In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 120

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 120: Beast of Resentment

Beast of Resentment

“Doton——Retsudo Tensho! (Earth Style—–Earthquake Slam!)” Ren Tianyou yelled loudly, and heavily slammed his right hand on the surface of the ground. Suddenly the ground surrounding the skeleton ferocious beasts quickly split opened, and these cracks on the ground completely swallowed all of them.

“Futon—–Atsugai! (Wind Style—–Pressure Damage!)” Immediately after using this powerful earth system ninjutsu, Ren Tianyou used wind system ninjutsu to blow other enemies away, along with the series of explosion sound.

After that Ren Tianyou firmly stood on the ground, the strong lightning chakra around his body also slowly died down, around him there were only scattered pieces of bones, there was not a single skeleton ferocious beasts capable of standing around him. On the other side, Shukaku had also completed its cleanup work. Under the attack of one man and one beast, over 10,000 skeleton ferocious beasts were completely annihilated, as if fierce wind sweeping away the fallen leaves.

After seeing that all the skeleton ferocious beasts were already disposed, Ren Tianyou and Shukaku looked towards the direction of that mysterious person who was in the middle of chanting the incantation.

“Now it’s time to capture you alive.” Looking at the mysterious man who was still in the process of chanting, Ren Tianyou smiled, then quickly rushed towards this mysterious man. Ren Tianyou intend to interrupt the magic spell and capture him.

Along with the reduction in distance between them, Ren Tianyou could see the overflowing energy of that mysterious person. Just when Ren Tianyou was about to arrive at the side of this person, a huge change suddenly occurred around them.

That mysterious man calmly looked at incoming Ren Tianyou, and in his face which was hidden by a cloak, he had a big smile. Then his voice slowly spread out, “Awaken, Beast of Resentment!”

After that mysterious man spoke, a terrifying aura spread all around from the clouds in the sky, then the clouds quickly gathered in a single place forming a ball shape, after that directly advanced towards Ren Tianyou.

“Hong!” A loud sound of explosion rang out. That ash colored gloomy light ball instantly arrived in front of Ren Tianyou, and it hit the place where Ren Tainyou was standing just a moment ago. This instantly released a huge shockwaves, which quickly spread in all direction. And the ground around it had clearly lost a layer in an instant.

“Humph!” Seeing that Ren Tianyou was hit, that mysterious man coldly snorted, and he had a cruel pleased with himself smile on his face. “Dumb idiot, let’s see how you will survive this time.”

Even after seeing that Ren Tianyou was hit, Shukaku didn’t even had a slightest bit of tension, because it could still clearly feel the summoning contract with Ren Tianyou in its brain, and it also believed that the member of Uchiha clan was not this easy to deal with. At the same time, Shukaku couldn’t help but suddenly remember that even after hitting Ren Tianyou with its Renkudan (Air bullet) on their first meeting, Ren Tianyou was completely unscathed.

After that ash colored light ball dropped on the ground, this light ball continuously roll over and over, and elongated. After that along with the soul shaking roar, a strange giant beast appeared at that location.

This strange giant beast had dog head with one long sharp looking horn in its forehead, lion body with a pair of long wings, this was a strange magical beast. This strange beast gradually came out from that energy ball, then it raised its head towards the heaven and roared a noiseless roar, but when it opened its mouth, invisible energies spread all around from its body. Even being a tailed beast, the body of Shukaku involuntarily quivered, and it also sensed that its own sea of consciousness was also continuously quivering.

“This is? Soul attack?” Feeling that its spirit or soul was continuously quivering, Shukaku suddenly exclaimed. It had never expected that it would actually encounter the opponent with most difficult to deal soul attack.

Soul attack was one of the most difficult type of attack, because this attack directly affect the soul of the opponent, and there were no means of defense. Except using one’s own soul power to resist the attack, there was no other way to protect themselves from this attack.

While Shukaku was feeling sour, at the same time, under the command of that mysterious person, that beast of resentment slowly advanced towards Shukaku.

“Actually forcing me to revive the beast of resentment at an earlier date. This caused this beast to seriously lack sufficient energy. Since I already revive it, how can I let you have an easy time?” Standing behind that beast of resentment, that mysterious man slowly though inside his heart. According to original plan, the time for reviving this beast of resentment was still far in the future. For reviving this beast of resentment, his clan had prepared for a long time. In order to complete this mission, every year innumerable clansmen of his clan die in this island. In order to capture the experts of 100 major clans, his clan had already flowed too much of blood. But he had never expected that the destructive power of this magical beast and its master was this powerful. So he was forced to revive this beast of resentment at an earlier time.

