In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 15

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edited by: coolmind1988 and souna rock

first regular chapter.


In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 15: Duel


All the food and delicacies on the table were rapidly wiped out. Ren Tianyou had stayed at Magical Beasts’ Forest for more than two years, and had only eaten roasted meat of magical beasts like a savage, so now for him, anything other than roasted meat was a high level delicacy. And Lan Yan and others were the descended of large clans, from childhood on, they had lived in luxury but this time they suddenly had to go to the Magical Beasts’ Forest for a month long training exercise. These pampered youths had to endure hardships they hadn’t had to before. So when they suddenly saw the table full of delicacies, even Lan Xinmeng and the other beautiful girls were unable to mask their desire. Ren Tianyou and company rushed to devour all the food served on the table.

“Burp!” Luo Tianxing leaned back at his chair and released a satisfied burp.

“Finally I got the chance to eat my fill. At the Magical Beast forest, I, your father had to hold back for 1 month!”

“Really? You cannot eat anymore!? Just a moment ago, you were vigorously stuffing your face. Take a look at the bones left on your plate by yourself, you have devoured a whole barbecued pig.” Lan Yan said with a gaze full of disdain.

“Bah! You should take a look at Tianyou. He is the real master.” After listening to Lan Yan, Luo Tianxing said while pointing towards Ren Tianyou. Lan Yan and company suddenly turned towards Ren Tianyou, suddenly everyone’s mouth gaped open.

They only saw that Ren Tianyou was still furiously eating. In front of him were at least seven or eight empty plates as well as many scattered bones.

Ren Tianyou suddenly felt all of them were looking at him so he raised his head and discovered that all the others had their mouth gaping wide open and were looking at him with listless eyes. So he asked full of curiosity.

“Well, why are you all looking at me like that, and why are you not eating?”

“Well, brother Tianyou, are you full?” Long Luoluo asked stunned.

“Well, about half full.”

Along with the answer of Ren Tianyou, several thumping sounds could be heard. And he merely saw that Lan Yan and the others had fallen from their chair.  Lan Xinmeng and the other two beautiful ladies were also sitting unstable on their chairs.

“God, finally I know what a real glutton is.” Still sitting on the floor, Li Feng exclaimed.

“Yeah until now I believed I was someone who could eat a lot, but in front of Tianyou, I am inferior.” Luo Tianxing said with an admiring light in his eyes.

Listening to the others, the face of Ren Tianyou was growing darker by the second, and he was shouting in his heart, “F**k, I, your father am losing my face again and again since I came to this world, damn it!”

When Ren Tianyou was whining, suddenly the surprised voice of a male came from the stairs.

“Luoluo, that’s great. I didn’t expect to see you here, it seems we are truly destined.” A youth who was wearing magnificent clothes and was followed by four guards came towards them with a surprised face.

“Humph. Tian Yunguan, who is destined with you? We are not familiar with each other, and first take a look in the mirror. Don’t try to act familiar with me!” Seeing this youth, the face of Long Luoluo suddenly became quite unsightly, and spoke with a disgusted expression on her face.

“Luoluo, why are you speaking like this, I am very heartbroken. Am I not treating you wholeheartedly? But why do you still not understand my feelings?” This youth known as Tian Yunguan, said with a sad expression.

Ren Tianyou who was standing at the side suddenly frowned. Just now he saw a hidden glimmer of anger flash in the eyes of Tian Yunguan. There was no possible way to be mistaken as even his normal eyes were already powerful enough to see through others after awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan.

“This fellow is definitely bad news. Deep in his heart he is scheming.” Ren Tianyou thought.

“Humph, you are disgusting. You think I don’t know about your matters? You have already said that same sentence to at least 50 other women, isn’t that true?”

Long Luoluo replied disgusted.

“Eh, sister Luoluo, you are misunderstanding me. How can all those women compare to you?” Hearing Luoluo, murderous intent flashed in his eyes but he suppressed it, instead said with a smile.

“Humph. I’m disgusted. Don’t address me like you are close to me. I’ll not speak with you!” While speaking Luoluo suddenly caught the sight of Ren Tianyou. The corner of her mouth raised a little and she ran towards him and took his arm in her bosom, after that she said towards Tian Yunguan, “And I already have a boyfriend, so from now on don’t bother me.”

“Brother Tianyou, help me driving out this fellow.” Long Luoluo lowered her head and whispered in a quiet voice.”

“Leave it to me.” Ren Tianyou assured Long Luoluo. He didn’t have a shred of good impression towards this Tian Yunguan. This fellow was a deep schemer and had great patience. Since he had already become friends with Lan Yan and the others, he would not allow this fellow to hurt them.

“He~~Sister Luoluo, you don’t need to deceive me. His strength is only at Intermediate Fighter level, he is just a garbage! How can this garbage be your boyfriend?” Seeing Ren Tianyou was only at the level of an Intermediate Fighter, Tian Yunguan said with a condescending look.

“You….!?” Hearing Tian Yunguan insulting Ren Tianyou, Long Luoluo became angry. Behind Lan Yan and company also frowned and stood up.

At that time, Ren Tianyou suddenly patted the hand of Long Luoluo, and stepped towards Tian Yunguan and said,

“Hey, just a moment ago you said garbage, who spoke garbage?”

