In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 140

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 140: Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

Ren Tianyou only felt immense power around himself, and the scene around him suddenly blurred. And when the vision of his eyes recovered, he had already arrived at an unknown location.

Ren Tianyou looked all around him, and discovered that there was no sun in the sky. The sky was hazy, and the surrounding environment was also filled with bleak and desolate atmosphere. And after he saw the scene in front of him, suddenly his eyes were filled with extreme surprise as if he had seen something unbelievable. And all those experts of the academy who were at the side of Ren Tianyou, all of them had their mouth wide open, and then inhaled in a mouthful of cold air. Even Feng Wu and Li Xinyun, these two beautiful women were no exception.

In front of them, everyone saw a towering vertical pedestal just like a pillar holding up the heaven, which was incomparably huge pagoda. This height of this pagoda was so high that even after using the eye power of his Mangekyo Sharingan, Ren Tianyou couldn’t see the peak of this pagoda. And in the sky above this pagoda, there was a huge space black hole, and this black hole stretch out just like an opened mouth of huge ferocious beast of primeval times that wanted to devour everything around it. And it looked like the body of this pagoda tower had pierced through this huge black hole. The exterior of this tower was emitting a powerful golden light to withstand the powerful suction power of this black hole, and was standing firmly on the ground. As a result even standing underneath this black hole, Ren Tianyou and others didn’t sense anything.

The body of this pagoda tower emitted majestic aura, and this aura spread in all direction. Sensing this majestic aura, Ren Tianyou and other felt as if they were suffocating, and they felt as if they would be pressured into smithereens at any time.

Regardless of anyone at Divine Wind continent, or at any clan of ancient 100 clans, who thought themselves to be extremely powerful experts, all of them would feel insignificant before this pagoda. Seeing this pagoda which looked like a pillar holding up the heaven in front of them, anyone would involuntarily have this feeling of themselves being insignificant, even Ren Tianyou was no exception to this. Ren Tianyou was absolutely sure that, if this pagoda was to attack him, then with his current strength, even if he activated Susanoo or kamui, both of them would be useless against it. Even in Naruto world, Susanoo was not unbreakable, and space-time ninjutsu, kamui was also not invincible. There is not any invincible moves in any world, so basically only ones’ strength is strongest.

“This……… this the Tower of Babel?” Looking at this giant pagoda in front of him, Ren Tianyou thought inside his heart. After that he looked at that huge space black hole, he again thought, “Then is this the space black hole cut open by Demon Emperor? It seems, thanks to this Tower of Babel sealing this black hole, the demon clan didn’t have the chance to re-attack and re-invade the Divine Wind continent again?”

“But how did this Tower of Babel formed? Based on the power of Tower, it seems it was not artificially manufactured.” Looking at the simple and unadorned design, furthermore that powerful might, Ren Tianyou suspected that it was a naturally formed treasure.

“Okay, all of you wake up, I am going to explain several matters. You must firmly bear these things in mind.” At this time, the voice of Long Feilu entered the ears of everyone, and everyone who were immersed in that powerful aura of Tower of babel sobered up. Then everyone looked towards Long Feilu.

“You must bear all the things I am about to say in your mind. After entering the tower, everyone will be dispersed in the 1st floor of Tower of Babel. And inside the Tower of Babel, there is no Magical beasts, rather Blood beasts.”

“These Blood beasts are a special type of Magical beasts of Tower of babel. They do not have any intelligence, even the Blood beasts who is already at the level of Deity rank is same, they only have killing instinct, so you must be careful. But the blood core of Blood beasts possess the ability of nourishing the body strength, so their blood core can greatly help you to increase your strength.”

“The strongest experts of Supreme Light academy have already unified the first floor of this Tower of Babel, and moreover divided it into 6 dao domains. And the blood beast’s strength of each dao domain is also different. The end of each dao domain will have a small stone platform, and at that place you will find a place to insert a card. After inserting a card, the entrance to the second dao domain will open, and at the same time that person also obtain the points.” Now that he had spoken this much, Long Feilu took out several purple colored cards, and handed it over to everyone.

“You have to try to get through each domain as soon as possible, because the points you get will be according to the time you have taken to pass through the barrier of one dao domain to another. If your point is able to break through the top 10 of highest points ever achieved in Tower of Babel, then the academy will give you a reward. And for grade promotion, you must obtain at least have 30,000 points in Tower of Babel.”

Long Feilu explained the rule of Tower of Babel in detail, and after speaking this much, suddenly several small roundish beads appeared in the hand of Long Feilu, and he handed it over to everyone present. “Keep this bead properly. This bead is a transfer bead. If you run into a mortal danger, just pinch this bead into pieces, then you will be transfer out. And everyone can stay inside Tower of Babel for only 8 days. After 8 days, the power of Tower of Babel will automatically transfer you out.”

Long Feilu gave them this roundish bead, so as to ensure their safety inside the Tower of Babel. He didn’t want them to fall here, because these peoples were the rare genius of Supreme Light academy, and also the backing force of most of these peoples were extremely big, and he don’t want to provoke then for no apparent reason.

“I believe you all know the rules of Tower of Babel now. And the rumor that you are forbidden to mention anything about this space to another soul, otherwise only death awaits, is in fact true. It is so because this space conceals a big secret, so to maintain secrecy, a power of contract will enter the body of those who enter this Tower of Babel. If that person speak anything about what happened inside this space, then that person will immediately die. But as long as you say nothing, there will not be any effect.”

Having heard up to here, the body of Ren Tianyou immediately shook, after that his eyes showed that he had an understanding expression. No wonder not a single person speak about this matters, as it turned out that they were bind by this contract. It seems the peoples of academy were also afraid that the information that this Tower of Babel is the sealing location of that space transfer formation which was used by demon clan to invade would leak out, and the remnant of demon clan would came here to try destroy this seal.

“Well, I will only say this much, now all of you can enter.” Long Feilu said towards everyone while pointing at the entrance of the 1st floor of the Tower of Babel. Hearing this, all the students participants slowly walked towards the entrance of Tower of Babel, but just at time, the voice of Long Feilu entered their ears, “Be sure to remember, do not enter the second floor of Tower of Babel. The transfer bead I gave you is useless in second floor, so don’t enter second floor, otherwise you yourself will be responsible for the consequences.”

Hearing Long Feilu, the steps of Ren Tianyou suddenly halted. Afterwards with a smile on his face, he directly entered the entrance of the Tower of Babel.


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