In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 135

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 135

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After listening to the explanation of Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou pondered for a long time, to digest all these new information. Inside his heart, Ren Tianyou extremely admired those experts of God’s domain realm of Divine Wind continent.

First, when the demon clan had invaded, these experts had fought against them with their life on the life for the sake of their family, home and friends. And they didn’t hesitated even in their deathbed.

Second, after the war had ended, Divine Wind continent could be said to be torn into pieces, space was filled with cracks and space storm, and the elements of Divine Wind continent were also significantly leaked out and had become very thin compared to before. At that time, these experts clearly had a chance to split the space and reach other space to find the better cultivation environment, but everyone gave up this chance, instead of leaving Divine Wind continent, they used the energies within their body and spend thousands of years to repair the space of this Divine Wind continent, making it suitable for mankind to live again.

After calming down his mind, Ren Tianyou suddenly thought about the Holy sword clan that was stated by Li Jianrong just a moment before, and couldn’t help but ask curiously. Then Li Jianrong simply explained a bit of the current circumstance of his Holy sword clan, but Ren Tianyou had never thought that Divine Wind continent still had this kind of mystical clan.

After talking with Li Jianrong for a long time, Ren Tianyou asked him what he was going to do next. And after knowing that Ren Tianyou was returning Supreme Light academy, Li Jianrong said that he was interested to take a look at Supreme Light academy. After deciding this, Ren Tianyou caught the body of Li Jianrong, then released eye power from his right eye causing a spiral shaped space ripple to appear, after that both Ren Tianyou and Li Jianrong gradually disappeared from that nameless mountain top.

At a secluded street of the Kalisi city, a spiral shaped space ripple suddenly appeared, and from inside it both Ren Tianyou and Li Jianrong appeared in that place.

After looking at the surrounding environment around them, Ren Tianyou said towards Li Jianrong whose face was completely blank, “We are here, this is the imperial capital of Supreme Feilu Empire, Kaliksi city.”

“I have never thought that your space magic is actually this profound, in a blink of an eye, we have already travelled several thousand li of distance. It really is amazing.” Looking around him, Li Jianrong sighed and spoke. In the present era, the space system magic were extremely rare, with the exception of using few space transfer formation which were left behind from ancient times, basically only few peoples are able to experience this space movement.

“Hehe.” Ren Tianyou just laughed and didn’t explained, nor told him that this was the doujutsu of his eyes. Even though they were already teammate, nevertheless Sharingan is the ultimate card of Ren Tianyou in this different world. So Ren Tianyou will absolutely never disclose the secrets of his eyes to anyone else. He wanted other to think that his eyes were merely a kind of common high-ranked blood lineage as much as possible.

“Let’s go, the classes my friends are attending ought to be over at this time. So we will directly go to Supreme Light academy.” Looking at the time, Ren Tianyou estimated that Luo Tianxing and others should have already finished their classes. So he decided to directly take Li Jianrong to the academy.

Ren Tianyou had already lived in this Imperial capital kalisi for several months, so Ren Tianyou was very familiar with all the roads and surroundings of this place. So it was very unlikely for him to get lost in this city.

Arriving at the entrance of Supreme Light academy, they saw two guards, and those two guards on the entrance were still the same guards whom Ren Tianyou had encountered when he had first entered the academy.

“Hello, Tianyou, what are you doing here? Don’t you have to carry out your trial by fire assignment? Or you have given up the assignment?” Seeing Ren Tianyou, one of the guard asked curiously. He clearly remembered that just about a week ago, Ren Tianyou had left the entrance of the academy to complete his trial by fire assignment. But now in about a week of time, he suddenly returned back. So he couldn’t help but to think that Ren Tianyou had given up his task. But this was impossible, because he knew that Ren Tianyou was the champion of the ranking competition, so how could he give up his assignment?

“Nonsense, I came back naturally means I have already completed my trial by fire assignment, how can a mere trial by fire assignment bar my way?” Ren Tianyou said in a bad mood.

“What? You already completed your assignment, so fast!” Hearing Ren Tianyou, those two guards exclaimed. They had never thought that Ren Tianyou could complete the assignment this fast, he had used only a week to complete his assignment.

“No need to be surprised, I am still thinking that this was too slow.” Hearing the surprise exclaimed of those two guards, Ren Tianyou immediately raised his head and pretend to have the face of disdain and said, “Well, we are entering the academy. I also want to hand over the assignment item.”

“Wait, who is he? It seems he is not from our academy.” Just then, the guards stopped Ren Tianyou and pointing towards LI Jianrong, the guard asked.

“He is my friend, I happened to meet him by coincidence when I was carrying out my trial by fire assignment. After he learn that I cultivate here, he came with me. By the way, can he stay with me for a while?” Hearing them, Ren Tianyou gave the explanation which he had already prepared beforehand. Anyway it was common for the parents and friends of the student to visit the academy, so saying this was not suspicious.

“Turned out to be so, then you can enter now, nevertheless if you walk around after the school is closed then we have to take strong measures.” After hearing Ren Tianyou, those guards let Li Jianrong pass, but they still reminded him about the rule.

“OK!” Ren Tianyou answered, then he took Li Jianrong and walked towards the direction of dormitories. He intend to search Luo Tianxing and others, and let them know that he is back, so as not to make them worry for him any longer. But when Ren Tianyou was just a half way to dormitories, he unexpectedly met Yan Xinluo, the face paralyzed man.

When he saw Ren Tianyou, Yan Xinluo was surprised, he had never thought that Ren Tianyou would be this fast to complete the assignment and return back. As to why he determined that Ren Tianyou had successfully completed the assignment, it was so because he had never thought that Ren Tianyou would fail, this was the a kind of faith between experts.

“You are back.” Yan Xinluo lightly said after looking at Ren Tianyou.

“Yes, because you said that after I complete my assignment, you will compete with me to decide whether you will join my organization or not, so I complete the assignment as soon as possible and returned back for that match. How is it, can I still count on your words?”  Ren Tianyou faintly smiled, and replied to Yan Xinluo.

“No need to fight.” Yan Xinluo lightly said. After that looking at the surprise face of Ren Tianyou, he showed a smile in his indifference face and slowly added, “I agree to join your organization.”

“What? You actually agree without a fight.” Hearing Yan Xinluo, Ren Tianyou couldn’t believe what his ear was hearing.

“What, you don’t want it, then I will not join.” Yan Xinluo uncharacteristically played a joke on Ren Tianyou.

“Don’t, how can I not agree to that, here this is your ring, I’ll personally wear it on you.” Ren Tianyou hurriedly answered, and hastily took out a ring of void from his space ring, then rushed to the side of Yan Xinluo, took his hand and wanted put on the ring personally on the finger of Yan Xinluo.

“Get out of the way, I can do it myself.” Seeing that Ren Tianyou actually wanted to put on the ring on him, Yan Xinluo cursed.

“Ok, ok, do it yourself.” Ren Tianyou gave Yan Xinluo a ring, and looked at Yan Xinlio until he put on the ring. From this onward, Akatsuki got its 3rd member, Void.


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      1. I think Ren Tianyou intend to have a chat with his friends on the 1st day and also complete the assignment, and in the second day he would fight Yan Xinluo and make him join Akatsuki. That is 2 days. **just my opinion.

  1. Hmmm… my trap senses it tinggling!!! Haha… maybe yan xinlou is a girl and mc figured it out with sharringan haha

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