In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 128

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 128: Sword


Along with ‘swish’, ‘swish’ sounds, Ren Tianyou changed into lightning light beam and Li Juanrong change into white colored sword qi light beam, and advanced towards each other and attacked. Powerful lightning chakra and that all conquering sword qi of Li Juanrong collided with each other.

The right hand of Ren Tianyou which was surrounded by powerful lightning and the sword qi of Li Jianrong were firmly deadlocked with each other. From this single move, Ren Tianyou clearly knew that engaging in a close combat with this fellow Li Jianrong with his sword qi was very troublesome. This fellow could actually transform all of his battle qi inside his body into sword qi which was difficult to see with naked eyes with ease. Although his Mangekyo Sharingan could easily see these sword qi, nevertheless seeing was one thing and able to avoid or not was another thing.

These numerous tiny sword qi were completely under the control of Li Jianrong, he could use these sword qi for executing all kinds of attacks, which were extremely hard to guard against. And once these sword qi invades the body of another person, then that would be extremely troublesome. So Ren Tianyou had no choice but to use huge amount of strength to guard against it. Although the Raiton Chakura Modo (Lightning Style Armour) of Raikage possess powerful ability to resist any direct attacks, nevertheless the ability to resist against these types of miniature indiscriminate attacks were a little bit pale by comparison.

“Since it is like this, I have to use the power of Shikotsumyaku (Macabre Bone Pulse).” Ren Tianyou muttered to himself, then a slight change happened on the surface of Ren Tianyou’s body, but the naked eyes couldn’t see any difference. “Use the power of Shikotsumyaku (Macabre Bone Pulse) to control the bones inside the body and form a protective membrane on the surface of body. Like this I could easily withstand this type of sword qi attack.”

After that he stretched his left land and aimed at Li Jianrong, suddenly the fingertips of five fingers of his left hand quickly swell out, then 5 tiny bones of his fingertips were shot towards Li Jianrong.

“Teshi Sendan! (Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!)”

“Peng”, “peng”, “peng”……….five sound rang out. And the five tiny bones of fingertips advanced towards the head of Li Jianrong

“This is………” Seeing this unusual attack of Ren Tianyou, Li Jianrong was clearly surprised, but in this current circumstance, he didn’t have long time to be surprise. He heavily stepped on the ground with his right foot, and immediately opened a small distance between them. Then waved his rapier with this right hand, after that along with ‘dang’, ‘dang’………several parrying sound, Li Jianrong narrowly blocked those five bones.

After that calming down the state of his mind, Li Jianrong tightly held his rapier with his right hand, and directly pointed towards Ren Tianyou, “Sword way of the ends of the earth——Mountain peak severing fierce wind!”

Along with the yell of Li Jianrong, the aura of his body suddenly changed, as if living in a rainstorm with fierce wind environment. Then countless tiny white colored sword qi emerge out from his body, and under the control of Li Jianrong, these sword qi immediately gathered together and changed into a huge white colored light sword, and this huge sword swept towards Ren Tianyou with an irresistible force. This was the attack of Li Jianrong which he had put together to deal with Ren Tianyou.

Looking at the incoming huge sword, Ren Tianyou wrinkled his brows. “Always using Kamui is not an option, so I must train other skills too. And now is precisely a good opportunity to train.” After thinking this, the fingers of his right hand shrunk, then he curled four fingers leaving behind only index finger. After that he poured his lightning system chakra towards his right hand.

“Jigokuzuki—-Ippon Nukite! (Hell Stab—-One-Finger Hand!)”

“Swish!” the body of Ren Tianyou immediately changed into a huge lightning spear, and straightly advanced towards that incoming huge sword. And in an Instant these two attack came into contact with each other.

There was no explosion, it’s just that Ren Tianyou and that huge sword of sword qi firmly attack each other, and wanted to break through the other party. The right hand of Ren Tianyou firmly withstood this huge sword of sword qi, and from the feeling coming through his right hand, he could clearly sense that these countless tiny sword qi from that huge sword wanted invade his body through his right hand. But due to the protective membrane of bone on the surface of Ren Tianyou’s body, these tiny sword qi couldn’t invade his body.


