In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 125

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 125: Heaven ranked warrior skill

Heaven ranked warrior skill

Ren Tianyou arrived at mercenary guild, then without pausing he directly walked towards mission assigning window. Arriving at that window, he saw that the staff standing there was the same one who had originally assigned him the mission.

“Hello, may I ask if you are here for taking a mission or to complete a mission?” It seems this staff had already forgotten about him. It had already been many days, and every day she had to deal with many mercenaries, so how could she still remember Ren Tianyou?

“Complete a mission.” Ren Tianyou didn’t care much about that, and now he just wanted to complete this task quickly.

“May I ask which mission do you want to complete? Can you give me your mission card, I will check the mission information.” That girl said to Ren Tianyou with a professional smile on her face.

“This is mission card, you don’t need to check, I want to complete the mission of ‘obtain the purple gauze sky magnificent flower’, S-rank mission.” Ren Tianyou directly came straight to the point towards that girl.

“Ah, S-rank mission.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, this girl suddenly exclaimed with surprise, then immediately afterwards cover her sexy lips. After hearing Ren Tianyou wanted to complete ‘obtain the purple gauze sky magnificent flower’ mission, she took a closer look at that familiar figure of Ren Tianyou, and suddenly yelled, “It’s you.”

Not bad, after this girl heard that he wanted to complete this mission, this girl clearly recognized Ren Tianyou. Now she remembered that several days ago, this person in front of her had accepted the mission ‘obtain the purple gauze sky magnificent flower’ which was also known as death mission. But she didn’t have that much confidence in Ren Tianyou for completing this task, because as a staff of mercenary guild, she knew that all the mercenaries who had accepted this mission since its release, no one had ever return back here again.

But what was unexpected to her was that the person whom she didn’t have any confidence on had unexpectedly return back alive and kicking only after several days, furthermore he was claiming that he had completed this mission. So how could she not be shocked?

“Little miss finally recognized me.” Hearing the surprise voice of this girl, Ren Tianyou slightly smiled and said.

“You actually come back alive.” This girl still looked very surprised and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Of course, previously I had already stated that I will absolutely complete this mission.” The space ring on the finger of Ren Tianyou’s right hand flashed, then a wooden box appeared in his hand. After that he extend his hand and gave it to that girl, “Here, this is purple gauze sky magnificent flower.”

“Please wait for a moment.” Taking over that wooden box with purple gauze sky magnificent flower, that girl said to Ren Tianyou, and under the strange gaze of Ren Tianyou, she hurriedly ran inside the room.

A moment later, that girl brought a white-bearded old man wearing a loose and comfortable magnificent clothes, from inside that passage.

“Master Hua Yun, this is the person that I was speaking about who had completed that mission.” That girl said to that old man while pointing towards Ren Tianyou.

“Oh.” Heating this girl, from the eyes of that old man called Master Hua Yun, a sharp light suddenly flashed and swept the whole body of Ren Tianyou. And Ren Tianyou felt as if his whole body was completely seen through by this old man.

This was the inspecting eyes skill, one kind of supplementary nature power of blood lineage. This blood lineage didn’t have any attack ability, and there is also no increase in strength after activating this blood lineage. But this power of blood lineage could make the user to see several things that couldn’t be seen with naked eyes of ordinary people. If this skill had reached to highest achievement, then the user could even clearly see through the essence of things. Many peoples possess this blood lineage, and if these people couldn’t success in warrior’s paths, they would choose to work at some big auction houses as an inspecting master. And using this inspecting eyes skill, they could easily distinguish the genuine or fake items.

“Youngster, your strength is pretty good.” The power of blood lineage ‘inspecting eyes skill’ of this Master Hua Yun had already reached the highest attainment. So he was not confused by the outer strength ‘intermediate warrior’ of Ren Tianyou. As under his eyes, he could clearly see the powerful strength inside the body of Ren Tianyou.

When this Master Hua Yun used his inspecting eyes spell, Ren Tianyou felt cold from head to toe, and felt as if his whole body was seen through. After that he looked at his sharp light eyes. “It seems this guy also possess a pair of nice eyes.”

After that that Master Hua Yun picked up that wooden box, and opened it, suddenly extremely dense delicate fragrance came out from inside. This fragrance not only shook their body, but also filled their body with vitality. After looking at the shape of this herb inside the wooden box for a while, and comparing it with the description on the books, and under the skill of his eyes, he could clearly determine that this was the true purple gauze sky magnificent flower.

“This is indeed purple gauze sky magnificent flower.” Master Hua Yun confirmed. After completely determining that this was the mission item, he said towards that girl, “Now you can complete all the procedure and give him his mission reward. Now I will take this purple gauze sky magnificent flower.” Finished speaking, this Master Hua Yun immediately pack up this purple gauze sky magnificent flower and returned inside.

Hearing the command of Master Hua Yun, that girl walked towards Ren Tianyou and said, “Congratulation, you have completed the S-rank mission—-obtain the purple gauze sky magnificent flower. Now your mercenary rank is directly promoted to rank *, and your mercenary group is also promoted to Rank B. I have already updated your mercenary information.”

“Furthermore, these are your mission rewards. 50 million gold coins, and a mid-heaven rank combat skill—-Violent cloud mutation!” This girl took out a magic crystal card, and also old looking book, then hand it over to Ren Tianyou.