At that time, soft voice came from the sky, “Raiton—–Gian! (Lightning Style—–False Darkness!)”

“Ka cha!” Along with the light of lightning, a clap of thunder rang out. Then a huge lightning spear fall from the sky towards the body of beast of resentment.

“Useless!” Seeing the lightning spear falling towards the body of beast of resentment, that mysterious person didn’t even had a slight trace of worry. He just opened his mouth and softly said, “Because………..”

Just like the strike of lightning, the lightning spear from the sky directly hit body of beast of resentment, but this lightning spear just passed through the body of this beast of resentment. With the exception of little energy fading away from its body where it was hit by the lightning spear, there was nothing else wrong with its body, it was similar to the effect of Ren Tianyou’s Kamui.

“Because beast of resentment is just a collection of power of resentment between heaven and earth, so it goes without saying that it doesn’t have substance. All the attack it received will just pass through its body, and the damaged part of its body will automatically recover by consuming little bit of its resentment power. Unless you can instantly exterminate its whole resentment power, you won’t be able to do a single thing against it.” Looking at his beast of resentment, that mysterious person lightly spoke to himself.

Feeling that it was hit, that beast of resentment immediately issued a roar with anger. After that an invisible energy spread in front of it towards the sky, then suddenly blood was visible in the middle of the air, and Ren Tianyou who had blood in the corner of his mouth became visible in that place.

Feeling that his soul was continuously quivering, Ren Tianyou was completely surprise. Then he jumped back, and landed on the top of the Shukaku’s head.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Ren Tianyou asked Shukaku, “Shukaku, what’s with the attack just a moment ago? It seems there is not any method to block that attack.”

“It was soul attack.”

“Soul attack?” Ren Tianyou asked as he didn’t know what soul attack was. After that Shukaku explained Ren Tianyou what it know about soul attacks. After hearing the explanation, Ren Tianyou became solemn.

“It seems kamui and other moves are powerless to resist this soul attack.” Ren Tianyou thought for a moment, “Oh, that’s right there is still susanoo. But before this I will test whether this move is effective or not.”

Finished thinking, the eyes of Ren Tianyou gradually morphed into Uchiha Itachi’s eye. Then he released huge amount of eye power from his right eye towards that beast of resentment.


Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, suddenly a deep black colored flame appeared in the air above the body of beast of resentment, and this black flame dropped on the body of this beast of resentment. And the body of this beast was immediately burned by this black flame.

“Effective.” Seeing that amaterasu was already burning, and in addition hearing the painful roar of that beast of resentment, Ren Tianyou revealed a smile on his face. But just when a smiled had appeared on his face, the next scene in front of him froze his smile.

From the beast of resentment which was being burned by amaterasu, suddenly an ash colored energy floated out, then this energy surrounded amaterasu and separated it from its body, and amaterasu just fell on the ground. And there was not any changes on beast of resentment except its energy becoming a little bit weaker and its build becoming little bit smaller.

Ren Tianyou had not thought that his amaterasu would also lose its effect, and now he was covering his eye which was little painful as he had just release amaterasu. After that he jumped down from the head of Shukaku, and gradually purple colored energy appeared around his body, then a huge energy giant surrounded Ren Tianyou which had grown from the ground, and now he was emitting a terrifying aura.

“Since amaterasu is useless, what about my susanoo?”

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  1. this mc is stupid eh.. he wants to interupt the chanting? is he stupid or just dumb? why the fuck did he waste his time to those small fries in the first place… sigh

  2. Why didn’t he use his shadow clones to interupt the chant while he was fightning the skeletons or the other way around.

  3. So he can summon lighting from the sky… why didnt he interrupt the summoning. ahhhh
    kinda stupid. Wish the MC smartened up. but this is still his maturing phase…i hope.

  4. umm…….why he dont use kamui to absorb the beast??????And after this use amaterasu on the Mysterious person……( The next time he is reaaaally in a pinch he take out the beast and get the hell outta here 😀 )

    1. Kamui is a dimension. He cant use his slip through jutsu if someone can hit him on both side/dimension.
      + Mc need experience fighting strong xianxia cultivator with variety of tactics/power elements. He couldve accidently triggered another mission involving way stronger cultivator than this necromancer dude.

  5. … Kamui is long ranged too. One eye can use Kamui on any part of your own body, the other eye can use Kamui on any spot it sees.

    If long ranged Kamui is used on someone’s whole body, they’re drawn into the dimensions. If you use it on just their arm… only their arm is torn off. Easy way to interrupt spell casting.

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