In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 149

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 149: Diversion


Because this seal was specially created by the experts of mankind to seal the demon clans, as a result Ren Tianyou was able to enter inside this barrier without any hindrance. Landing on the ground of the ravine, Ren Tianyou looked towards the member of demon clan who was holding a huge spear in his hand while floating in the sky, then his eyes automatically changed into Mangekyo Sharingan, as he became serious. Although Ren Tianyou vowed solemnly, nevertheless he was not 100% sure that he was able to kill this fellow. When all’s said and done, this fellow was an expert of God’s domain level, so a moment of single carelessness would definitely cost Ren Tianyou his life.

“Haha, little human boy, you are truly stupid, actually coming here to court your death.” Looking at Ren Tianyou, that demon clan laughed heartily and said, “It’s already been several thousand years since I last tasted the blood of the humans. Little boy, I’ll let you leave behind your name, since you will be the first person I’ll be eating after I was trapped inside this seal several thousand years ago.”

“My name is Zero, am the leader of Akatsuki organization.”Ren Tianyou slowly said, then looking face to face with demon clan he added, “Now your name and status.”

“Since you asked, there is no harm in letting you know. My name is Aibute—–Xibolai, am small team leader of devil army group under His Excellency Demon Emperor of Demon World, and am a Low-god.” This demon clan i.e. Aibute boldly introduced himself, then his special blue colored eyes stared at Ren Tianyou and added, “Little boy, reminisce stops here, now it’s time for you to say goodbye to this world.”

Finished speaking, Aibute suddenly waved his spear with his right hand. After that a huge pitch-black colored spear attack gushed out from the spear, which advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

“Humph, deserved to be called demon clan, still truly despicable, actually initiating an attack all of a sudden.” Seeing the sudden attack of Aibute, Ren Tianyou sneered, his right foot heavily stepped on the ground, then he advanced towards incoming attack. He had no intention to dodge or block the incoming attack, he just directly advanced towards the incoming attack with the intention of meeting it head on.

Seeing this move of Ren Tianyou, Aibute exposed a mocking smile on his face, because he clearly understood the true power of his 100 demon liao attack style. Although this spear attack looked like ordinary and mediocre, but its power was absolutely not as it seems. But when Aibute was ridiculing, the scene he saw in front of him, stupefied him.

He saw his attack directly passing through the body of Ren Tianyou as if the body of Ren Tianyou was transparent. And Ren Tianyou was still advancing towards him without losing any speed.

“What?” Seeing the strange scene in front of him, he was shocked. But as a Low God realm expert, he very quickly adjusted his mentality. His eyes revealed a serious look, and was not that relax like just a moment ago, “Ability to change into emptiness? Really a hard to deal ability, however I do not believe that you are able to continuously use this ability for a long time.”

Thinking this, Aibute directly rushed towards Ren Tianyou, tightly clenched the spear in is hand, and stabbed towards Ren Tianyou.

Even after seeing that the spear was advancing towards him, Ren Tianyou didn’t have a slightest bit of change in his expression. He just pulled out his sword of kusanagi, and pointed it towards Aibute, as if he was ready to use a move to perish together.

Seeing that Ren Tianyou was pointing his sword towards him, he just sneered and said, “Humph, I, your father’s spear is longer than your lousy sword. Little boy, you are still too naïve.”

But Aibute was shocked to see that his spear again directly penetrated and pass through the head of Ren Tianyou without any resistance just like a moment ago, and the sword of kusanagi in the hand of Ren Tianyou had already arrived in front of him. Seeing this, Aibute was so scared that the color of his face immediately changed, but it was already too late to dodge this attack, and before his terrified gaze, the sword of kusanagi directly stabbed his body. But strangely he didn’t feel any pain whatsoever, so carefully looking, he saw that his spear was still passing through the body of Ren Tianyou, and his sword was just passing through his body without any resistance.

After the spear passed through the body of Ren Tianyou, Ren Tianyou waved his sword of kusanagi with his right hand, and tried to cut the waist of Aibute.

