In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 119

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 119: Group brawl? That is just a joke

Group brawl? That is just a joke

Along with the voice of Shukaku, two pyramids were instantly formed, and those two skeleton ferocious beasts were permanently sealed inside it.

Just then, a huge dim green colored fire ball came towards the direction of Ren Tianyou who was standing on the top of the head of Shukaku. But just before this fire ball could hit Ren Tianyou, under the control of Shukaku, huge amount of sands which took the form of sturdy sand shield appeared in front of Ren Tianyou to block this fire ball. After blocking this fireball, endless sands surrounded this fire ball, and buried that fire ball inside the endless sands. Shukaku felt that this green colored fire ball was troublesome, so it had directly use its sands and buried it.

Seeing that that mysterious person had already escaped and also had suddenly made a surprise attack, Ren Tianyou and Shukaku stared in front of them. They saw that this mysterious man was able to escape completely unscathed from the Atsugai (Pressure Damage) attack of Ren Tianyou. On the other hand, seeing these two pyramids in front of him, the energy of this mysterious person ceaselessly roll over and over, and his aura suddenly rose sharply. This aura was many times more powerful than the aura just a moment ago, as if he had completely released his shackles.

“This is……….?” Sensing the extremely horrifying aura of this mysterious person, the expression of Ren Tianyou gradually became solemn. Before Ren Tianyou had only sensed a little bit of danger from this guy, but now Ren Tianyou could sense real danger from this guy.

“Bastards, don’t even think about returning alive from here.” The aura of this mysterious person was still continuously increasing. Then looking at the huge body of Shukaku and also to Ren Tianyou who was at the top of its head, he coldly spoke towards them. Then that mysterious person opened his mouth, and a shrill sound came out from his mouth which spread widely all over the God Weeping region. Hearing this ear-piercing shrill of that mysterious person, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but to cover his both ears, and his body was covered with a layer of goose bumps.

“F**k, if you are unable to defeat, then just surrender, why are you yelling like this?” Ren Tianyou cursed inside his heart, this sound was just like the unpleasant sound which he had heard on the Earth when the students used their nails to scrape the black board. This sound could drive someone to his death.

But after the sound was over, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt something was wrong, because inside his mental perception, innumerable powerful energies were continuously rushing towards his direction in a high speed. Very soon, innumerable skeleton ferocious beasts having human, magical beasts, demons…………and so on appearance appeared in Ren Tianyou’s line of sight. At the very least there were several thousand strong skeleton ferocious beasts, and they had already surrounded both Ren Tianyou and Shukaku. The number was still continuously increasing. Furthermore it seems these innumerable skeleton ferocious beasts were summoned by this mysterious person.

“F**k you, resorting to group brawl ah.” Looking at those countless skeleton ferocious beasts around his surroundings, instantly large amount of cold sweat started to flow out from Ren Tianyou’s forehead. But there was not even a slight trace of fear on his face, as far as he believed, if strength was insufficient, only the high quantity of numbers were not the least effective, against someone extremely strong. Just like Uchiha Madara in the Naruto world, he alone faced the allied forces of this ninja world, but he didn’t even had a single trace of fear, and he alone completely eliminated the whole division of allied forces, even two kage level expert were almost dead in that battle. Although the current strength of Ren Tianyou was still far from having reached the point of Uchiha Madara, nevertheless sooner or later he would reach, no, he would surpass him, and become the person who is able to confront against the whole world. At that time, who would dare to block his steps?

“Haha, so many little ants came.” Shukaku also looked around the ever-growing number of skeleton ferocious beasts, then burst into loud laughter and said. For tailed beasts, group brawl was even more of a joke.

“Shukaku, let’s see who can kill more between us?” Hearing the laughter of Shukaku, Ren Tianyou faintly smiled. Then looking at those skeleton ferocious beasts, he slowly said to Shukaku.

“Interesting. Boy, we are on.” Hearing Ren Tianyou’s proposal, Shukaku was excited, and then happily replied Ren Tianyou.

“Then I will begin the countdown.” Hearing Shukaku, Ren Tianyou prepared himself, and started the countdown, “3, 2, 1, go!”

“Swish!” After the final countdown, Ren Tianyou instantly changed into a blur and directly jumped down from the head of Shukaku, and landed on the ground. He was already holding his sword of Kusanagi on his right hand, then he suddenly released powerful lightning system chakra, and immediately entered                                                  Raiton Chakura Modo (Lightning Style Armour). After that Ren Tianyou changed into a purple lightning and his silhouette instantly disappeared from that place, and had already appeared in the crowd of skeleton ferocious beasts.

