In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 117

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 117: Resentment power

Resentment power

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, a huge amount of white smoke appeared in front of him, which was followed by a huge shock wave. And the first one to be affected by this shockwaves were those two blood red colored skeleton ferocious beasts. Due to this huge shockwave, these two skeleton ferocious beasts were forced to retreat back, and return back to the side of that mysterious person.

After the white smoke dissipated, all of a sudden a raccoon dog who was more than twenty meters tall appeared at that place. This raccoon dog was earth yellow in color, and there were violet colored tattoos all over its body, this was one of the 9 tailed beast of naruto world, one tailed Shukaku, who had the power to control wind and sand. And right now Ren Tianyou was standing on its head.

“Kid, where is this?” After looking around its surroundings, Shukaku asked Ren Tianyou who was standing on its head.

“This is the place which I have told you before. This is the isolated island I have come for experience and training. Shukaku you must be a bit more careful, that mysterious person wearing black clothes is strange.” Standing on the top of Shukaku, Ren Tianyou answered with serious expression. Before speaking about the strength of this mysterious person, from the speech of this person just a moment ago, Ren Tianyou believed that this environment of this God Weeping region was probably created by this mysterious person. And even the eyes of Ren Tianyou couldn’t see through the ash colored clouds above his head, so he couldn’t help but to be extremely careful against such enemy.

“Eh? A large amount of resentment power!” At this time, Shukaku suddenly let out a startled voice. Then it lifted its head and carefully swept all around its surroundings with its eyes. And when he saw the ash colored clouds in the sky, it immediately exclaimed loudly, “What? Someone is gathering resentment power!”

“What is this resentment power?” Hearing the words of Shukaku, Ren Tianyou instantly asked, and thought, “Could it be Shukaku know what is going on with the energy around here? But it’s not possible ah, this guy was exchanged not a long time ago, so how could Shukaku clearly know the energy of this different world?”

But after the explanation of Shukaku, Ren Tianyou understood what resentment power was. According to the explanation of Shukaku, resentment was a kind of special energy that was naturally radiated by the body of everyone including beasts after their death. This energy was extremely faint, the naked eyes of ordinary person could never see this energy, and this energy also would not cause any damage to human body. But if it is on the huge battlefield or someone used a special method to artificially gather a large amount of this resentment power, then that should be regarded as a different matter.

Once a huge amount of resentment power was gathered, that would create a powerful oppression sensation on the minds of the peoples, making peoples feel very uncomfortable and depression. And if anyone is exposed in this energy for a long period of time, then that would cause extremely huge damage to the body.

And according to Shukaku’s explanation, these resentment power was gathered by this fellow by making use of this ancient battle field as a base. He had used a special method to ruthlessly summon these dead spirits of the brave departed, and they were stranded inside these skeleton, this was the cause for the appearance of the skeleton ferocious beast in this God Weeping region. And the trapped ‘spirits of brave departed’ in the body of ‘skeleton ferocious beast’ at all times emits a kind of resentment, which also increase the power of gathered resentment power. And those bones mountains and the bones on surface of the ground all over this island which were seen by Ren Tianyou were very probably the failed items during the creation of skeleton ferocious beast by this fellow or the skeletons skeleton ferocious beast which were killed by the mercenaries who had come here for exploration.

“It seems the rumor that Shukaku was born from the resentment of the dead souls of those who died because of sandstorms was not necessarily false. No wonder it could able to recognize this resentment power only with a single glance.” Ren Tianyou looked at Shukaku who was beneath him and thought inside his heart. Then when he looked in front towards that mysterious person, a powerful killing intent flashed in his eyes, and his eyes slowly transform into Mangekyo Sharingan. Now his body was releasing a thick killing intention without any reservation, this was the first time that Ren Tianyou really wanted to kill someone, “You bastard!” Then he directly rushed towards that mysterious person, without even taking a single glance at those two blood red skeleton ferocious beasts. “Shukaku, you take care of these two skeleton ferocious beast. As for this fellow, I will personally kill him with my own hand. This guy dared to insult the spirits of the brave departed.”

“No problem!” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Shukaku answered. Then suddenly innumerable yellow colored sands closely follow Ren Tianyou and advance towards those two blood red skeleton ferocious beasts.


