In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 143

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 143: Powerful barrier

Powerful barrier

Ren Tianyou waved his right hand, immediately the Sword of Totsuka on the right hand of Susanoo released a huge sword blade towards the herds of ferocious bird blood beasts. This sword blade directly cut open a path along with a large amount of blood mists.

After that Ren Tianyou landed on the top of a giant tree, and he no longer cared about the ferocious birds flying in the sky, rather looked towards the direction of 1st domain’s end. Then he rushed towards the endless crowds of blood beasts in front of him.

Throughout the journey, Ren Tianyou used his Susanoo to open his path, and numerous blood beasts were not able to resist the attack of Sword of Totsuka of Ren Tianyou’s Susanoo. All of the blood beasts who were getting on the way of Ren Tianyou were cut into minced meat, and changed into system points which entered the body of Ren Tianyou. Although the blood core of these blood beasts were wasted here, but it was actually a helpless matter, mainly because there were too many blood beasts to pick them up. Moreover even though he had continued to kill many of them, the number of them were not decreasing instead it was increasing continuously.

And after entering the Tower of Babel, Ren Tianyou had discovered that the ground of this place was extremely hard, so it was basically impossible for Ren Tianyou to create a large amount of sand in this place, unless he summon Shukaku. But Ren Tianyou didn’t plan to summon Shukaku here, after all its ultra large size body would definitely attract the attention of others. And after he had activated Susanoo, the chakra and system points inside his body was decreasing in a high speed, so basically Ren Tianyou was unable to have a protracted fight.

Seeing that he had already shook off the chase of the ferocious birds and other blood beasts, Ren Tianyou immediately deactivated Susanoo. Then the purple colored energy surrounding the Susanoo slowly weaken, after that the huge skeleton which was surrounding his body also completely disappeared.

After that Ren Tianyou took out a ninja scroll from his space ring, and quickly untied and spread it. Then he took out writing brush and drew a picture in that scroll. After finishing drawing, he throw away the brush, and quickly made a series of hand seals with his hands.

“Ninpo—— Choju Giga! (Ninja art—Super Beast Scroll!)”

After he successfully used his ninjutsu, the drawing of ink eagle spread open its wings and flew out from the scroll. Ren Tianyou jumped and landed on the back of this ink eagle, then under the command of Ren Tianyou this ink eagle quickly flew towards the front while carrying Ren Tianyou on its back.

After flying for about 20 minutes, Ren Tianyou finally threw off the crowds of blood beasts. Seeing that there were not any blood beasts behind him, Ren Tianyou was relieved. After that he jumped down from the back of ink eagle and got rid of his Choju Giga (Super Beast Scroll) ninjutsu, and landed on the top of a giant tree.

Slowly breathing, Ren Tianyou cleaned up muds and blood stains which had stuck on his body during the previous fight, because he didn’t want to repeat the same tragedy of just a moment ago and again attract large crowd of the blood beasts. After that he sat down crossed-legged on the top of the tree and began recovering his chakra. After about 2 hours, he completely recovered all the chakra he had used in a fight just a moment ago, and he also used system points to offset the blindness value of his eyes. Now his body was also already recovered to its peak condition, but the complexion of Ren Tianyou was not that good.

“I have never thought that I would waste almost half of the day in this 1st domain, and there are still other domains which are even more difficult than this one. Also I have to enter 2nd floor by using the transfer passage at the end of 6th domain.” Calculating the amount of time he had wasted in this 1st domain, the complexion of Ren Tianyou became ugly. He still had to go to the Ximen clan, so he cannot waste too much time here. But he don’t know the space co-ordinate of 2nd floor of Tower of Babel, so he couldn’t use his kamui to directly reach 2nd floor of Tower of babel. As a result he had no choice but to pass through all the domains of 1st floor to reach 2nd floor.

“Forget it, now I can only advance ahead as fast as possible.” Ren Tianyou lamented his helplessness. ‘If there is no other good method, and there is not enough time, then at that time I would directly get out from here. No matter what, going to Ximen clan is a matter of prime importance, and I also want to ask her why she had decided to marry with Ximen Feng.’

“But these blood beasts really gave a good amount of system points.” Looking at the number of system points at the system interference inside his body, Ren Tianyou murmured to himself. After the fight of just a moment ago, the system points of Ren Tianyou was increased by 4,000 system points, which definitely was a good harvest.

Ren Tianyou stood up, then he directly accelerated towards the end of 1st domain in a very high speed. Even with the speed of Ren Tianyou, it took about 30 minutes to reach the final part of the 1st domain.

In front of Ren Tianyou, a huge transparent barrier appeared. According to dean Long Feilu’s explanation, this barrier ought to be the divider which divides the 1st floor of Tower of Babel into 6 domain. Ren Tianyou couldn’t estimate the specific amount of area covered by this barrier, however he was sure of one thing, with his current level of strength, he could not erect this powerful barrier.

In the front position of the barrier, there was a miniature stone platform, and there was a simple narrow groove in the middle location of this stone platform. This was the place where he had to place the card which Long Feilu had given them at the time when they entered this Tower of Babel.

Ren Tianyou stepped forward, and he completely ignored this stone platform, rather firmly stared at this barrier. His eyes had already changed into Mangekyo Sharingan, and under his eye power he could clearly see that this barrier was filled with powerful transparent power which was dispersed over the entire barrier. After that Ren Tianyou stretched out his hand, and punched this barrier.

Just when his hand come into contact with barrier, an extremely powerful repulsive force from the barrier directly send Ren Tianyou flying backward.

While still in the air, Ren Tianyou controlled his body, flipped several times in the air and landed on the ground. But even after he landed on the ground, that huge repulsive power from the barrier caused Ren Tianyou to stop his body only after he slide several meters behind.

“What is this barrier? Unexpectedly it is this intense.” Looking at the barrier in front of him, Ren Tianyou was surprised. He had never expected that his power which was already at kage level was actually resisted this easily by this barrier and furthermore he was directly send flying. So Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but became surprised.

“This is nothing strange. This barrier is arranged by the joint effort and power of those hidden experts of Supreme Light Academy. So you are not capable enough to resist the power of this barrier.” At that time, a faint female voice came from behind Ren Tianyou.

When Ren Tianyou heard this voice, he was startled, and he quickly turned around. He had never thought that someone could actually sneak behind him without being discovered. But when Ren Tianyou saw the fine graceful figure coming out from behind the tree, his eyes suddenly shrunk, and had a surprised expression on his face, and he exclaimed, “Unexpectedly it’s you…….”


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