In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 116

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 116: In the process of nurturing a new eye

In the process of nurturing a new eye

At the lake side where the purple gauze sky magnificent flower was growing, suddenly a spiral shaped space ripple appeared at that place. Then a man wearing a white haori suddenly appeared at that place out of a thin air, and fell down on the ground.

Feeling a pain, Ren Tianyou slowly opened his eyes. And he noticed that he was only 20 meters away from purple gauze sky magnificent flower. That fresh and fragrance smell of that flower caused his body which had already became deep cyan in color to tremble, and he felt that the paralysis of his body had weaken a little bit.

After that he exerted all the remaining strength and crawled towards that purple gauze sky magnificent flower. In ordinary times, Ren Tianyou could travel this much distance in a blink of an eye, but now this small distance seems exceedingly distant. Gathering all the strength in his shoulders, Ren Tianyou slowly crawled towards purple gauze sky magnificent flower with great difficulty. The haori which was originally extremely dashing, was already utterly tattered due to friction, in addition, there was the trace of blood in his the chin, shoulder and multiple other part of the body. And there was a long dragging trial of blood on the ground behind him.

If Ren Tianyou’s classmates of Supreme Light Academy saw the current miserable appearance of Ren Tianyou, all of them would certainly be greatly surprised, and they would not dare to believe that the person who had dominated the ranking competition and become the champion was on his death door.

Feeling lack of power in his body, in addition sensing that he was about to lose his consciousness, Ren Tianyou gritted his teeth and strongly tried to raise his spirit, “Persist, I must press on. I still haven’t seen my family, I still haven’t stepped on the pinnacle of this world, so how can I die like this?” Along with the gathering of powerful spirit, Ren Tianyou didn’t notice the slow changes occurring in his eyes. His Mangekyo Sharingan which had the shape of Obito’s Mangekyo was in the process of changing into a new shape, but the speed of this change was extremely slow. If one was not extremely attentive, no one would absolutely discover this process of changes.

After slowly crawling with great difficulty, the distance between him and purple gauze sky magnificent flower was getting smaller and smaller. Right now Ren Tianyou was crawling basically only through his seer willpower. Finally Ren Tianyou head reached near the one purple gauze sky magnificent flower, so he just opened his mouth, then directly bite off the purple gauze sky magnificent flower, and slowly chewed this flower and swallowed it. After swallowing it, he felt warmth from his throat and gradually that warmth spread all over his body. And the pain and the paralysis of his body gradually weakened.

“This really is effective. It seems all the things of this world is not necessarily useless.” Feeling the gradual recovery of his body, Ren Tianyou gradually smiled.

Along with the passage of the time, the poison inside his body was finally eliminated by purple gauze sky magnificent flower, and in addition to that, this purple gauze sky magnificent flower had also transformed his body so that he would be able to resist any kind of poison from now on.

After that his sensation was back up, and the control over his body also returned back. Then he slowly got up from the ground, sat crossed legged, and immersed his mind within his body. After a while, Ren Tianyou opened his eyes with surprise on his face, because he clearly felt that his chakra had increased by a huge amount. This amount of chakra had already exceed normal elite ninja, and already took the step into kage level.

“What is going on? How could the amount of chakra inside my body increase by this amount without rhyme or reason?” Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but wonder about it. Then after he noticed the remaining two purple gauze sky magnificent flower on the ground, his eyes suddenly lit up, “Could it be because of it? If so then this is a blessing in disguise.”

After that he stood up, picked up those remaining two purple gauze sky magnificent flower, and placed them inside his space ring. “En, finally the assignment of academy is complete. Now I should explore this island.” After he had collected the flowers, he looked towards the depth of this island. Then he activated his Mangekyo Sharingan. But just when he was about to use kamui to leave from this place, he immediately felt some changes in his eyes, so he stopped himself from using kamui.

“What is happening to my eyes? Why am I feeling as if my eye power is increased by many times?” Ren Tianyou clearly felt that his eye power was enhanced by many times compared to before. So he couldn’t help but wonder about it. Now he could clearly feel that it was more flexible than ever to use his eye power, as if his eyes were changing according to circumstance.

After thinking for a while, Ren Tianyou didn’t understand the caused of this, so he thought that this might also be caused by the purple gauze magnificent flower. So he no longer thought about it and used kamui, and along with the spiral shaped space ripple, he disappeared from that place.

