In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 144

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 144: Surprised


Seeing the figure of a person slowly coming out from behind the woods, the eyes of Ren Tianyou showed surprised and complex expression. He had never thought that he would bumped into this woman whom he was most unwilling to meet in this 1st domain.

Looking at the figure wearing a white colored plain skirt slowly coming out from the woods, who was emitting an illusory aura from her whole body, and who looked just like a celestial being who was above the material attractions of the mundane world, was unhurriedly walking towards Ren Tianyou. This woman naturally was someone Ren Tianyou had defeated in the competition of Supreme Light Academy, and was the woman who had slapped Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun.

“What are you doing here?” Looking at Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou’s head started to hurt. When it comes to Ren Tianyou, the person he was most unwilling to meet was Li Xinyun, because regardless of what anyone says, at that time under the gaze of thousands of peoples, he had held her in his arms. And as a woman, one could say that, it was extremely hard for her to accept the gaze of so many peoples at that time, as a result he was slapped by her. Even though he got slapped, he didn’t complain, after all it was the consequence of his own mistake. Although Ren Tianyou acknowledge that he was not a good person, nevertheless he still had must have minimum principles, otherwise there wouldn’t be any difference between him and evil person who do not shrink from any crime.

“Nothing, and it doesn’t matter. The blood beasts of this 1st domain were running towards one direction, so without encountering any blood beasts to block my path, I easily arrived here.” Li Xinyun looked at Ren Tianyou with her beautiful quick-witted eyes which was extremely calm, and replied.

After hearing Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou instantly felt pain. He only need to think a bit, and he understood the reason why Li Xinyun didn’t encounter any blood beasts on her way here. It was probably not limited to her, all the other peoples within the 1st domain also most likely encounter the same situation, they were able to travel this 1st domain without any hindrance, and directly entered 2nd domain without any difficulty.

Figured out this point, the corners of Ren Tianyou’s mouth started to twitch continuously, and black lines started to appear on his forehead. After that he immediately cursed inside his heart, “F**k, I, your father create confusion, and that became freeway for all of you.”

“In that case, I bid you farewell. I have a something to do so I’m leaving first.” Looking at the clam eyes of Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou felt a strange pressure, so he prepared to leave quickly.

But when Ren Tianyou turn around, and was just about to take a single step, the soft voice of Li Xinyun entered his ears, “So you want to leave just like this?”

All the movements of Ren Tianyou instantly stopped at that moment. After that he turned around with a bitter smile on his face and looked at Li Xinyun and said, “In the end what do you want, Miss High and Mighty? Want to kill, want to cut to pieces, in any case you should speak the words. Don’t look at me like that, it’s going to make me crazy?”

“Then I want your life, can you give it to me?” Looking at Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun softly said.

“Eh, of course not, why are you so cruel like this, you actually want my life.” Hearing Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou exaggeratedly jump up, and pretending to be surprised, he said. “How about we talk over about this matter. You see your face can be counted as not bad, your figure is just so-so, and your temper is a bit too much. Forget about it, I eat this loss, I will reluctantly accept you, and make you my eighth wife. How about it, little girl?”

Looking at Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou stroked his chin with his right hand, and while clicking his tongue, his eyes examined her body, then making a lewd appearance in his face, he said to her. But the following word of Li Xinyun made Ren Tianyou felt as if he was stroked by lightning.

“Okay.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun indifferently agreed without a slightest bit of hesitation. Her answer was so straightforward that it seems she was just discussing about a small matter.

“What? Are you really agreeing to this?” Hearing the answer of Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou could no longer put up the lewd appearance in his face. He just asked as if he had heard something unbelievable.

“Isn’t that your real thought? Then I’ll help you achieve your aim.” Li Xinyun indifferently said. At the same time, Ren Tianyou saw that Li Xinyun made a surprise move, she reached out her tender right hand towards her own white belt on her waist. After that she placed her hand on the knots of her belt, and slowly started to unfasten it.

“What do you think you are doing?” Seeing the movement of Li Xinyun, the complexion of Ren Tianyou immediately changed, then he roared towards her.

“Didn’t you say you want me? So I am going to help you achieve your aim.” The complexion of Li Xinyun was still calm, there wasn’t any fluctuation on her emotion too. Her right hand had already unfastened her belt and was already beginning to undo her own clothing.

“Stop.” Seeing this, Ren Tianyou didn’t stay still any longer. In a flash he arrived in front of her, and directly grabbed her right arm with his right hand stopping her movement. Then he roared towards her, “You stupid woman, what are you trying to do? I admit the matter of last time was my fault, but I did not mean to offend you. Just speak what you want me to do in order to make up my mistake, don’t be like this, you should understand to you cherish yourself. If you are like this then, I will definitely look down upon you.”