Seeing this movement, Aibute waved the spear in his right hand and along with the ‘dang’ metal colliding sound, the sword attack of Ren Tianyou was successfully blocked by his spear.

“Humph!” Seeing his attack was blocked, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted, then made a series of one-handed seals with his right hand, suddenly along with the ear piercing sound of birds chirping, the right hand of Ren Tianyou was filled with dazzling lightning light. And this lightning light spread and completely wrapped his sword of kusanagi, then this lighting light also spread to the spear of Aibute.

“Not good.” Seeing the sudden appearance of lightning, Aibute instantly separated his spear from the sword of Ren Tianyou, then he quickly retreated.

“Don’t think about running.” Seeing the quick retreat of Aibute, Ren Tianyou roared. Then the lightning in his right hand instantly elongated, and advanced towards Aibute in a high speed.

“Roar, you dead man, don’t look down upon I, your father.” Seeing that he was forced to retreat by a tiny lightning attack of Ren Tianyou, Aibute instantly felt huge humiliation, he had never thought that an insignificant human was actually looking down upon him. He pulled up his heavy spear with his right hand as if it didn’t have any weight, and then directly stabbed at the pointed end of Ren Tianyou’s Chidori Eiso (Chidori Laser Spear), directly blocking it.

“The control over the spear of this fellow is too powerful.” Seeing the method used by Aibute to block his Chidori Eiso (Chidori Laser Spear), Ren Tianyou was shocked inside his heart. After that so as to not waste any more chakra, he dispersed his Chidori Eiso (Chidori Laser Spear).

Aibute had used the tip of his spear to block Ren Tianyou’s Chidori Eiso (Chidori Laser Spear), and this method is not that simple as it looks, one must have perfect control over his spear and moreover must have good judgment to have a chance to accomplish this.

“Deserved to be called Low-god realm expert. This strength really is not ordinary.” Looking at Aibute standing opposite to him, Ren Tianyou expression turned solemn and muttered to himself. After these brief confrontation, Ren Tianyou roughly understood his strength. At the very least, it was impossible for him to use the same spear move of just a moment ago to block his Chidori Eiso (Chidori Laser Spear).

On the other side, Aibute also slowly recalled the brief confrontations of just a moment ago, “It seems this fellow possess an ability to pass through anything without a doubt. All attack including energy attacks would directly pass through his body without causing any effect on him.”

“But!” Thinking this, the expression of Aibute changed, “According to what happened just a moment ago, it seems at the time when the attacks are passing through his body, he is also powerless to attack. So when he attacks, he definitely have to materialize, so I only need to aim for the movement when he is attacking.”

“Since this is the case, all of my big moves also lost its effect, he is able to easily avoid all of my big moves using this move. So I have to use big moves very carefully, otherwise it is just wasting my magic power.” Although he figure out the key aspect of the ability of Ren Tianyou, but knowing is one matter, ability to accomplish is another matter.

“And I think this is not the only ability he ought to have.” Aibute again though about how Ren Tianyou was able to create earthen wall outside the barrier just a moment ago, then carefully looked at Ren Tianyou and thought, “It’s better to test him out.”

“It’s getting late, there is only two days left, I must finish off this fellow as soon as possible. And when entering this place, dean had stated that after 8 days the 1st floor would automatically transfer us out, but now I am in 2nd floor, so this rule doesn’t apply to me. Nevertheless I shouldn’t stay here for a long time, so as to avoid being found.” Ren Tianyou thought inside his heart. He feared that if he stayed in 2nd floor for a long time, Long Feilu would discover the flaw after he got out from here. Although there were always many people entering the 1st floor for the test daily, nevertheless he would be inevitably found out.

“Swish!” Just at that time, Ren Tianyou heard a loud sound of movement, so he looked, and saw a huge spear which was filled with pitch-black colored flame was flying towards him. And Aibute was following this spear, while continuously maintaining the distance of 10 centimeters.