“All of you, stop him, and try to buy time for me.” Seeing that Ren Tianyou had jumped on the crowd of skeleton ferocious beasts, that mysterious person immediately issued the order. After hearing the command of this mysterious person, all the skeleton ferocious beasts immediately get into action. Just like a huge tide of ghosts, all these skeleton ferocious beasts pounced towards Ren Tianyou and Shukaku, as if they wanted to completely devour both of them.

After issuing the command, an ash colored crystal ball suddenly appeared on the right hand of that mysterious person, then he started to release energy on his right hand. After that this mysterious man threw this crystal ball towards ash colored energy clouds in the sky. After this crystal ball entered inside the ash colored clouds in the sky, the magic circle behind this mysterious person suddenly started to release powerful ash colored energy light. And then the ash colored energy clouds in the sky, suddenly started to violently roll over and over, as if something was about to wake up. And at that time, that mysterious person raise his magic wand, and started to chant the incantation, and his energies were also continuously entering inside the ash colored clouds in the sky.

On the other side, Ren Tianyou had entered the crowd of skeleton ferocious beasts, and he was just like a wolf in the middle of sheep flock.  A series of ‘hong’, ‘hong’, ‘hong’……………colliding sounds were ringing out, Ren Tianyou had turned into a spear of lightning and was knocking down all the skeleton ferocious beasts in front of him.

Ren Tianyou was wielding the sword of kusanagi which was cladded with lightning with his right hand, and with the continuous flash of lightning sword light, all the skeleton ferocious beasts around him were directly cut down to dregs. At this time, he heard a sound, and Ren Tianyou immediately used the eye power of his right eye, and the bone swords directly passed through the body of Ren Tianyou. And after this bone sword of this skeleton ferocious beasts had passed through his body, he threw his sword of kusanagi to his left hand, and his right hand changed into lightning sword and advanced towards this skeleton ferocious beast.

“Raigyaku Suihei! (Lateral Bolt of Pain!)”

“Hong!” An explosion sound rang out, the right hand of Ren Tianyou hit this skeleton ferocious beast, and its body was immediately scattered and disappeared in the air.

At this time, from the corner of his left eyes, Ren Tianyou saw an attack was advancing towards him, so he slightly inclined and successfully dodge this attack. And his right hand, he directly grasp this skeleton ferocious beast, then used his both hand to held it and lifted its body over his head. After that he poured lightning chakra in his hands, and he looked at the skeleton ferocious beasts all around him. The skeleton ferocious beast which was raised over his head was crying and struggling, but in the face of Ren Tianyou, there was only a cruel smile. Then he heavily pounded that skeleton ferocious beast which was lifted over his head by his both hand to the ground.

“Raiga Bomu! (Liger Bomb!)”

“Ka cha!” Along with the loud sound of lightning, huge amount of lightning were spread all around from the location where Ren Tianyou had heavily pounded skeleton ferocious beast, which was followed by the continuous explosion sound. And all the surroundings’ skeleton ferocious beasts were sent flying backwards. Now there was not even a single skeleton ferocious beasts in the surroundings of Ren Tianyou.

“Haha, boy, your speed is quite fast, now its ore-sama’s turn.” Seeing the violent move of Ren Tianyou, Shukaku laughed. Then his eyes swept all the skeleton ferocious beasts who were advancing towards it, and quickly gathered huge amount of chakra which it had as a tailed beast, then the sand around it which was under its command changed into terrifying boundless sand waves, and this boundless sands waves instantly buried all the skeleton ferocious beasts in his front.

Tailed beast was indeed worthy to be called the tailed beast, one move and instantly swept away large number of skeleton ferocious beasts. Afterwards the month of Shukaku bulged, and then huge air cannon ball was fired towards the crowd of skeleton ferocious beasts.

“Futon— Renkudan! (Wind Style—Air Bullet!)”

“Hong!” A loud sound of explosion rang out, and the skeleton ferocious beasts around it were directly blown into pieces.

Seeing the violent moves of both Ren Tianyou and Shukaku, as well as seeing the continuous death of skeleton ferocious beasts which he had created, that mysterious man was greatly distressed, because these skeleton ferocious beasts were the creation of his painstaking effort. But this man had no choice but to calm down his state of mind. He increase the speed of chanting, and the energy fluctuation on the ash colored clouds in the sky also quicken.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Why are they ignoring the enemy? I mean, it’s clear that he preparing some huge spell? Is the MC that arrogant?

    1. They are not ignoring the main enemy. Its just that both of them are surrounded by countless bones of dead ferocious beasts, and they had to finish off them first to reach the main enemy.

      1. But, shouldn’t they interrupt the enemy first? I mean, if the enemy finished chanting the spell, wouldn’t that way harder to deal with?
        Let Shukaku deal with the small fry.

        Can’t he used Kamui to disrupt the enemy first? Or the enemy out of range? (I’m not really sure about the range of Kamui from the manga)

        Oh well, we’ll see how it ended in the next chapters.


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