In a different World With the Naruto System, chapter 112

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 112: Raiton—Kaminari Shibari (Lightning Style—Lightning Bind)

Raiton—Kaminari Shibari (Lightning Style—Lightning Bind)

After Ren Tianyou has used his jutsu, a huge water screen rose from the sea surface and surrounded the body of Nine Headed Hydra. Under the control of Ren Tianyou, that Nine Headed Hydra was trapped inside the barrier made up of seawater.

Suiton—Suiro no Jutsu (Water Style—Water Prison Jutsu), although the power of this ninjutsu was ordinary, nevertheless one of the good point of this ninjutsu was, if this ninjutsu was used at the place with sufficient supply of water, then this ninjutsu didn’t need any additional chakra to maintain for a long time. But Ren Tianyou must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for Nine Headed Hydra to remain imprisoned. But this ninjutsu also let Ren Tianyou to use his free hand to deal with this Nine Headed Hydra.

After trapping Nine Headed Hydra, Ren Tianyou turned around his head, and looked at Ling Weiwei and yelled, “Little girl, hastily gather all the people on the boat and leave this place at once. During the fight, we will not have any surplus energy to protect you all.”

Although Ling Weiwei was extremely vexed inside her heart, when she heard Ren Tianyou calling her a little girl, nevertheless she had no choice but to do what Ren Tianyou had said. Because Ren Tianyou was speaking the truth, by the time the fight really escalates, it would be hard for Ren Tanyou and Wang Qingfeng to protect themselves, so how could they spare the energy to protect them. So she decided to follow what Ren Tainyou had said and leave this place.

Seeing that Soaring Dragon ship was gradually getting farther and farther, the heart of Ren Tianyou also slowly calmed down, and then turned around to look the Nine Headed Hydra who was struggling to free itself. Then a cruel smile appeared on his face.

“Allow grandfather to cook a dish.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou started to quickly make a series of hand seals, these hand seals were not of water style, rather……………

“Raiton—–Kuropansa! (Lightning Style—-Black Panther!)” Along with the loud roar of panther, the body of Ren Tianyou suddenly flashed with powerful black colored lightning, then the innumerable black lightning were emitted from his body, which changed into a lightning of panther appearance and advanced towards Nine Headed Hydra which was still trapped inside Water prison.

Everyone should clearly know the reaction of lightning in water, then just like that you could also understand the current circumstance of Nine Headed Hydra. The black lightning quickly move around the water which was surrounding Nine Headed Hydra, and this black lightning immediately spread through the whole body of this hydra.

“Ah, damned bastard, I, your father will definitely kill you. I will swallow you alive.” Nine Headed Hydra suddenly gave a horrible shriek, as it suddenly felt that its whole body was paralyzed.

After that it rapidly used the magical power of its magic core which was inside its brain. And immediately afterwards, a powerful blood colored energy rapidly surrounded its body and gradually expelled the black lightning. Only after it had used its blood system ability, it was able to force out the Kuropansa of Ren Tianyou.

Recovered Nine Headed Hydra stared at Ren Tianyou, and the extremely brutal aura of magical beast flared up from its body, as even though it was already high-Deity-ranked magical beast, it was still a beast. After that with a red eyes it violently roared, “Just drop dead, you puny human, water magic——endless deep sea!”

After the roar of the Nine Headed Hydra, the sea waters around the vicinity suddenly roll over and over violently. Then a huge foam of breaking waves after waves rose up.

Sensing the movement around himself, and in addition looking at the already mad hydra, Ren Tianyou faintly smiled, “Not bad, I successfully attract its hostility. Since it is like this, I will play around with you until that old man prepare his forbidden magic spell.”

Right now at some distance away, Wang Qingfeng was chanting the incantation of forbidden spell for 30 seconds. And according to the estimation of Ren Tainyou, he needed to delay this hydra for at most one minutes and the preparation of the forbidden magic of Wang Qingfeng would be complete.

At this time, around the sea area, innumerable huge water whirlpool suddenly appeared. And a dreadful suction force was emitted from the inside these whirlpool. And after the sudden appearance of these whirlpool, Ren Tianyou was suddenly suck in by this whirlpool.

