enough time to think, Ren Tianyou instantly stop the process of absorbing Aibute, because whenever he was in the process of absorbing another person or anything else, his body must be materialized at the time.

So Ren Tianyou was forced to stop kamui to absorb Aibute, and immediately switch this power on his own body, making his body transparent and directly passed through the body of Aibute. After that he swiftly retreated.

And after Ren Tianyou had just left from that place, a heavy long spear directly shot through this place, and advanced towards Aibute. But when that spear reached near Aibute, he waved his hand, then that heavy spear suddenly stopped in front of him. Then it automatically flew back to his hand.

Down below on the ground, Ren Tianyou was squatting on the ground while covering his right eye, and his left eye was firmly staring at Aibute.

“Hu… this the backlash of forcedly stopping doujutsu of my right eye?” Feeling a strong tingling pain in his right eye, Ren Tianyou took a deep breath and muttered. Because he had forcedly interrupt his kamui, Ren Tianyou had received some degree of backlash to his right eye.

Ren Tianyou recalled the battle situation of just a moment ago, then with a smile on his face, he thought, “It seems this fellow has already analyzed the ability of my kamui, as a result, he had intentionally set up a trap like this, and was waiting for me to jump in. If not for my timely reaction, the spear would have pierced through my heart.”

Although the kamui of his right eye could be said to be heaven defying ability, as not only could he send his own body to a different dimension, making all the attacks directly pass through his body as if his body is transparent, but also had the ability to suck in any people or thing he came into contact with to a different dimension, and completely suppress them with his dimension. Furthermore using this ability he could move through space, to instantly travel ultra large distance and go wherever he want to go.

But just like Uchiha Itachi of Naruto world said, there is no invincible jutsu, every jutsu possess a certain weakness, so this kamui too was not invincible jutsu. When absorbing himself and other, he must materialize first, and he must also materialize at the time of attacking, this was a weakness of kamui.

Although kamui is heaven defying ability, nevertheless peak experts could use these small weakness to reverse the outcome of the battle. Just now because of his carelessness, this fellow nearly took him down by using this this point.

“Ai, the difference in experience is clearly seen from this.” Ren Tianyou sighed, and also thought that he had looked down upon the experts of this world a little bit. This was mainly because his strength increased too quickly, without experiencing many actual life and death battle, compared to other experts who had gone through countless life and death battle and grew up step by step. Although he had Naruto system that ensure the rapid growth of his strength, nevertheless it was powerless to increase his combat experience, so he needs to depend on himself to increase his combat experience. Now fighting with this fellow Ren Tianyou understood his own weakness, so hereafter during the cultivation, paying attention to this point is enough. If there was not any urgent matter after this, then perhaps Ren Tianyou would have accompanied this fellow for a good match, but currently he urgently had to go to Ailer Empire, so he had not much time to waste here.

“Since it is like this, I have to use this new ninjutsu I have mastered to end this fight.” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou removed his hand which was covering his right eye, then slowly adjust his right eye. Although he still felt a bit of tingling pain, but this pain was still bearable.

“Little boy, didn’t expect your reaction speed was this fast? This was still not enough to kill you.” Looking at Ren Tianyou in front of him, Aibute spoke. Then still staring at Ren Tianyou, he sneered, “Although your ability to let anything pass through your body is troublesome, nevertheless from now on this move is already useless against me.”

“Is it?” Hearing Aibute, Ren Tianyou didn’t say a word to deny it, he just made a series of hand seals.

“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone Jutsu!)”

Along with several ‘peng’, ‘peng’, ‘peng’……… sound, several white smoke suddenly appeared, then six exactly same Ren Tianyou appeared on the side of Ren Tianyou.

“This is……..clones?” Seeing the sudden appearance of several clones, Aibute was greatly surprised as if he had seen something unbelievable. But after that he instantly calmed down and showed a disdain smile, and said, “Humph, boring tricks, many clones is also garbage.”

“Begin operation, first you four stall for time.” Ren Tianyou said looking towards the 4 shadow clones at his side, then stretch his right hand, and the remaining two shadow clones walked over to Ren Tianyou and extend both of their hands. After that a powerful chakra gradually condensed in the hand of Ren Tianyou.


Four shadow clones immediately stepped forward, one shadow clone took out a scroll form inside its knapsack, untied the rope and spread out the scroll on the ground. Many lines were drawn on this scroll.

After that this shadow clone quickly made a series of hand seals, the speed of making hand seals was extremely fast, which was enough to dazzle people who were watching.

“Doton—-Uitenpen! (Earth Style—-Impermanence!)”

After making a series of hand seals, this shadow clone heavily slammed his right hand on the scroll, then a mysterious black colored runes appeared above the scroll.

