In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 133

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 133: White Tiger of Akatsuki

White Tiger of Akatsuki

Along with the loud tiger roar, a huge white tiger shot out from the fists of Ren Tianyou, and advanced towards that falling huge sword and Li Jianrong.

One needs to open the Seventh gate—gate of shock to use this Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger) taijutsu. This jutsu launch an extremely compressed air pressure at the opponent which takes the shape of tiger, and this jutsu explodes on the command of the user. In the world of Naruto, Maito Guy had used this move, and had easily destroyed Suiton—Daikodan no Jutsu (Water Style—Super Shark Bomb Jutsu) of Kisame, furthermore seriously injured him, and was able to successfully captured him alive. And the shockwave created by this taijutsu was so strong that, it was spread throughout the whole turtle island, this shows the might of Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger).

Before when Ren Tianyou was only at the level of elite ninja, his body was unable to sustain the formidable pressure of seventh gate state. But now after he had advanced to kage level, his strength had been further improved, and was now able to sustain the formidable pressure of seventh gate state. Currently as long as he don’t stay in the state of seventh gate for a long time, there was less likely to be any big after effects.

Switching back, the Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger) of Ren Tianyou and the Heaven sword cleave of Li Jianrong collided with each other, immediately after that a loud sound of explosion rang out, and a huge energy shockwave appeared in that place which quickly spread in all direction sweeping everything away with it. Even Li Jianrong floating in the sky, and Ren Tianyou standing on the ground were affected by this powerful shockwave. This energy shockwave covered the radius of more than 5 li, even to the extent that it even affected Sea heaven town which was not too far from that location. [T.L: 1 li = approx. 500m]

At the entrance of Sea heaven town, many peoples were continuously going in and out. At that time, suddenly a terrifying energy shockwave arrived there. All the pedestrians and the guards standing at the entrance of the town were blown off, none of them were able to stably stand on the ground.

“What’s going on?” After balancing themselves, this same question appeared in their mind. Then they raised their heads and look towards the direction of shockwave’s source, then after a single glance, the pupils of all these peoples firmly shrunk. They saw a gold and blue mixed colored tempest in the middle of the woods which was a bit far-off in the distance, and even when they were this far from that energy tempest, they could clearly sense a terrifying energy fluctuation.

“Swish”, “swish”, “swish”………. At that time, 5-6 silhouettes of the person from inside the Sea Heaven town flew towards the source of this energy shockwave. It seems after the experts who were inside the Sea heaven town discovered about this, all of them urgently rushed out to examine the situation, and see what was going on.

In the area of the explosion, after about 3 or 4 minutes, the energy shockwaves slowly disappeared. And one could only see a huge crater with the radius of about 1 li in that place. In the middle of this huge crater, Ren Tianyou was standing while gasping for breath. In front of him, Li Jianrong was lying motionlessly on the ground, and next to the body of Li Jianrong, his huge dark god sword was stabbed on the ground.

After regulating his breath, Ren Tianyou walked over to the side of Li Jianrong, then looking at his sluggish eyes, Ren Tianyou lightly said, “You lose.”

Hearing these two words, Li Jianrong who was lying on the ground immediately clutched his hands into a fist, and tried to move his body. But he sensed that all the battle qi of his body were completely exhausted, and his body was also injured. And he recalled that white tiger attack of Ren Tianyou had not only completely destroyed his Heaven sword cleave attack, after destroying it, that attack continued to advance towards himself and finally swallow him. After recalling this scene for a short while, he slowly loosen his fists, and he lightly whispered, “Yes, I lost the battle.”

“Since it is like this, according to our bet, you………..” Just when Ren Tianyou wanted to invite Li Jianrong to join Akatsuki again, several energies body in the process of approaching them suddenly appeared in his mental perception, and very soon they would arrive in this location.

Sensing this, Ren Tianyou frowned, and looked towards the sky, after that 6 rays of light appeared in the sky in front of him and these lights landed in the carter not too far away in front of him. Carefully looking, 4 of them were wearing warrior clothing, one was wearing magic robe and final one was wearing illusion robe. All of them were Saint ranked experts. Among them 5 were middle aged men and remaining was middle-aged beautiful woman.

“Who are you people? Just what happened here a moment ago?” Seeing the heavy destruction around, and 2 youngster who were riddled with scars in front of them, one of the men wearing warrior clothing asked with extreme shock. No need to talk about anything else, even if he exhausted all of his strength, he would not be able to create a crater which was one third in size of this carter, and that’s without even mentioning that powerful energy shockwave. Even Deity ranked experts very possibly may not be able to create that. From what they were seeing, the could determine that this carter and that energy shockwave of just a moment ago was created due to the after effect of the battle between these two youngster who looked less than 20 years in age, but they firmly denied this choice, because they would never believe that these 2 youth who looked less than 20 years in age were already an expert of Deity-ranked or more.

“You don’t need to know who we are, now there is only one thing you should do.” Looking at those 6 Saint ranked experts, Ren Tianyou frowned, and said coldly, “That is to leave this place right now.”

“Hee hee, don’t become angry like this little brother, just tell big sister what happened here just a moment ago?” After hearing the words of Ren Tianyou, that middle-aged women wearing illusion robe exposed an enchanting smile, and spoke towards Ren Tianyou. But her pairs of beautiful eyes exposed a pallid light, and her body slowly emitted an invisible energy fluctuation which spread in all direction.

“The curiosity of humankind is too big, but also extremely stupid.” Hearing the words of that middle-aged beautiful woman, furthermore sensing that invisible energy from her body, Ren Tianyou sighed. After that he stared towards those 6 experts with his Mangekyo Sharingan, “No need to use that kind of silly tricks, this level of illusion is useless against me.”

