In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 145

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 145: Jade Maiden of Akatsuki

Jade Maiden of Akatsuki

“As a matter of fact, this is my special ability.” Looking at Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun slowly explained, “And this ability originate from my blood lineage. My blood lineage is called illusory world flowing heart, which is low-saint ranked blood lineage.”

“Illusory world flowing heart blood lineage? What is this blood lineage?” Hearing Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou asked. Although he had already guessed that this special ability of Li Xinyun was her power of blood lineage, nevertheless he really didn’t understand what type of blood lineage this Illusory world flowing heart blood lineage was.

“My blood lineage do not increase my strength, and in fact, its ability is also very simple. It just gives me the ability to perfectly blend my body with the surrounding environment, furthermore I can use the power of my blood lineage to extract the general scene of the events which had occurred up to 1 hours before of that surroundings.”

“Dang! According to you this ability of your blood lineage is very simple?” Hearing the indifferent voice of Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou instantly cursed, then looking at the clam beautiful face of Li Xinyun, he roared.

Although Ren Tianyou had always thought that the power of blood lineage of Li Xinyun was not that simple, nevertheless he had never thought that it would be this abnormal. And although this blood lineage didn’t give any increase in her own strength, nevertheless Ren Tianyou was jealous over this ability.

First of all, one could completely blend one’s body with the surroundings with this ability, and this ability could also thoroughly merge even the aura of a person with the surroundings. Due to this even if a person was at your side, as long as you don’t want it, that person couldn’t discover you. This was also the reason, why Ren Tianyou was unable to discover Li Xinyun at that time, even though she was just few meters away from him. Due to this, Ren Tianyou was extremely envious of this ability. One could say that this kind of ability was extremely needed as a ninja.

Ren Tianyou remembered that, in Naruto world, with the exception of the 2nd Tsuchikage Mu of Hidden Stone Village, no one else possessed the kind of ability to completely camouflage oneself from being detected by the mental perception ability. This shows that this kind of ability was extremely rare.

Next ability of her blood lineage was the ability to know what had happened at a place up to 1 hour before. Currently Ren Tianyou was also unable to evaluate this ability, because this ability could be the absolute weapon for investigation. Just think about it yourself, you are able to know anything that had happened in a place up to 1 hours before. Even Ren Tianyou was appalled, because with this ability one could say that there would be no secret in front of her. Because this blood lineage didn’t increase the strength of user, this Illusory world flowing heart blood lineage was ranked as only low-saint rank blood lineage.

Ren Tianyou used his greatest amount of effort to suppress the agitation in his heart, but the next sentence of Li Xinyun almost made him puke a mouthful of blood.

“Oh, that’s right, I forget to tell you another thing. I can transfer this blending to the surrounding ability to the body of other peoples too. As long as they are by my side, I could make then undiscoverable by other people.”

“Puff!” Hearing this sentence, Ren Tianyou could no longer suppress his agitation, he just opened his mouth and puke a mouthful of blood. After that he continuously thought inside his heart, “I have Sharingan, I am not jealous, I have Sharingan, I am not jealous…………………”

“Hu hu…….” Ren Tianyou took several heavy breathes, and was finally able to suppress the agitation and excitement inside his heart. After that looking at the smiling face of Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou coughed few times, and pretend to be calm.

“Cough, cough, normally with your strength level of only low-saint rank, you are not eligible to join my Akatsuki.” Ren Tianyou slowly said.

“Is that so?” Hearing the words of Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun smiled and used her two beautiful eyes to firmly stare at Ren Tianyou. Very soon Ren Tianyou hastily continued with red complexion, “However your power of blood lineage is pretty good, and our organization still lacks intelligence gathering and investigating personnel. And you are not bad for this position, so making an exception I will let you join.”

“Okay.” After Ren Tianyou finished speaking, Li Xinyun replied and then extend her delicate jade hand towards Ren Tianyou.

“What?” Ren Tianyou was puzzled seeing the action of Li Xinyun, so he asked.

“Stupid, of course ring. I had clearly heard your every words before. So are you not giving me a ring of organization?” Li Xinyun rolled her eyes and said happily.

“Oh.” Ren Tianyou hastily looked at several rings inside his space rings, thought for a bit, and gave the Jade Maiden ring of Akatsuki to her.

“Take this ring, this is the Jade Maiden ring of our Akatsuki organization. Do not lose this ring, this ring has a big use later.” Ren Tianyou handed Jade Maiden ring of Akatsuki to Li Xinyun, and spoke to her. Currently Ren Tianyou still hadn’t awaken Rinnegan, so he was still powerless to use Gentoshin no Jutsu (Astral Projection Jutsu), but he would definitely awaken Rinnegan at some point in the future. After that he took out the robe of Akatsuki from his space ring and handed over to her, “This is yours, this cloth is the exclusive dress of our organization.”