After that along with the voice of this shadow clone, the ground of this valley started to violently shake, and also started to crack open.

“This is?” Feeling the violent shaking of the ground, Aibute became solemn, just at that time, a huge stone pillar suddenly shot towards him from beneath the ground where he was standing.

“Not good!” thought Aibute. Then he instantly flew in the sky to dodge this stone pillar, but just like a bamboo shoots after a spring rain, countless other huge stone pillars just like the previous one started to grow out from the ground of this ravine, forcing Aibute to keep on dodging.

Although Aibute had considered to fly high up in the sky to completely dodge this, but due to the seal in the sky, he was not able to do so.

“Dammit, Heaven’s strike!” Seeing the continuous rise of stone pillars, Aibute tightly held the spear in his hand, and then poured his black colored magical power into the spear, after that a huge spear light was shot out from the tip of his spear, towards the stone pillars beneath him. And a loud sound of explosion rang out.

And on the ground, the shadow clone of Ren Tianyou which had used this jutsu also changed into a white smoke and disappeared, because the chakra inside its body was used up. But the preparation of Ren Tianyou’s ninjutsu was still not complete.

“Our turn.” The remaining three shadow clones roared loudly, then all of them jumped and landed above the top of the stone pillars. Then stared at flying Aibute.

“Suiton—-Suiryudan no Jutsu! (Water Style—-Water Dragon Jutsu!)” Among them, one of the shadow clown quickly made a series of hand seals, then along with the loud roar of the dragon, under the command of this shadow clone a huge water dragon which was emitting blue radiances advanced towards Aibute.

“Humph. Useless.” Looking at the incoming huge water dragon, Aibute spoke without the slightest bit of fear. Then he waved his spear with his right hand straight towards incoming water dragon.

“Break!” Aibute loudly roared, then the spear in his right hand directly stabbed the head of water dragon, but before he could put forth his strength, he suddenly felt that his body was paralyzed. Calmly looking, he saw the surface of the water dragon was covered by large amount of lightning.

Aibute looked towards the origin of this water dragon, then he saw that another one of the shadow clone was emitting lightning and was pouring it to the body of this huge water dragon.

“So you still had the power of lightning? But this level of power is still not enough to defeat me.” Seeing this lightning, Aibute slowly thought inside his heart, then he slowly started to release a large amount of his magical power. Then a black colored huge magic dragon suddenly appeared in front of him. Then along with a loud dragon roar, this magic dragon instantly changed into three magic dragon and shot towards the three shadow clones of Ren Tianyou. After that along with ‘peng’, ‘peng’, ‘peng’ sound, the three shadow clones of Ren Tianyou suddenly changed into white smoke and disappeared.

After that the three magic dragon combined into a single one, then the body of this magic dragon slowly changed into a magic mist and dissipated. After that just when Aibute was preparing to look for Ren Tianyou, he suddenly sensed a peculiar sensation from behind him. He immediately turned around, and saw that Ren Tianyou had already appeared behind him without his knowledge, and was rushing towards him. And in his right hand, there was a huge rotating wind system energy light blade.

“Not good!” Seeing Ren Tianyou who was rushing towards him, Aibute exclaimed. He only had enough time to cover his body with a layer of black colored magical power light, and Ren Tianyou was already in front of him.

“Just go to hell, you bastard. Futon——Rasenshuriken! (Wind Style—-Rasen Shuriken!)” After arriving in front of Aibute, the rasenshuriken in his right hand directly smashed the energy shield of Aibute which was hastily put up, and was sent flying.

The sent flying body of Aibute along with rasenshuriken broke countless stone pillars which was created by Ren Tianyou.

“Burst!” Seeing that Aibute had fallen to the ground, Ren Tianyou muttered lightly. Just after that, the rasenshuriken that had hit Aibute send out an extremely loud explosion sound, and a huge windstorm which covered several tens of meters suddenly appeared with Aibute as a center.

Aibute suddenly felt as if countless thin needles were piercing through his whole body, and he could only roar in pain, and he couldn’t even move his finger.

Only after almost a minute, this huge windstorm slowly dissipated. A super huge crater had appeared at that place. The body of Aibute lose its support in the air, and fell down at the bottom of this crater.


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      1. I think it s more advance than naruto rasenshuriken. It didnt burst the moment of impact, which is why naruto use flying rasenshuriken to avoid that burst’ effect.

  1. You know, Obito’s left eye is with Kakashi, and it’s long ranged Kamui. MC awakened Obito’s eyes. So why is he limited to close ranged Kamui??? Did author even read the manga or watch the anime? Feels like they just googled and skimmed over a summary.

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