In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 114

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 114: Going separate ways

Going separate ways

After the entire group of peoples gradually entered into this island, the environment inside this island also clearly reflect in all their eyes. On their path, everyone saw layer upon layer of thick skeleton. From the appearance of those skeleton, one could know that those were the skeleton of humans, magical beasts, demons, orcs, wing peoples…………and so on. These skeleton also practically includes almost all ancient 100 clan’s ancestors of Divine wind continent, nobody knows what had happened here, that had caused for them to die here in this island.

Deep inside the island, everyone could clearly see the pile of bones which had successfully changed into a bone mountains. As a matter of fact they couldn’t even estimate how many had died in order to create so many bone mountains. In front of everyone, they saw unceasingly moving huge ‘bones of the dead ferocious beast’, and those lifeless skeletons were filled with death aura. This clearly let everyone know that they were not to be trifled with.

Stepping on the layer upon layer of bones, and listening to the ‘ka ka’ scattering into pieces sound of bones, in addition this horrible environment in front of them, even the heart of Ren Tianyou was feeling a chill.

“Your Grandfather, this place is too creepy. This eerie surrounding is giving me a very bad feeling.” Looking at the eerie bone mountain and path paved with bones, Ren Tianyou helplessly thought. “And also I am always feeling as if………………as if an invisible pair of eyes are continuously staring at us from the dark.”

Although even after using Mangekyo Sharingan, Ren Tianyou couldn’t see through the energy of this island, nevertheless under the high and quick perception ability of his eyes, he had all along sensed a pair of invisible eyes were staring at them from the movement they had entered this island. But Ren Tianyou nevertheless couldn’t find the location of that person, however inside his heart, Ren Tianyou had already prepared himself for any unexpected movement.

“You should have heard several rumor regarding this God weeping region. Honestly speaking, even I do not dare to enter very deep inside this island. And there are extremely few people who are able to return alive after entering deep inside this island.” Wang Qingfeng who was walking in the front spoke. “And also the strength of those ‘skeleton ferocious beast’ is extremely powerful. Before they had died all of them were extremely powerful experts, due to unknown reason their corpse had changed into skeleton ferocious beast, and they only have fighting instinct. They don’t have any intelligence, once they smell strangers’ smell, they would come up looking to attack the strangers.”

“But you should not look down upon them, just because they do not have any intelligence, because all of them have their fighting instinct of before death, and when fighting, all of them will fight according those fighting instinct. Their lowest level strength is equivalent to Great Swordsman of human, and the maximum level strength is equivalent to Deity-ranked human expert. And if I were to face the Deity-ranked skeleton ferocious beast, even I might be defeated.”

“But the most important is this environment, due to this depressing aura we could at most use only 80% of our full power. But it is different to those skeleton ferocious beasts, you could say in this environment, they are like a stranded fish put back into water, they are not subjected to any repression.”

After hearing the words of Wang Qingfeng, the eyes of all the mercenaries behind him gradually became serious, and sweat started to appear on the palm which was firmly holding their weapon. Even Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but take things seriously, because just like Wang Qingfeng said, this environment was highly unfavorable for them to fight. Because when they fight in this environment, they had to constantly resist this sad aura which was corroding the state of their mind, this was equivalent to do two things at once. And at the time of the fighting, who would dare to divert their attention, so before he could even begin his own business, Ren Tianyou was constantly being careful.

While gradually stepping inside the God Weeping region, five skeleton ferocious beasts in front smelled the strangers’ scent, then all of them turned around and stared at Ren Tianyou and others.

Among these five skeleton ferocious beasts, two had the appearance of magical beast, two had the appearance of human and last remaining one had the appearance of lofty giant. After they saw Ren Tianyou and others, all of them rushed towards Ren Tianyou and others.

“Everyone, prepare yourself.”  Looking at the incoming skeleton ferocious beasts, Wang Qingfeng warned everyone.

After hearing the warning of Wang Qingfeng, all the mercenaries rushed towards these five skeleton ferocious beasts holding their huge swords, and initiated their attack, and very quickly they were locked in close combat with those skeleton ferocious beasts. And the magicians quickly held their magic wand in their hand and started to quickly start to prepare their magic by chant incantation of magic.

Ren Tianyou just watched and didn’t join the fight, his eyes were firmly staring at the battle. After a while his eyes were gradually becoming solemn.

“The fighting experience of these skeleton ferocious beasts is truly formidable. All the mercenaries are at least of Swords Master level, but these skeleton ferocious beasts are relying on their fighting experience when they were alive, and is actually able to contend against them.” Looking at the two Swords Master ranked mercenaries surrounding a human appearance skeleton ferocious beasts and fighting, and seeing that this skeleton ferocious beasts who was also of Swords Master level, was actually able to contend against these two mercenaries relying its fighting experience, Ren Tianyou thought so.

Just then, from behind the waves of powerful magic fluctuation suddenly appeared, it seems the preparation of the magic was successfully completed. After that several powerful magic were shot at those skeleton ferocious beasts. And after the magic hit them, suddenly all the bones scattered and fell to the ground.

After seeing that those skeleton ferocious beasts were finished off, the mercenaries returned back and joined the group.

“Little girl, I have something to do, so I am leaving.” Seeing that the problem of skeleton ferocious beast was already resolved, Ren Tianyou thought for a moment, and decided that it would be better for him to move alone. Also Ren Tianyou was not self-centered, and was also not unwilling to help Ling Weiwei, rather he didn’t need to. There was already Wang Qingfeng who was a Deity-ranked expert as her guard, in addition there were several saint ranked experts too, and furthermore there were many Swords Master ranked and Great Magic Scholar ranked mercenaries around her side. So as long as they don’t enter too deeply inside this island, basically there was not any danger for her.