“You……….” When they saw that blood colored pair of eyes of Ren Tianyou, the bodies of those saint ranked experts quivered involuntarily, and suddenly felt extreme chill all over their body. They just wanted to move away from there, but they discovered that they were not able to move. And they sensed that they were slowly losing the control over their own body.

“Is this………illusion?” Feeling the unusual condition in their body, the mind of those 6 suddenly trembled with this question. Even after they tried their best, they were not able to break free from this illusion. Especially that middle-aged beautiful woman, as a Saint ranked illusionist, she had deeper understanding with regards to illusions, but even she was not able to break free from this illusion.

Seeing that all 6 of them were motionless, Ren Tianyou bend and placed his right hand on the body of Li Jianrong, and said, “It’s too noisy here, let’s go to a quiet place to talk.” Finished speaking, he released a large amount of eye power, and a spiral shaped space ripple appeared, and along with this space ripple, Li Jianrong was sucked into his right eye.

After sucking Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou stood up, and looked at those 6 individuals. All of those 6 individuals were extremely frightened, as they were powerless to move, but Ren Tianyou just spoke with a smile, “I’m in a very good mood today, so I will not kill you. I hope we are destined, goodbye.”

Finished speaking, his right hand slowly covered his head and then rest of his body, and along with this gesture, his body started to slowly disappear starting with his head and his whole body finally disappeared from that place, leaving behind those 6 Saint ranked experts who were continuously struggling to break the illusion.

On the top of certain big mountain, Ren Tianyou slowly appeared from the spiral shaped space ripple. Then after examining all around him, again another space ripple appeared in that place, and Li Jianrong slowly appeared from this space ripple created by his right eye.

Firmly standing on the ground, Li Jianrong observed his surrounding, and asked, “Where are we?”

“A quite place for talking.” Answered Ren Tianyou with a smile. “Now can you tell me what you have decided? Are you joining my organization or not?”

After hearing the question of Ren Tianyou, contrary to what Ren Tianyou had thought, Li Jianrong agreed without the slightest bit of hesitation, “I will join your organization.”

Although he heard the positive reply, Ren Tianyou nevertheless felt strange, so he frankly said, “I did not expect you to agree so quickly.”

“As a matter of fact I had already decided to join your organization, when we had reached half way to the fight. I have decided this because you are stronger than me among all the younger generation, and if I join your origination, I will have a strong rivel to challenge.” Li Jianrong answered.

“He he, welcome to Akatsuki organization. There will be only 10 member in this organization. And everyone will have their unique codenames. The codenames are Zero (零), Vermilion bird (朱), Void (空), Jade Maiden (玉), North dipper (北), South dipper (南), Azure dragon (青), White Tiger (白), Santai (三), and Black Tortoise (亥). Everyone will have different duty.  Since this organization is created not too long ago, there is only me and you as its member, oh, no, the seat of Void is also already taken. And he will join after 2 days.” Ren Tianyou slowly introduced about the organization to Li Jainrong. [T.L: Actually the codenames are 零葬、朱雀、空陈、玉女、北斗、南斗、青龙、白虎、三台、玄武, and I wrote that names in English, but placed the character inscribed in rings of Akatsuki]

“So that means, altogether there are only 3 members in our organization.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Li Jianrong slowly said.

“Correct, although now there are only 3 member, hereafter we will slowly recruit new individuals until we assemble 10 peoples. The main purpose for the establishment of our Akatsuki organization is not to contend for the supremacy of this continent, or to involve in the disputes of other forces, there is only one objective, i.e. to become extremely strong. Not only me, but I want all the members of my origination to become extremely strong. And at the time when we have sufficient strength, everything this continent say to us will just be a joke.”

“Since you have joined my organization, your codename is God of slaughter, White Tiger. This is your ring, and this ring is the proof that you are the organization member. Do not lose this ring, oh, and this ring also have another big use.” Ren Tianyou took out a ring which had a white (白) carved on it, and gave it to Li Jianrong. After that he took out the cloak of Akatsuki, and also a bamboo hat with wind-bells, and gave it to Li Jianrong. “This is the dress of our organization.”

Li Jianrong wore that ring on his hand, after that he wore that black cloak with red clouds printed on it which symbolized Akatsuki organization. Now he had formally joined Akatsuki origination, and took the White Tiger seat.

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  1. Wow how many chapters was that fight again? 5? And then the guy joins immediately and the MC wraps up by giving him the team uniform. XD I feel like the fight ended kinda suddenly, but that’s ok, it was a little bit long.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Mistakes:
      these lights landed in the carter not too far away –> crater
      riddled with scares in front of them –> scars
      size of this carter, –> crater
      the could determine that this carter –> crater
      Ren Tianyou bend and placed his right hand –> bent
      a strong rivel to challenge –> rival
      until we assemble 10 peoples. –> people

        1. I’ll have you know I focused on the bottom half of the chapter, so there is very likely a few mistakes I missed in the upper portion. I just couldn’t stand the bottom part. It went beyond my grammar/spelling tolerance. XD

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Correct me if I’m wrong but he’s been wearing the Akatsuki robe and mask the whole time right?

    1. ***As long as he don’t stay in the state of 7th gate for a long time, there was less likely to be any big after effects.***

      1. You mean that frozen faced guy? The one who fight MC at final competition? I actually forgot that he joined akatsuki. Thanks.

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    He didn’t have his mask on (I believe he wasn’t in Zero/Tobi form) and he could have reacted better in that situation.

    WTF? Good going MC. You just got your face marked by the bodyguards. I just hope RTY wouldn’t turn out to be those haughty, self-justified shits who thinks only they are correct, typical Xanxia Mcs out there.

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