In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 113

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 113: God Weeping Region

God Weeping Region

Blade of nihility instantly appeared in front of Nine Headed Hydra, and it directly cut open the lightning barrier of Ren Tainyou, then directly passed through the body of Nine Headed Hydra who didn’t even had a bit of time to prepare itself to defend this magic spell, and advanced towards the bottom of the sea.

Along with the blade of nihility falling on the sea, immediately a huge ravine appeared in the sea surface around it. And for a long time the surface of the sea didn’t settle down.

After the blade of nihility had passed through the body of Nine Headed Hydra, suddenly a cyan colored light appeared on its body. And along with this light, a crack suddenly appeared on the body of 9-headerd hydra, then it split onto two from the middle. A large amount of blood poured out, completely dyeing the sea water around it red in color.

Looking at Nine Headed Hydra who was already in 2 half, Ren Tianyou and Wang Qingfeng heaved a sigh of relief. Although Ren Tianyou could dispose this Nine Headed Hydra on his own, nevertheless he had to use his big moves. But since the move of this Wang Qingfeng could also deal with this Nine Headed Hydra, why waste his effort.

Wang Qingfeng who was flying in the sky, seeing that he had finally finished off the Nine Headed Hydra, suddenly felt powerless inside his heart, as he had consumed huge amount of magical power. He used his remaining magical power to resist falling and stood there calmly. At that time, Ren Tainyou suddenly walked towards the corpse of Nine Headed Hydra.

Ren Tianyou walked on the water and arrived near the corpse of Nine Headed Hydra, then with his sword of Kusanagi, he stabbed on the middlemost head of the Nine Headed Hydra. And after cutting open this head, a huge magic core appeared in front of the Ren Tianyou’s eyes. Then he pushed up this magic core with his sword and the magic core flew in his hand. After that the sword of kusanagi on his right hand flashed over the nine heads of this Nine Headed Hydra, and immediately all its eyes of flew over to his hand.

No need to speak about the magic core of Nine Headed Hydra, the value of magic core of any high Deity ranked magical beast was immeasurable. And the eyes of Nine Headed Hydra had sobering, see through fog or miasma effect, and was also a rarely seen valuable treasure. Ren Tainyou had known about this from the book of the Supreme light academy’s library, which he had read.

After that seeing that there is not any things that was left which was of any use to him, Ren Tainyou turned around and walked back. Although the skin of this Nine Headed Hydra was also a valuable treasure, which could be used to make an armor with extremely high magic defense, nevertheless Ren Tianyou was not in the mood to go through that much trouble.

After that he looked towards Wang Qingfeng who was still floating in the air and yelled, “Old man, you can have this.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou threw a thing towards Wang Qingfeng.

Wang Qingfeng easily caught the thing which was thrown towards him by Ren Tianyou, and look at it calmly and discovered that it was actually the magic core of Nine Headed Hydra. Wang Qingfeng couldn’t believe that Ren Tianyou was actually giving this extremely precious thing. So with surprise flashing in his eyes, he spoke to Ren Tianyou, “This is………….”

“Naturally, your spoils of war. This is enough for me.” Ren Tianyou showed the eyes of Nine Headed Hydra, and said to Wang Qingfeng. In this battle Wang Qingfeng had contributed most, so Ren Tianyou would be ill at ease if he take the magic core of this Nine Headed Hydra. Besides Ren Tianyou could only sell this magic core for gold coins, as for exchanging it for system points, he won’t get much system points, as after his mission system had opened, he didn’t even need to exchange magic core for system points. And currently he felt that, in the future this eyes of Nine Headed Hydra would be more useful than the magic core.

“But this………….” Before Wang Qingfeng could finish speaking, Ren Tianyou interrupted.

“What this or that, even though you are already old, why are you so long-winded. Well this is already decided, I am leaving first.” Ren Tianyou pretend to be impatient, and waved his hand, after that he ran towards the direction the Soaring Dragon ship that had sailed.

Looking at the leaving silhouette of Ren Tianyou, Wang Qingfeng was in daze. Then a smile appeared in his exhausted face, “Interesting youngster.” Finished speaking, he used remaining magic power inside his body to sustain himself and flew towards Soaring Dragon ship. Currently he had only little bit of magic power, so if he fell on the sea, he would definitely become fish food.

Returned to Soaring Dragon ship, Ren Tianyou clearly felt the expression in the eyes of everyone on the boat was different from before, some of them were revering him and some were afraid of him, they had never thought that the person whom they had looked down upon because of his low strength, was actually so powerful. Now they believed that Ren Tianyou was very likely the Saint-ranked expert. As for being a Deity-ranked expert, they couldn’t even think about this aspect, because up to date the record of a youngest person who able to reach the Deity-ranked person was at the age of 23, and that was also the record of thousand years ago.