When Ren Tianyou heard the words mid-heaven ranked combat skill, his body obviously quivered, and surprise flashed in his eyes. He had never expected that the rewards of this mission was actually a heaven ranked combat skill which was yearned by all the people of this continent for day and night. You should know that heaven ranked combat skills were extremely difficult to find. Even many of the Deity-ranked experts couldn’t get any chance to learn heaven ranked combat skills. Every time this heaven ranked combat skills appear, it would basically trigger a bloodbath. Honestly speaking, although the rewards of S-ranked mission were extremely big, nevertheless this heaven ranked combat skill had clearly increase the scope of mission rewards. From this one could easily guess, how much the issuer of this mission wanted this purple gauze sky magnificent flower.


Inside the grand house at the imperial capital of light empire, a tall middle aged man with a domineering aura was continuously moving back and forth, and his brows were firmly wrinkled. It seems he was worrying about something, and was in a very bad mood.

“Yun Lu, how is it, is the mission issued still not completed?” At that time, a pleasant to listen voice of a female rang inside the hall, then a middle-aged beautiful woman wearing purple gown came out from inside.

Seeing this woman, the firmly wrinkled brows of this middle-aged man called Yun Lu loosen a bit. Then replied, “Ai, it’s already been a long times since I issued this mission, but no one had successfully accomplished it. I have already done my best, and issued this mission to each and every powerful forces, but there is not any positive result. I have also dispatched a large number of experts from the clan to this God Weeping region, but I didn’t get any news from them as if a stone thrown into the sea and disappeared forever. It seems they were also bode ill rather than well.”

“Then what should we do, the body of Qing’er won’t be able to hold on much longer. We requested several bishop of Light palace to join force, and made them use forbidden magic spell of light system—-Angel’s tear to temporarily suppress the poison inside the body of Qing’er. But this poison ‘Contusion sky rainbow’ is already suppressed for three years, so now even with the angel’s tear magic spell, it is very difficult to suppress this poison of Contusion sky rainbow. A moment ago, Archbishop Wang Lifeng said that her body could hold on for at most one more month, and if we don’t find purple gauze sky magnificent flower within this month, then Qing’er, she will…………” Hearing Yun Lu, this middle-aged beautiful woman said with broken hearted face. And she was unable to finish what she was speaking, and wanted to cry aloud.

“If there is no other way, then I will be forced to move myself. At that moment, I will personally go to God Weeping region, and for the sake of Qing’er, even 7 rings silver twisted snake won’t be able to stop my steps.” Saying this, he suddenly released a powerful aura.

“But……….” Hearing Yun Lu would personally go to God Weeping region, this middle aged beautiful woman immediately wanted to dissuade Yun Lu, but at that time, an excited voice from outside the hall interrupted her.

“Haha, mother, joyous occasion ah, big joyous occasion.” An extremely excited voice came from outside the hall, then a young man wearing expensive clothes hurriedly entered this hall. His face was covered by a big happy smile.

“Yun Xin, you are already grown up and no longer a child, you should stay composed a bit more. And currently your younger sister is like this, so what else is there which is worth our happiness.” Yun Lu frowned and reprimanded that young man who had entered hurriedly.

“No, father, I am talking about the matter of Qing’er. Someone completed the mission we had issued at mercenary guild. Just now mercenary guild send someone to notify us. And Master Hua Yun from far away Sea Heaven city had used miniature space transfer formation to send purple gauze sky magnificent flower.” That person called Yun Xin said excitedly. Then from the space ring of his right hand, he took out wooden box, and opened it. Suddenly a strange 7 colored flower appeared before their eyes, and delicate fragrance spread all over the hall from that wooden box.

““Purple gauze sky magnificent flower.”” Seeing this Purple gauze sky magnificent flower which they were longing for in front of their eyes, both Yun Lu and that middle aged beautiful woman roared in surprise. Then Yun Lu rushed over, and took that Purple gauze sky magnificent flower from the hand of Yun Xin. After that he immediately disappeared from that hall.

Only after that both Yun Xin and that middle aged beautiful woman also reacted, both of them hurriedly ran towards the rare of this hall.

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  1. Mistake:
    both of them hurriedly ran towards the rare of this hall. –> I assume you mean “rear” not “rare”.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Seeing this chapter baka author-san is introducing a new girl but sadly watching a bit of the spoiler I’m kinds disappointed and wish in the future if some good soul will ask author-san some permission to make a remake of the story cause the author seem just excited making this first~

    1. Just think of it as a chinese spin off of naruto, or a ova, though a deeper plot would be better like you said

      1. Yep sadly the author seemed to rush the story and not made the best objective for us like W*F MC wants to go back to Earth like remember the dude he transfered in has a 100% possibility has a different face and surely his body is already discovered even if he attempt to reverse time that would be wasteful(and surely been recorded in the internet that he’s dead watching anime such a honorable death!!) and will make us NEET’s shove the middle finger on his face that he wasted that amount of relationships in women like when you play VN and you suck on it so you deleted it~

    2. My thoughts exactly. Maybe one where mc is the only ninja with naruto system among immortal cultivators, with conning and ruthless personality or something as long as it isn’t some timid ass M*F.

      1. Well if he’s ruthless he would just be swallowed by the tailed beast hate it would be better if he would be just a bit of naruto & jirayas personality with a huge influence of the Uchiha’s Buddha/Asura semi personality~

        1. Nah, it would be better if the author create his own story with narutoverse inspiration instead of using naruto system.
          Power system in narutoverse is so unbalance even kishimoto sensei cant keep his own manga facts straight. His databook doesnt help at all.
          The manga ended with so many unsolved questions, seems like he also rush the story or maybe just run out ideas.

  3. What’s with the rank*
    Is the * = S ?
    I’m feel like coughing a mouthful of blood when authors do this shiet X|

  4. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

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