In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 127

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 127: Disagree? Then I’ll beat until you agree

Disagree? Then I’ll beat until you agree

That silver haired man ignored the roar of indignation of those 6 men, and just slowly walked towards them step by step while holding that rapier in his hand. The light sound of his steps brought a huge pressure on their heart as if their hearts were being trampled on.

“Everyone, we must kill this bastard.” One of the middle-aged man who might be the leader of those remaining six men, gritted his teeth and roared towards his companions.

“Right.” The remaining five replied, then three of them directly charged, and other three held their weapons and released a huge amount of their battle qi. And those three at the back attacked with their respective big moves.

“Flame dance break!”

“Wind spirit stir!”

“Earth splitting strike!”

Along with the three loud yell, a huge flame slash, a tornado sword blade, and earth colored sword slash suddenly appeared. And these attacks advanced towards that silver haired man.

“Boring.” Looking at three incoming peoples in front of him and three attacks which was advancing towards him from his right side, this silver haired youth coldly snorted with disdain. After that he rapier on his right hand release a powerful sword intent, and the aura around him suddenly changed, as if a fierce wind was blowing around him. But this was merely an illusion, because there was not any fierce wind at the moment.

“Sword way of the ends of the earth, first form—-Mountain peak severing fierce wind!”

Along with the voice of this silver haired youth, a loud sound of explosion rang out. And countless white colored sword blade gushed out from his body and spread in all direction. Immediately after that, these countless sword blade hit the surface of the ground all around him making numerous small holes. And those three incoming individuals were first to be affected by this attack, before they could even had a slightest chance to react, these sword blades had already pierced through their bodies, and their body were riddled with numerous gaping wounds. A large amount of blood were dripping down to the ground from those wounds.

And those three energy attack were also directly hit by these countless sword blades and were successfully destroyed without leaving a trace.

Seeing the fate of those three individuals and the unmatched power of that silver haired youth, all of the remaining attacker put away their weapons and fled at the same time without prior consultation.

At the beginning there were seven peoples, now after only a moment, four of them had already died a tragic death, now only three remained and they could do nothing in this situation, so all of them decided to flee from this place.  But did they really have the ability to flee from this place?

“Still not coming out?” This silver haired man suddenly raised his head and looked towards one of the tree that was not far away from that place, then coldly roared. After that he changed into a light beam and started to chase one of the fleeing people.

“Flowing light style!”

“Did he discover me?” Seeing that silver haired man had looked towards his direction and yelled, Ren Tianyou talked to himself. Then looked at one of the fleeing individual, and he displayed a cruel smile.

Then his body flashed, and suddenly appeared in front of that fleeing man. Seeing that Ren Tianyou had suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of him, this person was clearly terrified. And when he wanted to use his weapon to attack, even faster than him, Ren Tianyou quickly extend his right hand and firmly grabbed him by his throat, and put him up.

“Uh……….” Feeling a tight grip of palm on his neck, and feeling a suffocation, this man discarded the weapon in his hand and tried to struggle free using both of his hands. He was continuously flapping his hands and there was extreme fear in his face.

“Bye-bye.” Looking at the face of this man, Ren Tianyou slightly smiled and immediately increase the strength in the grip of his right hand, then along with clear sound of broken bone, the throat of this man was crushed. After that the man stopped his struggling, and became motionless, he was already dead.

On the other side, that silver haired man had also already disposed off another person, now there was only single person left. That silver haired man took out dagger and place his rapier back to its sheath, after that he poured his battle qi to his dagger and threw it straight towards that fleeing man. That dagger instantly pierced through the fleeing man, and that man who was fleeing suddenly stopped any movement, after that powerlessly fell on the ground.

Seeing all of the peoples were disposed, that silver haired man turned towards Ren Tianyou.

“Who are you? It seems you are not with them.” Seeing that the corpse of one of the seven people who had attack him, lying beside Ren Tianyou, that silver haired youth stared at Ren Tianyou, and asked.

“I am certainly not with them.” Ren Tianyou answered with a slight smile. Then took few steps forwards, and said, “Before anything else, I’ll introduce myself, my name is Ren Tianyou, am the leader of Akatsuki organization, code name Zero. I just wanted to invite you to join my organization. Can you also tell me your name?”

“Organization?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, that silver haired youth was clearly stunned. Then he said, “My name is Li Jianrong. As for joining your organization, I’m sorry, I am not interested, and I hope you will stop following me.”

Saying that, that silver haired man, i.e. Li Jianrong, turned around and walked towards the corpse of the man who was stabbed his dagger, then retrieve his dagger from that corpse. After that without looking back, he continued to leave this place.

“Do you think you can leave just like this?” The faint voice of Ren Tianyou that came from behind him, instantly made him to stop his steps.

“So what do you think?” Turning around, Li Jianrong stared at Ren Tianyou and said.

“Not much, it’s just that I have finally met a person who is suitable to become the member of my organization, so how can I let him slip by.” A lightning system charka slowly emerged out from the body of Ren Tianyou and slowly took the form of lightning armor. “Since you didn’t agree, I am forced to beat until you agree.”

“What a big mouth, okay, since this is the case, if you are able to defeat me, then I’ll join your organization.” Hearing the arrogant words of Ren Tianyou, Li Jianrong sneered, then his rapier appeared at his right hand again, and he started to emit boundless battle qi from his body.

“Haha, this is what you said, oh boy, I hope you don’t regret in the future.” Hearing Li Jianrong, Ren Tianyou burst into loud laughter. This was going exactly according to his plan, now Ren Tianyou could not only test the strength of Li Jianrong, he could also test out his new strength, this was really killing two birds with one stone. As for what would happen is he lost this fight, Ren Tianyou had never even considered about this nonsense. Currently he had already entered kage level, possess two pairs of Mangekyo Sharingan, so he didn’t fear anyone of younger generation. Even if there were hidden guardians of the younger generation people, Ren Tianyou was still unlikely to fear anyone else.

“I never regret my decision.” Li Jianrong said.

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  1. With this chapter you have translated one third of this novel!

    Thanks for all your hardwork. Please keep going.

  2. Next chapter~ uhhhh I think its rekt for short ahaha
    I mean how can he loose he has the obito cheat fk~
    Aside from that I’m waitin’ if he can infuse that makabere bones kekkai genaki with lightning it would be cool~

  3. The MC should’ve learn by now that being over confident and unresonable to others that don’t deserve it, he wouldn’t be almost killed by other unreasonable and over confident people but then again he is here to f*** up for our entertainment.

      1. That is true but the MC has the wisdom of a retared superman, this is akin to giving him the ability to bring the heat death of the universe.

            1. The Original Akatsuki was formed the same way and they said the same things (look creation of akatsuki on youtube 50~60 min.)…

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