And what Ren Tianyou didn’t know was, inside his sea of consciousness, inside the space of system, the voice of system suddenly sounded, “Finally this boy started to nurture his own eyes before he upgrade to eternal eyes. Like this he is no longer walking on the path of other peoples, rather opened the path that only belong to himself.” But Ren Tianyou was completely unaware about these things.

Inside the God weeping region, Ren Tianyou was slowly walking towards its interior region. After entering the interior region, the number of skeleton ferocious beasts were clearly decreased by a lot. But their strength was also clearly increasing. The more he walked towards the center region, the sad aura of this island was also increasing significantly.

After walking for about more than two hours, and after fighting with no less than 50 skeleton ferocious beasts, Ren Tianyou finally entered the center region of this God weeping region. And seeing the situation in this place, Ren Tianyou was so surprised that his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Ren Tianyou saw a huge magic circle in front of him on the ground. This magic circle was completely formed from ash colored energy, and successfully took the shape of mysterious six edged star appearance. At the edge of this six edged star magic circle, there were six stone pillars with mysterious runes carved on their surface standing at that location. And the ash colored clouds which made all the peoples sense a stifling feeling, was also cause by this magic circle. Ren Tianyou know about this, because he could clearly see that the ash colored clouds were gradually floating out from this magic circle, and then rose towards the sky.

And at the periphery of this magic circle, there were two completely blood red colored skeleton ferocious beasts. And a horrifying aura was being emitted from their body which was spreading all around them.

Seeing these two blood red colored skeleton ferocious beasts, in addition sensing that horrifying aura from their body, Ren Tianyou gradually became extremely serious, and his right hand gradually grasp the hilt of his sword of Kusanagi. Because the aura of these two skeleton ferocious beasts were extremely powerful, as it was at least comparable to the aura of those two old man of Ximen clan and as well as their two dragons.

At this time, these two skeleton ferocious beasts also discovered Ren Tianyou, and then they turned around their blood red colored skull to the direction of Ren Tianyou. But they didn’t launch the attack towards Ren Tianyou.

Just then, a gloomy voice floated out from inside from that magic circle, and entered the ears of Ren Tianyou, “I didn’t expect someone, furthermore a human could actually able to reach here. It seems those things outside are still not strong enough. After I finish you off, from your bones, I can create even stronger skeleton ferocious beasts.”

After the voice, a silhouette suddenly came out from inside the magic circle, and an extremely horrifying aura spread all around with this silhouette as a center. And sensing this aura of this person, those two blood red colored skeleton ferocious beasts slowly kneeled towards this person.

“Who are you?” Sensing the aura of this mysterious person, the body of Ren Tianyou quivered involuntarily. Even though he had just advanced to kage level, sensing this aura, he couldn’t help but felt an extremely huge pressure. This person was too powerful.

“You don’t need to know who I am, you should just know that your soul will be directly added to my ghost sea. And I will create a powerful skeleton ferocious beast from your body. Both of you get up and kill this intruder.” That mysterious person didn’t answer the question of Ren Tianyou, rather ordered those two blood red colored skeleton ferocious beast. And then those two skeleton ferocious beast immediately rushed towards Ren Tianyou, and it seemed he was somewhat anxious.

Looking at these two incoming skeleton ferocious beast, in addition that even more powerful mysterious person behind them who was glaring him like a tiger eyeing its prey, Ren Tianyou helplessly made a wry smile, “Now I have no choice but to get help from that fellow.”

Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou bit the index finger of his right hand, and quickly made a series of hand seals, “Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram. Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Summoning Jutsu)—— come out Shukaku.” After Ren Tianyou made a series of hand seals, he slammed his right hand on the ground. After that with a ‘peng’ sound, a huge amount of white smoke appeared throughout the island.

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    1. Didn’t he buy Obito’s eyes so he could learn minato’s technique by expanding his space-time understanding? Has he already learnt that?

  1. That’s a bit small for a ferocious snake – 30 cm = 0.3 meters. Maybe from my ankles to my knees.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of naruto but from my point of view, ninja are supposed to be people who prepare before going on a mission. There where probably dozens of ways to avoid being poisoned ( for exemple buying Hanzo’s oxygen mask ) and countless better way to fight this snake.

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