In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 137

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 137: Memory from the depth of one’s soul

Memory in the depth of one’s soul

Ren Tianyou just blankly sat on the seat, he didn’t even know that he had already dropped his wine cup. The last sentence “Ximen Feng and Wang Yuxin are going to marry after 10 days” of Lan Yan kept on resounding in his brain.

After hearing this sentence, the soul of Ximen Tianlong which was already assimilated with Ren Tianyou started to violently surge from the depth of his soul, and countless images started to appear in the brain of Ren Tianyou.


“Hey, idiot, take a look at this good thing I have brought for you.” In a floral garden, a little girl of 6 or 7 years in age with a long hair wearing a white colored princess dress, happily spoke towards a shabbily dressed pale and thin little boy.

“Little Yu, what is the good things you brought for me?” Hearing the voice of this little girl, the pale and thin face of this little boy who clearly looked like he was not in good shape showed a smile, and with a tender feeling flashing in his eyes, he spoke towards this little girl.

“You see, I brought you some delicious cake. I hate to eat cake at noon, so I specially bought it for you. I know that you still haven’t got anything to eat again, so quickly eat this without wasting any time.” This little girl took out a white colored handkerchief which was wrapped around something, then she slowly unfold it to reveal a delicate cake and handed it over to that little body.

“Thank you Little Yu.” Taking the cake, this little boy expressed his thankfulness with a smile on his face. Then he directly wolf down the cake, because he had not eaten anything for about 2 days already. If this little girl had not given him foods to eat time and again, then he would have already starved to death.

“Hee hee, eat slowly idiot, if this is delicious, then I will secretly bring you more next time.” Seeing that this little boy was wolfing down hastily, and thinking about the circumstance of this little boy, this little girl revealed an expression of heartache in her face. Then she asked him to eat slowly.


“Ha ha, beat him to death, kill this bastard.” In a remote corner, several little boys wearing magnificent clothes had surrounded that little boy of just a moment ago, and were continuously beating him up. After getting punched and kicked, very soon the body of this little boy was filled with many wounds. But this little boy was only protecting his head with his both hands, and firmly biting his teeth, he didn’t even let out a single sound of pain. Because he knew that, the more he cry in pain, the happier these peoples would get. His eyes firmly stared at the faces of these peoples, as if he wanted to engrave the faces of these peoples in his mind, and his eyes clearly revealed an extremely strong hatred.

“You bastards.” At this time, that little girl suddenly appeared, then scolded those peoples. Simultaneously released a cyan colored magical power, and under the control of that little girl, it changed into a phoenix and blew away all those peoples who were in the process of beating that little boy.

“Let’s go.”

“We’re going.”

“Concubine’s seed, you wouldn’t be so lucky next time.”…………..

Those peoples quickly stood up from the ground, and started to run away, but they didn’t forget threaten that little boy while fleeing.

“Idiot, are you okay?” After seeing all those peoples had ran away, this little girl hastily ran and came over to the side of this already riddled with wounds little boy, and with a painful expression on her face, she hastily took out her pure white handkerchief, and started to clean all those bloods and mud mixed with dirt on that little boy.

“I’m fine little Yu, I have already accustomed to these things. You don’t need to worry about these things.” That little boy grabbed the hands of that little girl, and calmly said. Just like he had said, he had already started to get accustomed to these things since he was 3 years old, basically these peoples would always surround and beat him whenever he encounter them. His body was already riddled with gaping wounds, so he didn’t care about the addition of these new wounds. Compared to those thickly dotted numerous wounds in his body, these new wounds were extremely lacking.

“Wu wu, idiot, why are these bastards always beating you?” Hearing the words of this little boy, this little girl felt pain deep inside, then she suddenly shed her tears and asked while crying.

“It doesn’t matter, Little Yu. Rest assured, these people will not be able to beat me to death.” Seeing the crying face of that little girl, little boy immediately panicked, and in that panic, he used his dirty hand to wipe her tears. But who would have thought that when he had just touch her, he realized that his hand was dirty and suddenly don’t know what to do next.

“Idiot.” Feeling the hand of this little boy on her face, and seeing his strange face, this little girl suddenly turned her tears into laughter and lightly cursed with a smile.