“Not good!” Looking at this whirlpool, and sensing that he was not able to control his own body, Ren Tainyou knew that this was not good. He immediately tried to resist, but due to the quick rotation, he was almost dizzy. So he immediately used the doujutsu of right Mangekyo Sharingan, and a spiral space ripple suddenly appeared. “Hope I am able to make it in time.”

Along with the disappearance of the body of Ren Tianyou in the center of whirlpool, the sea surface gradually settled down, and those whirlpool also gradually disappeared.

Seeing that Ren Tianyou had disappeared without a trace, that Nine Headed Hydra laughed loudly, “Ha ha, you dumb idiot, you finally died without a place for burial. I, your father do not believe that you have the ability to stop yourself from becoming a meat paste with the huge pressure of the sea bottom, after you were pulled to the bottom of the sea by the whirlpool.”

While laughing, Nine Headed Hydra suddenly felt a powerful wind system power from the sky, so it lifted its head and looked towards the sky, and saw a strong hurricane had appeared at the side of Wang Qingfeng, and a cyan colored profound wind blade had condensed in front of him. And this wind blade was emitting an extremely sharp aura, and the space around it looked as if the space itself is crumbling.

“Humph, want to use a forbidden magic spell, do you think I will give you enough time to prepare?” Nine Headed Hydra laughed cruelly, then it opened its mouth and a huge light system sword blade appeared in the sky. After that under the control of Nine Headed Hydra, that light blade quickly flew towards Wang Qingfeng. “Just go to hell, holy lightsaber blade.”

Seeing that light sword blade was advancing towards him, despair appeared on the face of Wang Qingfeng, because he only needed extra 20 seconds to complete the preparation of his forbidden magic. And now if he forcedly stop this incantation, then the backlash would absolutely seriously injure him. And after that he won’t be able to fight with this Nine Headed Hydra, and would be killed. And if he didn’t forcedly stop this magic spell, then this light blade would definitely pierce through his body and he would immediately die. No matter what option he choose, it seems the final outcome was death.

Now Wang Qingfeng was feeling extreme regret for listening the advice of Ren Tianyou. If he had not listen to Ren Tainyou and fought, then he could at least protect Ling Weiwei and escape from this place, but now he knew that he himself was going to lose his life, let alone protect Ling Weiwei.

At that time, an unexpected voice resounded, “Suiton— Suijinheki! (Water Style—Water Wall!)” Along with this voce, a huge water wall appeared in front of Wang Qingfeng and successfully blocked the attack of Nine Headed Hydra.

“What?” Seeing its attack was blocked, Nine Headed Hydra was completely stunned. Then it looked towards the source of the voice, and saw that Ren Tianyou who was still standing on the sea surface without a slightest injury, but only his clothes were wet.

Actually Ren Tianyou still had fear after the even just now, he had almost fell in the trap of that Nine Headed Hydra. Fortunately, his right eye’s Kamui was able to suck him inside his dimension before he was completely swallowed by the whirlpool.

At that time, the voice of Wang Qingfeng came from above, “Haha, my forbidden magic preparation is complete, boy, quickly retreat.”

Hearing the voice of Wang Qingfeng, Ren Tianyou smiled with excitement, then he quickly retreated. At that time he saw that Nine Headed Hydra was also preparing to flee, so he took out three kunai from his space ring and threw it towards Nine Headed Hydra. Under the control of Ren Tainyou, it fell at the three side’s sea surface of Nine Headed Hydra.

“Raiton—Kaminari Shibari! (Lightning Style—Lightning Bind!)” And along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, purple colored three-sided wall of lightning light rouse out of nowhere. The thrown 3 kunai had become fulcrum and formed a lightning barrier trapping that Nine Headed Hydra inside it, and stopping it from fleeing. This Kaminari Shibari was the ninjutsu of Kitane, and under the good control, this ninjutsu could easily stop Nine Headed Hydra for some period of time without any problem.

Seeing that Ren Tianyou had temporarily trapped Nine Headed Hydra, Wang Qingfeng get ready to unleash his forbidden magic. A huge strong wind blade appeared in front of him and it advanced towards Nine Headed Hydra, “Go to hell, you f**king beast. Wind system forbidden magic spell——blade of nihility!”

“Swish!” Under his control, the wind system forbidden magic of Wang Qingfeng advanced towards the Nine Headed Hydra, and in an instant the blade of nihility appeared in front of Nine Headed Hydra.


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