“I spoke garbage.” Tian Yunguan said without thinking.

“Oh, right, indeed you spoke garbage.” He shrugged his shoulders with a look of disdain.

“You are courting death!” Just now Tian Yunguan discovered his mistake, and suddenly his face blackened. He approached Ren Tianyou with murderous intentions.

“Humph, Tian clan’s kid, don’t force me.” Seeing that Tian Yunguan wanted to attack, Luo Tianxing swiftly appeared in front of Tianyou and forced Tian Yunguan to stop.

“Hey, you are quite bold to raise your hand here, do you believe it when I, say I can bury you forever in this town?” Li Feng said with a face full of contempt.

“You… all.” Tian Yunguan couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Luo Tianxing and others were standing up to protect an Intermediate Fighter trash.

“What I told you before still counts. I will not object, if you chase after my sister without using your despicable means to win her heart. But now my sister already has a person she likes, you better give up before going too far!” Long You interrupted Tian Yunguan’s words.

“Humph. Very good. Bloke, if you are a man then do you dare have a duel with me? Let’s see who is more suitable for Luoluo.” Tian Yunguan unwillingly looked at Ren Tianyou and roared.

“Brother Tianyou, do not accept. He is already a Great Illusion Scholar.” Long Luoluo said anxiously.

“Correct, don’t accept it, Tianyou. He has a grade four blood lineage suitable for illusionist.” Luo Mengwu also nervously persuaded Ren Tianyou.

“Don’t worry and rest assured. I don’t look down on this guy.” Ren Tianyou carelessly said. In his heart he was thinking, “Playing with illusion in front of me, will be your downfall.”

“But……” Long Luoluo was still anxious.

“Calm down, calm down. Have a little faith in me.” He comforted the beautiful little lady Long Luoluo. Actually Ren Tianyou wanted to know more about the illusionist, and magicians of this different world.

“Tianyou, are you really sure about this……” Luo Tianxing also was also not convinced.

“He he, rest assured, honestly speaking I am not underestimating him. Do you really believe I am only Intermediate Fighter…?” Ren Tianyou said with mysterious smile.

“Well, in short, just be a bit more careful.” Luo Tianxing said.

“Humph, dumb idiot. See how I will play with you.” He said with ferocious expression, seeing that Ren Tianyou had agreed to the duel.

“Yeah, sure.” Ren Tianyou was not in the mood to play with this clown.

Luo Tianxing and other paid the bills and left the Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant. They directly went to the duel field which was located at center of the town. Inside Eiffel town it was not allowed to engage in combat, so if anyone wanted to settle their score they had to go to the duel field. If a battle took place inside the town then, no matter the identity of the person, you would be punished.

They arrived at dueling place, Ren Tianyou and Tian Yunguan jumped onto the arena. And the staffs also arrived there, and raised a barrier so that no one could interfere with the duel. But life and death duels were not allowed in this arena.

“Ha ha, dumb idiot, you snatched my Long Luoluo, so I’ll not let you die easily. I’ll let you despair before you die!” Seeing that the barrier of the arena was raised, Tian Yunguan arrogantly roared towards Ren Tianyou.

“Finished? If you have finished talking then let’s begin. I want to return back to eat.” Ren Tianyou used his finger to dig out his ear and spoke towards Tian Yunguan with ridicule.

“Humph, since you urgently want to die, then I’ll fulfill your wish.” After finished speaking, Tian Yunguan took out a staff, and suddenly released his illusion power.

“Illusion blood lineage!” After Tian Yunguan shouted, his body suddenly became a little illusionary, and it became harder to know whether it was real or not.

“Interesting! I hope you will not disappoint me.” Seeing Tian Yunguan, Ren Tianyou said to himself. And then he suddenly closed his eyes and when he had opened it again, his eyes had changed into blood red in color and it contained three spiraling curves. “Mangekyo Sharingan open!”

“You…….” A look of surprise appeared when Tian Yunguan as he saw Ren Tianyou’s eyes. Just now he had merely seen those eyes but he felt like his consciousness almost sunk. He was so scared that he immediately turned away, and no longer dared to look at those eyes.

“Use all the moves you have. I just so happen to want to take a look at your illusions. Don’t disappoint me.” Ren Tianyou causally said.

“Brother, do you see the eyes of Tianyou?” At the audience, Luo Mengwu asked Luo Tianxing.

“Well, this should be his power of blood lineage. I didn’t expected, his blood lineage power was located in his eyes. Still it’s quite strange.” Luo Tianxing looked surprised, but he was not in discomfort. Because Ren Tianyou had controlled his power so that it would not affect the audience.

“Damn, how dare you underestimate me? I’ll cut your body into thousand pieces.” Tian Yunguan was filled to the brim with anger and suddenly began to use his illusion to attack Ren Tianyou.

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  1. Oh Snap~! Finally some ninja arts….so sorely missed. Hopefully he doesn’t do something foolish, it wouldn’t even be funny then.
    Copy all them Illusion Arts kaka~~

  2. Finally a fight. This guy is a common Xianxia bastard but he messed with the wrong one to use Illusion with. Furthermore, the guy he is messing with is our MC with Itachi Mangekyo Sharingan(LOOOL). The Illusion the MC use would be worth to see.
    Thanks for the chapter

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