“Useless.” Seeing the flying spear, Ren Tianyou muttered, then directly rushed towards the incoming spear. When that long spear pierced through his head, the spear just passed through him without any resistance, and without stopping his pace, Ren Tianyou stretched his right hand towards Aibute.

When the spear completely passed through his body, he directly materialized his body, and caught the shoulder of Aibute with his right hand.

“I win.” When he caught the shoulder of Aibute, the eyes of Ren Tianyou flashed with excitement, after that he immediately poured out huge amount of eye power from his right eye. Then a huge spiral shaped space ripple appeared in front of him, which surrounded Aibute and started to suck him in. But just at that time, Ren Tianyou discovered a mysterious smile on the face of Aibute, then he heard a movement sound behind him.

“Not good, diversion.” Ren Tianyou didn’t need to turn around his head to know what was advancing towards him from behind, and his eyes flashed with surprise. He knew that this fellow in front of him was only a diversion.


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  1. Aaaand again………………………………………………………………………fck cant ya just summon shukaku, use Susanoo, amaterasu, ALL of your BIG SPELLS???! this isn’t a “training” ya know?! and after that you can just return to the 1st floor, KILL somme BLOOD BEAST to REMOVE THE BLINDNESS POINTS!!!!!!!! Dont DRAG THIS ANY LONGER!!!!…………………………………………………………pls

    1. Now, now. Author probably didn’t think that far ahead. You can tell by the number of plot holes in the story that he doesn’t think too deeply into those things. So, neither should we.
      I just learn to laugh at them.
      (Though I do like to point out the problems. Like taking 2 seconds to learn lightning chakra conversion, but taking months to learn wind.
      Or taking money from the girl mercenary but leaving her immediately after getting to the island without even returning that money.
      Or more recently, in chapter 141 I believe, suddenly saying can’t use kamui to dodge the bird because it would cost blindness points. Obviously the author felt it was too overpowered and was just making excuses to use a different jutsu. I laughed.)

      Anyway, point is, author is trying to make it seem interesting by trying to add a sense of danger for MC. If MC steamrolls over all enemies with one move, then the chapters would be really short =P

        1. Yep. I just looked it up. Here’s a direct copy-paste:
          “As for why Ren Tianyou didn’t use Kamui to dodge this attack? Nonsense, do you think kamui did not consume any blindness points, or do you think it is easy to restore the blindness point?”

  2. This:
    “At the very least, it was impossible for him to use the same spear move of just a moment ago to block his Chidori Eiso (Chidori Laser Spear).”

    … then use it again! /facepalm

      1. Ah. Well. In that case, you might wanna change the sentence structure.
        According to *that* sentence, it is “impossible … to use the … spear … to block … Chidori Eiso”.
        (I just copy-pasted that sentence and used ellipses (…) to replace the extra words. You can see why I was confused there.)

        Maybe change to something along the lines of:
        “At the very least, it was impossible for him to use Chidori Eiso (Chidori Laser Spear) to block that spear move just a moment ago.” … ?

        By the way, in case you misunderstand, I find this story to be very enjoyable, so I really appreciate the work you do translating it.
        But it’s just that, as a reader, I reserve the right to point out plot holes in the story ^_^

    1. It means if similar situation happen again, that demon cant use the same trick to block his jutsu. That demon skillfully only use the tip of his spear to block it, which makes his jutsu looks so easy to defend. He already seen it so that demon cant use the same trick twice IF rentianyou use the jutsu again.
      He never said that demon dont have any other method to block or dodge it.

  3. Wellllll I’m just going to stack like 5 chapters since that’s probably how long the author wants to drag on this fight, until the last moment the mc finally gets serious.

    *sigh* the more I read this novel the worst the ending is probably going to be.

  4. seems like the quality of the chapters dropped a bit. I wonder if the author isn’t getting writers block?

  5. He should know kamui’s weakness if he watched naruto, If you seen the episode when the 4th hokage fought Obito then you should know your own weakness Ren.

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