In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 122

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 122: Flee


Along with the thunderous roar, under the control of Ren Tianyou, the lightning qilin which was in the middle of the sky instantly shot down towards the ground. The eyes of Shukaku were instantly temporarily blinded by this light, and this loud explosion sound cause it to lose the sense of hearing temporarily.

When its sight was restored, and after the loud explosion sound had stopped, Shukaku opened its eyes and look in front of itself. Seeing the scene in front of it, even as a tailed beast with extremely long life and experience, it couldn’t help but to inhale a mouthful of cold air. In front at the location where that beast of resentment was standing just a moment ago, the ground around was completely disintegrated as if the giant creatures of primeval times had ran rampage on this place, one couldn’t even see a single intact ground in that location. And the beast of resentment who was standing at that location had disappeared without a single trace.

And at the place not-far from that location, Ren Tianyou had his one knee on the ground, cold sweats were pouring out from his forehead, and his mouth was continuously gasping for breath.

“I didn’t expect that drawing the power of natural lightning and using Kirin consumed this huge amount of chakra, even after advancing to kage level, the consumption of chakra is little bit too much.” While gasping for breath, Ren Tianyou sensed that the chakra inside his body was almost empty, so he helplessly made a wry smile, “If I want to fully depend on my own power to use kirin, then I cannot even imagine how much chakra is required.”

At this time, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt a sudden movement beneath him, after that innumerable sands suddenly surrounded his body and his body was pulled back.

The body of Ren Tianyou which was surrounded by the sand landed on the head of the Shukaku. “Hey, boy, are you okay?”

“Hehe, I am fine.” Ren Tianyou replied, after that he looked at Shukaku beneath himself and said, “Shukaku, I didn’t expect you are actually worried about me.”

“Bastard, as if ore-same is worried about you. If it were not for both you and me are the only people of the same world in this different world, ore-same would not care about your life or death.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Shukaku immediately started to curse at Ren Tianyou, just like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

“Fine, fine, stop jumping around Shukaku, my bones are going to fall apart.” Because he had exhausted extreme amount of chakra, he felt like his body was going to scattered soon, due to the violent movement of Shukaku.

“Humph, you damned brat.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Shukaku still cursed but stopped its violent movement. After that Shukaku’s body suddenly released a huge amount of chakra which poured into the body of Ren Tianyou, and this helped Ren Tianyou to quickly recover his chakra.

Sensing that his chakra within his body was quickly restoring, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but stare blankly, a complex emotion flashed in his eyes looking at Shukaku beneath him, and a warmth suddenly appeared inside his heart.

When Ren Tianyou was recovering his chakra, he suddenly sensed an unusual change on the piece of the earth at the place which was completely disintegrated by his kirin. After that a huge piece of ground opened up, then a figure emerged out from inside.

Looking at this figure, both Ren Tianyou and Shukaku were stunned simultaneously, and at the same time, same thought appeared inside their brains, “This guy actually survived.”

This figure was precisely that mysterious man, they saw that he was using both of his hand to open the cover of earth plank, and now was violently panting while sitting on the ground. Now the original powerful aura of his body had also become feeble. Ren Tianyou didn’t know what type of secret skill he had used to survive his Kirin.

“Just right, since this fellow is still alive, let’s catch him, then I can use Sharingan to control him, and get the information about this island.” Looking at this mysterious man, Ren Tianyou instantly decided to capture this man as one third of his chakra was already recovered. So he jumped down from the head of Shukaku and rushed towards that mysterious man.

Looking at Ren Tianyou who was advancing towards him, extreme hatred had appeared on his face which was hidden behind his cloth, “You damned fellow, all because of you, all the sacrifice of many years till now made by my clan had thus went down the drain. I will definitely kill you.”

“Dark fire blast!” Looking at Ren Tianyou who had almost reached him, he gloomily yelled. Then a huge gloomy green colored fire ball manifest from his body, after that along with the loud explosion sound, innumerable gloomy green colored flame spread all around in a high speed.

This flame stuck on the ground all around, just like a maggot of tarsal bones. And it continuously corroded the ground it was burning, immediately making a pothole on the ground.

But Ren Tianyou continued to advance towards that mysterious man passing through those flames as if he transparent. After he arrived near this mysterious man, Ren Tianyou instantly clutched the neck of this mysterious man, and picked him up.

“Just quiet down for a while, until I have time to properly interrogate you.” Seeing that this mysterious person was still struggling, Ren Tianyou said with disdain. Then his right eye suddenly released a huge amount of eye power, then huge spiral shaped space ripple suddenly appeared in the space in front of him, and that mysterious man in his hand was gradually sucked inside this space ripple.

Finished sucking this mysterious man, the body of Ren Tianyou immediately felt tense, and a solemn appearance appeared on his face while staring at the west sky direction of God Weeping region. In the mental perception of Ren Tianyou, several huge energies were rushing towards this direction. And their speed was extremely fast, and it could be estimate that they would arrive here very soon.

“Shukaku, several huge energies are rushing towards us, be careful, we still don’t know whether they are friend or not.” Ren Tianyou jumped on the head of Shukaku, and said to Shukaku.

“Got it! Ore-same hope they are coming here to pick a fight, ore-sama haven’t played enough yet.” Shukaku answered nonchalantly.

“Don’t be violent now, currently my chakra is still not recovered completely yet. And am powerless to sustain another round of battle, so it’s best if we don’t……………” In the middle of talking, Ren Tianyou stopped talking, because at this time he could see the several figures who were flying in the high speed towards them. And Ren Tianyou instantly saw the appearance of those figures, these several figures were huge dragons.

“F**k me, Shukaku you and your big mouth, does it really has to be this effective? They are I, your father’s mortal enemies, let’s flee without wasting any time.” Seeing the figure of several huge dragons, the complexion of Ren Tianyou instantly became dark, and cursed loudly at the inauspicious remarks of Shukaku.

“They are just several little lizards, nothing more. Why are you panicking like this?” Seeing the exaggerated reaction of Ren Tianyou, Shukaku said with disdain.

“F**k, what do you know? I, your father do not have time to explain this, just flee for now.” Ren Tianyou didn’t care about the disdain tone of Shukaku. At his current state, he didn’t dare to fight against these several huge dragon at this sea area. And even if he fight this fight, he would be in great disadvantage and he would get himself into a big trouble.

“Kai!” Ren Tianyou instantly made a series of hand seals, and released summoning jutsu. After that huge body of Shukaku suddenly changed into white smoke and disappeared from that place. Then looking at the gradually approaching several huge dragons, eye power of his right eye poured out, then the spiral shaped space ripple appeared in the space around him, this space ripple surrounded the body of Ren Tianyou, and he gradually disappeared from that place.

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