In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 148

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 148: Demon Clan appears

Demon Clan appears

Reality twisted in a spiral shaped ripple as Ren Tianyou appeared near the mountain where the explosions had occurred just moments before. Raising his head, he noted another massive pillar of flame, hearing a roaring sound almost immediately after the flash, both bouncing off the walls of a nearby ravine.

From within that pillar of flame, a huge phoenix with wings of gold flew outside the pillar of fire, the cry of the phoenix echoing from the ravine and nearby mountains. Upon the back of the golden winged phoenix stood what appeared to be a very wounded woman.

“How could it be her….?” Ren Tianyou knew he had seen both the phoenix before, this allowed him to guess who the wounded woman would be. Looking closely at her, he knew that his guess was correct: this was Feng Wu, whom he had fought in the ranking competition in the Supreme Light Academy.


Even with the multiple warnings given to the party by dean Long Feilu to not venture beyond the first floor, Feng Wu had never thought that she would encounter this strong, terrifying demon on the second floor. It had only struck at Little Gold and herself once, managing to severely wound both of them.

Passing through the 6 domains on the first floor had given her a great deal of difficulty. Reaching the end of the sixth domain, Feng Wu found the portal to enter the second floor. Curiosity burned inside her, pushing the dean’s warning from her mind. Stepping through the portal, she appeared on the second floor, confident in both her Phoenix God blood lineage and her companion in battle the Golden Winged Phoenix she began to explore.

Landing on one of the floor’s mountains, she noticed a peculiar cave within a ravine. Curiosity once again pulled her forward, to the cave. Not even three steps into this cave, an extremely potent, dark, magical energy flooded towards her from deeper within the cave. If not for the speed of Little Gold laying out the Phoenix God Shield, both would have died with that one hit, as it was both were severely injured. Using the power of her blood lineage, Feng Wu commanded

Little Gold to flee from the cave as rapidly as possible, knowing that the transfer bead given to her by Dean Long Feilu was useless on the second floor.

As she attempted to flee with Little Gold, a cold, cruel voice could be heard all along the ravine, “You wish to run? That won’t be easy, leave behind your life instead.” Ten massive orbs of flickering black colored flame, screaming down the ravine towards Feng Wu.

Seeing the multiple balls of black flame advancing towards her, Feng Wu’s beautiful eyes widened. Slashing her phoenix sword through the air with her right hand, a flash of golden flame slashed at the massive orbs of flickering black. The golden flame was absorbed by the black, causing not even a ripple.

Seeing that her attack had absolutely no effect, Feng Wu was shocked. She knew well the heat and damage of her Scorching Phoenix Slash, yet the attack had been absorbed, doing nothing to the black flame orbs. Knowing that there was nothing else she could do as the orbs continued to advance down the ravine, Feng Wu waited for death.

A new voice echoed on the walls in the ravine, startling Feng Wu to attention, “Doton——Doryu Joheki! (Earth Style——-Rampart of Flowing Soil!) – with a series of cracking sounds, a large wall of stone and earth rose from the ground in front of her, blocking the orbs of black flame that had been advancing towards her.

An instant later, Feng Wu saw the earthen wall shuddered and a cacophony of explosions rang out from the far side of the barrier. Large chunks of stone broke free and crashed to the floor of the ravine, but the wall held, blocking all ten of the oncoming orbs.

Looking with confusion at the wall in front of her, a dazed Feng Wu asked herself, “Who saved me?” The voice was somewhat familiar.

That same voice asked her “Hey, why are you here?”

Looking towards the top of the wall for the source of the voice, a man wearing a black robe with red clouds imprinted on it stepped out of a spiral ripple in reality.

“You?” She exclaimed in surprise as she saw him, looking over at him from the back of the phoenix.

“Yes, me. I didn’t expect to meet you here, lovely lady,” Ren Tianyou replied laughingly from atop the earthen wall. He was surprised to see Feng Wu was on the second floor of the tower. She was ill prepared to deal with the powerful attacks from the enemies here, which is why the job had fallen to Ren Tianyou.

Feng Wu let out a frustrated huff as she picked up on Ren Tianyou’s flirtatious tone. Her defeat at his hands was still fresh in her mind, and she turned away coldly. There was a proverb that came to Ren Tianyou’s mind; an independent woman is rarely grateful for the help of a man. He had gone out of his way to save her life and still he received a cold shoulder. He brought his hand to his nose and rubbed it awkwardly as he though, our forefathers were not deceiving us!