Inside the small forest, that little boy and little girl who had already reached 15 years in age were sitting under a tree, while firmly holding their hands together. The little boy raised his head and looked towards the azure sky, and spoke with a happiness in his face, “Little Yu, I believe you are an Angel that is sent down by the god to save me. In this life, meeting you was the happiest moment of my life.”

“Hee hee, what are you saying idiot, I am not an Angel, I am only your Little Yu throughout the whole life.” Hearing what little boy had said, the little girl who had already grown up exposed an enchanting smile, and happily leaning on the embrace of that little boy, she replied.

“En, you are my Little Yu throughout the life. I will definitely marry you.” Feeling the soft body of his beloved in his embrace, that little boy said with great determination.


In the night of thunder and lightning, inside the huge forest, a figure was running in dismay, and the terrifying roar of magical beasts could be heard all around him. Upon looking closely at this figure, one would easily know that this figure actually was that little boy.

Suddenly, this little boy tripped over the root of a tree, and fell down on the ground. Without any time to feel the pain, he immediately struggled to stand up, but just then, sounds came from behind him. He turned around and saw a person wearing a black clothing who was holding a thin sword was descending from the sky.

After seeing this person who was wearing black clothes, he quickly retreated back due to fear, and very quickly his back crashed into the tree. Now he was in dead end.

“Ha ha, Ximen Tianlong, where are you running now?” Seeing the fear on the face of that little boy i.e. Ximen Tianlong, this person in black cloth suddenly said with a smile.

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?” Seeing that person in black cloth, Ximen Tianlong asked.

“Humph, could it be that you can’t even guess who want to kill you? Concubine’s seed.” Hearing the question of Ximen Tianlong, this person in black suddenly snorted coldly with disdain.

“Could it be…………” Hearing this words ‘Concubine’s seed’, Ximen Tianlong suddenly froze, and remembered that, only the peoples of Ximen clan insulted him by saying this, and thinking how he was expelled from the clan, he immediately thought about a person who wanted him dead, and wanted to speak out the name of this person.

But before he could finish speaking, a light flashed, and the voice of this little boy immediately stopped. And blood started to flow out from his mouth, and when he looked down, he saw that a thin sword had already pierced through his heart.

“Little Yu………do not……….in my next life………I’ll……definitely marry………you.” Sensing that his life-force was gradually disappearing, suddenly the figure of that little girl suddenly appeared in his heart, then with extreme unwilling look in his face he slowly collapsed, and slowly closed his eyes.

“Humph, you who do not have a strength, want to take the woman of eldest son, you naive thing.” Seeing that Ximen Tianlong had died, that person in black clothing snorted coldly. After that he pulled out the thin sword from the body of Ximen Tianlong, and slowly floated away and disappeared.

But that person in black clothing didn’t know that, after he had left from this place, suddenly a purple colored energy fell from the sky, and directly entered the body of Ximen Tianlong. And his punctured heart slowly started to heal.


“Little Yu……….” At the Fragrance Heaven restaurant, the mouth of Ren Tianyou who was sitting blankly slowly moved and spoke these 2 words, also 2 tear drops slowly fell from his eyes.

As a matter of fact after the soul of Ren Tianyou had entered the body of Ximen Tianlong, the soul of Ren Tianyou was only able to successfully assimilate and absorb the soul power and memory of Ximen Tianlong with the help of the energy of system, otherwise the soul of Ximen Tianlong would have absorb his soul and return back to life. Although the strength of Ximen Tianlong was negligible in this world standard, nevertheless his power as an intermediate warrior was far more powerful compared to Ren Tianyou who was from the earth.

And after absorbing the soul of Ximen Tianlong, strictly speaking, Ren Tianyou was Ximen Tianlong and Ximen Tianlong was Ren Tianyou, it’s just that the soul of Ren Tianyou was in control nothing more. So after hearing Wang Yuxin and his personal enemy Ximen Feng was going to get married after few days, immediately he was unwilling to believe what he was hearing with his own ears, and from the depth of his soul, the memory of Wang Yuxin slowly appeared in his mind unknowingly.


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  1. There is no way she will treat him the same. Just hope the pain of the other guys soul from kniwing she treats him like trash can fuel his eyes to change

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