“Oh, this is the clothing of our organization.” Taking the black robe with clouds imprinted on it from Ren Tianyou, she looked at the robe on the body of Ren Tianyou and said, “Really embarrassing, but forget about it, who asked me to join your organization.” Finished speaking, she wore this robe.

“You…….” Hearing Li Xinyun, the corner of Ren Tianyou’s mouth instantly twitched several times, still he took several deep breath and calmed himself down.

“Oh, that right, just a moment ago you said that you want me to help you to kill one of the 4 leader or something. Who is this person and why do you want my help, normally you should have asked your Illusory Shrine for this, no?” This time Ren Tianyou suddenly thought about the request of Li Xinyun to kill one of the 4 leader of Magic domain. After that he couldn’t help but ask the reason for this.

When Li Xinyun heard about this matter, deep hatred flashed in her eyes. Ren Tianyou clearly felt that this hatred was not small, it was comparable to his hatred towards Ximen clan.

“You are actually this relaxed, don’t tell me you are not scared that I may ask you to kill someone extraordinarily powerful?” Looking at Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun asked curiously.

“Hehe, speaking frankly, even if he is extremely powerful, I am not afraid. Even if I am powerless to kill him now, nevertheless is not necessarily be the same case in the future. Sooner or later I will stand at the pinnacle of this world.” Hearing Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou didn’t feel any pressure. Just like he said, with Naruto system, sooner or later he would stand at the pinnacle of this world. After he exchange highest level eyes, and exchange all the tail beasts and revive 10 tailed beasts, then at that time who would be able to stop his path.

“You look very confident.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun didn’t retort. She just narrated about the person of Magic domain she wanted to kill.

“I want you to kill a person called Ling Yanqi. He is one of the leader of Magic domain. He is the earth system magician who have already reached the later stage of Deity ranked. He is very strong. As for what’s the hatred between me and him, you don’t need to know about it, you just need to tell me whether you can kill him or not.” Li Xinyun said to Ren Tianyou.

“Humph, just later stage of Deity ranked, I don’t need to make a move, even White Tiger can kill him. As for the hatred between him and you, I am not interested. I am just curious that, you are from the Illusory Shrine, but why aren’t you trying to kill him yourself with the help of your Illusory Shrine’s experts, but requested me to do so?”

“Hehe, you are thinking too highly of me, although I am disciple of Illusory shrine, nevertheless I am not worthy enough for the high level experts of illusory shrine to offend someone for me. And there is only negligible difference in strength between Illusory Shrine and Magic domain, and they don’t want to risk their own life fighting against the expert of later stage Deity ranked for nobody like me. Although my teacher Yun Mei’er considered to help me by eliminating Ling Yanqi, nevertheless you should know that illusionist are at disadvantages in a battle against magicians.”

It could be said that illusionists are in extreme disadvantage when battling against magicians, after all illusionists focus on spirit, and magicians naturally possess high spiritual power, so the effect of the illusion would be greatly lowered, and also it is extremely likely for magicians to see through the illusions. So Ren Tianyou was not suspicious about the explanation of Li Xinyun.

“Fine, since it is like this, I promise you, after we get out from this Tower of Babel, I’ll help you to kill this man, but you have to wait until I finish my one matter first.” After thinking for a bit, Ren Tianyou agreed to the request of Li Xinyun, after all merely killing a later stage Deity ranked magic Deity to get such outstanding intelligence gathering and investigating personnel was extremely cost-effective.

“Oh, what is that important matter you have to do first after you get out from here?” After hearing Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun asked.

“Now you have already joined Akatsuki organization, let me tell you that I will believe in you, it’s just that I hope you keep it a secret, and pledge that you will never betray this organization in your whole life.” Ren Tianyou stared at Li Xinyun and said slowly.

“Rest assured, I, Li Xinyun will never betray you or the organization. As long as you help me to kill Ling Yanqi, I will absolutely make a great effort to complete any commands that organization issue.” Li Xinyun seriously said to Ren Tianyou.

“Fine, I will let you know about my matter. After nine days, Akatsuki organization will arrive at Ailer Empire, and during the wedding ceremony of eldest son Ximen Feng of Ximen clan, we’ll destroy Ximen clan.” Ren Tianyou told his plan to Li Xinyun.

“What? Destroy Ximen clan?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun felt as if a bomb was detonated inside her mind, and looking at Ren Tianyou with she couldn’t believe what she was hearing expression, she asked Ren Tianyou.


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