While his mission was different, first he had to finish off the 7 rings silver twisted snake, which was one of the most horrifying magical beast, then obtain purple gauze sky magnificent flower. And if he brought them together with him, then there would be heavy casualty after they encounter this extremely poisonous 7 rings silver twisted snake. And also after obtaining this purple gauze sky magnificent flower, his mission will not be complete, as he should still complete the mission from mission store, which was to explore this God Weeping region. He had to completely explore and clarify the reason how this God Weeping region was formed, so he must absolutely must enter the deeper region of this island. And Ren Tianyou was not sure what types of extremely horrifying existence is inside this island, and perhaps he may even need to use Kamui to protect himself, so he decided to go separate ways as to not cause any unnecessary trouble for them.

“What? Zero, you want to leave?” Hearing Ren Tianyou wanted to leave, Ling Weiwei didn’t even have time to care that Ren Tianyou had just called her little girl, and she just exclaimed with anxious expression on her face.

“Yes, I have a matter to accomplish by myself.” Hearing Ling Weiwei, Ren Tianyou replied.

“Can’t you follow and act with us? After all, it would be easy to accomplish something when everyone is together.” Ling Weiwei urged Ren Tianyou to stay.

“No, it’s better to act on my own. And I also do not want to cause trouble for you.” Ren Tianyou decisively said. And seeing that Ling Weiwei still wanted to urge him to stay, he directly waved his hand and said, “No need to speak, I have already made up my mind. And by the time when you complete your mission, you didn’t see me, then you can return back by yourself. No need to wait for me, I will find a way back to continent.”

Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou made a hand seal, then together with a white smoke, he disappeared from there.

Seeing that Ren Tianyou had suddenly disappeared, Ling Weiwei had a complex expression in her face, as if she wanted to say something, but also didn’t know how to say. Seeing this expression of Ling Weiwei, Wang Qingfeng helplessly sighed.

On the other side, Ren Tianyou who had left the group was quickly running towards the west direction of God Weeping region. From the information he got from academy and mercenary union, it could already be confirmed that at the side of the lake of the God Weeping region’s west side, there exist purple gauze sky magnificent flower. So after he had separated from Ling Weiwei and others, Ren Tianyou immediately accelerated towards this destination in full speed.

All along the road, he encountered skeleton ferocious beasts, Ren Tianyou basically only used taijutsu as much as possible to finish them off. Because Ren Tainyou didn’t want to waste his chakra carelessly, as he didn’t know what type of dangers he may encounter after he enter deeper inside the God Weeping region, so he had decided to conserve his chakra as much as possible.

Along the way, Ren Tianyou used his taijutsu to directly destroy skeleton ferocious beasts. At the periphery of this God Weeping region, the strongest among the skeleton ferocious beasts was only at the level of Swords Master, so they simply couldn’t stop even the single step of Ren Tianyou. Although they retained the battle experience of before their death, but if the gap between the strength is too high, the battle experience is useless. So Ren Tianyou just destroyed all the skeleton ferocious beasts he encountered along his way.


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  1. I hope he will not be next satou regarding romance…. Always try ti fund excuse to not involved with woman to far regarding romance relationship

  2. Its a beast or som causing sadness, assuming its a girl also. Its sad cuz something happened idk MC will probably promise to fix it(just guessing)
    Romance to me is so random in this story. So much off-screen action i think. Because him barely talking to her wouldnt work? or maybe it would….idk.

  3. This story is flawed combining 2 Mangekyo’s Grants Eternal Mangekyo so e should have gained Eternal M after gaining Obito’s Being his second pair

    1. He can switch ms automaticaly instead of using obito and madara method – just grab an eyeball and placed it to their eye socket lol

      1. having unlocked mangekyo then replacing your eyes with eyes that have also unlocked mangekyo grants eternal thus he should now have an eternal Mangekyo yet he does not

        1. According to itachi, not anyone could obtain new power(ems) using similar way. Ch.386
          I believe it must got something to do with indra chakra.

          1. yes it is not specified why not just changing eyes didn’t work it could be that both needed to be mangekyo to thus why so many sacrifices where needed

            1. Ems has similar power to indra ms- completed susanoo.
              Imo only indra transmigrant can achive ems
              or just combine other ms with rikudou chakra like obito

        2. We exactly dont kowe how one get eternal magekyo sharingan, we only know that it requires mangekyo sharingan of someone closely related, like brothers. And the process, is not mentioned. ***just my opinin

          1. taking the eyes of a sibling that posses M.S whilst having one yourself is whats implied but as we have only see it tried between siblings we cannot say for sure either way but i am gonna assume it can be any 2 M.S its possibly even possible if they swap no need to steal unless the idea of stealing unlocks a certain chakra in the body like how there first awakened

  4. So he took the commission, but still leaves after getting to the island? tsk tsk. Bad MC! It’s like MC was paid by the group to ride the boat. Which is stupid. Think about it; in what world does the taxi pay *YOU* to get to where *you* want to go? (In this world apparently <_<)
    Should have gone with them, helped them with their work, and *then* left. I mean, he has 3 months to do his own thing. And he was paid 100 amethyst coins to help with their work. Should have earned it, or returned it before leaving.

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