Just then, Ren Tianyou sensed a peculiar sensation that brought his attention to the ravine behind him. A black, magical fog was gushing out of the ravine floor and rapidly spreading to fill the crevasse. When it appeared that this fog would engulf Ren Tianyou, he joined his hands together to prepare a defense. Before he could act something else occurred.

From the sky, a barrier of golden energy flashed into existence, surrounding the entire ravine, firmly blocking the magical fog from leaving the ravine. Ren Tianyou’s eyes shone brightly as he recognized the seal of the Sealed Demon clan. The knowledge that they were present in the tower brought a gleam to his eye as he felt justified in his persistent search, and a surge of fighting spirit rose within him.

A roaring voice echoed through the chamber, “Hateful Tower of Babel, Hateful Seal! For thousands of years I have been trapped here, unable to see the sun. All of mankind will bear witness to their own destruction, but first this world boundary, this broken tower, must fall!” A lofty figure rose into view as the fog parted. The horned man stood just over two meters tall, with long sharp horns protruding from his head and purple lines tracing over his skin. In his hands was a massive, heavy golden spear.

“I finally found you! Now I can complete my mission.” At the sight of the hated demon standing in the middle of the seal, Ren Tiainyou cracked his neck audibly and grinned in anticipation. “You should probably hide somewhere far away. He is bound in the seal at the moment, but his attacks will likely pass through it.” He said over his shoulder at Feng Wu.

“But what about you?” Feng Wu asked in a quavering voice.

“Naturally I will finish of this fellow. I’ve been searching for him for a long time.” Ren Tianyou said with a cold smile.

“Are you out of your mind? He is a part of the clan that invaded the Divine Wind continent all those years ago! He is, like all of his kind, a cruel and evil thing. Do you want to die at the hand of this monster?” She demanded with both frustration and worry in her voice.

“Are you concerned for me, lovely lady?” he asked as he turned back to her with a sly smile.

“You showoff, who would be concerned about you? You saved my life a moment ago, it would be a shame if it got you killed,” she responded hastily, red faced under his scrutiny. A small stream of blood trickled from her mouth as her wound acted up, and she wiped it away with a groan.

“You need to take the time to heal your injuries.” Ren Tianyou told Feng Wu with an almost clinical detachment after noticing the amount of blood upon her.

Feng Wu watched anxiously as Ren Tianyou was preparing to enter the ravine, casting a worried glance at him, she commanded her golden winged phoenix to rush towards him.

Hearing the sound of movement behind him, Ren Tianyou spun around, catching the arm of Feng Wu. “You’re being fussy,” Ren Tianyou told her, his eyes flashing crimson with the activated Mangekyo Sharingan, “If you’ll get off my back, I’ll let you out when I finish this guy off.” As he finished speaking, a ripple spiraled out from his right eye, wrapping around a surprised Feng Wu and Phoenix, drawing them into a spatial distortion. As the distortion faded, they were both gone.

Feng Wu tried to cry out in alarm, but by the time any sound came from her mouth, she had already disappeared into his Kamui. Ren Tianyou turned back to the ravine, looking at the waiting demon. With an eager grin on his face, he launched himself from the earthen wall with all of his might, shooting towards the ravine.


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  1. well that lady is annoying >.> why did this chapter have to be based around her he could it could actually progress in plot instead of wasting an entire chapter about a fken retarded after being warned to not go in and know that she cant even fight back go anyways. 60% of the chapter was dedicated to the female

    1. Well since it focused around her she is more or likely to join his organization. And if she doesn’t than she might be important later on. And if that’s not it either than just like you said the author wasted yet another chapter for no reason.

  2. she had passed through the 6 domain of 1st floor with great difficulty?
    I tot li xinyun said the road is clear, thanks to rty

    1. Even with all of the blood beasts distracted, there are other dangers in this place. Even with his speed and endurance it still took days for the MC to reach this point.

  3. Now she gets to sit in a space containing a few dozen blocks of indeterminate material floating in empty nothingness and be very confused.

  4. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………,that’s it?
    Thx for the chap

  5. He should stop helping ungratefull annoying bitches just because they are girls, there literaly is no reason to help them when they are so ungratefull and retarded enough to not understand when they just are a bother.

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