“Are you okay, Zero?” Seeing that Ren Tianyou had returned, Ling Weiwei walked over towards him and asked nervously.

“I’m fine.” Ren Tianyou waved his hand and signaled that he was alright. And in addition he pointed towards Wang Qingfeng who had a pale face because of extreme consumption of magical power, and said, “Besides, you should be concern about this old man, compared to me.”

Following the direction where Ren Tianyou had pointed, Ling Weiwei instantly discovered the sorry figure of Wang Qingfeng, then she exclaimed, “Ah, Qingfeng grandpa, are you alright, is there a problem?”

“I’m fine, just expend excessive magical power, that’s all. I will be completely fine after I recover the magical power.” Seeing that Ling Weiwei had only discovered him, Wang Qingfeng helplessly made a wry smile, and thought, “Ai, when a girl is of age, she must be married off. Poor me and that old man.”

“Then let me support you to your room.” Hearing Wang Qingfeng, Ling Weiwei hastily supported him, and walked towards his room. Now that the trouble was resolved, Ren Tianyou also walked over to his room, and was intending to rest, so that he could recover the consumed chakra.

Just in this fashion, the day was over, and on the afternoon of fourth day after they had set off in the ocean, they saw a huge island appear before their eyes.

“Is that God Weeping region?” Looking at that island, Ren Tianyou muttered seriously.

In front of them, a huge island appeared before their eyes on the surface of the sea. And this whole island was completely covered with a large amount of ash colored clouds. And that clouds were filled with death aura, even when they were far away from that island, they could still clearly sense that death aura.

“That’s right, that is God Weeping region. A paradise for adventurers, and also their graveyard.” Standing next to Ren Tianyou, Wang Qingfeng answered Ren Tianyou. After that he continued to explain, “Throughout all the year, this island is enveloped by this ash colored clouds, and nobody know how it is formed. Also no one dares to enter inside the clouds to examine, because till this date any person who had entered inside the clouds had never returned. Any person who enter this island will be enveloped by sad aura and they will involuntarily shed tears. This is the reason why this island got the name God Weeping region.”

Ren Tainyou already knew these things after he had read the books from the library of Supreme light academy. So he made a determination, “Regardless of anything inside the God Weeping region, they will not be able to stop my steps. I will treat this as a first challenge after I have arrived in this different word.” Looking at this mysterious island, the eyes of Ren Tianyou suddenly became steadfast.

Sailing all the way, Soaring Dragon ship very quickly arrived near God Weeping region, after that more than fifty peoples including Ren Tianyou walked over to the front of the deck. Wang Qingfeng was in front, then six Saint-ranked experts, then Ren Tainyou and Ling Weiwei at his side, and then all the other employed mercenaries closely followed afterwards. The entire group of peoples set out towards the God Weeping region in succession.

After stepping on the land of God Weeping region, everyone suddenly felt that their mind was enveloped by sad aura, then they couldn’t help but to expose a sad expression, and slowly tears started to flow out from their eyes. Even Ren Tainyou was no exception.

After Ren Tainyou entered this island, he suddenly felt endless sadness were pouring inside his heart, and unknowingly became very sad, and slowly tears flow out from his eyes. Even if he opened his Mangekyo Sharingan, it was of no use.

“What is going on?” A question appeared inside his heart. Now feeling this endless sad aura inside his heart, originally he had not believed the rumors about this God Weeping region but now he had no choice but to believe. Ren Tianyou sensed that this island was just like opened mouth of death beast, waiting for Ren Tainyou and other to enter inside it.

Ren Tainyou always trusted his sense, so he was using his Mangekyo Sharingan to examine the surroundings, and he could clearly see the whole island covered with grey colored energies which couldn’t be seen with naked eyes. Ren Tianyou discovered that all these energies were drifting from the ash colored clouds, and slowly enveloping the whole island. And Ren Tianyou couldn’t see through these ash colored clouds. That’s right, even with the power of Mangekyo Sharingan, he couldn’t see through these ash colored clouds.


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          1. The Sage of 6 Paths never had the Byakugan, it was his mother and older brother that had them. He had the Rinnegan which don’t have the same ‘see-through’ ability of the Byakugan.

            1. ah yeah it was his mother, but still it’s gonna be expensive its an eye that doesn’t need upgrades i think.

        1. Yes, but if you read the explanation from the system, imo he cant. same as ms, byakugan also an eye power.
          He cant exchanged another Mangekyo Sharingan(eye power) until he mastered obito ms

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