After Ren Tianyou yelled this one word from his mouth, the powerful lightning chakra which was surrounding the body of Ren Tianyou suddenly rose and smash this huge sword into pieces, and the scattered pieces changed into energies and dissipated in the air.

“Swish!” And with the remaining energy of the attack, Ren Tianyou continued to advance towards Li Jianrong.

“Turmoil situation—one step turmoil change!” Looking at the incoming Ren Tianyou, Li Jianrong slowly opened his mouth, then both of his legs staggered, and his body just like a sudden change in the situation, suddenly flashed around and countless afterimages of Li Jianrong appeared in that place. Now it was extremely hard to determine which was his true body.

“Humph! This trick is of no use against me.” Seeing the appearance of countless afterimages, Ren Tianyou just coldly snorted with disdain. After that he quickly stirred his eye power, and quickly look around with his blood-red colored Mangekyo Sharingan, and Ren Tianyou suddenly started at upper right location.

“Found you.”

After that Ren Tianyou accelerated, and instantly arrived at that location, then he waved his right hand and stabbed in front of him. With the powerful eye power of Ren Tianyou’s Mangekyo Sharingan, how could these silly illusion confuse him?

“Not good!” Li Jianrong had never thought that even after hiding among the illusions, Ren Tianyou could easily find him and directly attack his real body among these many illusions. Gritting his teeth, he waved his right hand, and his body immediately changed into flowing light and assimilated into his rapier. After that it changed into a towering sword blade and welcomed the attack of Ren Tianyou.

“Nine Sword Style, Second Style——Cloud Destroying Style!”

Li Jianrong didn’t tried to defend the attack of Ren Tianyou. It was so because, he basically didn’t have any defensive moves, because as a person who was walking on the martial way of sword, he firmly pursuit mastering the attacking moves. It is so because, for him, the best defense was attack. This was also the most basic and most powerful means as a swordsman. And he was born at the clan where mastering the sword was the most important thing above anything else.

Compared to the previous attack, this aura of this attack of Li Jianrong was completely different, Ren Tianyou was shocked seeing this move. Let’s say if the huge sword attack of just a moment ago gave the people a kind of sensation of displaying ones full ability, then the aura of current sword attack was completely restrained. And also this sword attack was even more flexible compared to the previous attack.

Feeling the remaining energy in his right hand, Ren Tianyou secretly knew that this was bad, because with the current level of chakra in his right hand, he was basically powerless to withstand this huge sword attack.

Looking at the incoming sword attack, Ren Tianyou quickly used the doujutsu of his right eye.


This huge sword directly pierced through the body of Ren Tianyou, but Li Jianrong who had changed into a sword and pierced through Ren Tianyou became puzzled. First, it was not this easy to hit Ren Tianyou, second, when he had pierced through the body of Ren Tianyou, he hadn’t felt any kind of resistance.

After he turned around, he saw that even after he had pierced through the body of Ren Tianyou, he was standing there as if that was just a trifling matter. Although he didn’t know what method Ren Tianyou had used to dodge his attack, nevertheless without giving any buffer time to Ren Tianyou, he immediately dashed towards Ren Tianyou again in a high speed.

“Humph, this time I will try this ninjutsu which I have learned just some time ago.” Seeing that Li Jianrong who had changed into a huge sword was again rushing towards him, Ren Tianyou coldly snorted, and immediately put both of his palms together. After that the ground beneath his foot quickly started to change.

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  1. So basically everyone in this new world is like kage-level or higher? MC never seems to have an easy fight, and he’s meant to be at the kage level now right?

    1. it’s just that MC is looking for powerful people, i mean his friend, that girl with the boat and her group, the few people during the beginning of the tournament, and those bones that fought against MC with 1 tail are all weak

  2. hmm wonder how the convo will go
    “wow your strong of course ill join your group”
    “wow thanks for beating me, of course ill join your group”
    “wow your amazing! B-baka!”

  3. *sigh* I knew it wouldn’t be over in one chapter. Ah well, it is interesting that he is trying to test out his new skills.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Another restraint play.. kinda ruins the tension for me.. it’s used too many times..

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