On the another edge of God Weeping region, the group of Ling Weiwei had just finished off the saint ranked skeleton ferocious beast, and after that pick up the precious medicinal herbs at the side. But just when they were about take a rest, they suddenly felt the violent tremor of the ground, afterwards suddenly a powerful shockwave advanced towards them. Fortunately this shock waves was not that powerful when it arrived at their location, it just scattered their groups. Many of them had unstably fell on the ground due to this shockwave, but no one was injured.

“What was that just now? What is going on here?” Guarding Ling Weiwei, Wang Qingfeng thought inside his heart, after the shockwave dissipated. Wang Qingfeng spread his magical power to support Ling Weiwei to stand up. After that Ling Weiwei looked towards the interior of this island, and then her brows instantly shrunk, and was greatly surprised. She saw a huge earth yellow colored raccoon dog had appeared at the center of the island. Even when they were far away, Wang Qingfeng and others was still able to sense its powerful oppressing pressure.

“What is this terrifying magical beast?”

Seeing this huge raccoon dog, the beautiful face of Ling Weiwei was filled with surprise, “What is that?”

“Not good! We need to quickly get off this island. Run, everyone hurry.” Wang Qingfeng seems to think about something, and his complexion immediately became ghastly pale. Then he roared towards his group of mercenaries.

“But Zero is not back yet, if we return now, then he won’t have any boat to return to the continent.” Hearing Wang Qingfeng, Ling Weiwei immediately worriedly thought about Ren Tianyou who had separated from their group. So she spoke anxiously.

“There is not time to wait for him. Besides that boy has already stated that, he would find another method to return to the continent. We should leave this island at once.”

“No, I will go to look for Zero.” Ling Weiwei shook her head, then turned around towards the interior region of this island, and started to run to search for Ren Tianyou. But she suddenly felt a pain on the back of her head, and instantly lost her consciousness.

Wang Qingfeng supported the body of Ling Weiwei. After that looking at the fainted Ling Weiwei, he shook his head and sighed, “Ai, Weiwei, this time your grandpa Qingfeng really am sorry. We really do not have any more time to consider about that boy, and if we do so then we also won’t be able to leave this island.” After that he turned around and roared towards the group of mercenaries, “We are leaving this God Weeping region at once, everyone keep up the pace with me.” Finished speaking, Wang Qingfeng quickly hurried back towards their boat, and all the mercenaries also hurriedly followed after him.


Somewhere in the endless sea, there were mysterious islands, and in one of the cave of the island, a middle-aged person who was wearing golden colored battle armor suddenly opened his eyes, and a horrifying aura spread all over the surroundings, and then he yelled towards the outside of the cave, “Tell Apalaisi, the murderer of Adelaide is already at the endless sea. Now he is in God Weeping region, that ghost place. Let him have a several more people, and tell him that he must kill that bastard human.”

“Yes!” Another voice came from outside the cave, and then slowly faded away. After that that middle aged person again closed his eyes. After a while, several shadow flew from this islands towards the direction of God Weeping region.

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  1. i think those dragons that is affiliated with the ximen clan will be exterminated along with the ximen clan.

  2. its obvious that by time they get their the fight is already going to be over and he will be long gone

    thanks for the hard work

  3. So rt get his own eyes, btw can anyine explain to me why in naruto world why sasuke and itachi have same mangekyou abilities or is amaterasu is something every mangekyou user have? Because in the anime and manga every user of mangekyou have theirs own special abilities

    1. Theres a thread (google it)about 2nd hokage could have seen black flame before in his era.
      If thats true, that means itachi and sasuke are not the only 1 with awekened amaterasu.

        1. You think too much. Theres no solid answer about why sasuke itachi with diferent shape ms awakened similar doujutsu -amaterasu.

  4. Thanks for the chapter. Earth yellow? The sand is more of a pale sandy brown. Violent colored tattoos? I think you meant violet, but Shukaku’s is more of a dark blue though. Is this so called rumor some sort of popular theory that was going on in the Chinese part of the internet? It can’t be anything but a theory in my mind because even the original origin story in the anime/manga only said he was the ghost to a priest that was sealed inside a teapot. But even if it was a popular theory I wonder why he would make it true in his fanfiction because if he, the author, watched up to where I think he did when he wrote this than he should have been already well aware of Shukaku’s origins.

  5. Ling deserved it but this Novel is turning downhill because everything feels to fast and forced now. Sigh still fun to read I guess

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