In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 146

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 146: Clearance


Upon hearing Ren Tianyou’s declaration that he would destroy the Ximen clan, Li Xinyun’s first thought was that he was out of his mind.  He was actually thinking of destroying the Ximen clan, one of the four great clans.

As a member of the Illusory Shrine, one of the greatest powers of the Divine Wind continent, she understood that the strengths of these factions were not as simple as they appeared on the surface.  The actual strength of these factions ran very deep.  For example, in regards to the Illusory Shrine, common knowledge pertained only to the Hall Master and his five most powerful subordinates.  These six Illusion Deities were the public power of the shrine, but she knew that there were many hidden experts, some of which were considered Deity-ranked themselves.

“Are you crazy, thinking of attacking the Ximen Clan?” Li Xinyun stared at Ren Tianyou as if he were a madman, she couldn’t fathom why he would want to attack the Ximen Clan.

“Crazy? Perhaps,” Ren Tianyou retorted. To an onlooker, the act of attacking a behemoth of a clan like the Ximen would be considered simply flirting with death, but that was not really the case, “Although I am uncertain whether I can destroy the entire Ximen clan at this time, I can destroy at least two thirds of their  forces.”

“Are you really that confident?” Li Xinyun asked lightly upon hearing the resolute and decisive tone in Ren Tianyou’s voice.  She was curious to know what the source of his confidence was, for though she knew that Ren Tianyou was powerful, and that the two working with him were of the ancient One Hundred clans and were also very powerful, their strength might be considered a joke compared to the Ximen clan.

“It’s not confidence, rather a carefully planned future,” Ren Tianyou smiled lightly.  He lifted his head and looked toward the sky, seeming to penetrate the boundless void and look directly at the Ximen clan of the Ailer Empire, which was thousands of miles away, “Now I need only to make this future occur.”

Li Xinyun snickered, “If that is the case, I will also lend you my aid.  When the time comes, I will meet you in the Ailer Empire.”

Ren Tianyou paused, “You want to go with us?”  He had never intended to let her join in the fray, “What kind of joke are you making?  Going up against the Ximen clan with the power of a Low-Illusion Saint is just courting death.”

“No matter what you say, I am now a member of your organization.  Since this is your first act as its leader, how can I not support you?” Li Xinyun did not care about the danger Ren Tianyou described, because her reason for being in this world was to kill Ling Yanqi.  She knew it would be impossible to achieve this by relying on the Illusory Shrine, and she worried about how long it would take her to gather the necessary strength to reach her goal.  For as she gained power, so too did Ling Yanqi.  Now that Ren Tianyou had given her hope to achieve her goal of killing her target, she would gladly help him complete his task. “And I do not think you will jeopardize my safety,” she added.

“Okay, on your head be it.  After you leave this place, go directly to the imperial capital of the Ailer Empire, there you will find a restaurant called the Heavenly Fragrance.  White Tiger, Void and I have agreed to meet on the second floor of this building.  When you meet with White Tiger and Void, show them your robe and ring and they will recognize you as a member of the Akatsuki.” Ren Tianyou finally agreed.  When all was said and done, her abilities might come in handy.

“Okay, I will be leaving here now.” Li Xinyun told Ren Tianyou, and produced the small transparent bead that each of them had been given when they entered the tower.

“Have you decided to abandon your test?” Ren Tianyou asked when he saw the bead, “You should know that the cores from the beasts in this tower will help increase your strength and endurance, not to mention, if you fail your assignment you will have to wait a year to come and take the test again.”

They both understood that if you failed the test in the Tower of Babel, not only were you required to wait a year, you must also complete another Trial by Fire assignment.  The academy’s environment was high-end, but was not an unlimited supply due to the high maintenance costs.

“Since I have now found a way to get the revenge I desire, as far as I am concerned, there is no longer a point to this test.  I do not wish to delay, so I will go with all haste to the capital of the Ailer Empire, my main concern now being whether I can cross two behemoth empires within 9 days or not.” Li Xinyun said, cutting right to the heart of the matter.  She had come to the Imperial Academy to quickly increase her strength, all due to her desire for getting revenge by killing Ling Yanqi.  Now that Ren Tianyou had agreed to help her, she had no intention of wasting her time in this place any longer.

Hearing the hatred and rage in the Li Xinyun’s voice, Ren Tianyou’s curiosity was piqued, as to what had happened to cause a hatred so strong that Li Xinyun appeared to be willing to give up nearly everything in her quest for revenge.  But since Li Xinyun was unwilling to speak about it, he had no intention of asking, for Ren Tianyou understood that it was not his business and that if she wanted him to know, she would tell him.

“Hurry to the Ailer Empire’s capital then, I will be there after I handle my business in this place.”

“Alright.” Li Xinyun agreed, crushing the transfer bead in her hand, within moments she was immediately surrounded by a silver radiance and disappeared.

“It seems that I need to speed things up here, I have wasted far too much time here.” Ren Tianyou murmured to himself, immediately walking over to the small stone pedestal in front of him, taking out the card he had been given and inserting it inside the groove.  A golden radiance flared from the pedestal, 3000 points had been added to his card at the same time an entrance was created in the barrier in front of him.

Stepping forward through the barrier Ren Tianyou disappeared.


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