In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 130

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 130: Fall into disadvantageous position

Fell into disadvantageous position

Ren Tianyou increased his speed, and immediately ran towards the outside area of sword qi formation. With the current speed of Ren Tianyou, he traveled 100 meters distance in an instant. After running out from the sword qi formation, Ren Tianyou was obviously relaxed. If he had continued to stay inside that formation, then perhaps he would be in real trouble.

Just then, a loud exploding sound rang out from the ground in front of him. And along with the stones and debris flying everywhere, a deep hole appeared on the surface of the ground. After that a white colored silhouette flew out from inside that hole, and landed on the ground. This person was Li Jianrong.

The clothing of Li Jianrong had a big holes due to the friction with the sand, and one could see his bronze-colored skin from these holes. And his right hand was no longer holding his rapier, it was replaced by that huge sword which was on his back.

The sword blade of this huge sword was very large, and this sword blade was releasing a cold light, which could make any people shiver all over though not cold. And one would easily know that this sword was an exceptional weapon in a single glance. And at the hilt of this sword, a long iron chain was attached to it, and the other end of this iron chain was firmly wrapped around the body of Li Jianrong.

At this time, the body of Li Jianrong suddenly shook, and the clothing which was riddled with gaping holes immediately changed into debris and slowly fall on the ground. After that his whole body was filled with sharp sword intent. This sword intent was extremely powerful, it felt as if it could easily pierce through the space around him. After that a powerful sword qi slowly overflowed from inside his body, and cover his whole body, changing his whole body into a broken sword of heaven.

“This sword intent………..”  Feeling as if he was being pricked by needle from this sword intent, Ren Tianyou who was standing far-off frowned. And Ren Tianyou also felt a strong dangerous sensation from this sword intent, this was the sensation he had never felt before since the time he left the Magical beasts’ forest.

“Your strength really surprised me.” Li Jianrong looked at completely unscathed Ren Tianyou, and exposed a surprise expression on his face. “I didn’t expect that you could actually escape unscathed from this concentrated sword qi wave. I had thought that even if this move failed to kill you, this move is at least capable to injure you a bit. Nevertheless, the actual result is quite unexpected.”

“Furthermore you can actually control your bones, sands and moreover lightning system, these three kinds of power. But………….” Saying this, Li Jianrong paused, and waved his huge heavy sword with his right hand, as if it was weightless. Under the control of Li Jianrong, the powerful sword qi on his body started to flow towards this huge sword. Then he hit the ground with this sword, and a huge crack was suddenly split open on the ground, and several trees were also broken by this single attack.

“Under my Dark god sword and Dark lightning secret sword art, you don’t stand a chance.”

Hearing Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou took a deep breathe, open a little bit of space between his legs, and quickly made a series of hand seals. After that several mouth of spring suddenly appeared in the ground in front of him, but from this instead of water, endless sands sprang out.

“Ryusa Bakuryu! (Sand Tsunami!)”

A huge towering sand waves suddenly sprung out from the ground, these sand waved which looked like it could cover everything advanced towards Li Jianrong. Seeing this towering sand waves, Li Jianrong was extremely shocked. After that he wanted to fly in the sky to avoid this, but endless sands had already caught his legs making him immobile.

“Get buried inside these boundless sand.” Seeing that Li Jianrong was caught by his sands, without a single emotion on his face, Ren Tianyou controlled these boundless sand waves and swallowed Li Jianrong.

After advancing to kage level, Ren Tianyou had larger amount of chakra compared to before, so using this Ryusa Bakuryu (Sand Tsunami) caused sands to covered larger surroundings, a radius of 3 li was completely covered with boundless sands. And the landscape around him was completely changed after using this move. The power of only a single man had successfully created a miniature desert in this place.

Just when Ren Tianyou wanted to use Sabaku Taiso (Giant Sand Burial), a towering sword light suddenly appeared in the middle of this small desert. And this towering sword light changed into a 30 meter light sword and fall directly towards the direction of Ren Tianyou.

“Not good.” Seeing this light sword, the pupils of Ren Tianyou firmly shrunk. Under the Magekyo Sharingan of Ren Tianyou, the speed of this light sword was slow, so he used the Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) of raikage and changed into a lightning light, narrowly dodging this attack.

“Hong!” A loud sound of explosion rang out, that huge light sword chopped the surface of the earth and directly created long chasm which was more than 30 meter in length. Only after that the light sword slowly dissipated in the air.

Firmly standing at the other side, Ren Tianyou looked towards the middle of this small desert, and saw that Li Jianrong had already come out from inside the sand. He was floating in the air while holding his huge sword. At this time, Li Jianrong again swung his right hand which was holding his huge sword, and his huge sword directly flew towards Ren Tianyou. Now the right hand of Li Jianrong was holding the chain which was connected to the hilt of the dark god sword, and he himself was also rushing towards Ren Tianyou behind his own sword.

Looking at huge sword which was flying towards him, Ren Tianyou didn’t retreat, rather immediately accelerated towards Li Jianrong. The speed of both of them were very fast, so in a blink of an eye, Ren Tianyou and the huge sword come into contact with each other in the sky. Ren Tianyou relayed on the ability to see things clearly of Mangekyo Sharingan, directly dodged the stab of dark god sword, and continued to advance towards Li Jianrong.

But seeing Ren Tianyou had successfully dodge his attack and was still rushing towards him, Li Jianrong actually had a strange smile on his face. He just lightly waved his right hand which was holding the iron chain which was connected to the sword hilt, and the dark god sword which Ren Tianyou had already dodged immediately changed its direction and continued to chase Ren Tianyou.

Hearing the sound from behind him, furthermore seeing the movement of iron chain on the hand of Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou instantly understood what was going on. So making a bow shaped posture with his body, he narrowly dodged this attack.

“Peng!” Li Jianrong caught that huge sword, then pouring all the sword qi in his body in the sword blade of this dark god sword, he immediately swung it towards Ren Tianyou. And this sword blade of dark god sword immediately gave out a light roaring sound.

“Dark lightning secret sword art—-Second form——Lightning thunder clouds!”

Along with the voice of Li Jianrong, a deafening roar suddenly sounded out of a thin air. And when this deafening roar suddenly sounded out, the dark god sword in the right hand of Li Jianrong suddenly disappeared without a trace. And when that deafening roaring sound disappeared, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt as if something was about to stab his head from above, so when he looked up, the sight he saw immediately caused the complexion of Ren Tianyou to turn ghastly pale.

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  1. but he somehow manages to dodge or som shit. smh we know nothing to serious happens. It would be nice to actually see the MC get beaten and the guy not join…
    these chapters have been so boring tbh cuz it was MC looking for a fight. Its just the MC overpowering him but somehow the other dude makes it out. Until the MC does “final move-jutsu” and beats him……

  2. I really want the MC to die for many specific reasons but the plot armor won’t allow it, that is why I’ll keep my fingers cross so that the plot armor will be replaced with the plot armor in Akame ga Kill.

  3. how does he go from a random swordsman the mc came across to someone with a secret main characterish technique???

  4. OK i love this novel i really do but the short chapters and the fight scenes that literally takes 7 chapters just so we can go to another 4 chapters of dialogue does not amuse me i like this novel but i will probably wait months go by and come back.

  5. Previous time i can said it’s okay to have long fighting scene even if it’s not mc fight, but to think every fight required several chapter and only one chapter that advance the story is quite overdo i think

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