Hearing Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun finally revealed a trace of smile on her indifferent face. After that she looked at Ren Tianyou. Her quick-witted beautiful eyes showed a smiling expression, and she said “You are actually anxious for me?”

“What do you mean?” Hearing Li Xinyun, Ren Tianyou asked question with confusion. He was thoroughly confused engaging with this woman, he really didn’t know what this woman was thinking inside their heart. The saying a woman heart is like a needle in the bottom of the ocean, this really was not a wrong saying. The heart of women were truly extremely deep.

“I just want to examine how your heart was?” Li Xinyun revealed a beautiful smile on her face, and separated her right arm from Ren Tianyou, then slowly fastened the already unfastened belt. After that, Li Xinyun stared at the eyes of Ren Tianyou and said, “I was gambling, gambling to see whether you truly were a lecher or not. If lost then it was nothing, but if won then I will be able to slowly retake my everything.”

“Now I understand it a little bit better, I really was confused by your action just a moment ago.” Ren Tianyou rubbed his forehead where he was feeling pain. He was still confused, and was unable to understand what she was saying.

“Just a moment ago you said that you will do anything that I asked, as long as I forgive you. Does that promise still counts?” Li Xinyun raised her pretty face and stared at Ren Tianyou, and asked.

“As long as it doesn’t go against my principle, and under the premise that it is within my ability, I will do it.” Thinking for a bit, Ren Tianyou answered her.

“Good, then I want to enter your Akatsuki organization. Afterwards I want you to help me kill one of the four leader of Magic Domain, Earth leader Ling Yanqi.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Li Xinyun said to Ren Tianyou with extreme hatred in her eyes.

“What?” Hearing Li Xinyun, the complexion of Ren Tianyou instantly became extremely unsightly. It was not because of the matter of killing that person, rather she actually knew about the matter of his Akatsuki organization. With the exception of himself, White Tiger and Void, no one else knew about his organization. And Ren Tianyou would never believe that any one of them would disclosed the information about his organization to other people. But now Li Xinyun had directly said that she wanted to enter his Akatsuki organization, so a suspicion started to appear in his heart.

“Speak, how did you know about my organization?” The body of Ren Tianyou suddenly emit a powerful aura and directly locked on to her, then his eyes changed into Mangekyo Sharingan. If she were to show any sign of fleeing, then at that time he would instantly kill her.

“You don’t have react like this. Actually I unintentionally heard about your organization. Do you still remember the time you met with Yan Xinluo when you were walking with that person who was carrying three swords?” Seeing the powerful aura from Ren Tianyou, the complexion of Li Xinyun immediately changed. After that she forcedly calmed down her state of mind and said to Ren Tianyou. “As a matter of fact at that time I was also at the meadow next to the garden. So I heard everything about it.”

“Impossible, at that time, I had already scanned the surroundings around me with my mental perception, and I didn’t discover anyone. So it is impossible for anyone to eavesdrop our……………” Hearing Li Xinyun, the first thought of Ren Tianyou was she was lying. So he opened his mouth to refute, but when he was refuting, a thought flashed in his brain, then he stopped his words.

“Why aren’t you continuing?” Looking at Ren Tianyou who had stopped his words, Li Xinyun revealed a smile on her face and asked Ren Tianyou.

Ren Tianyou didn’t speak anymore, he just remembered how Li Xinyun had appeared behind him just a moment ago, and at that time, how he was unable to detect her with his mental perception, and felt as if she had suddenly appeared in that place. But at that time he was flustered so he had automatically ignored this matter, but now when he heard her, Ren Tianyou immediately thought about this matter.

“Could it be that she really was there at that time? But how was she able to perfectly conceal herself from mental perception of me, White Tiger and Void? At most she is at Saint rank in strength, so how was she able to accomplish this matter?” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou was full of uncertainties, so he asked her, “How were you able to successfully conceal yourself from the mental perception of us 3 without getting discovered at that time?”

“This is my special ability.” Li Xinyun slowly answered the question of Ren Tianyou, because she knew that if she didn’t answer, it was impossible to achieve her purpose.


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    1. In cultivation novels sensing other people is like second nature.

      The stronger you are = the better and farther your sensing is.
      So it’s not really something you have to specifically point out.

  1. Wow this is just so stupid, he promises her to do anything she wants as an appoligy for doing nothing to her, he freaking helped her get out of the ring and thats it. I hate retarded bs like this.

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